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Ethan P.O.V

I was at home reading a gay magazine. When my mom came hide the gay magazine and pretend I was reading a comic book. I showed my door I'm so glad it still alive. She told me something I don't remember because I was daydreaming Benny.

I was at school with Benny walking together like we were a gay couple and then we saw Rory.

''Guys what's up!" We were shocked that he was alive.

"Rory you alive you must be like Sarah now."

"Hell no I drink some blood!" We were shocked.

"How could you Rory you know kill us right?"

"Jesse told me if I don't do it I died so yeah." Jesse's crow came.

"Sorry I got to go to the church."

"Church I thought you don't like church."

"Jesse says we have to. He so bossy he always we have to find blah blah, and human animal's blah blah."

"Human animals what are you talking about?"

"Yeah anyways we hang out later or fang out." Rory walked away.

"Benny grab you boxers we going to the church." Benny gives me what the fuck face. (a/n: on the movie he did have the what the fuck face.)

Normal P.O.V

Benny went to inside of the church and gets some water he saw a man looking at him and he just walks away like he a gangster.

Benny came with Ethan alone with nobody else watching them what are they doing. Then she came. (A/N: No I don't hate Sarah I just want make the story funny it's because it's a parody so yeah.)

"I wonder what they doing." She said.

"You know you don't have to scare us like that."

"And you don't have to be an asshole like that." Ethan rolled his eyes.

"Rory said that they looking for the cube animals."

"Cube animals?" She put her hand on Ethan's shoulder.

"I think I just saw it. It was a box."

"A box like that?" She pointed. Then Benny accidently pour some water on Sarah.

"Ouch what the hell?" The vampires turned around. They were gone before they even saw them.

"So what's up with your vision they come with an update?"

"No they come up when you show up. I think it happens when we touch." I tried to touch her which I don't want to, but she moved her hand.

"Nice try, but it not going happen."

"Can't blame a guy without trying I think I have vision too." He tried to touch, but I hit his hand.

"Will it be easy if a dumb vampire just tell us?"

"Well I know somebody who will."

Ethan went back home with his parents and his sister at his room looking for gay porn. His mother knocked the door and opened. Ethan turned around and closes the window as fast as he can.

"Sorry I'm just put your laundry here." Ethan nodded. Then later that girl came.

"Hey I have that book that you ask." Ethan nodded.

"I guess I just leave you two alone." Ethan nodded. Ethan doesn't even like Sarah. Sarah sit down on chair sighed.

"What's up with you?"

"Oh nothing just really hungry." He nodded

"I have 20 days to drink human blood or my normal body dies."

"Oh really I did not know that." Ethan being sarcastic. Sarah rolled her eyes.

"This book may help believe or not." He nodded. She opened the book and Ethan touch her hand he was visioning what she was reading. (A/N: I will love to put what she says if I remember the hell she says I got lost on one word. If they want put what the hell they did on that town at least make it interesting to remember!)

"I just have a vision of it. Could I hold your hand?" She sighed.

"This is better not being one of your tricks again." He rolled my eyes.

"Fuck no why will I put a trick on a girl I don't even like girls!" She was shocked.

"Wait you're gay?" He nodded.

"Well that makes everything make sense now." I hold her hang and then I have a vision that on the book that looks like just like Jesse and it is Jesse.

"Ok in the book it's Jesse." She sighed.

"That's why 219 is the target!"

"Then we better go get him girl!" She looked at me with a smile.

"Ethan I know that you're gay, but you don't have to act gay." I rolled my eyes and flipped my hair. Then Rory came from the window and he was flying.

"Is it bird is it plane nope it's Rory!" We rolled our eyes. He tried to come in, but he fell.

"You have to be inviting to come in!"

"Jesse doesn't tell us shit. Could I come in?" Ethan nodded. Rory came in.

"Rory we need you help what Jesse is planning!"

"We find the lame old box, but Jesse happy so." His mother yells for dinner. Ethan pushed Rory out of the window and Sarah left.

Then Jesse, Erica and Jesse's crow came. And Sarah just has what the fuck face.

"What the hell happen to you?"

"You know the best thing that ever happens to me. It's not too late joining us and then we could be bffs again."

"Never in my life." Jesse laughs.

"Sarah you were replaces." Jesse kissed Erica.

"And Jesse sucks balls for morning Erica." They walked away

Benny and Ethan as usual look like they are gay couple on the laptop with Rory.

"Guys you won't believe all these books don't have any single girl on boy sex action."

"Come buddy forces you know you got a gay guy right here." Benny looked at Ethan.

"You're gay?" Ethan sighed.

"Ok I think I got something you looking for." (A/N: Like I say I forget what they say.) Then they went on this wannabe Twilight website. Ethan was shocked.

"We have to watch the wannabe Twilight." Benny sighed.

Later they practice for the big night Sarah was doing good and the rest was doing horrible. Ha just kidding they were great!

Then Ethan's annoying sister came.

"Hey Ethan what are you doing?" He sighed.

"Making magic."

"Benny and I are going to that wannabe Twilight movie. And no you can't go it pass your bed time." His mother came to watch her son and stuff.

