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The author's words: The fourth chapter. Please forgive me for delaying for so long...and hope you enjoy it~


The story:

When the emerald-eyed boy was trying to hold the snow wolf into his arms the wolf showed little appreciation of the boy's goodwill. However this time Zoisite simply ignored the warning growl of and carried the wolf with his both arms carefully, in order to avoid hurting the animal's wounded leg. The snow wolf felt Zoisite's care; he hesitated for an instance, but finally narrowed his silver eyes as a tacit permission.

Zoisite knew that Prince Endymion, Nephrite and Jadeite had been back when he came back to the Elysium palace. A new brunch of beautiful feathers were hanging at the door of his room.

The boy couldn't help sighed. It was true that he was the youngest, but it didn't mean that he could bear to be treated as a girl. However Zoisite didn't bother thinking about that at the moment, the snow wolf in his arms drew all his attention. He opened the door before setting the snow wolf on the carpet with his hands again touching the silky silver fur fondly, and then collected the feathers.

This time, the snow wolf kept silent and only moved a little, even without opening his silver eyes. Zoisite washed out the blood and mud for the wolf first, and then he separated the stuck silver hair one the injury. When doing that he noticed that the leg of the wolf had shivered slightly, but backed to calmness soon.

Zoisite was a little worried that he might have hurt the animal in front of him. He didn't know why he felt pity when seeing the toughness of the strong but wounded creature. As a result, he stopped to look at the snow wolf to see whether he felt all right. However, that creature of proud simply narrowed his silver eyes expressionlessly, without a single movement.

Obviously this pretty boy was a spoiled child, thought the snow wolf, since he had almost no experience of dealing with the wound. The wolf became a little impatient, though he didn't move for an inch. However he was more or less impressed when seeing the serious expression of the copper-haired boy, as a result he again calmed down and simply let the boy do what he was doing.

Well, it seems that the beautiful boy was no less smart and talent than his beauty, and he was careful, so the snow wolf believed that he would not make any critical mistakes.

And speaking of the sharp pain appeared suddenly just now…he was too proud to allow the boy taking care of him to know his bad feeling of wounded.

Not to mention, it magically felt so…soft and comfortable when being caressed by those slender, pale hands.

Not until he finished processing the wound of the snow wolf had Zoisite noticed that Endymion, Nephrite and Jadeite are standing at his room door.

"What is that, Zoisite?" Endymion was always too curious to hold back his question.

Before the youngest boy could answer, Jadeite joked:"Is it a new pet of Zoey?" With these words he couldn't help giggled.

Zoisite frowned as the pair of emerald eyes flashed. He thought for a while before raised his eyebrows and claimed proudly:"I went hunting today, and this is my prey!"

Before he finished the sentence, Jadeite laughed even louder, both Endymion and Nephrite followed the laughter. Zoisite pouted as he waved his fists towards the other three young men, but Nephrite mocked grinning:"Really? Zoisite, you know that the stars know everything."

The copper-haired boy blushed, and turned around back to his three fellows continuing dealing with the wound of the wolf, who still kept silent. However, neither Zoisite nor his three brothers had noticed the faint smile escaped from the lip corner of the snow wolf. The smile lasted for no longer than an instance, but it did soften the expression of that silver beast.

When they finally stopped laughing, Endymion stepped forward before squatted down to help Zoisite and asked his youngest cousin where the snow wolf was from. Zoisite told him everything honestly, since there was no necessity to conceal anything at all. Nephrite tried to pet the snowy white fur but was immediately frozen and drawn back by the icy sight from those pair of silver eyes as soon as he stretched out his hand.

Eventually, the snow wolf stayed in Zoisite's room. Either the first couple or his own parents showed more favor to Zoisite than any other children, since he insisted to keep the snow wolf and it seemed that the beast was not willing to do harm to the emerald-eyed boy, they allowed Zoisite to keep him in the palace in order to make the boy happy.

In the evening Zoisite set a silky quilt beside his own bed as the sleeping place for the wolf.

The snow wolf and the boy got familiar with each other within a few days. For the wolf, he had even got used to the soft, tender stroke of Zoisite, and he became much less cold to the youth than when he first met him.

However such a close relationship was Zoisite's private privilege, which was never allowed by the wolf to be shared with anyone else, even Nephrite, Jadeite or Prince Endymion, who were Zoisite's closest brothers as well as friends. They felt kind of threatened when facing the freezing sights from those eyes.

However Zoisite didn't care about that very much. He thought his wolf was simply considering his three fellows as strangers since they hadn't met a lot before, and it was not surprise to see a beast which had been trapped by human showing enmity to the strangers.