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Chapter 2: Sesshomaru

Sesshomaru was sitting in a clearing leaning against the Goshinboku. The rain was falling relentlessly as he let the water falling off the leaves wash over him. He had no idea why he was sitting there, but after the defeat of Naraku he felt. Lost... It had been about a year to date since the defeat of Naraku at the miko's hands.

Sighing and taking in a whiff of air he realized spring time was fast approaching. Swallowing a lump in his throat he was thinking about what comes along with this god awful season. Mating season was upon them and from the smells floating around his nose, humans and demons alike were mating.

The sound of giggling approaching and the heavy scent of arousal assaulted his senses. Jumping up high into the thick branches of the tree he hid himself to find who was coming upon them when he saw Inuyasha carrying Kikyo with her legs wrapped around his waist as she kissed his passionately.

Sesshomaru grimaced at the sight of his brother being aroused by a lifeless body. Slamming her body against the Goshinboku Inuyasha assaulted her neck with a trail of kisses. Sesshomaru could hear every word from the both of them spoken. "Kikyo… I love you more than anyone or anything" Inuyasha breathed heavily against t her neck. "And I you my love" her fingers slid into his hair "will you be my mate?" he asked in a husky tone.

With a nod of her head he sunk his fangs into her neck. Sesshomaru noticed there was no smell of blood making his stomach turn at the fact that his half-brother had sunk so low as to mate a corpse.

Hopping from tree to tree to get back to his solace of quiet he found Kagome climbing out of the peculiar well. He noticed that half the land was tilted from the land slide that happened causing the well to be on a hill. He noticed she was donned in a scantily clad outfit that hugged her hips and curves tightly it was pure white and short so as she got out of the well he could see directly up her dress, which made him gasp as he saw that her undergarments were thin as string. She had what looking like stilts on her feet but nonetheless still made her look appeasing.

He grimaced again at the thought of him fornicating with a human. He noticed her slip down the hill after struggling to walk in the grass. After she reached the bottom of the hill she unstrapped the heels grumbling about 'sidewalks' and 'concrete'.

Regaining her composure she let her hair loose as the rain continued to pour down on her causing the dress to become slightly transparent, her hair to gain a slight curl and her nipples to protrude from underneath the fabric. That's when her smell of arousal hit him "she's going to give herself to that half breed, what fools they both are." He mused "my brother for loving a member of the walking dead, and the miko for loving him."

He decided to follow her out of curiosity and boredom to see how things would pane out between the group. On her way into Kaede's village Kagome heard Inuyasha's gruff voice. Following it she saw the Goshinboku, but what she saw when she moved closer made her heart cringe as the sight of Inuyasha and Kikyo filled her vision.

She was frozen as Kikyo's low moans mixed with Inuyasha's groans filled her ears. Before a single tear could spill from her eyes she dashed out of the area heading in the direction of the village. As fast as he was there inwardly chuckling at how foolish human feelings were swayed he was gone and relaxing at a lake not too far from the village. He leaned against a rock looking out at the rippling water letting the rain wash over him.

Racing back to the village she remembered Sango's plan to finally give herself to Miroku about half way to the shared hut. Sighing she made her way out of the village and towards a lake. Walking to the shore of the lake she didn't see Sesshomaru sitting there looking at her with one lifted brow. "I wonder what this human is attempting to do" he thought as he watched her movements. Walking into the lake Kagome closed her eyes walking deeper and deeper until the water came up to her bust.

Taking a breath she sunk herself into the water until she was completely submerged "I guess she is trying to kill herself" he thought to himself as he hid himself in the branches, not wanting to be a known witness to the young girl's suicide. As she rose from the water completely soaked he saw her walk to the very rock he was sitting at as she stripped her clothes off.

The scent of anguish and arousal thick in the air around her as she stood there naked. Walking back into the water she began to swim around. After a bit she laid back in the water letting her body float to the surface. Feeling another demon approach he thought "looks like someone smelled her arousal." On the other side of the lake opposite Sesshomaru was Koga who was stealthily stripping his clothes to sneak up on Kagome.

Sniffing the air he smirked as his tailed wagged excitedly "I can smell her arousal! It's so thick in the air!" he thought as he slipped into the water. Sneaking up on Kagome he pulled her into the water then maneuvered her so that she was grasping onto him with her legs wrapped around his body as he cupped her ass. Bringing them both back up for air. he assaulted her neck and collar bone licking and sucking as she tried to catch her breath.

