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*^#(In A World Of Frost Final Chapter: Our Frosty Let It Be)#^*

The two teens burst out of the hide-out with battle ready faces as they were met with the sight of a dozen or more tough looking grunts with pistols and high leveled pokemon around level 70.

"This might be harder than I thought…" White muttered under her breath.

The barrier that Black had set up earlier was still in effect, but the neo team plasma grunts were hard at work trying to break through. They were shooting light, water, fire, and any projectile they could to break it open.

"You ready? I'm going to shut the energy field down," Black asked.

The girl nodded and she released Emboar and Serperior from their pokeballs in preparation. Meanwhile, Black pressed buttons on his extranciever and as a result the transparent wall disappeared leaving the teens out in the open for attack. The male trainer immediately released his samurott and the duo of trainers began to shout commands in perfect unison.

"Water pledge!"

"Fire pledge and grass pledge!"

Suddenly every plasma grunt and pokemon was swamped with water, tangled in quick growing vines, and smothered with burning flames except for the two young pokemon trainers as well as their pokemon. Black and White stood back to back so they could look out for each other and watched as their opponents were all trapped.

White switched out her Emboar with Espeon and Black added in Reshiram to his battle duo. The girl commanded serperior to use leaf blade to every single one of the grunts and their pokemon while Black made samurott perform a surf attack. Since neo team plasma's pokemon were mostly ground types, they suffered super effective damage.

"Fusion flare!"

The two hits connected, knocking out half of the team of neo team plasma grunts

Some Team Plasma grunts dealt a decent amount of damage on Black and White's pokemon, but that barely stopped them since they healed their pokemon with supplies.

This is too easy. They must be plotting something…

Black was right because at that moment, all of the neo plasma grunts took out pistols and aimed them at the trainer duo. The two trainers gasped in surprise and fear and they were paralyzed for the slightest second.

The group of grunts that surrounded them inched closer and closer towards the duo and were ready to shoot.

White turned to Black and the two shared a mental conversation. Nodding, Black took a step forward and threw three pokedolls filled with poison dust. Like before, the grunts were surprised then stunned by the clouds of poison. White and Black were not in the poison clouds but none of the grunts could see them for they were all smothered by smoke and poison. Bullets began to fly everywhere and the two trainers withdrew all of their pokemon except Reshiram.

"Time to go!" Black shouted out to the girl.

She nodded as she did her best to dodge the bullets while heading towards the vast white pokemon. Finally reaching there, White joined Black on Reshirams back.

"Fly Reshiram. Fly far away from here," Black said to the vast white pokemon quickly yet calmly.

The pokemon let out a cry of pain and roared when multiple bullets hit its wings. But despite this, the legendary being spread out its wings and took to the sky and soared away.

The sight of the frozen Nuvema town and the plasma base quickly shrunk to the size of a dot in the distance. The cold air chilled the two pokemon trainers and they shivered as wind flew past their eyes.

"We can't fly on forever. We'll get caught." Black shivered as snow begun to fall from cloudy skies.

White seemed to understand as she nodded while rubbing the sides of her arms for warmth.

"So what are we going to do?" She mumbled.

"Extranceiver. I've only got a little battery left so I hadn't used it till now."

The girl smiled as warm reassurance soothed her senses. But still feeling cold, she scooted forward till she was right behind Black. Then she wrapped her arms around him.

The boy stuttered as a soft crimson spread through his cheeks. White laughed at his reaction and murmured something to explain her act.

"It's cold. That's why."

Black nodded and readjusted his cap trying to get over the fact that his best friend was embracing him from behind and switched on his extranceiver. He pressed a couple of buttons and waited a few moments. Only a screen filled with static appeared.

"Bianca. Bianca? Are you there?" He shouted into the device so he could be heard over the wind.

The static persisted but cleared a little to reveal the familiar yellow hair and green eyes.

"…Black? Is that you?" The blonde girl's astonished voice crackled through the speakers.

"Yeah!" He grinned as the image cleared slightly.

"Black, you should land now!" White said from behind.

"Oh, you're right," he said aloud as he commanded Reshiram to land in the nearest clearing. The two trainers began to rapidly descend and as they did so, Bianca's image became even clearer and could be more audible.

