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The story:

Suddenly a brunch of light flashed through those emerald eyes, he came up with an idea.

If he could go hunting by himself and show his trophy to the others, he could prove that he was as strong as his brothers. As a result, he could be allowed to learn fighting and swordplay just as the other boys did. With these thoughts Zoisite smiled confidently shaking his copper ponytail.

Although eager to prove himself, Zoisite was neither reckless nor brainless. He tried his best to ensure himself well-prepared bring light bow and arrows as well as a tiny slingshot with him. He avoided the sights of the soldiers and royal servants riding his own horse and stealthily matching towards a forest next to the Elysium Palace. Zoisite knew the location of the hunting areas very well though he had never taken part in a real hunting. He must find a place which could allow him to gain preys and get rid of his three brothers at the same time.

Unfortunately, there was one fact that Zoisite had to admit, that both his archery and skills of playing slingshot needed a lot of practice. Zoisite had disturbed numerous hares or wild birds from noon to evening without gaining a single of them.

Until twilight thickened hadn't the slender, beautiful boy got anything. However, just at the moment he decided to be back he heard an indistinct howling.

The howling far away was so faint that Zoisite could not sure whether he had really heard anything. Yet a second howling finishing the first one dispelled his doubt. It sounded like some kind of beast, but a sense of pain was hiding in the voice, as if a predator was unluckily predated.

Zoisite hesitated for an instance before turned back towards the depths of the forest following the howling. Well, even if there was any beast, since it must be wounded, he would be safe on the horse which could run faster than a wounded beast. With these thought, Zoisite didn't think the possibility of being harmed by the beast at all.

After bypassed bushes Zoisite finally saw some silver furry thing lying on the ground. He went closer and found out it silver…snow wolf. The wolf with silky silver fur was staring at the casual visitor with sharp vigilance in those silver grey eyes. Although one leg was jailed by a trap, the stern silver sights were still cold, awe-inspiring and inviolable.

"How could it be possible that a wolf appears here?" Zoisite at first was taken aback, but when he noticed the jailed leg of the wolf and the trap he was emboldened and calmed down a little so that such question escaped from his lips. Of course he didn't expect the answer, since nobody could give him the answer right now.

Another deep roar escaped as a warning. The coldness of the voice made Zoisite believe that even being jailed by the trap the beast in front of him was able to kill off any enemies who dared to go a single step closer to within an instance.

However Zoisite felt an urge to jump off the horse and came closer to the snow wolf. He followed his emotional urge without caring what on earth had impressed him. Perhaps he cared about the pain hiding in the hoarse voice; or he might be moved by the bleeding wound, on which the fur was used to be soft and flashing. After all, Zoisite didn't like to see such a powerful wolf which looks like a king in the forest being jailed with the trap, as what he had seen.

The boy threw his bow and slingshot onto the ground and unfolded his both hands in front of him showing himself completely unarmed to the snow wolf. At the same time, he tried to step towards the horrible beast.

However it didn't make sense to the snow wolf at all. A single calm glimpse was enough for it to identify the boy as someone unthreatening. The bow and the slingshot were in fact more like decorations rather than weapons. Fortunately Zoisite could not read the mind of the snow wolf, or he would be even more upset.

When the copper-haired boy finally inched his way close to the snow wolf, the silver creature only gave a few glances to him carelessly. The audacious teenager seemed to be no more than a graceful pretty boy, the wolf believed that Zoisite wasn't even able to do harm to him. Hence the snow wolf showed no enmity to him, instead, he was simply watching what the brave boy would do next.

Finally Zoisite sank and tried caressing his fingers through the head and back of the snow wolf. The slender fingers of the boy felt comfortable, but such a comfortable feeling also made the snow wolf felt offended. Hence, another deep roar escaped from between the teeth as warning.

He was understood. Although Zoisite felt unwilling to give up enjoying the silky feeling of the snowy white fur, he stopped immediately and turned to check the trap.

It was a trap specially for large-sized beasts. It was a powerful one that could make the prisoner seriously wounded, and it was also complex designed. However it was not so difficult to Zoisite. After no longer than a few minutes' observation did he understand how to deal with the trap and rescue the wounded snow wolf.

Zoisite sighed with relax and hadn't he noticed that the seriously wounded wolf could even hardly stand or move he was about to make his way back. At last he made the decision to take the wounded but still proud wolf back with him.