Mayhemb; Okay People here is a notification!

Rock; The first chapter of the Sequel to "The Ninja of Water" Will be coming out later today.

Mrs. Loon; We are debating on 2 different names and-

Dr. Science; Wrong, we've already picked

All but Dr. Science; Huh?

Dr. Science; Yep, I have decided to go against Rock in the votes


Mayhemb; Great! So now the name of the sequel is...

*drum roll* *monkey crashes cymbol before he high-fives Animal from the Muppets*

Mayhemb; (thinks; YAY ANIMAL!) A New Beginning

Mrs. Loon; We decided on it since there will be 2 new ninjas (we have already picked them, so please don't try to comment on that) and a new beginning for Lloyd, Grace, Bunny, Kim-Ly, and the 2 new ninjas

Mayhemb; So stay tuned to see what happens!