I Do?

Now that Ruben and Rockett are officially boyfriend and girlfriend, Rockett Movado is more excited than ever! But when Ruben is paired up with Nicole Whittaker for a major assignment, Rockett begins to take on a new kind of image - a jealous one. Will her new behaviour wreck her new relationship?

Purple Moon, if you guys would have just developed a game or story where Ruben and Rockett actually pair off (like, for real!), maybe there wouldn't be all this fanfiction;)

Chapter 1: Afternoon Gab

"Tell me again, Rock! What happened after the party?" exclaimed Meg.

It was late afternoon, and Rockett Movado was happily chatting with her best friend, Meg Durrand. Even though the girls had been on the phone for over two hours, their conversation had been completely repetitive. Meg had been asking Rockett the same question, and Rockett had been answering the same question - over, and over, and over again.

Normally, Rockett wasn't a huge fan of repeating stories, but with a story like this, she could go on forever.

"Nothing, really," smiled Rockett, pretending to be casual about the whole subject.

"Please, Rock," snorted Meg. "You're totally bluffing."

"Okay, fine," laughed Rockett. It was true, nobody knew Rockett as well as Meg did.

"It was totally amazing!" Rockett blurted. "First I got that email-"

"What email?" Meg cut her off.

"C'mon, Meggie Muffin, we've been over this already. The email from Ruben, remember? Asking me to come outside?"

"Which of course, you did," Meg continued for her.

"Right," said Rockett.

"And then, you ran downstairs-"

"I nearly woke up Jasper-"

"And then you opened the door, and Ruben brought you back that yummy vanilla cake from his brother's party..."

"It was chocolate," corrected Rockett.

"He told you he how he'd hopelessly been crushing on you, you told him the same, Olivia honked like, forty times, and then - boom! He kissed you! And you two became a couple!" finished Meg.

"Exactly," said Rockett, smiling hugely.

"So tell me again, Rock! What happened?" shouted Meg.

Rockett laughed. "It's a long story," she teased.

"So I've heard," Meg giggled. "So, what are you gonna wear to school tomorrow? You should wear something totally cool, something that just like, screams 'Girlfriend Of A Guy With A Totally Choice Band,' or better yet - you and Ruben could match! He could wear like a yellow blazer sort of thing and match you with like, a yellow top with maybe some trim on it..."

Before Rockett could tell Meg that this was Whistling Pines, and not the red carpet, her other line started beeping.

"Uh-oh, hang on, Meg. I've got call waiting...ohmigosh, it's Ruben! Hang on a second," Rockett said, tapping the button to switch lines. "Hello?"


"Oh, hi Ruben! What's up?"

"Nothing really," Ruben answered shyly. "But hey, I was wondering, do you want to walk to school together tomorrow morning? It's supposed to be really beautiful out."

Rockett couldn't believe her ears. A walk with Ruben and a beautiful sunrise to kick off the day? Wouldn't it just be the best day ever for her?

"Ruben, that sounds fantastic!" Rockett exclaimed. "Totally yes! I'd love to."

"Great! 'Cause so far, only Carlos, my parents, my bandmates, and of course, Olivia know about us, you know? I'd kinda like to let everybody else know, too."

Rockett clamped her mouth shut to keep herself from grinning like an idiot - not that Ruben could see her or anything, but still. She was just so excited! This was way too good for Meg to miss out on.

"Oh, uh, Ruben, hang on just a second!"

"Anything for my N.G.," Ruben replied smoothly.

Rockett switched back to Meg's line.

"Hello?" said Meg.

"Meggie! Stay on the phone! Ruben's on my other line, and if you promise to be really quiet-"

"You'll let me listen in?" gasped Meg.

"You got it!"

Rockett pressed in the button on her phone to merge together the three lines.

"Ruben, hi! Sorry about that! So, yes, about the walk thing, it sounds totally great!" said Rockett excitedly.

"That's awesome," said Ruben. "Okay, I'll meet you at your house."

"AWWWW!" Meg cried on the other line.

Rockett hung up the three-way call immediately.