This is a Devil Survivor-focused crossover mainly, and if you don't know the games you're probably not going to have much idea of what's going on. However, given the biblical apocrypha stuff in Eva (like DS1) and Devil Survivor 2's plot? I also like the idea of NERV and SEELE finding out that actually, they're not the only people in the world who know stuff about ancient prophecies and dealing with nonhuman entities and such. That the world doesn't necessarily have to take them and their crap and humanity is not actually helpless against angels (although the angels want a rematch…). On the other hand, Gendo is not dumb and SEELE is an ancient conspiracy/cult, so SEELE has a lot of powerful summoners and their own magitech, not just Evas, even if not on Naoya (Cain) and Al Saiduq's (current admin of the Akashic Record) level.

Shin Megami Tensei PCs have to be dangerous people, since they pick fights with gods. Instead of powering up or down various groups to try to make them even (Power Seep, Power Creep), I figured I'd just toss DS tech in there, and Gendo and SEELE can certainly figure out how to make use of it on their own, since Yamato Hotsuin had his organization make use of a program made by someone who wanted him dead at the time (although Alcor is kind of fail at that – seriously, a second to last boss with a form that's weak to physical?). Demon summoning in Devil Survivor is, "a big gun for the people who are still alive," hence the series title.

There was no plan for this fic. There were scenes in my head that demanded to be written and I have an oath to never leave a fic unfinished, so I needed... well, what passes for a resolution by Eva standards. I think I tied up all the sub-plots by the end, but I should probably revise part of it now that Break Record is out and we have characterization.

The Shin Megami Tensei series, of which Devil Survivor is a subseries, draws on every sort of mythology and does stuff like have Nyarlathotep as a final boss, not to mention a mon. They actually were the first video game where players fought alongside summoned & collected allies, and the Devil Survivor series in particular points out how bad it can be when there are monsters/demons roaming around and humans are attacking each other with them.

Sons of Adam with white hair and red eyes… Had to be done. Although Al Saiduq/Alcor is an actual Kaworu expy (the plot of Devil Survivor 2 is a tribute to Nocturne & Evangelion), Naoya and Kaworu are so very unlike each other in every way other than looks & the charisma that seems to run in the family (Kazuya and Hiro both pick up lots of party members). It would be fun to contrast Kaworu's naiveté (he has been through how many loops and still gets constantly blindsided by Seele and Gendo? Boy can't plot his way out of a paper bag) with Naoya's sheer amount of practice observing and manipulating people.

"Commander Ikari." The young official nodded a regal greeting as he took his seat, his aide Makoto Sato remaining standing at his back.

"Director Hotsuin." Gendo Ikari nodded his own greeting, hands steepled thoughtfully. He wasn't surprised by these proceedings. The weakness of the Third Angel had made the Japanese government overconfident, so they had to be allowed to exhaust themselves attempting to defeat the Fourth Angel on their own before the Eva could be deployed. It worked out perfectly for his purposes, since it would take some time for his son to be transported to the Geofront, he was sure.

After creating the false front that was the Marduk Institute, it was obvious to Gendo that JPs was not what it seemed. Geomagnetism? If not for the fact his investigations had revealed that it predated Second Impact, he would have assumed that it was a product of the Japanese government grasping at straws trying to protect its cities against a second tsunami. Tokyo had survived Second Impact far more intact than one would have assumed: it remained the country's capital, while Tokyo-2 was the UN administrative center and Tokyo-3 held the all-important, from Gendo's perspective, NERV.

Commander Fushimi was the next to arrive, still talking into his phone making final arrangements until he nodded. "Good luck, Captain Izuna." Putting it away, he went over to the NERV table and held out his hand. "Dr. Ikari, I'm glad you could make it."

Gendo had to rise to shake it, of course: Commander Fushimi was a good man, dedicated to the defense of Japan. He'd proven that to everyone else here during the business of the Third Angel, and while Gendo had no use for friendliness failing to return the Commander's gesture of respect would have made everyone else present lose respect for him. Well, once Japan saw that it needed NERV, he wouldn't have to play these games anymore: they'd finally realize he had them over a barrel. He'd hoped to make them fund the construction of Tokyo-3's conventional defense system, but they'd pay for not giving him those resources today, since the Commander's protégé Captain Izuna was leading the JSDF forces in the field. Gendo hoped he would be able to conceal his gloating long enough to offer his condolences for the loss.

The Commander's companion Dr. Naoya Minegeshi had gone straight to his own seat next to Director Hotsuin, ignoring the NERV delegation altogether to watch the screen with the approaching Fourth Angel with an anticipatory smirk, already opening his handheld device.

Gendo was going to enjoy watching him fail. It didn't matter what the Japanese government thought his weapons system could do: there was nothing that could handle an AT field like the Fourth Angel's except another AT field.

