Snow Wolf in the Shadow

Author: Moonlight Outsider

Disclaimer: Sailormoon is the property of Takeuchi Naoko, Kodansha and Toei Animation. All characters, settings etc. are used without permission. This is a fanfiction of Sailor Moon, for my interest in the KunZoi pair, and I promise that there is definitely neither illegal nor financial purpose.

The author's words: It's a long time since my last KZ fanfiction~ ^^

Well, this is not finished even in Chinese, so I'm afraid it would be updated in a snail's speed...Well, I'll try my best~ ^^


The story:

The news of the Queen's safely giving birth to a child at last spread all over the kingdom from the Golden Palace of the Elysium Kingdom. The piece of news made almost the whole kingdom burst into cheers and happiness—indeed, ALMOST the whole.

When a maid walked out of the room in which the little prince was born with the royal baby in her arms, the king waiting outside couldn't help smiled with tears hiding in his eyes. His Majesty was too exciting to hold his expression that he dragged the little boy into almost impatiently.

After long time staring at the silver eyes and the indistinct foetal hair, the king finally raised his head with serious words: "This child has inherited the highest bloodline of the kingdom of Elysium, which ensures him born to be the honor of Elysium in the future." He went on claiming after a short pause, "In the name of the King I name him as Kunzite. I wish him to be a king with wisdom as well as a knight with courage."

An orange-eyed flamen wearing white clothes with short silver hair stepped towards the standing king and his eldest son before raised one hand to touch the newborn boy's forehead. Seriously and solemnly the young flamen started with a poetic voice: "I, Helios, in the name of the Golden Flamen of Elysion and the Kingdom of Elysium, pass on the blessing from the gods to Prince Kunzite."

Helios released the forehead of the newly born prince before started again:"My prophecy to this son will be, the fate of the kingdom would depend on the choice he makes one day in the future."

The king who was still immersing himself deeply in the happiness of a newborn solemnly nodded, and almost everyone was enjoying the positive power of a new life.

ALMOST everyone.

Except one lady in purple cocktail with wavy red hair and golden eyes.

Nobody noticed the instance of a flash of sharp blade from the golden eyes of their royal magician as her hearing the prophecy from the flamen. The sharpness of the blade disappeared before it was visible to the others.

The palace was filled with light-purple magic smog in the midnight. All the soldiers and guardians fell deep asleep under the power of magic, including the queen herself. The royal magician still wearing her dark purple dress unhurriedly enter the royal bedroom, grabbed the calmly sleeping baby in her hands before turned to stepped out with her red hair floating behind her.

"The boy who would determine the fate of the kingdom, it's time for me, Beryl, to determine the fate of you!" With these words Beryl waved her hand into the sky, and the baby in her arms turned into a baby wolf with snowy silver fur.

After finished such a magic, Beryl went out the palace and teleported her way into the forest far away from the Golden Palace. She didn't released the magic on the palace until made sure that she was far enough from the palace. In the heart of the forest the red-haired magician carelessly left the juvenile wolf in the forest before teleported back to the palace without being known by anybody.

Not until the next morning did the royal couple find the lost of the newborn prince. Considering the prophecy from Helios, they blocked the news about it to the public in order to avoid causing horrify. The king claimed that Prince Kunzite was needing a rest because of illness while at the same time he sent many servants and soldiers to search for the boy.

Yet nobody, even nothing was found until they finally gave up.

In the end a piece of tragedy news came to the people from the Golden Palace: The prince was took away by death because of illness. The whole kingdom fell into sadness as soon as it was forced out of the happiness of a newly born.