Who's really insane?

Dr. Mathews drove across the long bridge over to Arkham Island. It was sunny out and there wasn't a cloud in the sky. The Island didn't look near as spooky in the day time.

Dr. Mathews then drove up to the island and went to his parking space. He then exited his car which by the way was a small blue car with a bit of rust on it. Mathews then opened the rear door and took out a card board box, his fold out chair and then walked into the asylum.

Mathews walked through the front door and said hello to the receptionist Tina Glibenstein.

"Hello Ms. Glibenstein. How are we today?"

The slender woman dressed in a lab coat over a purple shirt and blue jeans. She replied "Oh I'm fine Dr. Mathews"

Mathews then proceeded to his first appointment of the day. He walked to the elevator that would take him down to Killer Crocs cell.

After a minute or two in the elevator Mathews reached his destination. Mathews then walked out of the elevator. Mathews then showed his identification to the guard who ensured that the door stayed closed. The door opened and Mathews stepped into the large cell within the sewer. Mathews sat down the box and set up his fold out chair. He then waited for Croc.

After about 12 minutes or so of waiting Croc burst out of the water and roared at Mathews. Croc then stared at Mathews who simply sat there in his chair applauding Crocs entrance.

Croc then grunted and walked out of the water.

"So what do you want Doc? You come to give me more sandwiches or something?" Asked Croc.

Mathews replied "No Mr. Jones. Today I am here to test you" Mathews then opened the box and took out a small kitten who meowed at Croc. Mathews then sat the kitten on his lap and petted it "You see I am going to show you that you are more human than animal, Mr. Jones"

Croc sneered and said "You're sick you know that!"

Mathews then sat the kitten on the ground and directed it to Croc. The Kitten walked aimlessly and totally missed Croc and instead began to walk to the water.

Croc looked to see Mathews still sitting in his chair allowing the cat to wander to it's doom.

Croc then asked "Well aren't you going to help it?"

Mathews shook his head and replied "No

Croc looked back to the kitten which was just about to walk into the water. Croc quickly looked back to Mathews and then back to the kitten. Croc then reached to the cat and grabbed it by the tail preventing it to fall into the water. The kitten then clawed Croc fingers, enraging Croc. Croc then growled at the cat who then stumbled over to Croc and rested it's head on his foot and purred.

Croc then looked back at Mathews who was about to exit the cell "Aren't you going to take your cat with you?" Asked Croc.

Mathews replied while leaving "No. In that box you'll find enough food for it to last until my next visit. Just feed it three cups of food a day" Mathews then left Croc with the kitten.

Croc looked down at the kitten and growled. The kitten simply replied with a quiet meow. Croc then reached into the box and took out a small measuring cup. He then scooped the cat food out of an open bag. He then poured the food out near the cat who then sniffed around to find it and then began to eat. Croc then hesitantly scratched the kitten behind the ear making the kitten purr.

Outside the cell a guard said to Mathews "You really are sick you know that. Leaving that little thing in there with that monster"

"I don't tell you how to go about being totally useless when it comes to keeping people in their cells" Retorted Mathews as he entered the lift.

Back up top Mathews proceeded to his next appointment with the most hated Clown of all time.

Mathews entered Jokers cell to find Joker not there. Mathews then turned around to see Joker closing the door.

"So Doc what are we talking about today perhaps you'd like to talk about the hundreds of lives I've ended or the countless Doctors that I've slaughtered just to get out of this lovely little house of horrors" Said Joker.

Mathews simply set up his fold out chair and asked "Please Mr. Joker sit down so we can discuss ... what ever I need to discuss with you"

Joker replied "No I'd rather stand ... I think I remember you from somewhere did I kill some close friends of yours or something"

Mathews narrowed his eyes and replied "Let's just say I've had some experience with your ...antics"

Joker raised his hand "Ah Ha" He then pointed to Mathews and said "Now I remember you. I killed your wife didn't I"

Mathews looked at Joker with a blank expression and replied "Yes"

Joker laughed and yelled "Oh boy this just makes everything that much sweeter... So how did I do it, did it involve some kind of exploding duck or something"

Mathews plainly replied "It was with your toxin"

Joker sat down on his ed and said in a sympathetic tone "Oh well I'm sorry I'm sure she was..." Joker paused and then yelled happily "A total B!#(#h Ha Ha!"

