I have decided to redo the entire story. Starting from right here. For those of you who read the pervious stuff. Well. It's a new start. and for those of you just joining us.

Welcome to hell.

The blonde haired girl stalled, looking around at the building in front of her. Her suitcase heavy in her arms as she walked forward, up to the wooden door of the Tuefort base for Reliable Excavation and Demolition. She gulped, knocking on the door nervously. A few shouts came from inside the base before a man in overalls, a hardhat, and goggles opened the door.

"Well howdy there partner" he said with a toothy grin, pulling his sister into a hug.

"Howdy" she smiled, noticing the 2 men standing in the background.

"Are these your teammates?" She asked, motioning to the short and thin man who stood next to the tall African american.

"They sure are. Scout, Demoman. I'd like ya'll to meet Lesley. She's gonna' be my replacement while I'm out" The Engineer explained, picking up his sister's suitcase.

"Uh. Hey hard hat. I ain't so sure we should have her. I mean. The hell could a chick do?" The Scout asked, earning a punch in the shoulder from the Demoman.

"Be a little more respectful lad!"The Demoman hissed, glaring with his one eye at the Scout.

"Boy. You'd better treat her kindly." The Engineer said threateningly, an eerie on his lips.

"Holy shit. You've got it truckie"The Scout mumbled, crossing his arms.

Lesley bit the inside of her lip, her hands resting behind her wide hips. She was short, not fat but curvy. With wide hips to match an average bust. Round cheeks below blue eyes. The Engineer handed the Scout Lesley's bag, and turned on his heel. Saying one final goodbye to his team before leaving, a guitar case and a toolbox in his hand.

"So. Howdy." Lesley smiled, at least attempting to be friendly with her new team. She stepped forward, shaking the Demoman's hand, getting rejected by the Scout- who just stared at the new replacement Engineer. Like a deer caught in headlights.

"Oi? What the bloody hell is going on here?" someone asked, their tall and thin frame arriving in the room.

"..Who's the sheila?" he asked, and Lesley smiled at the man, waving a bit.

"The name's Lesley. I'm yer' new Engineer" she said

The man stared at her for a moment, before walking over curiously.

"Go take her bloody bag to her room. I'll show her to the rest of the team" the Sniper ordered after introducing himself to her.

"Uh no way. I ain't takin' her shit to her room. Do I look like a maid?" the Scout protested, lugging the suitcase at the Demoman. Who stumbled but caught it, glaring with his one good eye at the Scout. The Sniper grabbed the Scout by the back of his shirt, lifting him off the ground as he moved to the doorway leading further back into the base. He set him down, getting the Demoman to follow as he physically shoved the Scout out of the room.

"Sorry about him mate, he's...special.." the Sniper sighed, leading Lesley deeper into the base.

"It's alright. I grew up with boys like that." Lesley shrugged, having to move her strong legs faster to keep up with the long legs of the Sniper.

"You're the Engineer's sister then? He never talked about you much." the Sniper said, putting his hands in his pocket to bring out a cigarette. Lighting it absentmindedly.

"You want one?" he asked, getting a shake of the head in response.

"No thank you, I don't smoke. It kills" she said

The Sniper rolled his eyes, leading Lesley into the Rec. Room where his team would be. They were all busy doing their own things, the Soldier reading an American newspaper muttering to himself about commies. The Heavy and Medic were playing chess while the Spy watched. Hinting to whoever was winning at the moment, and the Pyro was sitting in front of a black and white television. Watching a rerun of star trek.

"Alright mates. This is our new Engineer" the antisocial Australian explained, getting various odd responses. The Heavy and Medic paying no attention to her along with the Soldier. While the Spy and Pyro were more interested the Pyro running over to meet the new woman and the Spy leaning against the wall beside her, a trademark grin on his lips.

"Bonjour" the Spy grinned, gently picking up Lesley's hand to kiss it gently, causing the younger woman's cheeks to flare up a shade of pink.

"Well howdy there partner, what's your na-" she was cut off when a shorter being in a rubber suit wrapped it's arms around her. Practically lifting her off the ground in a hug.

"Whoa! Slow down there!" Lesley smiled slightly, not sure what exactly had its arms around her.

"Pyro. Non. Drop her." the Spy ordered, rolling his eyes.

"Hurro! Urhm thurr purru!" the Pyro said excitedly, it's mask covering all it's emotion. Only it's actions giving off what it was feeling. Lesley blinked for a moment, trying to comprehend what the Pyro had said.

"It's says it's name is the Pyro mate.." the Sniper said from off to the side. Lesley nodded, stepping back away from the Pyro once it let her go.

"Howdy there Pyro." she waved awkwardly. Overwhelmed by it's reaction to meeting her.

The Spy smiled, wrapping one arm around Lesley's waist gently.

"Shall I lead you to your room, mon ami?" he asked, only getting Lesley to blush even more.

"Thank you" she said, and allowed herself to be lead out of the room. Just as the Demoman and the Scout walked in.

"Holy shit. You saw that right dude? Spy's fuckin' hitting on the new chick." The Scout blurted out, flailing his arms a bit.

"Mein gott. Settle down." the Medic mumbled from across the room, already sick of hearing the loud Bostonian's voice.

The team talked for a moment, the Scout, Demoman, and Pyro sprawling out over the large couch while the Sniper chose a seat far away from the rest of the team. Just watching silently.

"Gentlemen." the Spy grinned once he stepped into the room, earning a glare from the rest of his team- all except the unblinking eyes of the Pyro, the unseen eyes of the Soldier, and the not interested Heavy and Medic.

"Yo dude, what's up with you hittin' on the chick?"

