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Complications Commence

Momoko awoke from her deep sleep, she opened her eyes to a room full of darkness. Her head throbbed. Must have been the after affects from the club. She rolled around in her bed, she knew she wasn't going to be able to fall back to sleep. Momoko sat up in her bed, she threw of her sheets and slipped on her sneakers. She walked downstairs making sure not to disturb her dad, he was a light sleeper. Momoko grabbed the car keys from off the hook, opened the front door and slipped behind it.

Momoko drove to the nearest 24-hour coffee shop. She walked in and up to the counter, "May I have an Espresso?" Momoko ordered as she set down the money on the counter. The server nodded, "Name?" "Momoko," she answered. Momoko walked around the almost empty coffee shop, there was about two or three business men. She sat down at a table. "Momoko?" she heard an all too seemingly voice behind her, she turned around. There stood Brick Jojo in an apron and a pile of dirty dishes. "Nice apron Jojo," she laughed. Brick set down the dirty dishes. "Nice legs Akatsutsumi," he said smirking. Momoko looked down, all she had on was a pair of really short shorts and a revealing tank top, she hadn't expected to run into anybody. She blushed.

Brick noticed Momoko blush, he got up from his seat and went behind the back doors. He returned with his red sweater, "Here," he gave it to Momoko. He liked the way it looked on her, the way her hair looked tucked into it as she pulled it over her head. The way it looked abnormally huge on her small body. Brick shook his head, "Uhm, I have to get back to work," he picked up the tray of dirty dishes and nodded towards the counter, "Your coffee is ready. You should go. Keep the sweater."

Momoko barely got to even speak to him. He practically ditched/kicked her out. Why did he even work at three in the morning? She stood outside with her coffee and his sweater hugging her warmly. His sweater made her feel safe and warm. She smelled it. It smelled of coffee. She smiled to herself, "Oh boy, get it together Momoko."

"Ughh! I freaking hate gym!" Kaoru slammed her locker making Miyako drop her books in the process. "Gosh Kaoru! Stop scaring me like that!" Kaoru bent down to help Miyako with her books. "Why? Isn't that your favorite class? Momoko asked. Kaoru rolled her eyes, "Why don't you just let me complain about Butch?" Miyako laughed, "You know when a person likes someone they often tend to be mean to that person." Kaoru opened her mouth but struggled with her words, "I don't like him. He's just an asshole." "Talking about me again babe?" Butch walked up and playfully pinched Kaoru's cheeks, "Don't touch me!" Kaoru pushed him away. Momoko laughed, "Just stop flirting and get together already." Butch raised an eyebrow, "I should be saying that to you Akatsutsumi. I've noticed your flirting with Brick." Miyako's face lit up, "You and Brick?" "Oh like she would ever get together with that douche." Kaoru said. Momoko thought to herself quietly. Brick was a douche at first but after the club and the sweater, she sort of did like him. "See she's blushing already!" Butch pointed out. Kaoru pinched him and Momoko. "Idiots," she walked away from the group. "Babe wait up!" Butch followed her.

Boomer sat in his English class bored to death. He looked out the window, he spotted Momoko and Miyako. They had gym this class period. He didn't want to be a pervert but he looked anyways. They were running laps. Miyako seemed to be really fast. He looked away. "Miyako's so pretty," Boomer's head turned to the boys in front of him. "I'm going to ask her out after class," Boomer's eyes widened. "Dude, you're going to ask out Miyako, the most popular girl in school," one of the boys said. Boomer looked at the clock, class was over in two minutes. Boomer looked out of the window, the gym class was gone. He tapped his foot impatiently, he needed to get to Miyako first. The bell rang, Boomer sprinted out of the classroom making sure to push the other boys behind him. He ran down the steps towards her locker. There she was standing there in some skinny jeans with her gym shirt still on. God, she could wear anything and still look perfect. He didn't see anyone near her. He stopped in front of her.

Boomer stopped in front of her locker. She was startled, he was sweaty and out of breath. "Boomer? You okay?" Miyako asked. He looked kind of cute out of breath, trying to catch his words. "D-d-do you," Boomer stuttered horribly. Miyako handed him her water bottle. He chugged it down in one gulp, he stood up straight. "Miyako Gotokuji, will you… go out with me?" Boomer clapped his hands over his mouth as if he'd let out a big secret he wasn't supposed to tell. Miyako was shocked, sure she's had many boys ask her out numerous times before. She didn't even know half of them. This time however felt completely different. She had butterflies in her stomach, she could feel herself grinning from ear to ear. She felt like she was on cloud nine. "Y-yeah. Sure." Miyako let out in a squeak. She frowned, that came off as a little rude. Boomer didn't seem to notice. He was standing there, smiling at her.

Boomer couldn't stop smiling, the girl of his dreams had just agreed to go on a date with him. In his mind nothing else mattered but her. "Great! I'll see you Friday. Uhm," Boomer laughed nervously. "Can I have your address? To know where I can pick you up," he smiled nervously. Miyako's eyes widened. "Why don't you just pick me up at Momoko's place? You already know the way and I spend most of my time over there anyways," she closed her locker door. "I'll see you around Boomer," Miyako smiled kindly and gave him a kiss on the cheek. She walked away not knowing the effect she had on him.

Miyako walked away quickly. She was nervous enough about the date and Boomer himself but now she had to find a way to make it to Momoko's without her grandmother finding anything suspicious. She smiled anyways though, she had a date with Boomer Jojo. She leaned up against the brick wall and squealed.

