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Deidara stepped off the plane, the slight wind blowing his hair away from his face. He glanced around the landing area, waiting for the others to hop off the plane.

"It's wonderful to see you all again! Come, we have lots of things to discuss!" Mike Hawk came forth, a smile on his fat face. They all followed the man as he waddled down the landing, through the airport, passed the whispering girls, and down to the parking garage, all filing into a large van.

A man dressed in a black suit drove off, leading the band away.

"Alright everyone! Welcome back to New York! It's so good to see you all, let's get to business, shall we?" He adjusted his glasses, turning in his seat to see the squished together teens. "Your tester CD, first thing. You know how many of those we made, yes?" They all nodded. "Well, guess how many we have left? None!" He laughed, his face squishing up.

"That's good. We have our actual debut CD made, they're being delivered here now as we speak. Our website is up and working, we've had one of our songs played on the radio in our hometown, and as you mentioned, here in the city. What do you have planned for them now?" Pein asked, leaning forward.

"That's easy, Pein. We perform in front of a large group, send our CD to the stores, as they've already put in orders for them. Keep on producing more and repeat with more songs, more CD's, and traveling to different areas. Right?" Sasori spoke up, glancing between the orange haired man and the fat one, whom smiled.

"I like this kid. That's exactly what we do, young man!" Mike Hawk gently slapped his fist into his palm. "The debut CD is being sent on its way here right this second. We have boxes and boxes and boxes of them. You guys are already a big hit! You have a show to do, soon, also, just as short stuff here," he said, referring to Sasori. "said just now. Alright, look. We've already planned ahead, we have started selling all the tickets to your show. Guess how many seats there are?" He didn't wait for an answer. "A lot, boys and girls."

"How many people are coming?" Pein asked.

"We completely sold out, my friend! Within the first day, all the tickets were gone! You guys are huge!" Mike Hawk smiled as the van turned a corner on to a busy street. "Alright, we're almost at the studio. I need all of you to make your way to the top of the building, all the way to the top, I said, and wait for me there. We'll get all of your bags, don't worry about a thing!"

Deidara yawned as he listened to the fat man ramble on and on. This stuff wasn't rocket science! However he was pretty excited for the upcoming show. This was going to be their biggest show yet! He just hoped Sasori pulled his head out of his ass and actually gave this his all, like he used to. But, alas, Deidara knew he wasn't the only one at fault for that behavior either. Deidara also needed to give this show the best he's got.

They pulled into the studio parking lot, riding the elevator up to the top floor. They arrived into the much larger recording room, taking seats in the not-so-comfy chairs. When the bald man waddled into the room, he had a large smile on his red face.

"Welcome to the recording studio, once more, Akatsuki. I'd be very delighted to refresh your memory of the city and such, but as we've talked about, you're going to be very busy, starting now." He cleared his throat. "The CD's are in the stores now. They will placed up for sale after the concert in a few days. The CD's will be selling all around the U.S., as your show will be broadcasted around the states, live, might I add."

The group exchanged glances. They've never had their shows broadcasted before, this was new. They really couldn't mess up now.

Sasori glanced at his lap, sighing to himself. I guess it's then or never.

"Yes, very exciting, hm? Not only that, but afterwards, there will be an after party with exclusive musicians and a few of my own friends. I understand that most of you," he glanced at Deidara and Sasori. "are in a relationship. So I will leave the, uh, women, out of this." Deidara felt his face get hot. There was an awkward cough from someone in the room. "Now that that's covered, let's talk more seriously, hm?

I'm pretty sure he was serious, then, the red head and blonde both thought.


Deidara collapsed on his hotel's bed, sinking slowly into the sheets. He sighed happily, ignoring the door opening, then closing softly.

Being forced into rooming with a certain moody red head, Deidara decided there wasn't any need to frighten him anymore, or fight with him, either. He'd just keep quiet and ignore the memories of the last time they were in a hotel room.

Deidara nearly laughed at that thought. He never would have guessed that in a few months, they'd not even be talking to each other. He heard a bang of what sounded like a guitar hitting the ground and he quickly sat up, wondering and hoping that shorty didn't bring in and drop his own guitar.

Sasori angrily looked at the beat up guitar on the ground, glaring at it. He noticed Deidara sitting up, but chose to ignore him. He wasn't in the mood to deal with the blonde right now. Or ever, he thought. He shook his head at that and picked up the guitar, sat on his own bed, back to the wondering blonde.

