Tigress P.O.V

I wake up, feeling extremely groggy everything is blyrry and i dont have any idea where I am, and as my vision slowly comes back to me, I notice that I am in a room of some sort and I am laying on something soft and it is warm.

This is a good sign I think to myself

As my vision becomes clearer I notice that I am covered in blood stained bandages which run up my arms and I can smell the blood on the bandage which is covering my nose, I reach up and touch it

But when I do, I wince as it sends a fiery pain up my nose nearly causing my eyes to water

Great, a broken nose

I think to myself when I hear someone enter then room I turn my head towards the door, it is a snub-nosed monkey

I must be in the palace

I allow a small smile on face after that thought, knowing that I will live to fight another day brightens my mood even though I was defeated by some overgrown ape, I growl slightly when I remember that part

"How long have I been out?" I ask the servant

She turns to me with a confused look

"Oh, I don't actually know I only just joined the palace, but from what I have heard maybe a few days" she said nervously looking toward the ground

I look around and realise that I must be in my room. I try to think back to the fight, the last thing I remember was I was fighting the gorilla and he broke my nose then I was on the ground about to get up and then just nothing

"Could you call one of the masters in here" I ask as politely as possible

I watched as the female Golden Langur leave the room and I begin to think about how much I had changed over the years, ever since he had entered my life I was more open to everyone and I started to socialise with all the people, I was even talking to one of the servants after I helped him carry a heavy crate through the palace, but I shall keep up the work because before he entered my life all I did was train and eat and sleep, but now I am a completely different person, outside the training hall that is

I remember something he once told me

"It's the little things that make life that much sweeter"


I break out of my trance and realise that I was staring into my lap. As I look up I see Viper in the doorway

"Thank god you are okay" she said slithering over and wrapping herself around me as her attempt at hugging me

"What do you mean? Of course I am ok" I say a little agitated that she thought a hit from that gorilla could bring me down

"Tigress, you don't understand there was so much blood, everywhere and when we saw you on the ground and not moving we had assumed the worst


Viper slithered through the bandits striking each one with deadly precision in the weak spots, one boar had gotten in a lucky shot with his mace crushing her tail, he meet his end swiftly from a well-placed strike to the neck from the master of the Mantis style

It took the two masters about half an hour before each of the boars was either dead or unconscious on the ground

"Well fought Viper" complimented Mantis

"Yeah, you too Mantis" Viper responded smiling at the insect

That was when they heard it


The sound was physically sickening as well as the scream that followed

Viper and Mantis rushed towards the source of the noise to see blood covering the ground and the walls of the buildings near by

Viper gasped at the sight of the bodies as they were mutilated and she could barely tell that they were boars, the only thing that gave it away was their body style other than that it was a mess

Mantis then walked over to the biggest body checking for a pulse but nearly threw up the contents of his stomach when he saw that his whole throat had been torn out, violently

Then Mantis hear Viper scream his name, and as he turned towards Viper he saw the orange warrior lying face down on the ground with blood covering her entire body

Mantis ran towards her and began checking her injuries as Viper sober believing the worst

"She is alive, barely" Mantis whispered out but Vipers trained ears caught it

The pair heard flapping wings and as they turned to see Crane flying carrying a body, Monkey

"Oh no, please no" said Mantis as he ran towards his fallen comrade

"He is hurt badly" said Crane

Viper looked at her fallen friends, before praying that they would make it through this

"What happened to Tigress" Crane suddenly asked

"She has been injured badly, much like Monkey" said Mantis

"They need help and fast, Crane, you fly them to the palace and we shall find healers"

"I can't carry them both" noted Crane concern filling his voice

"Tigress seems to be the worst, take her first then get Monkey, I shall look after him until you return" Mantis responded

Crane only nodded as he gently picked up the limp form of Tigress and fly her towards the palace

Mantis then turned to Viper

"I need you to find two healers, tell them we will pay whatever it takes"

Viper nodded as she then slithered off in search of healers

End Flashback

Regular P.O.V

"And then I went to find healers, which luckily I did" Viper said as she finished her story

"So, what happened to the bandits? And how is Monkey" asked Tigress needing to know the fate of her comrade

"I actually have no idea what happened to them, but Monkey suffered cuts along his body but he is healing rather nicely in the room a few doors down" said Viper