"I-is that White behind you?" Bianca said in shock the moment she saw her. Tears began to trickle down her cheeks.

By now, Reshiram had landed on the ground and there was no noise to disturb the three people.

"Gimme the thing Black!" White slipped the device off of his wrist and clutched it in her hands. "Bianca! Is that really you?"

"Yeah! I missed you so much White! What happened? How did Black find you? Did you two kiss and make u-"

Those last words made the two pokemon trainers cringe with a scarlet blush on both of their faces.


"Gimme it back-" Black snatched back his extranceiver and put it on again. "Okay! No need to talk about this stuff. The only reason I wanted to call you in the first place was-"

"Because I'm one of your best friends?" The blonde said with a teary smile of pure happiness.

"…Yes. But I also want you to go to call on Professor Juniper so she could send a group to bring us out of this-this place in the middle of nowhere!"

Bianca's face showed a blank expression as she tried to process all of that info in her mind. Meanwhile, Black and White were staring at the screen with sweat drops on their faces.

"Ah! Just wait a moment. I don't think I can get back to you though…But I'm sure Juniper will send someone out real soon. But we need to get some permission from the council so we can do a search. With our technology, we'll be able to find you in no time! It'll only take like…um…an hour!" The girl smiled on the screen. "I can't wait to see you guys! Oh and Black, don't forget about the new trainers that are waiting for their first pokemon. I want you to help them get familiar with pokemon training! Their names are Kyohei and Mei. Oh and I think you should join him White."

The two trainers nodded and the three friends said goodbye to each other. The extranceiver's battery was about to die anyways.

When the screen switched off, the two trainers relaxed. Snow began to fall, causing the two trainers to shiver once more.

"Oh I wish the troops would hurry!" White shivered as she rubbed her arms, seeking warmth.

Black noticed this and scooted closer to the girl. He too was also feeling chilled and was shivering almost as much as her. The duo continued to shake with cold as a breeze blew by bringing even more snow in.

"Yeah. I hope the hour goes by fast," The male trainer mumbled in the cold.

Reshiram turned its head to stare at the trainers for a while, then wrapped its wing around them to shelter the couple from the cold. Heat from the pokemon's body quickly warmed them as well. After all, Reshiram was a fire type and a dragon type.

"Heheh. I guess I should of thought of that before, eh Reshiram?" Black chuckled as he patted the vast white pokemon's fur.

The legendary being let out a small noise that sounded like a mixture of a roar of a lion and a cat's purr in fondness to its familiar trainer's touch.

"Do you think it's…the end?" White's small and shrill voice murmured beside Black.

"Huh? The end of what"

"I mean-I'm just saying is it the end of all of this...Neo team plasma madness?" The girl let out a slight squirm and clutched Black's right arm to his surprise.

"What's to be afraid of? I think it's just this. Don't worry, we'll stop whoever's behind this if it gets too complicated. Anyways, we stopped Ghetsis's plans to take control of all pokemon," Black said calmly to White, wrapping his free arm around her shoulder. "He's gone now and so is N."

"But you know, I just can't help but worry that…maybe something is going to happen. Something big. And we can't do anything to help," The female pokemon trainer let out a frightened huff of air.

The boy sat back and thought for a moment. Maybe…just maybe, the possibility of it was true. Why would Neo Team Plasma go so far just to freeze Unova? And who was their leader?

"I think something really bad is going to happen. I know it," White said, restating her past worries.

She was always known for her accurate predictions, and that was exactly what Black feared.


"Eh?" The girl's surprised cry at the sound of her very old pet name.

"Remember when the two of us were kids, playing in the forest all of the time. We called each other 'Touko and Touya.'"

"But that doesn't have anything to do with this," She huffed. "You're too random sometimes…"

"But I'm not being random!" The boy argued.

The silence from his friend showed that none of what he was saying was making sense.

"…I'm just saying that we should just handle this as if we were still kids. I don't really care if we're teenagers now and I don't care that we're both sixteen. What I care about is solving the problem. And that problem is getting you to be happy," 'Touya' said with a childish frown on his face.

"So…you're implying that even though we're not the ones to solve the big thing that's coming up, we should just take it as it is and be like we used to be and concentrate on me being happy?" 'Touko' said with a scoff.