"I'm listening make this good." He sighed.

"Everything you want."

"Wow this must be important."

"You have no idea."

"Ok give me 20 dollars." He sighed.

"Hoe" He mumbled. She left and he was glad that she left.

"Ok Jane we be back soon."

"If we don't get kill or rape by vampires." Sarah hits Benny's head.

"Anyways see you grandma." We was about to leave by Benny's grandma want give him something.

"If you going to be fighting those bloodsuckers we going to need these." She gives him a spell book.

"You're a spellmaster and Ethan is seer."

"Wait a seer?"

"Yeah you get vision do you? You get them around here."

"Here take my keys." They left. While they was in the car talking about Jesse and stuff. A special song came on the radio.

"Oh shit this is my song!"

"Oh no not again."

"Come on Ethan doesn't mean that we fighting vampires mean that we can't have fun in car on way to fight vampires." Ethan sighed.

"Fine for now." Then they started to sing.

Can't read my,

Can't read my

No he can't read my poker face

(She's got to love nobody)

Can't read my

Can't read my

No he can't read my poker face

(She's got to love nobody)

P-p-p-poker face, p-p-poker face

(Mum mum mum mah)

P-p-p-poker face, p-p-poker face

(Mum mum mum mah)

We stopped singing when we made it to the wannabe Twilight.

"This is it guys. The wannabe Twilight."

"Wow that's really lame."

"Just shut the fuck up and read your stupid magic book." Benny smiled.

"I think I know another way in." They went to the other side to go inside Ethan try to open it, but he too weak. So Sarah opened it.

"Do I have to do everything?" They rolled their eyes. They went inside. They were hiding from them hearing everything what they saying then they ran off. Ethan hide where he hide. And Benny was at the snack bar with this girl that all the fans want punch her RIGHT in the face. Even Ethan. Then they talk I don't what, but they talk. Then the girl got bit my Jesse. And then all the scary fans ran for the life which it was very funny! Everybody was fighting and it epic! Then Benny was fighting in the snack bar. He kissed the girl and guess what! Some crazy fan girl came.

"Benny is mine you bitch!" She got her sword and tries to kill the girl from snack bar. And Benny just runs for life. And Ethan met friend! Sadly he kills him. Anyways back to story! He saw Rory and told him to run off or he have to die and then all the Rory fans going to kill Ethan. Rory ran out somewhere other than here. Then Sarah kills somebody and Erica was fighting Sarah and then this dude came and throws party! Just kidding he ran up to her and she ran away from him which it was funny! Benny came and yells out freedom. Seriously? Anyways Ethan came somewhere to save Sarah he didn't want to, but hey whatever. He thought it will be a nice thing to do. Then some crazy Benny fans beat the dude up that he die! Then Ethan saves Benny because Benny was knock the fuck out which it was sweet. Sarah walking slowly. Ethan put Benny on the car and kissed him on cheek no questions. And all the yaoi fans were giggling. But, hey won't blame them.

"I can't I'm so starving."

"Come on we can't do it without….."

"Just do it NOW." At the last part was the evil voice. Ethan put Benny on the car and Ethan drives away. Ethan was saying something really boring that I don't remember. Then Ethan remembers the place and went to his house.

"Ok Benny I'm going to call your grandma to come get you. We have four minutes to save the world. You did good ok? Love ya!" Ethan got off the car. And went to the tree. Ethan saw Jesse and he was happy that he was at his house. Remember he has a crush on Jesse? He says that on the first chapter. And Jesse says some really boring things.

"That's ok because you going their first midnight snack!" Ethan sighed.

"B-b-but what did I do? I didn't even have sex with no one because of you!" Jesse looked at him crazy because Ethan was crying.

"I love you Jesse!" Then Benny came with awesome thing he did! He went right next to his best friend and still looking like gay couple no matter what. Then Sarah came I don't where, but she just bomb there it is! Then Ethan grabbed the box and Jesse was choking her. But did Ethan care? No he's gay he don't care.

"Got you dick in the box!" Ethan said. Reminds me a song. Anyways back I was saying.

"And got your babysitter!"

"Ok she's really Jane's babysitter."

"Give me the box now and I will be yours." He looked.

"Really?" He nodded.

"Just give to him what he going to do with them EBay it?" (A/N: I HAVE to put that line on there I just HAVE to.) Don't use EBay they give us some cheap things and they end up dead.

"Give me now or your babysitter is going end up dead!"

"Ethan don't!" That what she said.

'What should I do should I give to Jesse and then we get marry and happy ever after? Or should I just open it and save the world without my dream guy and may get kiss by a girl which that's gross.' He was still thinking, he was about to give it to him, but accidently open it. Then he died in retard way. Which it was funny!

"I can't believe you dated this guy." Benny said.

"I can't believe Jesse and I are not going get marry." They looked at him.

Then the next day they was walking with each other then they saw Rory and Erica. Then Benny was talking too much.

"Shut the fuck up Benny!" They both said.

"Sorry." Then later they did a Chicken Little ending.


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