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Chapter 1-

Izaya's POV-

"Are you sure you want to go to the human world?"

"Yes~ I will do whatever it takes to bring evil down. Besides, this is just like any other mission, ne?"

"But… That means you will have to get rid of your wings and halo and be a regular human apart from your powers… You are really prepared for that?"

"It's a minor setback but once I return to heaven I will get them back… I'm willing to go through anything to get this demon. I couldn't back out even if I wanted to~"

"Alright then. I'm counting on you Izaya… Do not fail this mission otherwise you cannot come back to heaven. You will be stuck in the human would forever."

"I understand." I said calmly and closed my eyes, feeling my angel wings disappear and my halo shattering.

Rule number one for going into the human world- No angel features of any kind. You have to put on a spell so you can't bring them out. You must be rid of them otherwise passage is forbidden due to the risk of exposure to humans. You can show your powers once you're in the human world, it's just dangerous.

Rule number two- If you end up getting exposed by accident or have no clearance to go to the human world, you might not be able to return to heaven and, considering the conditions, get stripped of your powers.

Rule number three- If you end up mating with a demon or fail your mission completly, you are banished from heaven forever and never get your powers back; forced to live as a human and die as a human.

If the higher ups find out about it that is…

My master, and head angel of heaven, assigned me to capture and kill one of the most dangerous demons in the human world. He has lived four lifetimes. You see… Demons and Angels are not completely immortal. So we live and die just as humans do except we live longer lifetimes, like 300-500 years.

The demon I am after has lived four lifetimes and has had four different names. He's also four times as strong…. In each lifetime a demon or angel gets, they develop different powers and emotions they can access when they start a new lifetime. So as an example, if a demon has a certain name and power in their first lifetime and dies, they can access their previous self's in their second lifetime; meaning they gain new 'personalities' each life while keeping their old ones. So in a way I guess we are immortal…. Huh, funny.

I stepped in front of the portal that connected the human world to ours, looking down into it as I said my farewells to my master.

"Remember, do not disappoint me." He stated with a faint smile and I nodded, smirking back.

"I promise I will return and complete my mission. Don't underestimate me like I'm some stupid human, Hiro-chan~" I chimed and he sighed.

"Will you stop calling me that already? It's Hiroki-sama."

"Awwwwh~ But the one I made up is so much easier to tease you with. Hiro-chan~" I laughed.

"Oh, wait Izaya-kun! I need to tell you that the demon-" He was cut off as I stepped through the portal, waving at him and then suddenly seeing dirty, muddy cement at my feet.

Opps haha! I didn't want to hear him talk anymore~ So…. This is the human world huh?...

I looked around and realized I was in an alleyway and I could see people passing by on the street a couple feet in front of me.

Humans are such busy creatures… Ha! How I love them~

I smirked and walked out onto the sidewalk along with the rest of these warm blooded beings. I blended right in with my dark colored jeans accompanied with a black long sleeved shirt and a black hooded jacket with fur on the cuffs, bottom ridge, and hood. I did a lot of research on humans' everyday lives and I'm glad I did; blending in for this mission was very necessary in order to sneak up on my target.

I walked around for a bit and passed by a Russian Sushi shop along with a whole bunch of other stores that caught my eye.

Oh, I'll have to stop there when I get hungry! I've always wanted to try human food~ I thought happily and continued walking. About twenty minutes of walking around in a city called Ikebukuro, which turns out that my target lives here, I found myself in a different place called Shinjuku. It was a surprisingly easy task to find a place to live and settle myself in a nice apartment. I had money already with me when I came down from heaven because they gave me supplies I can access by chanting a spell, so I don't really have to get a job or anything for a while. I wouldn't mind getting one as an Information gatherer or something because then I can learn even more about my precious humans~

I sat down on the bed that was already there and sighed, feeling very tired all of a sudden. I knew I had work to do though, so I willed myself to stay awake and thought over my strategy. Thinking over all of the factors for my opponent.

In all of his lifetimes he has been Tsugaru, Delic, Tsukishima, and Haruko. Now he is living as Shizuo Heiwajima and on his fifth lifetime. His powers and emotions from each lifetime are unknown so I'll have to find that out for myself… He takes in an abnormal amount of human souls; about 1-2 every week and the normal rate is about 1-2 each month. I don't know why he takes in so many, but when a demon does this they are considered very dangerous and unstable. He's managed to keep up this consumption rate for three lifetimes. Nobody's been up to the job until now… Lucky me~

So Shizuo has a lot of power stored up and can use it to decimate anything at anytime… I know for sure though that in this lifetime he has a very bad temper so he might have a short fuse… I might exploit that.

As for me, I have also lived four lifetimes. Psyche, Hibiya, Hachimenroppi, and Kanashii have been my past lives and now I live as Izaya Orihara. I closed my eyes and laid back, pulling the covers over me.

I'm too tired to think now… I'll go out and kill Shizuo tomorrow…

I closed my eyes drifted off into a dreamless sleep, knowing that tomorrow would be very eventful and I would be going back to heaven within the week.

