Arkham Interviews


Enter into the life of Dr. Kethen Mathews as he interviews the so called "Super Criminals" of Arkham Asylum.

Dr. Mathews entered a cell that had large dents in the wall as if someone had punched them. He pulled up a chair and called to the inmate hiding in a dark corner "Hell Mr. Bane"

A shrivelled up looking man poked part of his face out of the darkness and asked "What do you want. Are you going to try and get me off the venom?"

Dr. Mathews looked down and leaned closer to the man and said in a caring tone "No sir I am simply here to talk to you about ... well you"

Bane came out of the darkness a little more and asked "So you are not trying to diagnose me or find me a new miracle pill that will rid me of my strength?"

"No of course not. I am not here to do anything but talk about you and if you'd like we don't even have to talk about ...Batman"

Bane walked fully into the light and exposed the state he was in. He was shrivelled and old looking due to withdrawal from the venom. He walked closer to Dr. Mathews but was then shocked by a collar on his neck. Bane crawled back into the darkness and reached for a small object.

Dr. Mathews exited the room for a moment and could be heard yelling angrily "What the hell are you doing! If that man gets shocked again I will personally see to it that you clean up Jokers cell while he's still in it and we'll see how long you last with him!"

Mathews then entered the room and took in a large breath and then exhaled. He brought in with him a wooden chair. He placed the chair facing Bane who was sitting in the darkness clutching something and almost sobbing due to the indignity of his situation.

Mathews asked "Please sir have a seat?"

Bane slowly came out of the darkness again and cringed when he reached the spot where he was shocked but realized that the security had been turned off. Bane then ran past Mathews and grabbed the door but was then stopped by an electric current coming from the handle. Due to the electricity Bane could not let go. Dr. Mathews then used the wooden chair to pry him off of the door handle. Bane fell to the ground. Due to the use of the venom in the past he had grown a resistance to pain.

Mathews then propped Banes chair back up and said "Please Mr. Bane don't think me a fool who would simply let you escape. Now please let's talk"

Bane crawled to his feet and sat down in the chair.

Mathews then asked "Well why don't we talk about your transfer over from Blackgate to Arkham?"

Bane reluctantly started to respond "I ... I would assume that it was because they thought the venom was an addiction. But it's Not! I need it to be powerful and strong and I need it so I can break the Batman!"

Mathews then responded not threatened by the growing intensity of Banes voice "So you don't see the venom as an addiction you think that you just want to use it to defeat the Batman... but why? Why is it that you must kill the Batman?"

Bane looked at the ground and said as though his mind was on something else "I.. I don't know anymore. I think the venom has cost me some of my memories. I don't really know why but I remember he humiliated me so I must stop him... because he might do it again"

Mathews nodded his head and asked "So you are not sure why you must stop Batman but you feel you need the venom to stop hm anyway. You see I think that you use Batman as an excuse to use the venom so you can be strong and as you see it better than Batman"

Bane replied "I must be better than the Bat I must be stronger, faster..."

Mathews then interrupted "Smarter? You become a rampaging mass of muscle and rage when your venom concentration is at its highest"

Bane then thought about this for a moment. Mathews then looked over into the darkness Bane had been sitting in and saw what looked to be a small teddy bear.

Mathews asked "What is that?"

Bane looked back into the darkness and ran over to it and hid it from view.

Mathews asked "May I see your bear?"

Bane looked back at him with an expression of (what the heck). Bane then reluctantly brought forth the teddy bear. Bane sat down and sat the small bear on his lap.

Mathews asked "Does he have a name?"

Bane looked down at his bear and after a moment or two replied "His name is Osito. Me and him have been through everything together. We grew up in a prison because my father was a bad man. Osito was my only friend. We read together, played together and protected each other" Banes voice had suddenly started to become more similar to that of a child's as he looked at his bear. "The men who took me here wanted to take my friend away from me but we killed them... Isn't that right Osito no one will ever separate us" Bane then hugged his little furry friend.

Mathews then asked what no one had ever asked Bane before "May I hold your bear... please. I promise I'll give him right back if you want?"

Bane held his bear close and looked at the strange Dr. Who had been so kind to him and treated him as a person instead of a problem. Without realizing it Bane started to hold his hands out. He looked down and stopped the motion for a moment but then continued. Bane delicately placed Osito in Mathews hands and the Dr. Slowly pulled the little bear close to him. He observed it but felt an odd amount of weight in it. He turned the bear around and looked at a slit in the back of the bear. He moved his hand close to the slit but suddenly paused when he saw Banes eyes narrow in rage. Mathews stopped not because of Banes stare but because he saw what was in it. A knife.

Mathews then handed Bane back the bear. Bane once again placed the bear on his lap.

Mathews then asked "So Bane can you describe to me what your childhood was like?"

Bane replied quickly "Hell... It was Hell"

Bane held up his bear in front of him and then hugged it.

Mathews asked another question "Can you recall any memories that stand out?"

Bane replied while still looking at his bear "I remember when I first got Osito"

Mathews then said "Please continue. I would like to know how you two found each other"

Bane began to explain "I remember one day a new inmate came in to Pena Duro. He was one of the only people who was ever nice to me. He taught me the importance of reading and education. Something I could never get in prison... and one day I was going to his cell for one of our secret study sessions. I snuck into his cell but for some reason he wasn't there. I later learned he was sentenced to death because he had killed another inmate but I remember he killed that man to protect me. The only thing left in his cell was his books and a bear. I manged to get the bear back to my cell but I had to leave the books behind. One day another new inmate was placed in the same room as me. He wasn't in there for 30 minutes before he was trying to kill me. He strangled me and slammed me against a wall. I reached out for what ever I could find and I managed to grab my teddy. The crazy man then yanked me away but there was still something in my hand. It was a knife so I used it to slash the mans throat and he died moments later. I discovered that the knife came out of the back of the bear. I also found a note from my friend and it said

"My young friend I will never see you again. But now I leave you behind a new friend. I have placed this knife in your friend so you can protect yourself. Don't let anyone heart you my young friend you must beat them before they beat you, you must be the Bane of their existence. But do not lose faith in your studies you must be smart as well if you ever hope to do anything. Now as the guards come to take me away I say that you mus..."

An that's where the message ended. From then on I dedicated myself to being the best that I could be and when the Batman beat me I knew I needed to beat him or else my friends words meant nothing" A tear rolled down Banes face.

Mathews stood up and said before leaving "Well Mr. Bane I have enjoyed our little chat but I must now go to see about another patient named Pamela Isley"

Bane did not pay attention to him as the Dr. Exited. Bane placed his forehead onto his bears head and sat there contemplating why he had just confessed one of his deepest secrets to this man who seemed so strange yet so kind. He then crawled back into the Darkness and hugged his bear as he slowly drifted off into sleep.

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