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After her final battle with Chaos, Usagi, now Sailor Cosmos, is transported thousands of years into the future, to the time of the Gundam boys. With her ginshinzou missing and a new evil on the rise, can she survive without the aid of her senshi? And who are these boys with so much pain in their eyes? Could they be the key to her salvation? This is my first fanfiction in a long time, so Please comment and review! And enjoy! {AN: For those of you who have followed this story, the ending will come soon. I took it down to take care of some plot holes, and it is back on track. I will re post what was already there as fast as I can... So please be patient. :)}


Fuseiseki : Failure

Chapter One : Impossibly Alone


"Iie..." Her voice broke, and she reached a blood covered hand towards her friends. "Minna Onegai..." Slowly, though covered in wounds and drained of everything but their will, they were standing. She sobbed, and dropped to her knees, and the voice that issued from her lips then barely sounded like her own. It was quiet, desperate. "You can't."

There was a presence behind her. She thought this absentmindedly, detached. But it did not stir, just watched as she crumpled into herself. She imagined it was amused by this. The thought was dissipated at a glow started at the chests of each of her friends. The beginning of the end was so bright, so beautiful, so misleading.

"We can." The first spoke. Rei. Her heart stopped. She looked so beaten, so weak. A pale image of her former self. "And we will." Her voice, it rang with a determination that made her heart flutter. So strong. Her protectors were so strong. Then, the princess of Mars grew soft. "I will miss you Odango. Don't let us down." She wanted to speak, to scream, to argue, but her voice caught in her throat like a stone.

"Usa-chan." Her eyes turned to Mina, whose once beautiful blond hair was plastered to her forehead with sticky blood. Her eyes glowered with love. It hurt to look into them. "I believe in you." Her heart was breaking. Splitting to pieces. Not again. It wasn't fair. "You can do this."

"We all believe in you." Ami was so quiet it took a moment for her to register the words. Things were getting blurry. She could not stop the tears. A sob that sounded almost inhuman escaped her lips. "Don't cry Usagi-chan. We are always with you." Wasn't that the problem? Always with her, always dying for her...

"You are never alone, because we live in you heart." Her eyes shifted to Makoto. The gash on her side did not allow her to stand straight, but she still looked every bit of the princess of Thunder. "Never forget us. Be strong." It was cold. There was a numbness creeping into her chest. Not like this. Onegai.

"You were always the glue that held us all together." Haruka held Michiru up. Forever strong, never yielding. "Never doubt your strength, Koneko." The tears stopped. She supposed she didn't have any left to cry. Why always like this? Always Goodbye? Her chest felt as if it was encased in ice.

"Dearest Hime." She cringed without meaning to. That title had caused all their problems, all their pain. She wished she'd never been reborn. Never hurt them so. "May you find joy in the ocean waves. In the caress of the wind. And know we are with you." Joy. Did it exist anymore? The numbness spread still. Her cheeks were wet with tears and blood, but her eyes were dry. The light that surrounded her senshi grew brighter.

"Usa-mama." Dear Sweet Hotaru. It hurt psychically to see them like this. Why did it have to be this way? "Aishiteru. Arigatou for being my friend. For believing in me." She wanted to move. To rush to them. To scream to the heavens that she loved them so much. But her mouth could not utter the words. The cold was creeping deeper. To the depths of her soul.

"Hime." Setsuna was the last to speak, As the lights that represented each of their respective planets grew so bright she had to squint to see her face among the green glow. "All will be well." If only that were true. It would never be alright again. "Save this beautiful world." For a moment, just the brief thump of one lone heartbeat, it was still. She gazed in awe at the beautiful women standing before her. They were Queens. Each had taken the form of the royal they were meant to be. They were gorgeous, and each looked down on her with nothing but love and adoration. Then the end started.

One by one, she watched as the starseeds of her friends tore themselves from their chests, floating there as silence reigned. She could not stop them. There was no arguing. They were doing what they had to to save her, and the world they all loved so much. So noble. So gracious. So unfair.