The astoundingly bright sun drifted in through the window and I opened my eyes, seeing as it was already morning and it was today I was going to catch Shizuo. I got up and stretched, feeling my stomach growl and decided it was time to get some food. I grabbed the only thing I brought with me, which was my jacket and shoes, and headed out the door into the lovely world of humans.

Almost skipping all the way down to Ikebukuro I headed to that sushi shop I saw on my way here and got a bite to eat. There was this tall Russian man handing out flyers for the sushi there, I walked in and he was very nice, yet hard to understand as a he greeted me.

"You come eat Russia sushi? Sushi good for breakfast, no?" he said to me and handed me a coupon for 10% off sushi.

"Oh yes~ I've always wanted to eat here~" I smiled to him as he warmly invited me in, sitting me down at a nice table. I found out that I like this one type of sushi called Ootoro~

Once I got done eating I headed back out and decided to cut through and ally way to get to some more stores before I set out to find Shizuo. I wanted to get in my fun in the human world before I left~

Ahh… That was amazing! I love human food~ Oh?... What do we have here?...

I noticed a group of men slowly surrounding me as I walked and one came in front of me, holding out a knife.

"Hey pretty boy… Why don't you let us take you somewhere nice?" He smiled and held the knife to my throat.

Ah humans…. As magnificent as they are they can be a bit stupid at times…

I smirked back at him and lashed out, grabbing the front of his face and holding him there.

"What a nice knife you have their~ May I see it?~" I chimed and tightened my grip on the man's face while taking the knife from him and inspecting it. Once I had it in my pocket I focused my attention back on the man who was now panicking and trying to break free of my grasp.

"Sorry man~ I like your knife so I'm keeping it, ne?~" My smirk grew even wider and I heard a cut off shriek as I froze him from the head down. My power from my first life, Psyche, was the ability to freeze things or I guess the cold in general. Psyche was a very happy and innocent side of me but still knew how to get things done, ah… what a fun life that was…

All of the other men around me ran as soon as I dropped him and I continued walking through the narrow ally way, whistling a tune called London Bridges which almost every human knew. I had a wide smirk plastered on my face until I stopped and noticed an uncomfortable presence in front of me once I got on the sidewalk. A couple feet in front of me I saw a tall blonde with purple tinted sunglasses and he was wearing a bartender outfit as the humans called it. I stared at him as he took a long drag of a cigarette, watching his movements closely. He looked very…. Agitated.

This was Shizuo. I could tell instantly by the certain aura he gave off compared to the humans. I put my hood up and walked behind him a few feet as a man with a very odd hair style approached him. I think he had dreadlocks as the humans referred to it and Shizuo called him Tom.

"Hey, what are you doing tonight?" Tom asked and Shizuo shrugged his shoulders.

"Pretty much nothing... Why?" he stated and took another puff of his cigarette.

"Well, how about you come to the bar with me tonight? Get a couple of drinks? Possibly meet some girls~" He said with a smirk and the blonds eyebrow twitched, blowing smoke in Tom's face.

"You know I don't like to go to those places…." He growled and Tom was about to say something snappy back but Shizuo sighed and gave in, not wanting to argue today. He ended up telling Tom he'd meet him at the Checkerboard bar at 7:00pm. I smirked as the pieces of my plan started to fall together. This is too perfect….

I headed back to my apartment after I stopped at a couple of stores and bought food and some furniture. Might as well make the place look nice and have some food around so I don't have to go out all the time.

After a while I finally had all of my furniture the way I wanted it and the food put away, then I headed back to Ikebukuro. It was 7:00 on the dot and Shizuo was already at the bar waiting for Tom.

Haha… how amusing~ If he doesn't like coming to these kind of places then why did he bother to show up on time? I thought to myself as I crossed the street. Tom arrived in a taxi about five minutes later and greeted Shizuo warmly as he merely gave out an annoyed 'Che' and headed inside with him. I followed shortly after them and seated myself at the opposite end of the bar. I didn't want to blow my cover but I had to keep an eye on him.

Heh… Time to get his attention~ I didn't want to have to do this but I think it's my only option if I want to take him down… Yeah. Once I kill him he can't be re-born and he'll be gone forever. Piece of cake~ I just hope the information I've gathered on this subject is good enough to lure him out…

Everybody started dancing in the bar and my smirk grew wider as I joined them. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Tom trying to pull Shizuo out to the dance floor but he just shrugged him off and ordered the sweetest drink on the menu.

Not going to dance Shizuo?...Well, that's okay~

I stepped onto the middle of the dance floor and swung my hips to the beat of the music, raising my arms up. People started to back up and cheer me on as I continued doing moves almost as a hooker would do. I think that's what their called…. Some guys started dancing with me and I complied by giving out teasing looks and smirks.

Humans are so strange when it comes to dancing….But, I don't like this. I thought wearily as one guy tried to grab my ass. I felt my eyebrow twitch and I swatted his hand away but continued dancing. I don't know what these guys are trying to accomplish by dancing with me, but I will not be touched in that way… Come on Shizuo. I don't want to have to do this for much longer… My knowledge on this type of thing is limited~

I could see Shizuo look over at the commotion I was making and I smirked as he stared at me for a mere moment. One moment is all I need~

Shizuo's POV-

Something smells sweet…. I couldn't put my finger on it, but today, there was this scent lingering around that just made my mouth water. It might be the fact that I haven't been able to have a decent meal in a while… but man, I really couldn't explain this. I smelled it all day yesterday and I smelled it when I was talking with Tom so why… do I smell it now of all times?

