FYI: This story occurs a day before the events of Black and White 2 start. So if ur playing it, this story happens the day before you leave your house for the first time :o.

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+*\In A World of Frost/*+

A boy burst through a clump of frozen bushes in a thick forest covered with snow and ice. He breathed heavily as if he had been running for a very long time and his forehead was drenched in cold sweat. His chocolate brown eyes and hair seemed to be distraught and his hat was loosely placed on his head. The boy's face was clouded with worry and shock and his thick jacket and long pants were riddled with cuts as if he had run through a field of thorns.

"White!" he half gasped and shouted.

Once more the boy said the word/name and kept running in a certain direction. On his wrist was a small device that resembled a watch. The device lit up and a face appeared on the screen on the device.

"Black come back here now! Please! Come back to Aspertia City!" A woman with yellow hair, glasses and a beret shouted at the running boy named Black.

"I can't go back until I find her! She's here somewhere…I can feel it. Don't make me give up when I'm so close, Bianca!" Black shouted into the device.

The girl on the screen quietly bit her lip. "You know you could die in any second there. To make things worse you only have a Tepig and your Samurott."

"Bianca you just have to trust me. I'll get back home-with her. I even promised the new trainers that I would meet them after they receive their starters in Aspertia. You've never seen me break a promise now don't you?" Black grinned weakly for the girl in the device and stopped running for a moment.

"I…I trust you Black." Bianca smiled sadly and seemed to be crying. "See you back in Aspertia City Black."

The device shut off and the screen became dark.

Black looked down on the icy ground and sighed with a lonely and sad look overcoming his face. So much had changed.

It's been so long…

Two years since me and White have beat the champion and saved the Unova region. But now Unova's frozen. That was all the work of Neo Team Plasma…

He looked up into the night sky and exhaled sharply.

"They took her…" he growled in anger and frustration. "They took White…"

He still couldn't believe that it was only a week ago when the newly arrived branch of Team Plasma took White and her Kyruem. Then perhaps that was why the Unova region was frozen with ice…

Black continued his quick gait and headed on to the next area. He was nearing Accumula Town, and not too many things were looking good. But luckily not many people had died from the freezing. Still, some people had still perished. However, the southern section of the Unova Region had not reported any deaths caused by the freezing.

"She's close…I can feel it," Black muttered under his breath.

He started running even faster and burst through a couple more trees once again. Unfortunately, he had forgotten to pace himself in his desperation and collapsed to the ground panting heavily in only minutes. Black's breath turned white in the frosty air, fading every time he took a breath and he looked around to see where he was.

"This is...Accumula Town," the boy scanned his surroundings in surprise.

Memories went through his mind in random order. He remembered that this was the first town that he had ever visited. This was the first place where he met N and original Team Plasma. Black had met so many nice people here. He even remembered the girl playing the piano and her brother playing drums from the house above the Pokémon center. He felt as if he could already hear the sound of those instruments resonating throughout the town…

But then the trainer's eyes opened to the reality around him. Everything was covered in ice. Everything was frozen and dismal. He couldn't even enter any of the buildings since the doors were frozen shut. Night time was beginning to take over the sky and every house was dark with only the moon to light up the town.

"Dammit! Why won't you open!" Black shouted as he kicked the automatic doors of the Pokémon center.

He ceased his frustrated kicking after he got a stubbed toe. And after learning his lesson, he began to walk around the Pokémon center wondering what to do.

At the side of the large building, Black suddenly tripped and fell flat on his face in the ice. The trainer groaned in pain and picked up his cap which had fallen off of his head.

"Aghhh…that hurts!" He cringed as he gingerly touched the bruise that had suddenly appeared on his forehead.

The boy turned around and ran his hands through the snow, hoping to find the pesky item that had caused him to fall. His right hand struck an object and found that he uncovered something embedded in the snow. So with his bare hands, he rubbed and brushed away the snow leaving his hands red from the cold.

