"HEY! GRETCHEN! WE'RE OVER HERE!" I yell calling for my friend Gretchen Weiners. She smiles and runs over to our place on the ground to sit with us. By us of course I mean Damien and I. Gretchen used to be a plastic. Until Regina got tired of her and kicked her out. Replacing her with Dreana Phaser. Gretchen came and we eventualy let her into our group with the other 'Haters of Regina'. It's actualy a very large group. Gretchen had switched out the way she dressed to be more normal. Right now she's wearing a green T-shirt and just plain jeans.

"Hey, I love your shirt! It's so fetch!" She was still getting used to not having to talk like that and compliment everyone, even (especially) when she didn't mean it. And she was still trying to bring back 'Fetch' witch wasn't ever going to happen. But no one here really cares how she talks; as long as she isn't a plastic anymore, she's welcome.

I look down at my shirt, black with 'Green Day' writen on it in large block letters. Damien laughs. "Yea, Janice, totally fetch!"

Gretchen smiles perkily. She has her. . .Uh, quirks. . .But she's okay I guess. I may have grown kinda attached to her. "So Janice, Damien, are you guys doing anything tomorrow?"

I raise one eyebrow "Maybe, it depends on why you're asking. . ." Damien nods in agreement.

Gretchen laughs "Well, I wanted to go shopping. . .And I wanted you two to come with me."

I look at Damien who is smilling hugely. He loves shopping, a lot.

"Uh, sure, but I don't usualy do that so. . .I probably won't do anything but stand there. Damien will be lots of help though, I'm sure."

Damien claps his hands together once. "I'll wear my pink fadora!" Gretchen and I both laugh.

"I'll wear my Halloween costume." I say standing. "I gotta go, gonna work on some of my paintings. . .See ya guys." Gretchen and Damien both wave girly like as I walk away, waving back just lightly to say bye.

Turning around I rush over to my new car. Just bought two days ago. Black with a silver streak going down the side and a green circle on the hood for decoration. It's awesome. My baby. I turn it on and smile as the engine starts. Oh yea, best car ever. I pull out and drive away.

I hate to admit it, but I'm kinda glad Gretchen joined us; we needed something new. She'll work. She even tells us all of Regina's dirty little secrets. Like her burn book, witch supposedly says that I'm a lesbian. . .Typical Regina. So predictable and petty. If she wasn't rich, she would probably be at the bottom of the school's social status because of how vain she is and how much everyone hates her now when she's at the top. Anyway, back to the burn book, I wish I could get my hands on that, one look from the principal and the plastics would be expelled for sure. Oh, I would love that. Regina and Karen are bad, and the new member, Dreana, is just as bad. Superficial, rich, and a total plastic. She fits right in.

(A/N So this isn't a Gretchen/Janice fic, they're just friends)