Sasori awkwardly held the guitar, placing his fingers on the fret bar, then experimentally strummed. He was rewarded with a not so pleasant sound. He inwardly groaned, finding it oddly embarrassing that Deidara, an actual guitarist, his ex-type-thing, was sitting behind him, listening to the redhead fail, once again, at trying to play the instrument. He chose to ignore that part and focused on trying to learn how to play the damned thing.

After about ten minutes of trying, and failing, Sasori groaned out loud and roughly sat the thing on the bed. Deidara, however, couldn't help but bust out laughing. He rolled on his side, still laughing at the frustrated red head.

"Danna, you suck so bad, un," Deidara said, using the old nickname. He heard Sasori snort, but other than that nothing. But for Deidara, it was a start. They hadn't talked in about three weeks, so just hearing a sound directed at him was something.


"This is our stage? Holy shit!" Hidan yelled, his words echoing through the building. "Look at this fucking place!" He and Tobi ran around jumping about the stage.

"Tobi likes this stage!" Deidara had to admit, this was a pretty huge stage. He looked about seeing all the room, picturing the space being filled with bodies of their fans. He couldn't help but smile.

"Yes, what a stage!" Mike Hawk walked on stage, adjusting his tie. He pushed his glasses up on his nose and looked out where the fans would be also. "This is your stage. You'll be performing here in a few days! Exciting, hm? You're allowed to practice here all you want, this is yours. Have fun, I'll see you all in a few days!" He waved everyone goodbye, leaving the team to start practicing for their biggest show yet.

Deidara glanced at Sasori. The short red head was sitting on the stage, his legs dangling off the edge. He was staring out at the empty space, then dropped his eyes in thought. Deidara turned around to talk to someone. He didn't want to think about what Sasori was doing or thinking. He made it clear he didn't want Deidara and he'd try and respect that. Maybe.


The day of their broadcasting concert was nearing and everyone was starting to feel a little tense and stressed. Mike had put an awful lot of pressure on them when he was around to talk with the group.

"I can't get this part right," Deidara groaned, glaring at his instrument. The band was currently on their stage, practicing when and where to be, the songs they were to be playing, and trying to get used to their staging area.

"You can do it, Deidara is a good guitarist!" Tobi shouted enthusiastically from the back. Deidara sighed, sitting on one of the unplugged amps behind him, resting the guitar in his lap.

"Even so, this whole thing is really nerve wracking," he grumbled. Sasori glanced at the blonde, then away quickly when he caught the others blue eyes.

"You know," the redhead commented quietly, "when you auditioned for us, you had the most confidence I think any of us has ever seen." Sasori refused to turn around and look at any of the band members, keeping his eyes set on his microphone.

Deidara remained silent for a long time, as did every one else. As far as everyone else knew, including Deidara, the two weren't on speaking terms (to the others, though, for unknown reasons). After a sigh, Deidara stood back up and looked down at his beautiful guitar.

"Alright, lets go again." All was quiet before the redhead opened his mouth, his angelic voice filling the stadium.

Okay, here it comes! Jumping into the hardest part of the song, Deidara gave it his all, pushing any negative or discouraging thoughts away, focusing on the ones Sasori had said moments ago. Lo and behold, he did it! Grinning to himself, he continued playing, the song turning out perfect in the end.

"Awesome!" Deidara jumped up and down, smiling and mentally giving himself a pat on the back. He silently thanked Sasori as well for giving him a push in the confidence direction. The other members congratulated him (save Sasori himself), and they started to pack up for the day as Pein told them their time here was up.

Since Deidara's instrument was on of the easier things to pack up, he was already gone before the other were. This was his chance..

"Guys, I have a favor to ask of you," Sasori said, after Deidara was out of earshot. The remaining members gave him odd looks, but nonetheless listened.


This was it. The day of their live concert and everyone was nervous. But there was one person in particular who was more nervous than the rest.

Sasori was almost shaking, completely out of character, and almost worried himself sick on more than one occasion and, well, he'd only been awake a few hours. He hadn't gotten much sleep the night before, he guessed a couple hours, and so when he awoke at only seven a.m., he wasn't surprised his stomach hurt worse than it did earlier that night. He had spent the first early hours of the morning trying to calm himself down. It usually resulted in running to the nearest bathroom.

Now at ten in the morning, he was talking a few pills to calm him down and stop the headache that was coming on fast and strong. He hadn't noticed, however, that Deidara was wide awake, watching him silently freak out.