Mathews stared at Joker unmoved by his comment. Mathews continued to stare at Joker as the clowns laughter faded.

Joker then said "Oh I get it. Your a rock well even rocks can only take so much sledge hammering. Let's see, you said that happy gas killed her. Well I bet she died with a smile on her face then didn't she"

Mathews then said "Mr. Joker although I'm sure this pointless attempt to make me angry amuses you but I would actually like to get to work. From my research of your case it seems as though you've completely detached yourself from your previous life... I'd like to know why"

Joker laughed and said "Okay doc I'll tell you. When I was a young boy I loved clowns but my family was bland and my choice of life didn't sit well with them..."

Mathews interrupted "The truth Joker!"

Joker frowned at Mathews and asked "Why should I tell you the story of who I was then when..."

Mathews said again "The truth!"

Joker leaned closer to Mathews and said "Are you sure you're ready to know? Are you sure that you can take the story that will make you lose your entire faith in humanity?"

Mathews replied "Yes"

Joker then stood up and said "Well let's see the the reason I've killed hundreds of people is..." Joker then leaned in close Mathews ear and whispered "Because I wanted to" Joker then sat back down "Well there you go. That's the reason that hundreds have died simply because I thought it was just so dog-gone funny"

Mathews then asked "Well that does explain a lot of things, like why you seem to have the most control over your actions than any other inmates in the asylum... But I still don't believe you"

Joker chuckled and said "They never do"

Mathews then stood up and folded up his chair. He then walked to the door and said "Mr. Joker I don't know what your problem is but I am certain that you have one and I would rather die than give up on my patients"

Joker chuckled and said as Mathews left "I could arrange that"

As Mathews exited he accidentally bumped into a nurse with blonde hair.

The girl then said with a familiar accent "Oh Sorry Doc I just was in a rush to give Mr. J... I mean the patient his medication"

Mathews noticed something peculiar about the nurse but couldn't quite remember where he had heard that voice before. Mathews then let the girl pass and proceeded to his next appointment with one Mr. Crane.

Inside the Jokers cell the nurse handed Joker a bag. Joker opened it to reveal a large knife inside it.

Joker laughed and said "Excellent Harley soon I'll be out of here and we can go back to mayhem and bat battling"

The Nurse or in other words Harley Quin grinned happily "Well Mr. J you know when ever your happy I'm happy and when your not happy I'll kill the person who made you unhappy"

Joker then said to Harley "Okay now Harley you get out of here. If they catch you in here they'll'' search me and find the knife so scoot you little minx"

Harley walked to the door and blew a kiss to Joker as she left. After she left Joker cut a hole in his mattress and placed the knife inside.

Mathews walked to Cranes cell and entered to find the room once again dark except for the barred window.

Crane then asked from an unknown location "Well if it isn't doctor Mathews how are we today?"

Mathews opened the cell door and asked a guard standing outside "You. Get these lights back on?" Mathews then re-entered the room and said "Well Mr. Crane seeing as how you've asked me, I'm fine. How are you?"

Crane replied quickly "I'm fine"

Mathews then set up his fold out chair and asked "So I guess your still trying to scare me" Mathews then turned his head to the left as the lights turned back on Crane was then revealed to be right beside Mathews.

Crane frustratingly asked "How did you know where I was?"

Mathews replied "Well just because I can't see you doesn't mean I can't hear you. I see you're still trying to scare me. Would you please sit down so we can talk"

Crane walked over to his bed and sat down. Mathews asked "So tell me when did you first use your fear gas"

Crane replied "Well let's see. That would be the case of Ms. Crimsly who was my first test subject at the Gotham University. I remember she had Arachnophobia and had a massive panic attack that ended the poor girls life when she thought she was being attacked by thousands of Spiders"

Mathews wrote the statement down on his notepad and asked "How do you feel after you've given someone a dose of your fear gas"

Crane chuckled and then replied "Well I'm just happy it's not me"

Mathews smiled and asked "Is that so?" Mathews then walked out of the cell.