A metal box with some wires attached to the Pokémon center came into view and Black could barely read the words: EMERGENCY GENERATOR glinting in the moonlight. Black grinned and looked around the machine.

"Aha! I've found the switch!" Black's smile got even wider and he flipped a switch that he had just found.

A low rumbling sound emitted from the generator and like magic, the Pokemon Center's lights flickered on with electrical power. Reassured, Black got up from the generator and ran to the building's front automatic door. The welcoming light only brightened his proud grin.

As he walked inside, the doors closed behind him and a blast of heat met him in the face making him doff his jacket and scarf. After lightening his load, he ran to the area where Nurse Joy always healed Pokémon.

Obviously, Nurse Joy was no longer there and no one else was inside but himself. There was no cheery music like there always was in the other Pokémon centers either. Only silence lingered in the air. Our protagonist shivered at the eerie situation.

Black seemed to know how to use the controls on the healing pad. Anyone else probably would if they watched someone else do it mindlessly for a million times. He placed his two Pokéballs on the pad and then he pressed a button. The Pokéballs glowed for a couple of seconds and then a semi-loud beeping noise rang from the machine. Black then removed his Pokéballs and put them back in his trainer bag.

Then there was the PKMN PC to take care of. The boy walked over to the PC and turned it on like he had always done so many times. The screen glowed with power and words appeared on the screen.


That's right…They must have shut down all connections with this PKMN PC after the freezing occurred.

Black shook his head and took out a USB drive from his bag, connecting it into a slot on the PC.

That should do it…

On the screen, new words appeared.


A couple seconds passed and then the usual PC screen came up. Black chose to withdraw Pokémon from AMANITA'S PC and selected a couple of Pokémon to fill his party. He took in his Serperior, Emboar(he received both of them by trade and trained them to level 100 by now just like his Samurott), Reshiram, and a Suicune that he had gratefully received from his distant cousin, Red, from the Kanto region. He had arrived in the Unova region to help evacuate people from frozen areas and help fight against Neo Team Plasma. (A.N. If you hadn't read any spoilers like me xD Team plasma is now split up into two groups in BW2. The original TP is still good like in the end of the first game. In BW2, the new TP comes with Ghetsis's old desire to take over the world and is controlled by Akuroma/Achroma/Corless I don't kno his official name.)

After he had retrieved the Pokémon he needed, he retrieved his USB drive and went over to the shop area of the Pokécenter. He took a couple of revives and hyper potions for stock and got some full heals just in case any of his Pokémon froze.

By now Black was ready to go, yet he felt a twinge of exhaustion catching up with him. So he sat down on one of the chairs of the Pokémon center. The trainer was about to nod off when he heard loud voices outside.

"Why the heck are the lights on? Isn't nobody here except us?" A grown male's voice asked quite loudly, oblivious that anyone might be inside the Pokemon Center.

Black heard a sharp and irritated grunt from a female. "Shhhhh! I think I hear someone inside you idiot!"

Black's eyes widened and he gasped quietly to avoid being heard. He quietly put on his blue jacket and grabbed his trainer bag, stuffing in his scarf and slowly walked to a window to see who the strangers outside were.

Right outside were two Neo Team Plasma grunts in their most recent uniforms: black vests covered their chests with the plasma logo over each of their hearts. A black hat rested on their heads with a white 'X' in front and they wore grey skintight jumpsuits and black boots as well of gloves of the same color. A grey cloth covered their mouths as a partial mask giving them a bandit like appearance.

One of the grunts was a female and the other was a male. They seemed to be looking around the building and carefully inspecting the outside.

"There's no one outside of the building. So we do what next?" The female grunt said to the male grunt as if quizzing him.

"Umm, we go back to the base?"

Black saw the female grunt's eye twitch in annoyance and she comically hit the male grunt's head. "You idiot! We go inside to check if anyone is inside!"

"Oh," Came the pained mumble of the male grunt.