"Simply taking advantage" the Spy shrugged "We are trapped in a desert with no woman contact. I am simply being the smart one"

"You're a real bloody idiot if your gonna' betray the Engie just because your craving a girl." The Sniper spat, standing up.

"It does not concern you sniper, You should not interfere with us." The Spy retaliated.

"Bloody hell. You idiots all of you." The Sniper grumbled and stormed out of the room.

"Dibs!" The Scout yelled

"On vhat?" the Medic asked, giving up all hope on concentrating on the game of chess in front of him.

"Lesley, I have dibs on her." The Scout said smugly

"You cannot call 'dibs' on a voman." The medic sighed, rolling his eyes.

" Gentlemen please, how about we make a compaction out of this mess, everyone puts in $50 and ze first person to sleep with Lesley, gets her, and all ze money." The Spy said, smiling smugly from behind the couch.

"Alright seems fair" The soldier muttered and pulled out $50, placing it on a table, accompanied by the Medic and Heavy- Who whispered to each other for a moment before nodding. Then the Scout, Spy, Demoman, and even the Pyro.

"No druggin, threatenin, or rape. It's gotta' be willing." The Scout clarified. Knowing his best chances were to seduce Lesley on a level playing field. Without the Spy drugging her.

"Deal" Everyone said, getting some reluctance from the Spy.

"Great, may ze best man win." The Spy chuckled and turned invisible, stalking out of the room.

"Man, I'm totally gonna win." The Scout muttered, shoving his hands in his pockets and exiting the room.

"No, I want to do it."

"No. Me."

"Nein, I am ze medical examiner, I say I should."

"Maggots. Step aside before I blast the you out of the way."

"Come on man! That's no fair! Come on, please?" Lesley's door opened to show several bickering teammates.

"Bloody idiots. All of you" The Sniper grumbled and walked past, his aviator glasses covering the restless look of his eyes. The Medic walked over to Lesley's bed where the woman slept spread out, one leg dangling off the side of the bed, her over-sized shirt covering the fact she wasn't wearing pants.

"Lesley" The medic whispered and put a hand on her arm gently, when she didn't stir from her sleep the scout smiled, pushing the Medic out of the way

"Les, Lesley. Come on wake up." The Scout whispered and shook her gently, only getting the girl to roll over, showing her bare legs to the world.

"Maggot here's how you do it" The Soldier smiled pushing the Scout back

"Aww come on man! I wasn't done trying!" The Scout protested

"Lesley! Maggot! Wake up. That's an order!"

"Oh please, like that is going to work. Step aside mon ami" The Spy said from the doorway, walking calmly over to the girl. Carrying a cup of coffee, setting it beside the girl.

"... God... What time is it?" She mumbled

"What how did that work?!" The Scout asked from the corner

Lesley sat up, hair spiking out in every direction. "Huh? What are y'all doin' in my room?" She asked, stretching.

"It is time to wake up mon chere, you have work today." The Spy said softly, handing the coffee to Lesley

"God.. What's the damn time?" She mumbled, taking a sip from the mug.

"2 hours until cease fire is off. Get ready, get dressed, meet us in the Rec. Room 30 minutes before 12:00 for a planning session, that's an order!" The Soldier said, in a normal, not-shouting voice. When the team members slowly left her to get ready, she closed the door, not realizing the invisible Frenchman still waiting in her room.

'Just a peak. Then once she leaves I can continue my day' the Spy thought, watching the girl undress and grab her brother's uniform, switching the overall's for jeans. Her brother's RED work shirt falling below her waist. The hard hat a little too big, and the goggles sitting on top of her head uselessly. When Lesley was satisfied with her look, she looked around the room one last time, picking up her brother's wrench and walking out of her bedroom.

The Spy let out a satisfactory sigh and smiled, walking out of the room, still invisible to the eye. He walked to his room, making sure no one saw, and uncloaked, slipping into his room.

"Stupid rat, sneaking a peak at her while she's changing" Someone said from the corner. The voice made the Spy momentary jump, swiftly pulling out his revolver and aiming it at the intruder.

"Really? I ain't the one sneaking a peak at Lesley." The Scout said and stood up straight, attempting to be threatening.

"I was doing no such thing" The Spy said

"Really ya frog? You're the only one who didn't leave her room. And ya' just showed up 10 minutes later. I ain't stupid." The Scout pointed out.

"Ve vous hais.. Out." the Spy muttered, putting his gun away and motioning to the door

"Leave? Really? I think I can stay. Kinda like how you. Watched. The. Engineer. Get. Changed." The Scout smiled, his teeth gritted in jealousy.

"Don't make me kill you. You wont respawn until noon" The spy said sternly,

"Fine. But I'm watching you." The Scout warned and left the room, leaving the Spy to clean the imaginary dust off his suit sleeves, the Scout marched angrily to his room, passing a very pissed off looking Sniper.

"Bloody idiots" he mumbled as the Scout passed,

"You pissed?" The Scout asked


"Me too."

"What are you mad about mate?" The sniper asked


"Same." The Sniper smiled

"What did he do to you?" The Scout asked

"Took my coffee away. Gave it to that bloody Engineer."

"That was yours?" The Scout couldn't help but laugh

"Yeah that was mine, and it was the last bloody cup." The Sniper mumbled,

"Don't worry, maybe you should try sleepin." The scout smiled

"I will piss on your grave.." The Sniper said and started walking away

"Come on snipes! Its good for you!" the Bostonian yelled after him

"PISS OFF" The sniper responded, walking away

"Man. Today's going to be one long fucking day" The Scout muttered, turning on his heels and leaving the room.