Title: Baby Blues (Alternate Ending)
Author: snarkysweetness
Rating: PG-13
Characters: August W. Booth, Henry Mills, Emma Swan, Snow White, Prince Charming, Geppetto; Emma/August, Snow/Charming, lots of Henry love.
Summary: This was the original ending to my story 'Baby Blues' but I didn't really think it fit in with the story. However, it was pretty cute, so I figured I'd publish it in case anyone else wanted to read it.
Warnings: None.
Disclaimer: I own nothing.
Author's Notes: I find Henry to be super adorable, deal with it.

"August is my dad?"

Emma and August both freeze, pulling apart after a moment before turning to find Henry watching them from the doorway, with Emma's mother and father standing next to him. Snow seems bewildered while James looks ready to kill August. Just behind the trio, Geppetto grips Henry's shoulder, a ridiculous smile plastered on his face. No doubt he was imagining some great love story because it would never occur to him that his son would abandon the princess.

And poor Henry was…smiling. No, he was wearing a goofy grin that reminded August a lot of himself as a child.

So August grinned in return.

"Yeah, I am."

Henry left his grandparents to run to his parents, so he could throw his arms around August's leg, hugging him. August's still a bit sore from the double transformation and weeks of being sick, but seeing as he was all man again, he didn't hesitate to pick Henry up and hug him properly. The physical pain was well worth it.

"I was hoping mom would marry you someday and you'd be my step-dad, but this is much cooler."

Emma laughed, relieved, while August snorted into his son's hair, trying not to look too pleased and risk pissing of Emma.

"Kid, I don't know where you get that optim-"

Emma glanced towards her mother, who was all smiles while forcing her husband towards the staircase. All the while Geppetto wiped at his eyes, crying happy tears.

Of course; he'd inherited Snow White's kindness and Geppetto's optimism. And it was all wrapped into one cute package.

James mouths that he'd be talking to August later while making an 'I'm going to strangle you' motion with his hands before allowing his wife lead him away from the room.

"It's a good thing his sword is in a dead dragon at the bottom of a mine right now or you might actually be in trouble."

August is sure that facing Emma or even Snow White's wrath would be a far worse fate. Prince Charming had nothing on the fierce women in his life. August pulls Emma close, making sure the kid was between them for protection. "I think I'll take my chances."

Henry emerges from the crook in August's neck where he'd buried his, looking between the two of them for a momentbefore settling his eyes on his mother.

"Why didn't you guys just tell me? I wouldn't have told anyone. If you knew Aug-dad was coming to find us in Storybrooke, why did you tell me he died?"

Emma's the one with the guilt now and it's August's turn to be pissed off (even if he was convinced she had the right to be the angry one).

"You told him I was dead!"

"What was I supposed to tell him, the truth?"

"No, but-Seriously? You couldn't think of a better lie?"

"It was a very good lie! I told him you were a hero who died saving a family. Which is far more than you deserve, might I add?"

"I-Why did you even lie to him?"

"He asked! I didn't want to tell him what really happened!"


"Shut up, you abandoned me after two days in this world. I win. In fact, I win all arguments from now on. That is the new rule."

August wants nothing more than to kiss her because she's gorgeous when her face is red from anger, but his attention goes to the kid.

Henry shakes his head, amused. He'd witnessed their banter before, but this was different. They were like children.

"Regina was right. I'm the product of a one-night stand, aren't I? It's okay if I was; it's nowhere near as bad as some of the things she's said about you or about my dad."

Emma looks ready to punch someone.

"Kid, you should not know what that means. I'm going to kill-We'll tell you the whole story later." Emma plans to kill Regina in battle, so she'd have an excuse to use with the kid. But in reality, it would be revenge for this exact moment. Avenging the entire town would just be icing on the cake.

Now what to tell him? The kid's perceptive, so he could easily spot a lie. But this was too much to have to dump on a kid.

"I know! It was the curse! It kept you two apart, right? Made you forget each other like it made everyone else forget! And when mom broke the curse, you remembered!"

August chuckles; this is definitely his son.

"Something like that, kid."

Emma glares at August and he shrugs it off. It wasn't a complete lie. This had all started because of the curse, why not let the kid think what he wanted to until his parents could understand everything themselves? No sense in confusing the poor boy while they figured it out.

Henry jumps to the ground, hugs Emma, and then runs out after his grandparents.

"Come on! The council is going to meet. Let's go!"

Henry then calls out to James to please not kill his dad.

Emma waits until Henry's out of earshot to punch August in the arm.

"Oww! What was that for?" August rubs his arm. She was stronger than she looked. "Have you forgotten that I was made of wood only an hour ago? Turning back isn't exactly painless."

"Because you lied; again!"

"Would you like me to go and tell him the truth? I'm sure he and your father are going to love hearing all about how I screwed you repeatedly on every surface of that motel room."

Emma groans.

"I hate you. You're a cheeky little cunt sometimes."

August throws an arm around her shoulders, kissing the top of her head.

"I think you love me," he tells her with a smirk as he leads her out of the room.

"Negative, Pinocchio."

August chooses to ignore the venom in her tone; she'll get over it. He did have a way with women, after all. Besides, Emma had a lot more problems on her plate at the moment.

"I think you love me so much, I'm going to see you naked later. Very, very naked. And sweaty. Incredibly sweaty."

"Why, so you can knock me up again?"

"That would be impressive; going two for two, especially for a man who used to be a wooden puppet."

"I'm killing him, Snow!"

Emma smirks, pulling away from August to join her father downstairs.

"Keep talking about knocking people up, puppet boy, and I just might let him."

"And you keep walking down those stairs so I can enjoy the view."

Emma gives him the finger and he chases after her, scooping Henry up along the way to the diner.

Fairytales were definitely still full of shit, but August's starting to think his might not end too badly.