Mathews returned minutes later with a silver brief case. Crane observed the case and deduced what Mathews was going to do.

"Oh please you aren't seriously going to use my own gas on..." Mathews suddenly opened the case and the gas sprayed out at Cranes face. Crane coughed and fell onto the ground and watched as Mathews left. Crane then looked around and saw Batman everywhere Crane scooted up against the wall and buried his face in his knees and whimpered. Crane then looked up to see a vampire-Esq Batman. Crane screamed in fear.

Outside the cell a guard asked Mathews as he was walking away "Um... Sir Crane is screaming... what did you do to him"

Mathews smiled and replied "Oh I just gave him a little bit of his own medicine... Don't worry he'll be fine"

Mathews then walked to his next and most important appointment of the day: Bruce Wayne. Mathews walked to his office where the billionaire/vigilante would be waiting.

Mathews entered his office to find no one there. Mathews looked down at his watch and said "Predictable he's late"

Mathews then walked to his desk and set his fold out chair against the wall and went to his much more comfortable chair. Mathews leaned back in his chair as someone entered the office. Mathews startled by this accidentally leaned back to far and his chair fell over. Mathews quickly got up and saw that Mr. Wayne had arrived.

Wayne asked "I'm sorry did I startle you?"

Mathews sat back in his chair and replied "Oh no not at all. I was just waiting for you to arrive... You do realize your late right?"

"I got tangled up in traffic. It seems even with all my money I can't beat the bustling streets of Gotham City" Replied Wayne.

Mathews then pointed to a chair and Wayne sat down.

Mathews observed Waynes face and noticed the slight dark circles around his eyes "So was it a long night out on the streets Bat... I mean Mr. Wayne"

Wayne narrowed his eyes and asked "Oh please what would I Bruce Wayne be doing late at night on the streets? It's not like I'm Batman"

Mathews raised an eyebrow and said "Oh please be serious Mr. Wayne I mean why would someone with the capable resources, intelligence, apparent physical strength and the motivation to be Batman and let's not forget that missing period of your life when you could have been doing anything such as going to anger management or taking a prolonged trip to the playboy mansion or perhaps you were busy training yourself to become a crime fighter who dresses up as a bat"

"Preposterous. Why would I be Batman it just doesn't make sense"

Mathews interrupted "Well I don't mean to bring up bad memories Mr. Wayne but the death of your parents was probably a large psychological blow. I know what the loss of a loved one can motivate you to do. I lost my wife to that ... Joker fellow but unlike you I did not get angry at the person or the world that seemed to spawn it. Instead I decided to try and help the kind of people who caused my loss so I could keep others from feeling the same thing"

Wayne looked down at the ground and asked "So how did you figure it out?"

Mathews replied "Well I'd like to say that it's because I saw some deep sorrow in your eyes or perhaps I figured it out through some complex thought process and logical thinking... but really I was looking through some old files and found one of Hugo Strange's that explained it all"

Wayne then asked "What ever happened to Strange?"

"I believe that he escaped Arkham once and has since then never been heard from again but your trying to change the subject" Replied Mathews

Wayne leaned closer to Mathews and asked "So what do you intend to do with this ...information?"

Mathews replied "Nothing"

Wayne asked "Well why wouldn't you go to the police or tell all the super villains that..."

Mathews then interrupted "No! Mr. Wayne they are not super villains they are regular people just like you and me and I would never deprive Gotham of your services by telling them who you are... But I would also like to help you"

"What do you mean?" Asked Wayne.

Mathews replied "I am not one to ignore someones problem especially something like your split personality disorder"

Wayne then asked in a bewildered fashion "You think I'm crazy?"

Mathews replied "Yes ... very much so" Mathews then looked at his watch and said "Oh look at the time. I believe our little question and answer session should have been done ten minutes ago. Please don't allow me to take any more of your time today. But I do recommend that you come see me again so we can talk about your condition"

Wayne stood up and walked to the door "Oh don't worry Dr. I don't think I need therapy"

Mathew then sat alone in his office and said to the non-present Wayne "Oh I'm pretty sure you do"

To Be Continued