Black's face grew pale and he ran all the way to the back of the Pokémon center to the upstairs portion of the building to hide. He heard the doors open slowly and the footsteps of the two grunts.

I didn't leave any trace of my existence here. Nothing to worry about…right? Black thought to himself.

The grunts made their way throughout the lower floor of the Pokémon center, inspecting everything they could find. They couldn't find any traces of life and no evidence that anyone had come here so they looked at each other and nodded as if they were agreeing on something.

One of the grunts looked up to the top floor where Black was hiding. Black immediately put his head down to keep them from seeing him on the top floor and closed his eyes. Slowly, sweat began to perspire down his face out of his nervousness.

"Don't you think we should investigate the top floor?" Black heard the female grunt say. "Whoever was here might be hiding up there."

There was a silent pause for a moment and Black's face grew evermore pale.

A short chuckle sounded from the male grunt, "Really? There was no evidence of anyone even being here so why should we check the upstairs?"

Black let out a quiet sigh silent enough for the grunts not to hear him. Then he heard the two grunts start to leave the building.

The automatic doors opened and Black slowly began to get up, but to his horror, an empty Pokéball slipped out of his pocket and fell down the stairs making a loud clacking sound as it fell down the stairs.

The two grunts quickly turned around and their eyes widened.

"What was that?" the female grunt tensed with surprise.

Their eyes slowly concentrated on the small Pokéball bouncing slowly down the stairs until it stopped on the ground floor to a complete stop.

"It's a trainer."


And right when the words fired in Black's head, the two Plasma grunts ran as fast as they could to the top floor grabbing once hidden hand guns in their hands. Black quickly began to descend down the other staircase but he was surprised to find that the two grunts had split up and one of them was on each staircase. He ran back to the center and watched as they ran up the stairs with their guns aimed at him.

The two grunts stopped at the midpoints of the stairs and fired at the boy but missed by inches as Black dodged them all. Seeing this, the two grunts slowly began to ascend the stairs while they fired bullet by bullet. Our hero had no idea what to do. Both of the staircases were blocked and there was no other way down and out except…

There was a way. But it involved jumping down from the second floor all the way to the ground. Black mentally measured how the distance from the second floor to the first in a second: it was about 20 feet to the ground.

It seemed as if hours had passed since the grunts had shot their first bullets but it had only been a couple of seconds since they had even reached the stairs.

Black continued to skillfully dodge each of the bullets the grunts shot as if he had trained for this. But even though he was busy dodging them, Black was coming up with a plan in his mind.

The boy quickly grabbed into his bag and pulled out two small clefairy Poké-dolls and threw them at the grunts. Both of them seemed confused for a moment but then they kept shooting at Black. But the boy knew by then that they had made a mistake. He pressed a button in his pocket and the two Poké-dolls exploded into poisonous gas, surrounding the two grunts.

They coughed loudly and seemed to be barely breathing and complained that they couldn't see. Black grinned at the two poison clouds and turned away to look at the ground floor.

He jumped.

But in the two seconds that he was falling to the ground, the sound of a bullet leaving from a gun sounded from one of the poison clouds. Black felt an excruciating pain in his left shoulder and grit his teeth to try to cope with the pain but he couldn't help but let out a small groan of pain.

To make things even worse, when Black's feet touched the ground, his left ankle twisted and he screamed in pain. He even thought that he heard a cracking sound.

Behind him, two clouds dissipated to reveal two grunts on the floor unconscious. Black smiled weakly and shouted out to them even though they were knocked out. "Don't worry, you won't die! You two will just be like that for a while, but by then I'll be gone..."

Then the boy turned away to walk out of the Pokémon center, still gritting his teeth in pain from his shoulder and left ankle.

Half an hour after the incident at the Pokémon center in Accumula Town, Black was staggering down the path to Nuvema town. The pain in his ankle was excruciating by now but despite this, he was still walking. When he was finally sure that no one was following him anymore, he stopped his gait.

