Without You Chapter One

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Ichigo's POV

"Yuzu, Karin, I'm going out!" I called upstairs.

I pulled on a hoodie and headed out the door. It's my eighteenth birthday today and I haven't had contact with anyone from the soul socitity for the longest time. I miss them so much it's to the point I'd fight kenpachi to be able to see them. But I'd never tell them that.

Now I'm stuck doing errands for Yuzu which means going to the super market.

I sighed and took a sudden interest with my shoes. I can still hear Rukia mocking my orange hair and feel her kicking my shin when I call her a midget. I miss them so damn much!

The flashing sign of the super market startled me out if my internal rambling. I snatched a basket and headed inside.

Ok Ichigo, what did Yuzu need again? Green onions, rice, chicken broth and red peppers. I turned toward the fresh food section when a scream made me drop my basket. I scanned the room looking for whoever screams.


"Shut up unless you want to die bitch!"

Well someone's in trouble. I looked over towards the check out area and say a man in a ski mask (wow this guys cliche) holding a silver gun to a woman's head. Across from her a two year old yelled for his mom.

"it's going to be fine, mommy's going to be fine." reassured the woman at gun point.

I kneeled behind the selves in front of the check outs, wait for when I could walk out. I sighed knowing the situation probably won't get better and stepped out from my hiding spot.

"sir, put the gun down." I said firmly as I dialed 9-1-1 behind my back. I turned down the volume of my phone then turned it on speaker som they could hear us but we couldn't hear them. "sir, put the gun down." I said loud enough for the phone to pick up what I said.

"why should I kid!" said the man, whipping his head and the gun in my direction.

"Look at the woman you have in a head lock. Now look at the screaming two year old. She has a family. A son, husband, parents. She has her ahead of herself, now look at yourself. About to take that life away, make a two year old watch his mom die. Do you want that?"

The man grinned. "Yes," he pointed the gun back at the woman's head and fired.

Blood splattered the walls and people screamed. The man moved his gun to the kid and I lunged for him, knocking him to the ground. I chopped the hand with the gun, making it fly across the room.

"you shouldn't have done that, kid"

"Why? So you can kill a toddler? No on my watch."

Out of the corner of my eye I saw someone pick up the gun. I turned to see another man with a ski mask point it at my head.

"that's why."

I put my forearm against the man below me's throat. "the longer you point that thing at me the harder I'll push" I threatened. I just had to wait until police got here, stall. The man dropped the gun to his side and I pulled my arm from the other mans throat.

The man flipped me and my back slammed against the lonolium floor. He drove his fist into my gutt.

"bro, give me the gun." he called.

Shit! Where's the police! The man handed him the gun. He put it to my temple.

"what's your name kid? And age, how old are you?"

"Ichigo Kurosaki, I turn eighteen today."

"well happy birthday, Ichigo." he smiled. "why don't I give you a birthday present?"

He grabbed a switch blade while the other guy pinned my arms then sliced open my tee-shirt. He stared at the spider webs of scars on my chest.

"you've been through a lot haven't you kid?"

"you could say that."

He smiled and ran the switch blade across my chest, "one more scare cant hurt right?" he dug the blade partially into my chest and carved the number 18 into it.

I had been through a lot worse, this is nothing. Anybody who had been in the store gasped when I didn't scream, or at least I think that's what the gasped at. The guy grabbed the gun again a put it to the middle of my fore head.

"police! put the gun down!"

The guy laughed. "I don't think so."

He fired.