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Once upon a time, there was a girl named Katniss Everdeen, who had quite an unfortunate life. Her father died in some mining accident, and her mother got re-married to him. A grumpy old Capitol man named Cornelius Snow who looked like an angrier and fatter version of Santa Claus. Worse yet, he had excess baggage, two ugly daughters named Glimmer and Clove. Katniss knew that Snow only married her mother because of her money, but Katniss' mother didn't seem phrased.

'We both like My Little Pony, Katniss,' she had said when Katniss tried to warn her; 'We're a very good match.'

A few months after the wedding, Katniss' mother "mysteriously" disappeared, leaving Katniss in her stepfather's care, and she was made a slave. How not cliché!

She was forced to sleep in the kitchen with the mice (ewww) and had to cater to Glimmer and Clove's every need. And trust me, those girls had a lot of needs.

'KATNISS! Where's my designer hand bag?'

'Katniss, give me a foot rub!'

'Katnissssssss, my dumb English teacher is making us read the Hunger Games for class. Can you read it for me? That dumb bitch doesn't know reading is against my beliefs.'


'OMG, OMG! Cato texted me, Katniss!'

'Um, no, he texted me.'

'LOL, no. He texted me.'

…And it would go on and on, and Katniss thought about hanging herself a few times. On top of that, she had to clean Snow's mansion while he went away and had lunch with his fancy friends.

So yeah, her life sucked.

One day, a letter came in the mail, announcing that the prince of District 12, Prince Peeta of bread, was having a ball and that all three girls were invited. It read:


You have been invited to Prince Peeta's ball celebrating bread, held at the Hob.

It would be appreciated if you could attend. Actually, no it wouldn't. We have so many people attending that we don't care!

As for the date and time, look it up on the internet, that's what everyone does these day, keep with the times! Websites include our Twitter and Facebook pages.


Delly, Prince Peeta's royal writer

At first, Glimmer and Clove were ecstatic; they would be able to marry a prince! They would become princess of District 12! But then… only one could become princess and marry the oh-so-dreamy-Peeta.

And then all hell broke loose.

Glimmer and Clove would not shut up and stop arguing about who would marry Peeta, and Katniss had to put up with it. ALL of it.

'KATNISS, please tell that bimbo that I'M going to marry Peeta!'



'SHUT UP, you know I'm academically challenged!'

Snow wasn't really helping the situation either. All he said was; 'Girls, I really don't care which one of you marries Peeta, as long as one of you does and I'll be rich!'

As for Katniss herself, even she was excited for the ball. Not for the dancing and the dresses part, eww. But for the fact that she would FINALLY be able to leave stupid Snow's mansion! YAY!

When the night of the ball came around, Katniss was in such a good mood, that she out of character-ly helped Glimmer and Clove prepare for the ball by doing their hair and make-up (how she knew how to do make-up, I have no idea). Clove picked an ugly orange dress the looked like it was ripped, and had her hair plaited multiple times, with too much mascara applied, so he had the longest eye lashes anyone had ever saw.

Glimmer had trouble picking between a see through gold gown and a short pick dress with ruffles. She eventually (and this took a very long time) picked the pink one. She had Katniss apply a pound of make-up to her face.

Katniss herself wore a basic blue dress, and braided her hair the way her mother used to. Snow hired a private hovercraft to take the girls to District 12. Glimmer and Clove giggled as they piled in the hovercraft, and Katniss was about to jump in, when Snow put a hand up to stop her.

'Um, where do you think you're going?' he asked. He himself had applied a lot of pink make-up.

'Um, to the ball,' Katniss answered. Glimmer and Clove sniggered.

'Um, I don't think so,' Snow answered. He snapped his fingers and suddenly Katniss caught on fire, her dress in flames.

'WITCHCRAFT! WIZERDRY!' Katniss yelled as she flailed around the ground, trying to desperately put the flames out. Glimmer and Clove laughed and pointed at her, chanting; 'KATNISS. KATNISS, GIRL ON FIRE!' Snow smirked.

'Let's go girls,' he said as the hovercraft flew up, and Katniss continued to roll around on the ground.

When the flaming stopped, she got her bow and arrows (which magically happened to appear out of nowhere) and shot a few at the hovercraft. Then she started to cry.

And that lasted for a few minutes.

And the cry was so loud that some peacekeepers heard from District 1, and walked all the way from over there to tell Katniss to shut up, and that they couldn't hear the coverage of Prince Peeta's ball.

Katniss eventually dragged herself inside the mansion, closed the door, and decided to watch re-runs of Doctor Who.

Just as she was getting to her favourite episode, Dinosaurs on a Spaceship, there was a bright flash at the other side of the room, making Katniss scream and shoot some more arrows. She could hear two people scream 'Ow!' and 'My hair!' from what seemed inside the flash.

'Who's there?' Katniss asked, raising her bow.

'Why, it's your fairy god parents!' was the reply. Out from the flash came two small fairies with wands. 'My name is Effie!' the one with the big hair said, she then gestured to a sparkly man 'and this is Cinna!'