"Aghh…what the hell do I do?" Black groaned in exhaustion and pain then collapsed in the snow, letting out a long breath.

He let out Reshiram and all of his other Pokémon out and sighed. Thankfully, since Reshiram, Emboar, and Tepig were fire types, they kept him warm by building a fire in the ice.

Black took off his blue jacket and scarf to take a look at his wound. He shivered for a moment because of the cold but his Pokémon surrounded him, providing warmth with their body heat. Black snuggled into Reshiram's soft fur and sighed, feeling warm and comfortable.

His eyes then wandered to the wound on his shoulder and he gasped. A large gash about the size of his index finger was on his shoulder and was getting infected. He inspected it for a while but was relieved to find that the bullet wasn't encased in his shoulder; it had gone through.

"Maybe one of these will work…They work for Pokémon so why shouldn't they work for me?'

Black pulled out a potion out of his bag and sprayed it on his shoulder. His shoulder began to burn and he almost screamed with the pain. The burning sensation seemed even worse than it was when he was shot. However, after a couple of minutes, the burning sensation resided and the wound began to heal slowly, but it would take a while before it would heal completely.

His face brightened and grabbed his jacket, inspecting the small but bloody rip on the left shoulder of the jacket.

"Samurott, could you put a little of water in my hand?" Black asked, turning to the pokemon and held out his hand.

A small amount of pure water was released from Samurott's mouth and his trainer smiled in thanks. Samurott returned the gesture with a small, polite nod.

Black rubbed the water into the shoulder of the jacket, washing away most of the dried blood so he took a handful of snow and rubbed it into the jacket's shoulder eventually washing all of the blood away.

He held the jacket's left shoulder in front of the fire for a while to let it dry under its warmth. After it was done drying, Black slipped it back on and felt even warmer.

But there was still his ankle to take care of. Black took off his left shoe and sock to look at his mangled ankle. To his disgust, it was slightly purple and was beginning to swell and the moment he laid a finger on his left ankle, Black cringed in pain but proceeded with the inspection. Thankfully as a child he was taught by Professor Juniper and Nurse Joy in how to take care of his body whenever he was injured.

He moved the ankle around and was relieved to find that nothing was broken but the ankle was still twisted. Black twisted the ankle back in place with a few grunts and cringes, but pretty soon it was back in place. After fixing that, Black buried his bare foot in snow to numb the pain.

Feeling satisfied, Black sat back leaning on his Reshiram's fur basking in the warmth of the fire. Loneliness began to creep into his heart and he shivered. His tepig trotted over to his side and nudged his hand.


Looking down on his tepig, he looked into those round black orbs of the pokemon. The fire pokemon nudged his hand once more and then hopped unto the trainer's lap. Black began to laugh and he patted his pokemon on the head. The little boar began to snort warm steam and embers, glowing in happiness and content.

The trainer began to feel his bag shake a little. Surprised, Black reached into the bag and pulled out all of his pokemon in their pokeballs. All of them were shaking as each and every one of them were trying to get out of their pokeballs. The boy shrugged and released al of them at once. When they were all free, each of his pokemon began to crowd around their trainer. This brought a warm smile upon the male trainer's face and he reached forward to hug all of his Pokémon. It was king of hard to embrace all of them since almost every single one of the pokemon in his team were quite large and he was also very careful to touch Emboar since his heck and mane was always on fire and he really didn't want to accidentally light his whole body on fire. He chuckled slightly at how his team looked so happy.

We don't want to see you sad! Your happiness is ours. Let us help you…

He could hear this message being emitted from each and every one of his pokemon. Still crowding around him, they all relaxed surrounding the young trainer. It was then he truly felt happiness.

"T-thanks guys…" He looked at all of his companions with a genuine smile. It was like a heart to heart with each of his friends.

He looked up to the stars, with strange thoughts beginning to enter his mind and he felt his eyelids close as it all began to flow inside.

Why am I here? Why am I standing here in the cold and here with all my pokemon?

