Rukia's pov

No. No. No. I do not have a hollow. No.
"think what you want hun, but I'm here because he left you." I shuddered at the sound of her gruff voice.
"He's gone theirs nothing I or you can do about it." I said to softly, in a way I was afraid of startling myself.

I kicked a pebble as I walked to the edge of sougyoku hill, bent down and dangled my legs over the edge. I'm scared. So, so scared that without him I'm nothing. He was the hero of the soul society who infiltrated us to save a girl from execution, I was that girl. He's the one who defeated Aizen then lost his powers, while I stood by and let him slip from my life. I checked up on him every three hours at the beginning but I cold never bring myself not to not make sure he's alright at least once every so days. Then I miss one day. One goddamn day. The guy has to go and die the day I don't check! I could have saved him. I wasn't there. I should have checked on him more often.

It's my fault.

"Rukia?" my back automatically shot straight at the sound of my name. I turned to see Nii-sama walking calmly towards me. "Are you alright?"

"is there a reason I shouldn't be alright Captain-Kuchiki-sama?" damn! Why did I just say that?
He stared at me, taken aback by my honorifics. "Kurosaki is dead." he reminded me.
"Yes? I'm still unsure of your point." I mentally flinched at the ice in my voice. For some reason I just felt so...angry.

Suddenly the left corner of my head started to feel numb, the sensation growing and slithering across to the other side of my face. My vision started to cloud as if a storm was becoming a lens, the darkness creeping. Almost as if I were losing consciousness.

"my turn to shine...honey." cackled her sinister voice.

A sudden realization crept upon me. "No." I whispered.
Nii-sama cocked his head a millimeter. "pardon?"

"Nothing." growled her voice.

My voice.

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