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Kitt parked, and everyone stared at him. To Lizzy's surprise, he did not seem fazed by Karr's presence. Perhaps he had been more aware of the situation than she had realized.

"Wow," said Ashley, walking up to Kitt, "It does look like Karr."

She glanced through the window.

"A perfect replica," she said, "It's even remote-controlled; there is no one inside it. I must commend your accomplice on the detail of this replica, Lizzy."

Lizzy's heart fell as soon as she realized that no one recognized Kitt.

"Um, thanks," said Lizzy, "I'll just get the key now."

She walked up to Kitt, opened his door and began rummaging through his glove compartment with the door open. But to her surprise, Kitt didn't say a word. Lizzy was beginning to be scared by his silence.

Why wasn't he saying anything?

"Come on," said Cooper, "She doesn't really have the Miles key. I was just saying that because-"

"Why?" interrupted Michael Knight, "Why were you accusing a teenager of theft?"

"Because he's the one who stole the key in the first place," said Lizzy, waving the key with one hand as she exited Kitt.

"Here you go," she said, handing the key to her father.

He stared at her in shock, then he stared at the key.

"I can't believe it-it's the real thing," he said, examining it.

"That's impossible," said Cooper.

"Why?" asked Ashley.

"The real thing isn't supposed to come back for decades," said Cooper.

"What are you talking about?" asked Ashley.

But Cooper was silent. He had said too much already.

"Mr. Cooper," said Michael Knight, "Is it true that you stole this key?"

"Yes," said Cooper, hanging his head.

"Is that so?" asked another voice, "I thought you were a better man than that, Mr. Cooper."

From out of Michael's car stepped the speaker: a spry older man, with grey hair and smile wrinkles on his face.

"Devon," said Ashley, throwing away her ideas of how the Boss should act to run towards him with arms outstretched, "This is a pleasant surprise!"

"Mr. Miles does not visit often," Karr explained through the earpiece.

"A pleasure as always," Devon hugged Ashley, then held her by the arms in a half-hug to look at how she had grown, "So your true colors have finally shown, Mr. Cooper."

Cooper scowled. "How long have you been there, Devon?" he asked.

"The entire time," said Devon, walking over to Cooper. "I am afraid you will be looking forward to a long stay in prison, Mr. Cooper. Yet this does not explain how this young lady knew about the Key."

"Well sir," said Lizzy, "I came here for the express purpose of returning the Key. But in order to do that, I needed to expose Mr. Cooper to prevent him from attempting to steal the key again. I didn't expect it to be this easy, though."

"You came to return the key?" asked Michael Knight, "But how did you get it in the first place?"

"I took it from Coo-"

"Never mind that," interuppted Cooper, "She has admitted to being a spy. She should be fired immediately."

"She never said she was a spy," said Ashley, "You don't work for anyone, do you honey?"

"No," said Lizzy.

"But if you don't work for anyone, who gave you the key?" asked Devon.

"I took it from Cooper," said Lizzy.

"And how did you know he had it?" asked Devon.

"You had better come up with something good," said Karr into her ear, "I do not want them to fire you."

Lizzy took a deep breath. "Someone told me," she said.

"Who?" asked Ashley, Devon and Michael simultaneously.

"A friend," she responded.

"Well, aren't you going to tell us who it was?" asked Michael Knight, "Who could have possibly known that Mr. Cooper had the key?"

Lizzy looked towards Kitt. This would be the perfect time to tell them who she really was. It broke her heart just to stand there and not tell her family her identity.

But she was waiting on Kitt. If Kitt thought they should not reveal themselves, it must be for the best. After all, it might be a bit of a shock for them to learn that the long-dead Lizzy Knight was still alive fifteen years later, despite aging only five years. But how long could she last standing there in front of them, wishing every second to reveal who she was?

At that moment, everyone became aware of a strange yet familiar noise.

"Sounds like a golf cart," said Michael.

Suddenly, a golf cart puttered up to them as fast as a golf cart can go-which in this case was about 35 miles per hour, or about 56 kilometers per hour. Those speeds were baby steps compared to Karr's driving.

"Michael! What is the emergency?" urgently called out the woman driving the golf cart as she violently braked and simultaneously jumped out of the cart to meet them. The cart itself shook after her exit, as if it had been pushed to its very limits and did not want to repeat the experience.

Lizzy's heart rose and dropped again.

"It's your mother," Karr said to Lizzy helpfully, using the earpiece again.

"I know," she whispered under her breath.

"What emergency, Bonnie?" asked Michael.

"You texted me that there was an emergency," said Bonnie, whipping on her phone, "Bonnie, emergency. Come quick. FLAG entrance. See?" She read.

Then she looked up and noticed the two vehicles, as if for the first time.

"Oh no," she said, "No, no, no! No, Devon, no! We agreed not to do this," she said.

"Do what, my dear?" asked Devon.

"Make another vehicle," said Bonnie, moving over to Kitt.

"That isn't ours," said Michael, "It was a lookalike this girl's friend made to sneak the Miles key in to us."

