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Story 1: All Along the Bank

It had been a long day, a very long day indeed. Miroku had trailed behind the group frustrated with his thoughts as Inuyasha and Sango led the group with Shippo perched on Sango's shoulder. Kagome was in the middle of the group looking up at the sky with her hands clasped behind her back.

Why oh why did he have to of all times realize her bloom into woman hood now. Her hair had grown so that it reached just above her backside, and speaking of backsides hers had also grown to be luscious and plump not to big but big enough that it made her little kimono she called a uniform stick up slightly to give him a bit of a view while she walked.

Her breast had definitely gone up 2 or 3 sizes causing her top to cling to her. Luckily for him I guess her nor had anyone else noticed how she's grown "good" he thought better views for me.

His mind suddenly went to the future thinking of a time period where young girls were so well endowed and wore such skimpy outfits. The thought of it made him shiver with excitement. He slapped himself in the head. "Ugh why am I thinking like this! I told Sango I'd stay by her side".

He sighed and looked towards the head of the group at Sango who was currently giggling like a school girl at whatever Inuyasha was telling her. He was suddenly pulled from his thoughts when he heard a thud and noticed Kagome on all fours bent over rubbing her ankle.

Speechless wasn't even the word to use in this situation. As she was bent over he got a good view of her *ahem* very plump ass in those things she called p-a-n-t-i-e-s. They also didn't fit her quite too well because most of her ass was sticking out the bottom of her panties.

He felt a bit of blood trickle down his nose and quickly latched his hand over his nose. He then noticed that Inuyasha and sago kept walking as if they didn't even notice she had fallen. "Why? Why me? Why today? Ugh…"

He quickly wiped his nose clean then went over to her front side "Kagome… are you okay?" "Crap" he thought. Looking down at her he noticed the cleavage sticking out from her top.

Her cherry red lips looking pouty and from this position it only made it look as though she were begging… "Yeah Miroku m fine my ankle just hurts" she said rubbing her ankle. "Can you stand?" he said offering his hand. She took it trying to stand. Once she put some weight on her bad ankle she collapsed into him causing him to fall to the ground.

Rubbing his head he opened his eyes and mentally berated himself with curses. She was a bit dazed and in his lap a little too close to a 'friend' who was already standing at attention. Lifting her up quickly by the arms in a panic he quickly offered to carry her. She nodded gratefully.

Turning around he sat so she could crawl onto his back. He stood and held onto her thigh. Shuddering he began to walk. "How do I get myself into these situations?" he said relishing in the fee of her bare thighs. After a while he notice a certain smell around him.

"Is it my imagination… no it couldn't be her. There's no way it could be her... could it?" he mused to himself. He then noticed her flushed face and her ragged breathing. "Kagome are you sure you're okay" he asked. She quickly sat up looking embarrassed "uh...yeah I uh, well it felt so nice to be carried" she said looking away from him.

A small smirk played on his face "so it was her wetness I smelled" he laughed inwardly maybe if I were to become even further from Inuyasha and Sango and we were to happen to take a turn towards a hot spring… he began his plot as he started drifting off of Inuyasha trail.

She didn't notice how far off from Inuyasha they were until it became pitch dark. "Um Miroku" she finally spoke from the silence. A slight nod of his head was his only reply.

"I think were lost" she said as held onto him tighter. "It is getting pretty hard to navigate in the dark" he gave off a sigh "and I am pretty tired, would you mind if we camp out here for the night? If I'm not mistaken there's a hot spring nearby that would heal your ankle and sooth us both" he said trying to sound innocent.

"I don't know" she said a bit wary "I don't think I trust you being alone with me". "Ah my dear Kagome, you wound me" he said feigning hurt "we have been together alone all this time and I have not even rubbed your ass, although it's just above where my hands are" he said trying to prove his point.

"Hmmm…" she let out a bit wary of his offer. "Fine" she finally agreed "but you must stay on the other side of the spring" she said with a flushed face. Inwardly celebrating and early victory he settled for a small smile as he said "onward".

Traveling for just a small distance they reached a very small hot spring. "Can we both fit in there" Kagome asked a bit skeptical. "Why of course we can" he said sitting her down gently in the grass. He began to remove his robes slowly peeking at her from the corner of his eye.

He caught her staring at his body looking him up and down. A small smirk played on his face "this may be easier than I thought" slipping off his hakamas in front of her he noticed she turned away blushing.

After folding his clothes into a neat pile off to the side he kneeled in front of her and slipped her red tie off. She continued to look away from him her face turning a new shade of red as he lifted her shirt over her head.

Folding it he began to breathe very slowly trying not to get hard at a time like this. He realized two things after folding her shirt.

The shirt did no justice at showing off how big her breast was because he never noticed just how big, bouncy or how perky they were. He also realized that he had never seen the kind of chest binder she had on, nor did he know how to take it off.

As if sensing his issue she reached behind her back and un hooked her bra sliding it off of her but she quickly covered her chest with her arms.

Ignoring the move and moving onto her tiny skirt he licked his lips before laying her on her back and slipping the skirt off of her. Hooking his fingers around the rim of her underwear he pulled those off too savoring the site of her shaved pussy that only had a small strip of hair.

Picking her up bridal style he stepped into the water happy that it was indeed a small hot spring. Sitting her down he sat down across from her with his legs open for her to see his manhood. Noticing how she continued to peek over he stood up and went to her bag to grab a bar of soap.

Sitting on the edge of the spring he began to wash himself. After washing around his entire body he took he soap and suds up his hand and began to rub his soapy hands up and down his shaft.