"Aishiteru Minna." She whispered it, but somehow knew they'd heard her. There was an affirmation that shot straight to her heart, there was no longer any need for words.

The end was bright flashes of light that hung, suspended in the air. They swirled for a moment around her prone form, and then burst into millions of pieces of light. One last tear made a path down her cheek, as she watched the emptied bodies of her protectors fall. Then, like a vacuum the lights coalesced, sucked into the gem that she wore at her breast.

The figure behind her chuckled. "You mean to stop me with sparkles? Sweet Serenity, I had thought you and your protectors smarter than that." She said nothing. " I wish I had a camera to take a picture of their useless, lifeless, bodies!"

It was meant to be a provocation, but if the lone figure had prophesied the results of this, perhaps he'd have bit his tongue. As his voice died down, A light started at her breast, and in mere seconds became so bright he had to shield his eyes. "Wha-?"


It was freezing. That was the first thing she noticed. But she wasn't uncomfortable. She opened eyes that she didn't know were closed, and in an instant, everything came back. Her eyes snapped to the bodies below her, but there was no feeling attached. No emotion to speak of. They laid at odd angles, bloodied and broken. She knew who they were. And though she could not feel the emotion, she knew her soul mourned the loss. Her eyes shifted to a figure that stood before them.

^Chaos^ It was a whisper in her mind, and at the sound of it, her jaw set. Bright silver eyes hardened. The object of her desire, stood confused, his shadowy arms covering the red glow of his eyes. Frozen in the moment she'd crossed dimensions. Her fists clenched. Her protectors, her sisters had not died in vain. Nor Mamouru, Galaxia, or the Sailor Fighters. This was over.

They had fought too many fights, died too many deaths. While the world looked on in ignorance, they gave of themselves again and again. Her failure to seal Chaos continued. Until today.

Fitting. She thought, staring at the moon's surface, the ruins of her once beautiful kingdom in the distance. The place of the beginning and the end. Chaos had led her here with the intent of making it her final resting place. How wrong he had been.

She stretched the beautiful white wings that had sprouted from her back, and raised a milky white hand, swiping it quickly in front of her. A rift appeared in the dimension before her, and eyes blazing, she stepped through.


"You would do well to show some respect." The voice was behind him, in front of him, everywhere. He forced himself not to move, but shifted his red eyes. His form was dark and amorphous, the edges fading and returning. He was sure that Moon Brat had just been kneeling before him. Now he could not pinpoint her location at all.

"So you live, Serenity." He knew his bravado was false. She did too. The voice was closer, louder.

"And breathe." He could not stop himself this time, his head searched frantically from side to side, and he spun in a circle. The edges of his shadowy body were evaporating. Signs he was nervous. Serenity laughed. He'd never had a chill before, but it happened then, at the sound that issued from her lips. It was cold, like winter's frost.

"They were wrong, you know." Her voice whispered around him, taunting him. He still couldn't even sense her. "They said they'd be with me always. But they were wrong."

In an instant she was before him. One blink of the eye had him staring at a radiant woman. Her hair was the silver of the full moon, her eyes silver as well, but slightly darker, and pupil-less. She wore a fuku that was pure white, with edges of gold and silver. Long ribbons of sheer gauzy color trailed from the skirt, all the colors of her senshi's planets. Beneath her clasped hands more colored ribbon escaped, her fingers delicately resting on the ginshinzou. Thigh-high white boots with more, thinner ribbon trailing from them, adorned her feet, though she did not stand. She floated, feet above the ground as he did, staring him in the eye. On her forehead shone a colorful eight pointed star. It was almost blindingly bright. "You are not Serenity." He whispered.

"I am all knowing. All seeing. All powerful." Her hands lifted from the broach and moved to her sides, and her fists clenched. He could not stop the shiver that ran through him. "Not Serenity, Nor Usagi. Not even Sailor Moon." She said. And then a smirk came to her stone cold face, and he was scared. It was an alien feeling."I am Cosmos. The Goddess of the Stars. I stand alone." A light started from the gem and her chest, and it was so bright he fought to keep his vision on her. "I am the beginning," The light enveloped him then, and his scream was cut short as she raised her arms, hair blowing in the wind her powers had created. She drew her hands back to her ginshinzou then, so quickly there was an audible 'snap'. "And I am the end."