"Koga stop!" she finally managed to scream. He looked confused but held her tighter to his body by her ass. She tried to push away from him feeling uncomfortable from their nude forms being pressed together. "What's the matter Kagome" he said to her in a seductively raspy voice "I can smell how horny you are" he was bold in releasing her legs and quickly sliding a finger into her tight cunt "and I can feel how much you want it too" he said with a smirk.

She was so shocked at the sudden intrusion that she could only tense herself. Regaining herself she slapped him hard across the face. Trying to escape she swam as fast as she could, but when it came to speed she was no match to the demon who swept her off her feet and before she knew it she was lying face down on the lake's edge in the grass.

Koga was kissing his way up and down her back as she struggled to get away yelling "Koga stop I don't want this." But he wouldn't listen forging on as he forced her legs apart. Kagome's hands flew to cover her cunt trying to protect herself from koga's sudden bold moves. "please stop this koga!" she yelled louder, but still to no avail. Finally he spoke up again "I want you to be mine forever, be my mate" he said flipping her over and licking along her neck where he wanted to mark her.

"No!" she screamed "don't touch me get off!" she continued to scream as she felt his teeth scrape against her neck. Suddenly she heard a yelp followed by koga's weight being lifted off of her. "I believe the miko has asked you to stop and not mark her" he said in his cold voice.

"hey this has nothing to do with you" koga retorted but was quickly shut up as Sesshomaru made so they were face to face as he growled "you are to NEVER come near her again is that understood?" he bared his fangs and a bit of red began to bleed into his eyes. "y-yes!" koga yelped, fear racking through his body. Sesshomaru turned to kagome with the wolf still in his grasp "apologize" he barked. Koga let out a whimper followed by a loud "I'm so sorry kagome". As soon as his apology was over Sesshomaru flung him from the grassy bank, and through a couple of trees.

He watched as the wolf flew and didn't turn back until his thoughts were interrupted by kagome's mumbling. She was sitting with her knees tucked under her chin and her arms wrapped around her calves trying her best to cover herself. "She's not doing such a good job of hiding anything from me" he said looking at her pink nipples peeking from the sides of her legs and her oh so visible cunt.

Shaking his head of the thoughts he shifted his gaze to look her in the face trying to ignore her naked form. "What I'm trying to say is erm- um thank you Sesshomaru" she said looking at the ripples in the water. "There is no need to thank me miko" he didn't know why he didn't just leave right after "why on earth am I still standing here" he chided himself. He noticed her un easiness so he turned on his heel and left, but sensing her disappointment upon his departure he decided to watch her from a distance.

Perching himself into a nearby tree he watched as she laid back into the grass. Her fingers slowly slid down her stomach and in-between her thighs. Even from his distance as soon as she opened her legs he could smell the arousal coming off of her in waves. Taking a deep whiff of her arousal into his senses he closed his eyes mentally barraging himself with a string of curses "fuck! Why does she have to smell, So. Damn. Good" his groin twitched as he watched her free hand crawl up to her breast to start playing with one of her nipples causing her to let out small moans and mewls.

Her other hand slid along her already wet cunt and began to toy with her clit. She suddenly stopped and sighed "this is nothing like the real thing" sitting up she looked out to the lake. "Maybe I should go find koga" she thought, but pictures of Sesshomaru kept popping into her head making her chuckle slightly "he doesn't fuck humans" she reminded herself.

Standing up she realized the rain stopped pouring. Shrugging it off and walking into the trees she decided that she'd walk around like this for a while and if a man happened to cross her path she would let things take their course. As she passed by the tree Sesshomaru was perched in he smelled her once again this time her scent was arousal mixed in with submission and longing.

"She wants someone to take her why not relieve your tension" his inner beast bargained. "you must be insane to think I'd risk pupping a mere human let alone a miko" as she passed his tree he watched her plump ass jiggle a bit with every step "fine you win for now, but I will stay in control" he said to his beast.

Summoning his cloud he flew so he was ahead of her and perched himself on the stump of a fallen tree. Seeing the miko come into sight he saw the shock on her face. "Miko" he greeted her "I have a name Sesshomaru and its Kag-" he cut her short "this Sesshomaru will address you as he pleases". Kagome rolled her eyes and was about to keep going when he spoke again "I can tell you are in heat". She shook her head "I guess every demon can smell me" she said with a soft giggle.

He was standing in front of her now "it is dangerous to be in this state of dress while it is mating season, unless that is you want someone to take you". The sound of his deep voice was lulling her into a frenzied state and realizing this he took one of her breasts in his hand expertly pinching her nipple with his claw smirking as she let out a loud moan.

