"Hey Bolin," said Stark before the mission.

"What do you want old man?" replied a frustrated Bolin.

"Old man? that's cold." he said with a smirk, "Look, we've gotten off on the wrong foot, I was hoping I could do something for ya."

"What?" replied Bolin curious.

"Look, it's pretty clear you've got it in for Asami. And it's pretty clear no mater how strong your feelings for Korra are, she'll never feel the same." explained Stark, he paused to take in Bolin's upset expression, "Look, you know it's sad but true. No point, in feeling back about it, try actually pursuing someone who likes you back."

"Well I thought she did." replied Bolin, a little frustrated.

"I can tell, you're a little naive like that aren't you?" replied Stark, blunt as usual.

Bolin nodded sighing.

"Listen pal, there's nothing wrong with that, but listen. You can't just let the fact that a girl you like just sees you as her friend get you down, especially when right in the shadows is a girl just as beautiful saying to herself, and possibly even you, 'I think that possibly, maybe I'm falling for you.' Because if there's anything i've learned in my day, it's that 'Maybe I like you.' is actually code for, 'I totally like you.' Ya understand?" explained Tony.

It then occurred to Bolin, this was all sinking in. Tony had a point.

he looked back at Tony with a smile and said, "Sorry clocking ya."

Tony smiled back and said, "Don't worry, I've had worse hits. It's kind of supernatural like that I guess."

Tony smirked as he put the helmet back on, "Jarvis." he said suddenly.

"Yes sir." said another voice coming from the helmet.

"Let's get some music going here, I'm thinking Kansas." requested Stark.

"Carry On My Wayward Son." replied Jarvis.

The opening lyrics came out, and hit Bolin like a lightning bolt.

"More advice?" he inquired.

"Kinda." replied Tony.

Steve, Thor, Natasha and Clint stood at ready in the middle of Republic City.

Full costume, weapons ready, no fucks given.

"You guys ready?" inquired Cap.

"We are ready." replied Thor, his hammer firm in his grip.

Hawkeye and the Black Widow nodded back at Steve in sympathy with Thor's reply.

"Good, this might be easy but this might be tough. We don't know these guys, so let's fight good." ordered Steve his shield raised.

Thor raised his hammer to the sky, "Shall I?" he goaded.

"Do it." replied the Captain.

The god nodded promptly, as the air around them began to crackle. the temperature rising slightly, clouds forming above head.

Natasha looked above her, she'd never really taken in the fact that she was in the company of a god.

She knew she was before hand, but she'd never truly grasped it. Looking around, all she could say was:

"Mother of God!"

Hawkeye smirked at her comment, tapping his bow in challenge to enemies as Thunder rolled once the Lightning finally hit.

A man and his wife walked by as they saw lightning coming from a man hitting the sky.

"Bender." he verbalized in astonishment.

His wife nodded in agreement, a man was out there... and flaunting it in times like these?

The fool.

They donned masks and their gloves and ran to the direction of the lightning.

The site of 2 equalists attracting more.

Before they knew it, the calvalry had arrived.

No tanks, no planes.

"Must be saving the tanks for the avatar." commented Steve.

"You three." said a voice.

Steve turned in it's direction and laid eyes on a man, a noodle mustache, dark hair and blue eyes, covered by goggled mask.

"Yes?"replied Steve.

The man stood at attention, he was military alright.

"You are nonbenders, correct?" he asked.

"Yes... we are." he answered.

"And you are with the man in armor?" asked the man in the mask.

"Yes, we are." replied Steve.

"Why? Why ally yourselves with a bender? They enslave us, they oppress us, they hurt us, why?" he asked.

"Because sir, he is our comrade. We've fought together for one battle, and then another, why not one more?" replied Cap.

"Then so bad." he said sadly, before resuming a more aggressive expression and jumping over head.

The Lieutenant swung a baton at Cap, which he blocked his shield. The Lieutenant then swung overhead with the other baton hitting Steve's shoulder.

Steve switched hands with the shield and felt his shoulder.

"Electricity?" said Steve, "That's original." he commented nodding to Thor.

Steve put the shield back in his left hand and bashed his opponent with it, before simply punching his square in the jaw with his right hand.

The Lieutenant attempted to fight back was stopped by being hit with a tranquilizer arrow by Hawkeye.

"Thanks Clint." commented Cap.

"My honor sir." he repied.

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