The light that spilled from her crystal encompassed all. She watched with hard eyes as it burned what was left of Chaos away, and continued on. As it passed over her senshi, their bodies turned to fine dust, and when it reached the remains of the Moon Kingdom, that too was reduced to ashes. She felt the gem tug at her life force as it erased all evidence of herself, her senshi, the kingdom of the Moon, and their final battle. She wished, that it had been different. She had such hope for all their futures. For their kingdoms, their children, and Crystal Tokyo. It was all gone now. When they had given their starseeds they had given up any chance of being reborn. For the love of the world they had protected for so long, they had given their very souls. And she had lived up to their beliefs. She had sealed Chaos away again. But the price. It was just so high.

She felt sleepy then, detached. She accepted the numbness that crept into her limbs, and as her consciousness faded she whispered. "Aishiteru Minna. Arigatou for believing in me..." And then she was falling.

She didn't know it then, but she had fallen very far. Far from her own world, Usagi's world, and into a place that knew nothing of her kind. Smack dab in the middle of war.

Alone, Cosmos had been tossed upon another path to tip the scales in purity's favor. When she awoke, the battle for good would start anew...


{Thousands of years in the future... A.C. 198}

"Did you just see that?" Duo spoke over the com link of DeathScythe. The others were beneath him, pulling equipment from their black jeep and readying for their mission.

The had all paused to stare at the bright, pure light that had emanated from the moon. And watched as a single comet had broken from the glow and shot towards Earth.

It had taken only seconds, but the light was so dazzling Duo was seeing stars. "What was..." Quatre was cut off, as the comet hit the ground with a loud crack in the distance. "that?" He finished wide eyed.

"Hn." Hiiro cocked his magnum and spoke. "Continue with the mission. We will investigate later."

"Right." The pilots all spoke simultaneously.

"Ill be waiting." Duo said over his com. Hiiro nodded, and the men moved in on their current target, a small base of rebels Lucrezia Noin had sent them to check out. A new faction was starting, and they'd been called together yet again to try to prevent it.

They kept focused on their mission, but each couldn't help wondering just what had created that light, and what the comet had brought with it.


Cold.The feeling was seeping into her skin. There was enough of her consciousness coming back to her that she realized it was unwarranted, and with a groan she opened her eyes. Pain. Her hands flew to her heart, and she gasped. Oh goddess the pain.

"Minna..." It was a short whine. The tears wet her cheeks before she could stop them, and she curled in on herself, ignoring the aches in her body. They were gone. All of them. Her senshi, Mamoru, Chibi-Usa... But Chaos was too. She had fulfilled her duty. And somehow... she had survived. She raised her head and wiped the tears from her cheeks, looking at her hands. That's all that was there. Tears. The blood and dirt she collected during her battle with Chaos had been washed away. She had been redressed in a plain white shirt and dark blue scrubs that were both a few sizes too big. Her side was bandaged where she'd taken a hit from Uranus' sword. Her wrists bandaged where she's blocked so many of her senshi's attacks before they'd returned to her side. Her shoulder blades stung. She could not see, but she figured the wounds were due to the emergence of her wings. Wings... Her hands searched her chest frantically, then the cot beneath her, and her eyes finally focused on the walls of her room. Not a room, a prison cell.

She was in what looked to be in an 8x8 cell, with a heavy metal door and a small, barred window. Her heart dropped in her chest. She was trapped in a cell, and her ginshinzou was gone. There was no noise from outside. No voices at all. Her heart pounded fast in her chest. Where was she? With a deep, shuddering breath, she curled in on herself once again, numbness taking over. Her crystal, her source of power was gone, and she was completely and utterly alone in a tiny cell. She let go then, and surrendered to the still, sweet darkness...


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