"You're going to make yourself sick if you keep this up," the blonde said quietly. Sasori nearly jumped out of his skin, turning his sleepy eyes to the half naked Deidara across the room.

"Already have," he mumbled. He needed to get out of here before things got worse. He knew they would with Deidara being awake. He grabbed some clean clothes before quickly making his way to the bathroom, changing, then retreating back to the room for a moment.

Deidara watched him closely as he grabbed a bag and shoved a couple water bottles, a few sheets of paper with what he guessed lyrics on them, and a bag of trail-mix.

"Are you planning on running away, un?" Sasori didn't bother to look at him as he made his way to the door, grabbing that old guitar he seemed to have with him at all times.

"I might," he mumbled before leaving the room, leaving Deidara to wonder what the hell was wrong with him.


Everything was perfect. The lights were bright, the stadium dark. Thousands of fans were crowded about, cheering and whistling, waiting for Akatsuki to come out and give them the show they've been waiting for.

The camera men were spread out all across the stage and audience, ready to begin filming for the music and news stations.

Everything was indeed perfect.

Well, except for one thing.

"Where the hell is Sasori?" Pein growled at the Akatsuki, searching for any signs of flaming red hair. "The show starts in ten minutes and he hasn't shown up all day. Not once have I seen him today."

"He'll be here," Itachi said calmly, looking almost bored. Pein narrowed his eyes.

"He better be or your all dead. This is your big break and you can't mess it up, got it?" The band members all nodded swiftly as Konan tried calming their manager down.

Deidara looked around as well, worried their singer wouldn't make it in time. Just where had he gone earlier anyways? Where has he been all day? Deidara didn't know the answer to either of those questions but Tobi, Itachi, and Hidan all seemed calm and ready to put out a good show. Were they not worried in the least about either being late in starting or Pein mounting their heads above his fireplace?

Two minutes to go and the crowed was going crazy. They were now chanting out "Akatsuki! Akatsuki!" and it was exciting, nerve wracking, but really pleasant all at the same time. Deidara felt too many emotions at the time to really pinpoint one.

One minute to go before they were to be on stage and still no Sasori. At this point, Pein was threatening to shove their instruments up their asses if someone didn't find Sasori now.

"I swear to God, I'll-" Pein started but quickly shut his mouth as a flash of red ran into the group of people. "Sasori?"

"Sorry I'm late, I'll explain in a minute, but is everything ready?" Sasori said, out of breath to his bandmates. Three nodded while Deidara sat confused. "Tobi are you sure you unplugged the right one?"

"Unplugged?" Deidara and Pein said together. What was he talking about? Was he trying to mess this all up?

"Tobi triple checked!" The black haired teen said, giving a thumbs up. Sasori breathed a sigh of relief and took an uncharacteristly deep breath before releasing.

"Alright, thanks guys. It means a lot. Now then, are we all ready to go out there and show them what we've got?" Sasori had an unusual determined look in his eye, Deidara noticed. However, he nodded with the rest of the group as Pein tried to figure out what was being unplugged and why.

"Let's go!" Before anyone would consider answering their manager, the group ran out onstage. The screams from the crowed grew tenfold and not even Itachi could keep a small smile from appearing on his face.

Deidara picked up his guitar, not bothering to look at where his guitar may or may not be plugged in at. He did, though, notice that Sasori wasn't only sporting a microphone stand. Oh no. He had that guitar again. He confusedly looked at the other bandmates, trying to figure out just what going on. The others completely ignored him and he was starting to think this was some kind of sick joke or that the others had forgotten to tell him something extremely important. He didn't have time to dwell on it, though.

"I'd like to start out by saying thank you to all of you who showed up here tonight," Sasori said into the silence that was now the waiting audience. "It means a lot to have so many people out there who support us." He faintly smiled and Deidara could visibly see him swallow. "Next, I have something very important to do that I should I have done a long time ago." His eyes were cast down at the floor now. "Please bear with me for a few moments, I promise you won't regret it."

Deidara once again looked to the other members. They were each encouraging Sasori in their own way to do whatever it is he needed to do.

He was nearly panicking by this point and it only became worse when Sasori turned to face him, his brown eyes finally, finally looking at Deidara for the first time in a long while.

Taking a deep breath, Sasori opened his mouth and began to sing into the quiet of the stadium.

**And we both go down together

We'd stay there forever

Just try to get up

And i'm sorry

This wasn't easy

When i asked you, believe me

And never let go

Deidara just stared in shock as the other members started in on the instrumentals. He felt his throat come up dry and his lungs rejecting oxygen. He felt his heart thump loudly over the music and the lovely voice that is Sasori.

