A Story of Faith


Hey guys here is my next story sorry I know its been a while but here it is. I hope you guys enjoy it. I will be updating my story SICK AS A DOG soon. This wonderful story is based off my Amazing Pottermore Friends and all their characters as well as mine. If anyone hasn't been to Pottermore you should and look me up ChestnutCastle210 aka Faith Summers Cullen or Faith. Ok on with the story :D


July 18, 1977

The lights Blarred coming straight at us to fast to react. They hit, the car flipped, I cried out, then fainted. I woke uplater to sirens blarring, I cried, scared, and was taken from the car and whisked from the wreck by a man in a tan uniform. I fell asleep in his hold.


The Ambulences came in. A terrible wreck had happened. A baby was brought in, Faith Mackinze Summers, only 3 months old. The Summers a wonderful family, I had delivered little Faith, Esme would be devestated to hear of the loss as would the rest of the family really. I would take care of Faith then go tell my family.


Ok I know its super short but it is just the prolouge I will work and get chapter one up soon