'Yo,' Cinna nodded towards Katniss.

'We're here to make all your dreams and wishes come true!' Effie said excitedly. Katniss smiled with excitement.

'You're giving me a monster truck?' she beamed at them hopefully.

'Let me say that again,' Cinna said, 'We're here to make all your dreams and wishes about the ball come true!'

Katniss pouted.

'Now, now dear, don't pout,' Effie scolded, 'it makes your pores look terrible'

Katniss double pouted.

'Effie!' now it was Cinna's turn to pout, 'You made her upset now!'

'OH!' Effie grabbed a bunch of tissues from her purse and handed them to Katniss, 'I'm so sorry, dear! Take these in case you cry! Now… let's get started!' Effie squealed happily and clapped her hands.

'Started on what?' Katniss asked.

'Why, your make-over of course!' Cinna exclaimed, 'Can't go to the ball dressed like that! Venia, Flavius and Octavia, come here!'

Another flash of light appeared, and three oddly coloured pixies appeared, all giggling and discussing Sam Claflin.

'Katniss meet your prep team,' Cinna said.

'Umm, hello?' Katniss waved at the pixies, who turned their noses in disgust at the sight of her.

'Hon, we have sooooooo much work to do!' one piped up.

The three then all grabbed Katniss, and dragged her away, and began shaving, waxing and torturing her.

Later, Katniss came back out, looking like an actual human being. Cinna and Effie clapped in appreciation.

'You look darling!' Effie squeaked.

'Quite stunning,' Cinna added.

'I feel violated,' was Katniss' response. The two giggled.

'Now to get you in a dress,' Cinna announced.

'And a powdered wig!' Effie clapped her hands again.

Katniss narrowed her eyes and spoke to Cinna, 'She's joking, right? She's got to be joking!'

Cinna nodded, 'Oh she is, don't worry. Now, as I was saying, your dress….'

Cinna snapped her fingers and all of a sudden Katniss was dressed into a long, beautiful red dress, with her hair tied up into a bun, and make-up applied, with two pink socks on her feet. She, OOCly, giggled.

'Oh I look perfect,' she swooned at her own reflection in a nearby puddle which may or may not have been water, 'thank you so much!'

'Wait until you see your carriage!' Effie squealed in excitement as a carriage led by two beautiful white horses rode up, tugging a long a huge, deformed pumpkin behind them.

'What do you think?'

'The horses are good.'

'And the carriage?'

'The horses are good.'

Katniss climbed into the carriage as she waved goodbye to Effie and Cinna, as she rode off, Cinna yelled at her; 'Careful now, you only have until midnight, or else the dress will combust into flames!'

'Kay!' Katniss yelled back at him, but she wasn't really listening.

She arrived at the ball, and the castle was great and grand and blah. You know how it goes.

There she met Prince Peeta, who was enchanted by her. 'May I have this dance?' he asked, holding out his hand.

'Duh, I'm not going to stand here the whole time, am I?'

The started to do the chicken dance together, as the jealous guests watched from the sidelines, including Katniss' own stepsisters.

The night progressed, and Peeta made a comment on Katniss' dance moves. 'I must say, the way you flap your wings is ever so elegant.'

Katniss smiled. 'You should see me spin!' and with that, she did begin to spin. But as she did, the clock for midnight struck, all while she was spinning. Her dress soon began to burn.

'Oh crap!' she yelled, and she ran down the palace steps, running back home. Peeta ran after her, screaming; 'I don't know your name! Come back!'

As she ran down the steps, one of her pink socks slipped off. Peeta picked it up and inhaled it. 'Stinky…' he murmured, 'but I must find the girl who owns this sock!'

When Clove and Glimmer arrived home, they were oblivious to the fact that the girl from the ball was Katniss, and were still laughing about it. Snow, however, wasn't convinced, and eyed her suspiciously.

But Katniss just battered her eyelashes and said; 'but I was watching Doctor Who the whole time!'

When Prince Peeta came, Glimmer tried on the sock, but her skinny long toes wouldn't fit, as for Clove her feet were a bit fat. Actually, really fat, yeah that's better.

When Katniss tried them on, they fitted perfectly, and Snow, Glimmer and Clove fainted from shock. Peeta looked up at Katniss with adoring eyes and said; 'Katniss Everdeen, will you marry me?'

'No,' was Katniss' response.

Peeta twitched. 'What?'

'I said no,' Katniss repeated, 'in case you didn't get the memo, if a girl dances with you, and doesn't call back, she isn't interested, just saying.'

'It's Gale, isn't it?' Peeta cried in outrage.


Ten year old Prim smiled up at Katniss.

'Thanks for telling me that story, Katniss,'

'No problem, Prim,' Katniss returned the smile, 'now, if this ever happens to you, just do as I did, reject the guy, and say it was Gale.'

'But he's way older than me!'

Katniss shrugged. 'He's better than Peeta.'

The End

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