"Well, my job is to make you happy. Your job is to make me happy," Black chuckled with a grin.

"You're changing the subject!"

"Doesn't matter," The male trainer closed his eyes in contentment. "Even though I'm hiding the fact that I'm worried about this too, It's not our problem as far as I can see."

The girl nudged her friend, "Now you're just being selfish."

"That's just what being a kid is all about. We focus on ourselves. It makes everything simple doesn't it?"

White opened her mouth to say something but then closed it to think. He was right. It did make everything simpler. But was it the best thing to do?

"Let's make a deal. When we get back if anything bad really does happen like you said it would, we'll help only if we can. I'm betting that we can't anyways. The new trainers from Aspertia could do the job. They're practically copies of us when we started our journey; but only with crazier hair," Black smiled and held out his hand. "So if there's something we can do, I'll join you in the support. If not, we fall back and just be like kids okay?"

'Touko' stared at 'Touya's' face which was beaming with confidence of the deal. A strange feeling welled up inside her and tears misted her vision. She lunged forward with her arms quickly wrapping around the poor boy.

"H-hey! What's with the sudden closeness?" Black laughed and scowled at the same time.

With her face buried in his chest, White had a few seconds to herself and she started bursting tears for some unknown reason even to her.

"How can you be so sure of yourself?" The girl let out a small and teary smile as she looked up to the boy. "I don't have confidence like yours! How can you expect me to just put all my trust on you like I'm falling off Skyarrow Bridge and I'll be sure you'll catch me?" Her last remark was said as a whisper.

The boy's face softened and he put his hands on White's back, rubbing her back to soothe her insecurity.

"Well, someone's got to be there to keep you sane from all of those thoughts you're feeling," Touya whispered into her ear. "But every once in a while you've got to lie all of your trust on someone."

White wiped her tears away and sat crisscrossed in Black's arms. She was never like Black when they were young. They even seemed like complete opposites in personality even though they looked so similar. Even their names were opposites. He was always so happy and carefree while she was a worry wart and loved independence. She wondered if Black could be someone she could depend on wholly.

A warm hand touched her chin, disturbing her thoughts. Black's face stared at hers with an everlasting yet faint smile. The same smile she had grown fond of and even fell in love with secretly.

"You worry too much. To help yourself, just think of me. I know it sounds cheesy but-maybe it'll help. I've always calmed you down when you needed it most."

Suddenly it felt all too simple. 'Be like a kid' he said and everything will be simple.

"You're right," She grasped both of his arms with her hands and kissed him on the cheek. "Thanks for being there when I needed it."

To her and his surprise, none of them had the usual scarlet red on their faces. It just seemed perfectly normal to do this.

"Come closer…" The boy mumbled and pulled her forward.

Black had no idea what he was doing and he had an Idea on how this was going to turn out. And to make it as cliché as possible, he leaned forward and kissed her.

It was deeper than before and sweeter. It seemed more natural to do this than their first one back at the base. The kiss wasn't awkward, but simple. But you can't pull away the fact that it was a more intimate one.

It got deep enough for them both to being on the ground on top of each other. His lips lightly touched her neck and she let out a small breath of air. They were both blushing by now and everything was misty in their minds.

Black left a kiss on her forehead and he backed away from her, holding his head like he had a headache.

"What's wrong?" White said in a small murmur.

The male trainer smiled and let out a light laugh, "I guess I got a little too far with that one didn't I?"

The girl smiled at the boy's shyness and she let out a small chuckle at his embarrassment. A healthy blush still painted on her cheeks, she moved closer to him and leaned on his shoulder.

"It's okay," She planted a kiss on his nape and the boy shivered. And it wasn't from the cold.

"You sure?"

White nodded and laughed, "Just don't get too possessive…"

Black blushed at the thought and looked away.

"Just watch the snow. It'll calm down the heat," The girl said softly as snowflakes drifted down from the sky.

Black listened and two watched the small flakes fluttered down from clouds and landed on the ground. Sleepiness sank into the minds of the two teens albeit the touch of cold weather on their skin and they felt their eyes droop.

"Just let the world lay its frost on us."