Kaoru sat in frustration. It was the end of the day and she sat in detention. She glanced at the clock, forty three minutes to go. She felt something hit the back of her head. "Knock it off Butch I'm not in the mood," she hissed at the boy. Butch frowned. "Come on Kaoru! Stop being a stick in the mud!" He whined. Kaoru eyed him, she noticed his eyes lit up. He grinned, "Let's ditch detention," Butch said. Kaoru scratched her head in frustration, "This is our punishment stupid! We can't skip. What if we get caught?" Butch's eyebrow raised, "What if? So you're considering it!? Alright Kaoru!" Butch got out of his seat and walked over to the windows. "They won't notice will they?" he asked Kaoru. Kaoru looked nervous, "No, most of the teachers just sleep in the teachers' lounge or get high off of drugs. That still doesn't stop Principal Donnelly. She's like an eagle in this place." Butch looked out of the window. The sky was so bright and the temperature was perfect, not to hot or cold. Perfect. "Come on Kaoru. I'm asking you in a completely serious manner. Let's get out of here," he looked at Kaoru with puppy dog eyes. Kaoru scoffed, "Fine, but I'm picking were we go and when we come back." Butch smirked, "Okay mom!" he said sarcastically. And with that he jumped out of the window, with Kaoru behind him.

Kaoru grunted as she hit the ground, "Ouch!" Butch turned around quickly, "Did you hurt your ankle?" he asked. Kaoru nodded. "To bad you're not a good jumper," Butch laughed. Kaoru sneered at him, "I hurt my ankle and you laugh. Great. That's a great start you're off to Butch," she said. Butch walked on, "I can't help it. You literally gave me an opening!" he replied. "Whatever, we're heading to the park first. I want to skateboard." Butch walked alongside Kaoru, "I knew you skateboarded. You look the type," he said. Kaoru looked puzzled, "How could you tell?" Butch laughed, "By the type of shoes you wear." Kaoru frowned, "Liar." "Okay, okay. You can tell by the muscles in your legs," Butch looked down at Kaoru, "You have nice legs babe," he smirked. Kaoru's face turned red, "I know you like me but come on!" Kaoru said joking. Butch laughed, "Don't flatter yourself Matsubara. You're just fun to mess with," he ruffled her hair. Kaoru pouted, "Don't touch me!" she shouted, and birds flew from the trees. "Just to get the record straight we're not friends. I hate you. You hate me. End of story," Kaoru said bitterly. Butch frowned, "You asshole," he shook his head. "Ditto," Kaoru replied.

The pair walked into the park casually. Kaoru ran over to a small green bush, behind the bush stood a large oak tree. "That tree looks dead! The trunk is rotting!" Butch said making a frown. Kaoru rolled her eyes, "Perfect for stashing my skateboard. Nobody comes near this tree," she said smirking to herself. Butch grinned, "Clever little Kaoru," he said. "Mind if I take it for a spin?" Butch asked her. Kaoru looked down at her prized possession, it was her favorite lime green skateboard. "Fine. But only this once. I'm feeling generous today," Kaoru said handing him her skateboard. Butch grinned wildly, he threw her board on the ground and hopped on it, and he pushed himself with his right foot and skated off. Kaoru ran up behind him. Butch jumped in the air and did flips. He was doing them along the benches and railways. Kaoru watched, impressed. He skated up to her and handed her back her skateboard. "Not bad Jojo. I'm actually impressed," Kaoru said. "That's what I do. Always impressing the ladies," he said smoothly winking at Kaoru. She rolled her eyes, "I'm going to do a couple of rounds then we'll head back." Butch nodded, he sat down on a nearby bench "I'll just… wait here."

Butch watched Kaoru ride away on the skateboard he leaned back smiling. He pulled out his cellphone and called Brick. He picked up on the third ring. "What do you want? Aren't you supposed to be in detention?" Brick sounded irritated. "Would you just shut up?" Butch said annoyed, "How's it going with Momoko? I'm with Kaoru right now." He heard Brick hesitate on the other side of the phone, "I don't really know where this is going Butch," Brick's voice cracked. Butch frowned, "What do you mean? You get Mai and I get to annoy the hell out of Kaoru. It's a win-win situation," he said. "That's not the point anymore Butch. Don't get me wrong I still want Mai but I think I'm becoming friends with Momoko. Don't pretend that you're not becoming closer to Kaoru either. I know you," Brick retorted. Butch was speechless, "I'm hanging up Brick." Butch ended his call with Brick, cutting him off. "He doesn't know jack shit," he mumbled under his breath, he noticed Kaoru coming back. He faked a smile.

Kaoru seemed to notice something was wrong, "What's up with you?" she asked him. Butch looked up at her, "Nothing babe. Let's just get back to school." Kaoru didn't say anything about him calling her 'babe' she let it slide. "Look, you're an asshole and I'm a jerk," Kaoru stuttered. "What's your point?" Butch asked. "If you have something on your mind don't hesitate to tell me," she said. Butch stopped walking to look at her weirdly, "You'll be there to comfort me? THE Kaoru Matsubara." Kaoru rolled her eyes, "Don't flatter yourself. It's just weird seeing people down. It's not my style," she said. Butch looked at her shocked. "What? Why are you staring at me?" Kaoru said, "Did you fall in love with me?" she joked. Butch scoffed, "Butch Jojo doesn't fall in love." Kaoru looked at him, "You're an ass."