She's basically the only reason I'm here. Unless you could say I love the thrill of adventure, which I don't really.

The boy blushed as he thought of the drive that brought him here. It was so strong. But he was so confused. Why was he sacrificing everything for her?

'You'll never be alone now!' But…was I just lying to her and myself? Right now, she's gone. I couldn't protect her. I…couldn't hold on to her.

He felt flustered within as he thought of his now missing person. The boy's face cringed as memories once again went through his mind.

We held hands for the first time that autumn. In the leaves three years ago.

We hung out at Undella town and played at the beach. We even rented our own beach house and lived together for a week.

The two of us walked together in the rain in Mistralton City and rung the Celestial tower bell together as tribute for the soul of a Pokémon from White's childhood. The poor girl left the tower with me in tears.

White brought me to Icirrus city and we played in the snow all day long. She almost got frostbitten that day so I had to warm her feet and hug her to keep her from crying out.

All of the guilt inside overflowed within. Holding back tears, Black gritted his teeth sharply to keep them away. His eyes opened to see that his Pokémon were all sleeping soundly. No one to comfort him from his gut wrenching feeling from inside.

"Why…Couldn't I protect her?" His voice came out in a low growl.

Black curled up his body and placed his head between his knees only to start sobbing.


What am I thinking about you?

He weakly chuckled to himself and fell silent. Then as if on que, snow began to fall from the sky. And the young trainer shivered as the small white dots fell and melted on his skin on that cold and windy night.

It was morning.

When the Pokémon trainer woke up the sky was gray from the snow that had fallen last night. He felt very warm. A low snort from Reshiram's snout brought him up wide awake. He noticed that Reshiram's wing was on top of him, like a makeshift blanket. Black patted Reshiram's cheek causing the Pokémon to awaken. It grunted slightly before opening its ice blue eyes then yawned, opening its wide jaws showing every single one of its very sharp teeth causing Black to sweat-drop and stare. Even legendary Pokémon had to yawn.

Black rubbed all of his other Pokémon's heads, awakening them from their slumber.

"It's time to wake up everyone!" Black called out cheerily when Tepig and Emboar failed to wake up.

They both shook awake and all of his Pokémon gathered around Black, expecting breakfast.

Black took out a large plastic bag containing large brown pellets from his trainer bag and opened it, spilling out some of its contents for the Pokémon. All of them, except for Reshiram, gathered around the pellets and began to eat them.

A couple of minutes passed and then they backed away from the bag, clearly full and Black let them play around in the snow for a while.

Meanwhile, Reshiram was still near, waiting for its meal. Black nodded at it still remembering its meal then reached inside his bag once more. He brought out a HUGE bag of food (No one is sure how it could have fit in there.) and set it in front of Reshiram, opening it. The large Pokémon ate it all in one bite and then lay back to relax.

Black lay on Reshiram's back looking at the gray clouds in the sky. His lips curled up in a confident grin as he thought about his friend waiting for him. It was a strange contrast to how he was last night.

I'll reach her. Today.

I'm almost there White. Just wait a little bit more.

Black's mind wandered, but everything he thought of was of his friend. Memories, quotes, anything that reminded him of her. He couldn't get his mind off of her. The memory of the girl's smile, her sky blue eyes, and her soft, brown hair seemed to be forever embedded into his mind. and Black couldn't help but blush at this fact.

Before he knew it, half an hour had passed by. He shook his head, trying to shake off his memory of White out of his mind for a moment and slid off of Reshiram's back to gather all of his Pokemon together into their Pokéballs. After accomplishing the exhausting defeat that took forever, Black then gathered his things together and set off on his way to his home town: Nuvema town.

OK. So I'll give u the reason why Black can't just fly to Nuvema Town on his Reshiram. The police have declared that no one can fly or enter the frozen areas unless they have permission from the Unova House of Electives. Also, if you're flying in the air there, you'll probably get caught by Neo Team Plasma and get killed.