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"Ichigoooooooooo…." came the cry, the foot of the offending party ready for contact with Ichigo's body.

Ichigo quickly brought his arm up to block and batter the foot away before grabbing his father by the collar of his shirt, bringing them nose to nose. "What they hell is wrong with you?" he demanded, grinding his forehead against Isshin's.

Isshin smiled patting his son on the head. "You've definitely improved."

Ichigo gave a grunt, letting go of his dad and standing up, stretching his long, lithe body. "Whatever, just get out so I can get dressed."

"But daddy's seen all that, does it really matt-" the question was choked back when a foot connected with his face.

"I told you to get out."

Isshin whined. "Ichigo, you hurt daddy!"

Ichigo scowled down at him, caramel eyes simmering.

Isshin gave a sigh, standing. "You really hurt daddy's feelings…" he muttered out before quickly retreating through the door.

Staring out the window, into the clear sky, Ichigo mentally prepared himself for today. He had been training his ass off since he'd been able to get his powers back but today Mr Hat and Clogs had thought he would mix it up.

Of course, whenever Kisuke Urahara decided to make tests, they were always ridiculous and today were bound to be no different.

Scratching his belly, he lazily began to search through his clothes. It hardly mattered what he would wear, considering he was training but still, he couldn't go in his pyjamas.

He grabbed a pair of light skinny jeans and a long sleeved, black and red polo shirt with a white fifteen printed on it. After dressing he descended the stairs, snagging a piece of toast that Karin had made for him.

"Are you going somewhere Ichigo?" Karin enquired, not wishing to pry but desperately hoping that Ichigo wouldn't disappear again.

"Just to Mr Hat and Clogs," was the short reply as he opened the door. "Be back later."

Although Karin's face fell, Yuzu simply clicked her tongue, sipping her soup. She knew what he was really doing and she couldn't help but have mixed feelings. Although happy she wasn't stuck with those stupid ghosts anymore, she was bothered by the fact it was now on Ichigo's shoulders alone. It couldn't be easy, she should know.


The door was already open to Mr Hat and Clogs' place so he walked in, hands in his pockets and made his way to their training room.

Ichigo wondered absently as he descended the ladder, if he should be worried he hadn't seen him. Perhaps he was planning a surprise attack.

"Mr Hat and Clogs?" he called, glancing around, scratching his chin as he walked.

"It's 'bout time you fucking got here," came the growl.

Ichigo twisted on the spot, eyes searching for the responsible party, falling at last on the blue haired demon.

A scowl easily found its way to Ichigo's face and he slapped the substitute soul reaper badge to his chest, his body falling away. "Why are you here?" he demanded, gripping Zangetsu tightly.

The man laughed, leaning forward a little. "Didn't you know soul reaper? I'm your new sparring partner."

Ichigo's eyes narrowed, taking in what he'd said. "What?"

"Jus' like I said; I'm the sparring partner you ordered." He gave a feral grin, beginning to walk towards Ichigo.

Ichigo Zangetsu in his hand a little, unsure. It was possible it were true, after all, during the war with the Arrancar's Grimmjow had survived and he hadn't heard a peep from him since. Maybe Urahara really had struck a deal to get him to be his partner.

Grimmjow was still grinning, thumbs hooked on the black sash of his otherwise white umanori hakama even as Ichigo considered this.

"Well, we going to get to this or what soul reaper?" he taunted.

Ichigo scowled deeper. "I'm ready whenever you are Grimmjow."

Grimmjow needed no further invitation and immediately released his zanpakutō from its sheath. "Grind," he commanded, sweeping his hand along the blade. A torrent of spiritual power immediately fell onto Ichigo and created a huge gust of wind, the dust picking up and swirling around Grimmjow.

Simultaneously Ichigo cried out, "Bankai!"

The howling of their power colliding echoed through the room as did the screaming of the wind before it finally settled.

Grimmjow found himself a little surprised; the kid's Bankai release form had changed. The black shihakusho he usually wore was open with a white undershirt beneath it and was held together by a three sets of 'x' shaped material. He was wearing black gloves with white markings and had two bands of black around his neck.

Tensa Zangetsu's blade had also changed, becoming longer and more curved near the tip with three protrusions along the back of the blade as well as having a longer chain which attached itself to Ichigo's glove.

Grimmjow smirked, tail flicking a little. "What a fuckin' show off. Every time I see you, you seem to have changed something. How'd you get this one?"

Ichigo ignored the question, setting his feet apart before pushing off and launching himself at Grimmjow.