"Okay, did we find anything out about them?" Tigress asked relaxing knowing Monkey was safe

"What do you mean" asked a curios Viper

"They were not ordinary bandits, they knew Kung Fu" Tigress stated

Viper's eyes widened and she let out a gasp

"We better tell Shifu" She said before leaving

"I will go and tell Shifu, you stay here and try and recover" Viper said before slithering off in a hurry to find Shifu

Tigress remained silent and began thinking about the bandits, how they knew Kung Fu and what happened to the bandits

Tigress then attempted to stand, as she swung her legs over the side of the bed Mr Ping walked in with a bowl of what she presumed to be noodles soup

"Here you go Tigress, its noodle soup" Mr Ping said

"Thank you Mr Ping" she said back to the goose whilst accepting his bowl of noodles

"It was nothing really" he said modestly

"No, thank you for everything" I said looking into the old gooses eyes

Mr Ping looked up and saw how genuine the tiger was from the look in her eyes that held true gratitude towards him

"Well, it was my pleasure Tigress but I am afraid that I can't be the only one you should thank" he said letting a small sad smile onto his face

"I understand Mr Ping, but I unfortunately cannot thank him, not now or ever" Tigress said looking down, she felt her eyes becoming moist as she struggled to fight the tears that had been waiting years to be released

Mr Ping looked at the emotionally hurt tiger and he decided he should do something about it

He hugged her

Tigress was shocked at the action but when realisation hit her she let silent tears fall before returning the hug

Mr Ping could feel his shirt getting wet from the tears that Tigress had held back for so many years

He began soothing her

"Shh, it ok Tigress, let your tears fall"

They hugged for what seemed a while when it was only a few minutes and Tigress pulled away and wiped her eyes

"Thank you, Mr Ping" Tigress said to him softly

"It was nothing my dear, anything for the best friend of my son" Mr Ping responded again with that small sad smile adoring his lips

Tigress nodded and she couldn't help but notice his said smile before commenting

"Could you do me a favour Mr Ping" Tigress asked

"What is it?" he responded softly

"Could you smile more often? And could you not tell anyone else about what has happened here?" Tigress asked silently hoping that he would agree to both

Mr Ping smiled a little understanding that Tigress need to keep up her image of being "Hard-core" as Po put it; he knew that it was one of the only things keeping her together now days

"I will try to smile more often, and this will stay between you and me" he said to her in a sincere voice

Tigress smiled at the old goose

"Thank you"

The next Day

Shifu walked into Tigress's room and looked at his sleeping daughter before smiling to himself

How did I raise such a beautiful women, to become so deadly Shifu thought to himself before decided he needed to wake her up

"Tigress" Shifu announced

The reaction was instant as Tigress shot up out of her bed, and into her fighting stance looking around for enemies and Shifu noticed she visibly relaxed when she realised that it was her father

Tigress's eyes widened before she bowed, wincing due to her nose still being tender

"Master Shifu" she said in a monotone voice which she had perfected over the years

"Tigress, I have come here in regards to the bandits you fought"

"Yes master, what would you like to know about them" Tigress responded

"I would like to know who their leader was"

"Their leader was a male gorilla who somehow knew Kung Fu, and not only that his minions did as well"

Shifu looked a little off about her answer, he thought about something for a bit before responding

"Tigress do you know what happened to the bandits?" he asked curiously

Tigress looked down in shame

"Unfortunately no, as I had been knocked unconscious by the gorilla" She responded with a growl

Shifu looked up at her with a face that showed nothing of how he was feeling

"That will be all" he said before walking out of the room

"Rest up, you will begin training again when your nose is healed" and with that he was gone into the hallway

Tigress nodded to him before lying back down as Shifu had just ordered her to

With Shifu

Shifu sat in the Lotus position attempting to meditate over the events with the bandits

She was knocked unconscious by the gorilla, but then how did the bandits die?

Shifu was disturbed at the thought of who could have done this

Where they trying to save my daughter or was it an old grudge? Wither way my students will have to remain on high alert as this warrior must be very powerful

Shifu had made his decision and decided that it was time for dinner; he blew out the candles before leaving his room

But if Shifu had glanced in the direction of the window he would have caught the sight of a pair of grey eyes, glowing before slowly melting away into the darkness of the night

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