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Pein: Manager, bus/van driver, brings the alcohol ;D (22)

Konan: Books the shows, gigs, helps Pein, girlfriend of Pein(21)

Kakuzu: In charge of the money, boyfriend to Hidan (20)

Kisame: In charge of setting up the stage, boyfriend to Itachi(21)

Zetsu: Helps Kisame (because they're both very strong), both also unload the bus/van, boyfriend of Tobi (20)

Deidara: Newest band member, plays the guitar (acoustic and electric) (future boyfriend of Sasori?) (18)

Sasori: Lead singer, occasionally plays the keyboard (19)

Hidan: Bass guitar, back up vocals (19)

Itachi: Electric violin, can also play piano and the guitar (if he has to, not very well, though) (19)

Tobi: Plays the drums like a beast, the youngest in the group (18)


"Next!" Then quietly, "May this one be far better than the last," said the lead singer of the rising band Akatsuki, Sasori. The shorter, slender man leaned in his chair reading off the papers in front of him as their next audition walked in the room. He pushed his red hair away from his eyes, not bothering to look at who ever walked in. Fat chance this guy would be the one they were looking for, anyways. All the other hundreds of people were defiantly not what they were looking for. Who's to say this guy is any different?

"Alright, looks like your name is Deidara. Show us what you got, blondie," said the bass guitarist, Hidan. The tall, toned man eyed the man on stage. Hidan played with the hair on his neck, not really paying attention to anything.

"You got it, un," said whoever was on stage. Deidara was it? Sasori didn't care.

The man on stage plugged his guitar into the speakers and sat on the little chair provided. He took a deep breath before smiling at the two Akatsuki members, one of which wasn't looking, the other not really paying attention, and played his best.

Sasori stared down at the desk and papers while the man played, listening for any mistakes or notes that could be placed elsewhere. He found none. He listened as Deidara tapped his foot lightly and gave the audition his best.

It was music to his ears. This was the best they'd had all day. Hell, even better than their last guitarist!

"Holy shit.." Hidan said as Deidara finished his song. Sasori glanced up with shock and wonder.

Up on stage was a young, lanky, blonde male, with long blonde hair half pulled up into a messy ponytail with a long fringe. He had a smile plastered over his face.

"Him," Sasori said quietly. Hidan nodded.

"I'll call Pein, you deal with blondie," Hidan said, standing up and reaching for his cell phone. Deidara watched the silver haired man leave.

"Was it that bad?" Deidara said hopping off the stage, walking up to Sasori.

"Yes, you've played so bad we've put you in the band," Sasori said, slightly smiling at the newest band member.

"No way, un!" Deidara smiled. "You really mean it? I get to play with Akatsuki!" He jumped around and did a little dance.

"You're in Akatsuki. Be proud, this isn't an easy band to impress," Sasori told him, sitting down. "Take a seat." Deidara danced to his seat, a big smile still present on his face. "And stop acting like a brat."

"I'm not a brat, un. I'm just excited to be in the band!" Deidara laughed. "So, you're Sasori, yeah? Lead singer, right?" Sasori nodded. "And that other guy was Hidan, right? The bassist, un." Deidara laughed.

"Yes, that's him. He's calling our manager now, Pein. I hope you're ready for the busy life, you brat." Sasori eyed the blonde.

"Sure am!" Deidara tapped his feet. "You know, you're kinda cuter in person," he said, leaning towards the red head. "Maybe because you're shorter than I imagined."

"What!" Sasori shook his head. "Shut up." He turned his head away and Deidara laughed. They both turned at the door being open with the rest of the Akatsuki crew following Hidan.

"There's the fucker right there, he's in my seat!" Hidan said pointing at Deidara. Deidara stood up and shook hands with Pein. He was a tall guy, orange hair, lots of piercings. Deidara didn't wanna know where else he was peirced.

"It's nice to meet you, sir," Deidara said politely.

"It's nice to have a decent guitarist in the band," he responded. "Or as Hidan put it, "a badass mother fucking guitarist", if I do remember correctly." He gave a slight smile. "Let's go everyone, I've closed the auditions, we're heading home. We start practice tomorrow with a new song and a new member," Pein said loudly, pushing everyone out of the room. He turned to the newest member. "This will give you time to get to know everyone. I'll send Kisame and Zetsu with you in a while to get your things from home. You'll be living on the road now, Deidara," he said. All Deidara could do was nod and smile. This was his dream coming true.