Pirate Azula

This is just an idea that's been in my head for a while now. A story of what would happen if Azula were to be given a second chance as a straw-hat pirate.

She sat alone and chained to her bed. She had proven in the past too dangerous to be allowed to move freely and had to be locked up for the safety of the staff and herself. No one, had come to see her today, she had been put away and forgotten.

Her friends, her family, her subjects and even her fire had not only betrayed her but left her for dead in this prison. As she looked towards the end of the room with her dead eyes the only thing she could process through her shattered mind, was that she had no purpose to live.

"So why don't you make your own purpose?" A voice called out to the girl.

"Do you intend to simply rot away in this cage?" Another voice called out.

For a moment, there were signs of life within the girl's eyes as she turned her head and noticed two flames in front of her. One flame was pure white and the other was a pure black. She stared at the two flames mesmerized by them as they danced in front of her.

Do you want to live?" The white flame asked

Do you want freedom? The black flame asked

Do you not want to redeem yourself?

Do you not want to choose your own destiny?

Do you want to LIVE FOR YOURSLEF!

Hearing this the girl's eye's now showed more life within them for the first time as she reached out and grabbed the two flames. As she held them, it felt a familiar heat run throughout her body as the two flames began to grow around her, eventually consuming her with them.

However, she was not afraid. She was born with fire in her blood and this was a peaceful feeling for her. As the flames danced around her she simply smiled and embraced it.

(Outside the room)

The two guards were posted outside the room where one of the most dangerous people of the hundred year war was being kept. They honestly didn't want the job or care about the patient, they just needed the money and this was it. It looked to be an ordinary night for the two when they noticed strange light coming from inside, before they could do anything a loud explosion knocked them off their feet and across the wall. When they came to they noticed the door had been blown off and was wide open. Running towards the room to stop the patient they looked inside to see everything within had been burned to a crisp and was covered in ash, expect for one spot where the patient was last sitting.

(With the girl)

She felt like she was flying, all around her were spirals of black and white flames pulling somewhere and she was powerless to stop it.

As the pull got stronger she noticed something different, for a split second she noticed what looked like a door covered in mist around it. Soon it was out of sight and the only thing around her was blue ocean.

(East blue – small little ship)

A small ship a young sit's at the front of the ship with a fishing pole in hands and a serious look on his "god, I'm so bored." After he noticed something shimmering from the distance and then something hit the water near his board and nearly caused it to capsize.

After the world had stopped spinning the young looked around "what the hell?" He said looking around the area to see just what had nearly killed him and noticed something. On top of the water was a circle of black and white flames sitting on top of the water and below it he noticed what looked to be a girl. Seeing that she was sinking and not moving the young man dove into the water and swam to her.

He managed to grab her before she sunk to deep and brought her to his boat. Laying her down he looked back to the strange flames and the direction the girl had come from and then back to the girl. He shook his head and rubbed his temples "this is what I get for opening my mouth."