Unless, of course, that was what he would be deploying. Again, if not for the fact that the red-eyed Dr. Naoya Minegeshi predated Second Impact? GEHIRN had spent years trying to recruit one of the two computer scientists whose genius eclipsed that of Dr. Naoko Akagi. In the years after Second Impact, Dr. Minegeshi had shifted his focus to biology, inventing processes to reclaim land from LCL contamination and even break LCL down into fertilizer, returning the nutrients and biomass trapped by LCL into the soil. Releasing the Qin anti-LCL solution into rivers had even allowed the reclamation of coastal marshes and created small areas where sea life could survive in its natural habitat. Because of that, Dr. Minegeshi was the UN's scientific poster boy for humanity's fight to reclaim its planet, not NERV and the Committee for Human Instrumentality. While that frustrated Gendo, SEELE was actually pleased it had turned out this way, since it meant the Committee attracted less media attention and could remain in the shadows.

It also meant Gendo was entirely dependent on SEELE for funds, since the world's governments were more focused on reclaiming their land and feeding their surviving people than dealing with a hypothetical threat only a handful knew was the true cause of Second Impact.

They'd brought Dr. Minegeshi in to analyze the Third Angel, and most likely realized how Angels were similar in composition to LCL and the Qin molecule would be effective… If it could penetrate their AT fields.

If anything, all of this would just make it more satisfying to see all their efforts prove as utterly useless as bullets and conventional weapons.

Dr. Minegeshi finally turned away from the screen to ask Director Hotsuin, "By the way, how is Hiro?" After Second Impact family had become even more important to the surviving Japanese in their struggle to hold on to their islands instead of being forced to give up on their homeland. The unexplained failure of China's nuclear assault on Tokyo-1 had become the modern equivalent of the Divine Wind that wrecked an invading armada centuries ago. That and the charismatic priestess Amane Kuzuryu were rekindling faith in the old Shinto religion of Japan. The Hotsuin were a very old clan, and one of Dr. Minegeshi's cousins marrying the head of the clan hadn't hurt the prestige of either him or Director Hotsuin.

It wasn't a secret that the Japanese government wanted the geofront, as a geologic anomaly, to be under the administrative control of JPs. If it weren't for Director Hotsuin not pursuing the matter himself and the UN's determination to keep control over somewhere so important to the survival of mankind as a whole, too important to be left in the control of a single country that many were predicting would become one of the post-Second Impact world's superpowers, Gendo wouldn't have been able to do anything about it.

Having so little control over the scenario, being indebted to others: SEELE was bad enough, but people who didn't know most of the truth, who didn't need him? Who didn't want instrumentality, unlike SEELE who would go along with Gendo's plans ninety percent of the way?

The Japanese government and UN observers were coming into the room in force now: some meeting must have gotten out, or rather the after-meeting schmoozing ended, since of course the doctor, director and commander would have been a key part of such a meeting even if Gendo wasn't invited because he must have last-minute preparations to make over at NERV, of course.

"Well?" Director Hotsuin asked two among their number.

Dr. Fumi Kanno just smirked, the JPs staff member seating herself next to Dr. Minegeshi as Dr. Al Saiduq took a seat next to Director Hotsuin, the arrangement just more proof of how interrelated the power structure here was. "We've loaded both versions to both servers, just in case, and Io is standing by," the pale Arabic man, if he was Arabic (that region had been devastated too), told the Director.

"I'm still concerned about the Contamination Zone," Commander Fushimi interjected.

"There's no need to worry at this point. Limited use won't contaminate an area, and the power of Bel can control the numbers in order to weaken the angels without any significant risk of dimensional absorption," Dr. Minegeshi said dismissively, and Gendo took note of all the terms there. AT fields and all the technobabble they'd cloaked the true nature of the Evas in was designed to be incomprehensible to those outside the know. Dr. Minegeshi would have created his own terms for whatever he thought he'd discovered, but since Gendo knew the key he would be able to crack the code as soon as NERV's importance was recognized and he had the authority to order Dr. Minegeshi to hand his findings over to Ritsuko. His findings, as opposed to his products. He'd given NERV quite a few programs, but without his library, his annotations or anything else they couldn't be reverse engineered, even by the Magi.

"Well, you're the expert," Fushimi admitted, and it was yet more proof that Gendo had failed to attain control, even in his own backyard.

Dr. Minegeshi's unimpressed look proved that in his own mind at least, of course he was. "What you should worry about is Betesnach's passive skill. If one of them manages to create an equivalent to that, then your government will have to make a decision as to whether or not to allow Director Hotsuin to do his job."