Wait, was that him playing the guitar?

Well i'm thinking of the worst things

That i could say to you

But a promise doesn't mean a thing anymore

And this never will be right with me

And now you're trying to desperately

But i'm tongue tied and terrified of what i'll say

At this point, he had remembered how to breathe, at least, and then remembered the incident before they went on stage. Eyeing the guitar Sasori was playing (he had improved since the first time he had heard the poor soul play it), he quickly glanced down at his own, following the cord to the amp. However, it wasn't plugged in!

And then we both go down together

We may stay there forever

I'll just try to get up

And i'm sorry

This wasn't easy

When i asked you, believe me

You never let go

But i let go

Deidara realized now that they others had been planning this behind his back. Was this... and apology? Was Sasori sorry? He listened more closely to the words, but more on the meaning of what the redhead was singing..

Was this an offical "never-getting-back-together-ever" song?

I could only sing you sad songs

And you could sing along

And you could see the melody

That's been calling out your wrongs

And this never will be right with me

And now you're trying to desperately

But i'm tongue tied and terrified of what i'll say

But i never told you everything

I'm losing hope and fading dreams

And every single memory along the way

Deidara couldn't decide which. But what he could decide on was that Sasori was singing with everything he had right now. As he looked into those suddenly passion filled eyes, he couldn't help but feel his chest tighten and heart beat just a little faster again.

It's like the first time I heard him sing alone. His voice was beautiful. That's just how it was tonight, too. Deidara couldn't help but press his lips together in an attempt to hide a smile.

This wasn't a breakup for good song, he knew. Not with those brown eyes looking right at him, telling him exactly how he felt.

And then we both go down together

We may stay there forever

I'll just try to get up

And i'm sorry

This wasn't easy

When i asked you, believe me

You never let go

But i let go

It became quiet for a moment and Deidara could only remove the guitar, placing it back into it's previous position on the stand next to him.

And we both go down together

And stay there forever

Just try to get up

The guitarist couldn't believe his ears when he heard Sasori shred on that guitar. My God, he's been practicing night and day, hasn't he? He could only smile as Sasori, with little struggle, he noticed (how cute) as Sasori finished the solo. He looked back at Deidara, belting out the next lines with everything the small man had to give.

And then we both go down together

We may stay there forever

I'll just try to get up

And i'm sorry

This wasn't easy

When i asked you, believe me

You never let go

But i let go

Sasori was visibly shaking as the music died down. The crowed remained silent as Sasori pulled the mic off the stand, holding it close to him before speaking.

"Deidara, I'm sorry I let go," he said with a small, shaky voice.

And that was all he needed to hear. Deidara sprinted across stage, grabbing the redhead around the waist and picking him up. Deidara couldn't help but feel overwhelmed and unbelievably happy. With tears rushing down his face, Deidara spun him around, before placing him on his feet and giving him a more than needed kiss.

The crowd was cheering and clapping, the other members played small notes in excitement, but all Deidara could hear was his heart beating harder than it ever had before.

"Deidara, I'm sorry," Sasori said in his ear, his small arms going around the blonde's shoulders. "I love you." Deidara could only laugh as everyone cheered even harder than before at the words that had been spoken.

"I love you, too," Deidara whispered in the smaller mans ear, pulling him close. "Now, let's get this show on the road, shall we?"

The rest of the night when by in a a blur. Deidara remembered being bombarded by fans afterwards about the love confession and how "super cute" they were together. Of course the occasional asshole showed up, but he couldn't find it in him to care. He was happy, he had his Danna back, they had put on a fantastic show, and that's all he could have asked for.

That's all ever could have wanted.


Akatsuki's popularity has risen to the top of the charts over night it seemed. The stores selling their CD's had run out almost instantly and they had been asked by numerous radio stations, talk shows, and other bands to perform for them.

In fact, they were in the process of setting up tour dates for the upcoming year. They were to be visiting all over the world with multiple bands. They were, of course, excited and ready to live the life of one of the most popular bands.

Men and women, children, it seemed everybody, everywhere, was talking about the band. Mike Hawk was thrilled, Pein and Konan were proud beyond belief, and the band members and their lovers were all having the time of their life.

Through all ups and downs, and there will be more, the band has come a long way in a short amount of time. They all had each other to thank and really, that's all they needed.

Each other.

I'd Hate to be You When People Find Out What this Song is About-Mayday Parade