Unfortunately it had the wrong effect on him as he began to become hard, but couldn't stop from feeling so good.

He didn't notice how intrigued Kagome was or how she dropped her arms from his chest. He was so preoccupied that he didn't even notice how close to him that she was getting.

She was hovering right above his cock as he grunted letting loose his release. Remembering that she was even there he looked up to see Kagome's face covered in his cum. His face turned white as his eyes widened "k-Kagome, I-I'm so sorry i-ididnt know you were here I um... erm. Um" he sunk into the bank.

Kagome licked her cum coated lips then taking a finger and swiping some off her cheek stuck her cum coated finger into her mouth giving it another taste.

She parted his legs and licked his head sucking the rest of the cum off of it. Caught off guard he bucked into her mouth accidentally and quickly pulled out breathing a bit heavily "k-Kagome what are you d-" he was cut short by her answer "just trying to taste more of this white stuff.

She said licking around the head of his penis. He groaned aloud trying not to get too carried away. "Kagome if you continue this there's no stopping after this" looking up at him she smirked "oh I know and I wouldn't want you to stop anyway" with that said he slipped his hand into her hair and pushed his cock further into her mouth.

Making her head bob up and down he began to shiver knowing that unfortunately his load was coming he pulled her out of the water by her arms and switched places with her on the ledge.

Taking a hold of her legs he swung them over his shoulders. He took two fingers and spread her nether lips so that he could get a clear view "wow her cunt is such a beautiful pink color" he thought as he was taking in the site.

Kagome put her hand over her privates trying to cover herself. "Don't stare at it!" she said in a low embarrassed tone.

"Why not it's beautiful" he said prying her hand away. Lowering his head to her cunt he licked along her clit slowly. Kagome began to let out delicious moans as he began a steady pace.

Kagome fisted his hair as he licked along her cunt slowly slipping his tongue into her. As her juices continued to flow he quickly slurped them up. He added a finger into her tight canal. He slipped another finger into her moving deep. He came across a barrier inside her "I guess she's still a virgin" he thought as a smile slid across his features.

"This should be great" Slipping another into her he felt he clench around his fingers letting him know she was going to cum. "Miroku!" she moaned as she came in his mouth.

He didn't pull away as he slurped up all her cum. Coming up he licked his lips "delicious" he said as he took in her half lidded expression. He took in one of her nipples as he lined his cock up with her dripping wet cunt. Releasing her nipple he moved to whisper in her ear "this is going to hurt a bit".

She smiled as she looked up at him "that's fine" she said with a sweet smile. He swiftly thrust himself into her breaking past her hymen and holding still so that she can adjust to his size. She gripped his shoulders squeezing them tight and digging her nails in slightly.

She soon relaxed and signaled for him to keep going by moving her own hips into his. Miroku happily took the sign to keep moving, he took hold of her hips and began to thrust into her slowly. She continued to move her hips into his moaning and whimpering "Miroku please" she pleaded "move faster" she breathed.

And he complied pumping into her faster. She began to let louder moans slip out of her as she writhed beneath him. He kept his fast pace still trying to be gentle. He was caught off guard by her breathy demand "mmm-Miroku, ahn, fuck me harder" she panted out between moans "I want you mm-deep inside uhnmmm, me!" she screamed out.

Losing all inhibitions he pulled out and turned her onto her stomach. Gripping her shoulders he plunged back into her thrusting deep and hard pumping at a fast pace. He grinded himself with every thrust as he threw his own head back in the intense pleasure he was feeling.

Kagome bit down on her lip trying to hold back the screams of pleasure that wanted to escape her lips. A particularly deep thrust that hit deep against the wall of her womb had her letting all of her screams loose.

Her moans of pleasure added to Miroku's steadily building orgasm he gripped her hips and thrust into her even harder trying to make her cum first, which didn't take long.

Kagome's finger's dug into the dirt as her lower half began to tremble and shake causing her round ass to shake and jiggle against him as he continued to pound into her.

Her arms soon gave out on her as he continued to pound her into the grassy bank, only her lower half supported by his cock and his hands that were holding onto her waist.

He soon after pulled out of her pumping his cock between her thighs rubbing against her clit as he shot his load onto her thighs and the grass. He pulled back and sat next to her panting heavily. "That. Was. Amazing" she breathed. "You don't know the half of it" he said trying to get his own breathing under control.

Soon enough they both curled into each other and fell into a peaceful sleep. The next morning that they woke up they bathed each other fucked again, bathed, ate and fucked once more.

Not realizing how fast the day was going by they washed once more and set out on their journey to catch up to the gang. Realizing how Kagome was limping he decided to carry her on his back.

Not long after they set off did Inuyasha jump down in front of them startling them both. "Where did you-"Kagome began but stopped as she saw Sango and Shippo on Kirara waving at them.

"Kagome where have you been?" Shippo yelled. Inuyasha began sniffing around the pair eyeing them both angrily. In the blink of an eye he snatched Kagome off of Miroku's back and tried to make her stand "why aren't you walking by yourself you lazy wench" he questioned.

Kagome looked down trying to think quickly when Miroku cut in quickly saying "she hurt her ankle and I wanted to make sure she wouldn't hurt herself again.

He knelt down a let Kagome onto his back and simply walked away. "Yeah and why does she smell like you" he said quickly catching up to him."

She doesn't even smell like me and she's always riding on my back." Miroku simply kept walking while Kagome buried her face into his hair trying to hide the blush that was growing brighter on her face.

"Figure it out Inuyasha since that superior smelling of yours should give you all the answers. With that he kept walking leaving behind a stupefied Inuyasha "w-w-WHAT?" he yelled.

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