He took her into his arms and in a flash she was lying on her back in the grass. His tongue swirled around her right nipple while his left continued to tweak her breast. She moved her hand to touch herself and he halted her by sternly saying "stop" she immediately dropped her hand down to her sides trying to coax him to touch her.

Seeing her ache with need he slid down her body leaving a trail of kisses. As he reached her pelvis he kissed the inside of her thighs as she trembled. Her eyes shut followed by an onslaught of moans as his tongue darted out to lick her sensitive clit. He smoothed his tongue down her slit teasing her by sticking a bit of his tongue into her. She bucked her hips trying to guide his tongue into her "please" she croaked out "I, I nee-. " Before she could finish he slid his tongue into her dragging her juices out.

She threw her head back moaning as she spread her legs further to allow him better access. He withdrew his tongue sitting up on his knees as he slipped out of his bottoms so fast that when she sat up to complain about the too little bit of attention to her dripping cunt he already had his cock rubbing against her slit. She gave him a wicked smirk as she licked her lips signaling to him that she was more than ready.

She didn't realize until he already slid into her that there was a HUGE difference between a human cock and a demons. Screaming out in pain she grit her teeth trying to brace the pain. Sesshomaru let out a small gasp of a moan as his cock became strangled by her tight cunt. Only half of his cock was into her as he kept edging his way in.

She had a death grip on his shoulders with her tiny nails making small impressions onto his skin. He sat back with half of his cock wedged into her and began to toy with her clit. She let out small gasps and moans as he slowly began to move back and forth trying to get her to relax. He began to rub her a bit rougher loving the sounds of her moans.

He soon felt her tighten against his cock letting him know she was close to cumming. He pinched her clit sending her over the edge. As soon as he felt her release he quickly thrusted in forcing his entire cock into her he let out a raspy moan as a bit of red bled into his eyes. He began at a smooth even pace trying to get her to adjust, but not wanting to stop.

After a few thrusts her squeals of pain turned into mewls of pleasure letting Sesshomaru know that it was ok to move faster. Responding to her body's need he hiked her legs up onto his waist pushing deeper into her as he sped up. She locked her ankles together around his waist to keep him as deep as he was loving how full she felt. He shifted to the side still thrusting causing him to hit a spot that previously went undiscovered.

She threw back her head letting out screams of pleasure, her back arching making their torsos stick together. He began thrusting harder wanting to bring her to another release. Her moans fueled his growls as he marveled at how tight she was. Feeling her clench again he knew he wouldn't last long with her cunt milking him the way she was. Wanting her to cum again before he did he leaned down to growl into her ear "cum for me". Hearing his demand pushed her closer to that edge and what pushed her over was when he pinched her clit as he thrusted into her deep, hard and fast.

She writhed beneath him as let loose and came "ooooohhhh fuck Sesshomaru!" she screamed as she rode out her release. Hearing her scream his name was all he needed to make him release as he continued to pump into her coating her womb with his seed. He pulled out releasing her legs as his still semi hard length continued to spit out his hot cum over her pussy and her lower belly. Panting and trying to control his breathing he watched her as she came down from her high as his eyes began to turn back into the bright gold that they were. Kagome laid there lifeless, the only sign that she was still conscious was her smile as she panted freely not making any plans to move.

Sesshomaru stood and began to dress himself then turned to kagome "miko, can you walk?" he questioned with his usual stoic expression. A shake of her head had him lifting her bridal style in an instant he walked them back to the lake where he knew her clothes were. They were still soaked from the rain so he just placed her down and took of his haori and placed it over her "wear this while I take you back to your comrade's camp." He said as he picked her back up and took off on his cloud towards the village. As they flew without looking at her he spoke "this Sesshomaru will fetch for you in a week's time and you will be here at the lake's edge ready to leave for this season, understood?"

Kagome arched an eyebrow "and what makes you think I agree to this" she said sassily "because this Sesshomaru will get what this Sesshomaru wants by any means necessary" he said simply as they landed. Before she could protest Inuyasha was outside barking obscenities at the site of kagome wearing sesshmaru's haori and carrying her. Sesshomaru just walked right past him and laid her down on an odd sleeping mat that smelled of her essence. "One week's time" was all he said as he turned and left. Ignoring Inuyasha he flew off on his cloud into the distance.

Inside Sango was gave kagome a confusing look while Miroku gave her a knowing smirk. "Enjoyed your evening I trust?" Miroku asked. Blushing furiously kagome only nodded "I'm going to sleep now" she said in a rushed tone and lay down to avoid any arguments with the half-breed… at least for the rest of the night.

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