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Po's POV

"Fight! Fight! Fight!"

"Kill him"

Their voices echoed around the chamber as the other sick, violent and twisted prisoners force me to continue fighting even though I am tired and weary, and just wanted to be left alone. I have had enough of these pestering murderers trying to kill me in my own cell. I have to set an example out of these guys

I begin to fight back with basic techniques along with a few I invented whilst being in prison and the chanting dies down whilst I mutilate the attackers breaking their bones and tearing off their limbs. I can hear them screaming and begging for mercy, but I will not show any, the last guy I left alive literally stabbed my in the back with a blunt shiv he had created, but who am I you ask?

I am Po Ping, Dragon Warrior and protector of china.

Well I was before, now I have many names: murderer, sick panda, disgrace to kung fu and disappointment to my family name, just to name a few. The words used to hurt but not anymore I got used to them after hearing them time and time again, I can only listen to them and now I am beginning to believe that they are true

"I wonder what my dad would think of me now if he saw me mutilating these prisoners" I thought bitterly as I looked down at the last member of the group left alive

"You are a disgrace, you do not have honour, nor will you ever deserve it" says the ring leader before spitting at my feet

"If you are going to insult me, tell me something I don't know" I reply before tearing his head clean from his body and holding above showing my victory to the rest of the crowd who was now deathly quite

"Let this be a lesson to you all, I am no longer showing mercy I will not tolerate you trying to kill me anymore I gave you all a chance but no more" I said loudly as the blood ran down my arm and over my body. It felt nice, almost like a warm shower

The prisoners began to depart from my cell block once they found out I would not be dying tonight. I had to give them credit they were definitely persistent, but I guess I would be too if some warrior had killed off many of my friends in their previous attempts to kill him.

Being in prison for... well I am not too sure as there are no windows in here so I can't see outside so I have no idea if it is day or night time I just sleep whenever I can and I found out within the first week that if I didn't sleep extremely light then I would be killed I rub my paw over the now very faint scar across my side where the blade just got me, it's not the first scar I have gotten here and probably will not be the last considering I put nearly all of the prisoners here in the first place. But being in prison changes people and I can tell you that it never changes you for the best.

I look around the cell block for anyone that looks like they are trying to kill me before I go back to my practise that was rudely interrupted earlier by the goon squad.

I have been training in styles and routines that I remember before coming to this godforsaken place so I can strengthen my muscles, so I can defend myself from the lunatics that reside here that are constantly trying to kill me.

It has been a long time since I saw anyone that wasn't trying to kill me, but here I am in Ho Singh high security prison I kind of miss the times when I could sleep with keeping one eye open and having to be on alert all the time just so nobody can come and slit my throat whilst I rest. But that was when I lived with my dad and when I lived in the jade palace. With my so called friends

I shudder when I think about it

The Jade palace, home to the furious five and the master Shifu, I can only think of how much I hate them for being the snobby pricks they are, I always had their back and they said they had mine they even said they where my friends, but after I heard what they truly thought about me I feel nothing towards them.

A flashback comes to me

It was night time at the jade palace and everyone was waiting for dinner

"Come on, where is my dinner" said the impatient Mantis

"Tell me again how you mastered patience" asked an annoyed Crane who was sick of hearing him complain

"Very funny Crane" said Mantis

"Anyway, guys you hear about what was happening in Ho Singh province?" asked Viper

"Yeah, that new warlord" said Monkey

"I hear all he does is take everything from the villagers and has even raised the provinces tax rate" said Tigress, who by the way was extremely anger since Po beat her five times in a row in the sparring ring and he even landed on her three times, stepped on her tail seven times and even use it against her causing her to eventually bite down on it

"What? But they can only just afford to pay the original tax rate" said Viper

"Well I guess that someone will be assigned to take him out" said Mantis

Little did the five know that Po had just gotten the mission of taking out the warlord and he was walking down the hallway to cook the five their dinner

"I hope Shifu goes, because that gives us some time off" said Monkey with a mischievous glint in his eyes

"Hey maybe he will send Po for his first solo mission, I mean come on he beat Tai Lung and Shen by himself" said Crane

When Po heard his name he stopped outside the door and listened

And at this point Tigress had clenched her hands under the table

"Crane, now Po may be excelling in his learning of Kung Fu does not mean he could take out a warlord by himself, not yet anyway" said Viper

"That fat idiot can't even see his toes let alone take on a warlord" said Tigress suddenly with venom laced into her words

Mantis and Monkey laughed at what she said, thinking she was joking, Viper giggled as well and Crane sighed

"Tigress don't forget he beat you five times in a row today" he said looking at her

Tigress growled

"He only won because when I punch him my fist bounces off and he is actually so fat he takes up half the sparring ring, no matter what technique you use he seems to luck out and counter it" she nearly yelled at the avian

"But now that I think about it I hope he goes, and never comes back because I can't stand him, and don't act as though he doesn't annoy you too" she continued

Utter silence

"I assume they are all nodding their heads" Po thought to himself bitterly as he barely kept a lid on his emotions to hide them from the five so they didn't know he was listening in

"I am going to bed" Tigress said

Po panicked so he ran down the hall and turned around to make it seem as though he had not hear everything but the pain was evident in his eyes and when he walked past her he didn't even look up at her

That night the dinner he cooked was horrible and he got told by Mantis and Monkey how terrible the food was. After they left only Crane and viper remained

"Po you ok?" asked Viper

"I'm fine" Po suddenly snapped

"Wow, I just trying to be nice" Viper yelled back, Viper had a long day involving being beaten by Mantis, Crane and Po in the sparring ring, But Po had stepped on her tail and fallen on her, numerous times

She then slithered out of the kitchen

Po then heard the faint footsteps of Crane leaving the kitchen

"Ever since that night everything has gone downhill" Po was thinking before a bell went off

The bell goes off to signal the guards are coming and everyone steps in their cells and lock their doors

"Po Ping" I heard the guard say

"You got a visitor" he said looking at me through the bars

I look up at him in surprise. Why would someone want to visit me?

I am shackled at my wrists and ankles even though I could break out if I wanted, but I stayed in the chains curious to see who would want anything to do with me

I walk with the guards prodding me in the back with a spear

It's only when I look up and see the face of someone I have not seen in a long time

"Master Monkey" I say with an emotionless voice

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