Tom had gotten me to go to the bar with him and I refused to dance, so I just ordered the sweetest thing I could find and watched everybody else have a good time. I hate being at these kinds of things because all the people here are annoying and drunk but… I was starving and this was probably the best shot I had at getting a meal to last me at least a couple of days.

I am an Incubus, which means I feed off of humans' sexual pleasure. When I find my mate, I get the best meal I've ever had, regardless of what gender or if there human or not. In my past lives this has never happened to where I've gone without feeding for three weeks but for some reason, I've just been off my game. This sweet scent…. It was drawing me in like a moth to light. I love it… and this particular human seemed to possess that smell.

A short, raven haired male in a black fur jacket and jeans was dancing in the middle of the dance floor. He had the curves of a woman but I guess less emphasized… It was really attractive. He swayed his hips seductively back and forth and I felt myself being drawn into him as he continued to dance. It was insane how he moved his body and I couldn't take my eyes off of him. He threw a glance over his shoulder to a man behind him and he whipped around, drawing a perfect line down his chest with his finger and stopping at the man's pants line.

Heh…. What a tease… He seems kind of shy, but looks like he knows what he's doing.

I found myself licking my lips as he danced and showed off his moves. I took a large swallow of my drink and exhaled, taking out a cigarette and lighting it. My eyes trailed around his features and I started stripping him with my eyes, wondering what his naked body would look like.

Five lifetimes of being an Incubus does things to you…. That can explain one of my past lives, Delic. He was the reason why I started having to need 1-2 human souls a week. He was a playboy and a charmer. Basically... his sex drive was very high and he felt very weak if he didn't get more than usual.

The raven-haired male walked around and went to different people, teasing the men and charming the women. But, before I knew it, he had made his way over here to ME and straddled my lap.

Wha- What the hell is this? Is this really happening or am I just drunk?... There's no way he just picked me out of the whole crowd- Shit…..

He started to grind his hips against me and I struggled to hold back a moan or two…. There's no way he can be this good…right? I was about to shove him off but he kept going at that same, sensual rhythm with his hips and I gave in, letting him have his way with this. Hell… I wasn't going to complain about THIS.

Then he got off of me and I looked at him in confusion before I realized what he was doing. He stood up straight with his legs spread and turned around, bending over sharply. He stood there for a few brief seconds showing off his ass to me before he slowly rose up, bringing his hands up and over his legs while dragging them further and planting them on his ass. He turned around and licked his lips before winking at me and my jaw dropped, my cigarette dropping out of my mouth.

I got up casually, trying to hide the slight blush on my face and pulled him to a less crowded part of the bar. I looked him up and down and took out a new cigarette, lighting it and then taking a slow puff of it before sighing. This guy was sexy. Drop dead gorgeous actually… So why did he just do that to me?

"Well…. I wasn't expecting to get a free lap dance and a show…. What's your name?" I said bluntly and took another puff. He smirked.

"Izaya Orihara~ Pleased to meet you, and I'm sorry about that, it's just-you looked so lonely… and I was all alone…" He mumbled and my eyes seemed to light up at the word alone.

This guy really has no date? He didn't come with anybody? Is he just asking to be fucked?

"So… You're free tonight, right?" I said with a raised eyebrow.

"Yes~ What do you want to do?" He asked but willingly followed me out of the bar and to my apartment.

"Oh… Umm, something fun. Tell me, have you done this sort of thing before?" I asked and he shook his head.

"This is my first time out at a bar. I've never danced before either." He admitted and I almost tripped.

"You're s-seriously saying you've never danced before? You looked so sexy out on the dance floor and you gave me a lap dance! You have to be lying…"

"Oh? You were watching me?" He inquired and I got a slight blush.

"W-Well… N-No… not particularly…" I said and looked away.

"Hahaha your so funny~ And I'm not lying, I've just done a lot of research." He looked very proud when he said the word research and I had to cover up a laugh.

"Wow really? That's still pretty amazing… Oh, and I'm Shizuo by the way."

"Nice name~ Oh, I think I'll give you a nickname! Shizu-chan!" My eye twitched as he said he name and he smirked.

"'Chan'?...'Shizu-chan'?... It's Shizuo! Plus, I'm not a girl…"

"Which makes it funnier!" He laughed as I resisted the urge to strangle him.

As we walked he didn't say anything for the rest of the way and just followed quietly behind me, looking down with a hint of a smirk.

What the hell? I really don't get this…. He gives me a bad feeling and he kind of pisses me off… but- my body is just screaming 'fuck him!'… And it doesn't help any that he's the one who's smelled so good.

It's true. The sweet scent that has been driving me crazy was directly behind me and I couldn't deny it. Once I got my hands on him, I was going to drain him dry…

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