"Isn't ours?" asked Bonnie, ignoring the part about the Miles key, "Of course it's ours. I'd recognize our handiwork anywhere. Devon, someone in the Foundation must have built if from scrap metal we left hanging around."

Everyone looked towards Kitt.

Suddenly, Lizzy smiled. She realized that Kitt must have been the one to text Bonnie. That meant that he wanted them to be revealed, finally, after all these years!

But how was the big reveal going to happen?

"Karr," said Bonnie, "Take the girl out of here. I'm sorry to do this, but we're confiscating her friend's car."

Lizzy's smile dropped.

"But Mom," said Ashley.

"No 'buts'," said Bonnie, turning to face Lizzy,"There is something very fishy going on here, and we need to discuss it in private. I'm sorry, kid. My name is Bonnie, by the way. Go on, get inside Karr," she said, "He can block out what we're saying while we discuss this. Karr?"

"Very well," said Karr, "Come get inside, Lizzy."

Lizzy turned towards Karr when she realized that everyone was staring at her.

"What?" she asked.

"Karr just called you by another name," said Ashley, "And you responded."

Lizzy's eyes opened wide.

"Now tell us the truth," said Devon, "We know you have been planted here. Who is your accomplice?"

"Accomplice? She is with me," said Kitt, finally breaking his silence.

All eyes turned to Kitt, and Michael literally jumped backwards. However, he quickly changed direction and soon moved forwards to pounce on Kitt's hood.

"KITT!" he said, "You're alive! But…But how?"

"Yes, I am alive, you big lug," said Kitt, sounding slightly annoyed but secretly happy, "And so is Lizzy."

All eyes turned to Lizzy.

"Is that really our daughter?" asked Bonnie.

"Yes," said Kitt, "She hasn't aged much, I'm afraid. A little side effect. I'll tell you all about it in a minute."

"No," said Ashley, "Something isn't right. You can't be my twin sister."

"It's okay, Ash," said Lizzy, smiling, "I didn't believe it either when I saw my own tombstone."

"So," said Michael Knight, "What happened? Why are you both still alive?"

"The machine malfunctioned," explained Kitt, "Instead of destroying us, it sent us forwards in time. Mr. Cooper discovered it when he found that the Miles key was stolen by Lizzy, but he kept it secret."

"But then why were you so surprised to see it again?" Lizzy asked Cooper.

"I have been monitoring the device for years," said Cooper, "The opening 'gate', as I call it, opened several times already but my equipment told me you hadn't come through yet. I calculated that the next 'gate' would appear in two decades time. But it seems that my calculations were off."

"I'll bet," said Lizzy sarcastically.

"Wait," said Michael Knight, his face bright with sudden realization, "Lizzy, you're alive!"

Suddenly, Lizzy found herself in a giant hug that consisted of her Dad, shortly joined by her Mom, her sister, and by Devon. In fact, everyone present except for Cooper and the vehicles participated.

"You should come up for air soon," Karr advised via the earpiece.

"Wait," said Ashley, breaking out of the hug with some difficulty, "So you are Karr's new driver?"

Lizzy nodded. "Yep," she said proudly, "That is, if Karr decides he wants me to be, and if he decides to stay with FLAG."

"Perhaps," said Karr, "The idea of staying in the same garage with Kitt does not interest me, but at least he is superior to your dream companion."

"What?" asked Kitt.

"I'll explain later," said Lizzy, "So I assume this means I'm not fired?"

"No," said Michael Knight, "Not at all!"

"Although," said Bonnie, "I might want you to take off a few days to spend some time with you."

"You bet!" said Lizzy, hugging her mother.

"Welcome back, Elizabeth!" said Devon, smiling.

"Thanks!" she said to him.

"Come on," said Ashley, taking her by the hand, "There's so much I want to talk to you about!"

"Sure thing!" said Lizzy, "But first,"

She ran over to Devon.

"Devon Sir," she said, "Some agents on base appear to think that Karr is still a threat. I was wondering if you could talk to them and attempt to convince them otherwise."

"I am fully capable of fighting my own fights, Lizzy." said Karr through the earpiece.

"Well," said Devon, "I might not fully convince anyone, but I can certainly try."

"Oh, thank you!" said Lizzy, hugging him.

"Now, come on!" she said to her sister, "Let's go!"

"All right!" said Ashley, "I was thinking we could get a popsicle first. It's kind of overdue."

Lizzy laughed.

As soon as Lizzy and Ashley were gone, Karr moved to park next to Kitt. None of the adults noticed this however, because they were all laughing as they followed the girls from a distance.

Everyone but Michael, that is, who stopped to sit inside Kitt and tell him the new comlink frequency before following the others, comlink clutched in his hand. He would speak to Kitt with the comlink while spending time with his daughter, and would likely spend the night in Kitt's cabin.

Kitt and Karr stayed next to one another, silently. Neither of them said a word. But then, neither one needed to. The brothers were back, after all these years. And this time, they each had a driver.


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