"In that sort of situation, I'm sure Commander Ikari's Eva units would prove their worth," Commander Fushimi said, which just proved how dangerous he was to Gendo's goals. The man was too damn reasonable. While most of the JSDF didn't like or want the precedent of the UN fighting an enemy on Japan's own (reclaimed) soil or the implication that they couldn't protect themselves without help, Commander Fushimi had spent the years leading up to this giving officers stern talkings-to about how their mission was to protect the people of Japan, and what about NERV and their own loss of face, if they weren't allowed to do what they existed for in the first place? If anything, rejecting Commander Fushimi's overtures to plan joint operations had made Gendo look like the unreasonable one.

Well, they'd see that Gendo was right and all of them weren't doing anything but getting in NERV's way soon.

"Target has entered kill zone," Captain Izuna reported, and the lights in the room dimmed as everyone's attention went to the screens. "Requesting permission to begin."

"Permission granted," Commander Fushimi told her. "Begin the assault with conventional weapons, but I want everyone to be careful out there."

"Yes, sir. I want all units-" Commander Izuna began to issue orders as the angel made its way towards the geofront. When it passed an invisible line, the JSDF troops opened fire with machine guns and RPGs, but only for a few brief seconds. "Commander, we've confirmed that this one is also undamaged by conventional weapons," Izuna said as the angel counterattacked some of her forces, the JSDF troops already abandoning their previous positions as planned to avoid the counterattack.

"Understood, Captain. Your troops are now authorized to activate the DS Program, and I will take full responsibility for the outcome. You may make use of the harmonizer function, passive and auto skills only, Captain. Is that understood."

"Understood. Activate DSP!" The redheaded captain in green fatigues ordered. "Advance and engage the enemy!"

It was when the angel screamed, bullets ripping into it as easily as into human flesh that Gendo Ikari realized that he might have a problem. It was when Captain Izuna holstered her gun and ran forward to engage the downed angel with her bare hands and it worked that he knew that both he and SEELE had somehow missed the independent development of AT field technology that didn't require the Evas that were necessary to bring about instrumentality.

It was when a single punch shattered the core and everyone at Dr. Minegeshi's table looked like this was going according to their scenario (except Dr. Minegeshi, who looked as though the death screams of angels were music to his ears), that he knew that he couldn't try to absorb them into his own resources. They knew too much, and they might know enough to take one look at the Eva data and realize his true intentions.

As she watched the angel die, Misato Katsuragi wondered if maybe she'd signed up for the wrong group.

"From observing the bodies of the Third and Fourth angels, we can confirm that angels are a different kind of matter: in addition to the problem of penetrating their AT fields, conventional matter just can't interact with them well enough to actually damage their structures unless it's backed by an AT field even if the angel hasn't raised theirs. According to the information packet I requested from Dr. Saiduq," who Ritsuko had identified as the nice one out of the three JPs scientists: Naoya and Fumi would just have smirked. "The harmonizer function of the DS program," whatever that stood for, "doesn't just adjust the human AT field to protect their bodies instead of their minds. It actually converts the wavelengths involved so that physical matter and angelic matter can interact on an even footing. Hence the name Harmonizer: musical harmonies are created when sound waves interact in ways that reinforce each other. It doesn't just make it easier to damage angelic matter: it also makes it harder to damage physical matter, which is how the JSDF troops were able to survive direct hits from the angel's laser."

"They weren't even singed," Maya agreed, mystified.

"Actually, they were a lot worse than singed. The damage would have been distributed over their entire wave-structure. What that means is that someone in range of the harmonizer can keep fighting until they've taken enough damage that the waves that manifest as the particles that make up the matter of their bodies have been nullified, and they essentially disintegrate. The bad part of that, however, is consistent with the observed fact that N2 and energy weapons are able to do more damage to angelic matter than physical weapons, the matter of AT fields aside. The negative effect on the bodies of those soldiers will be similar to the effects of gamma radiation, which also disrupts energy levels and wavelengths inside the human body. Theoretically, every soldier who took part in that battle will either be dead by tomorrow or die of cancer within five years. If that was all there was to the DS Program."

Fuyutsuki nodded. "Commander Fushimi seemed aware that this was a very dangerous procedure, but it seemed to be one where he was familiar with the risks. He would have been much more uncomfortable if his unit really had suffered that many casualties."

"The harmonizer function is actually a relatively small subset of the DSP, and Commander Fushimi made a point of only allowing them to make use of it and other passive functions," Ritsuko agreed. "I've heard a lot about Dr. Minegeshi. We haven't seen anything yet."

Gendo leaned forward. "How soon will you find out what exactly it is that we're dealing with?" And how to disable it? The good news was that SEELE was in an absolute uproar, but the contempt they'd developed for Gendo meant that they weren't holding him responsible, oh no. He couldn't have been expected to see this coming. Now was the perfect time to do just about anything he wanted while remaining under their radar.

"I won't be able to do anything until we manage to acquire some hardware. All the parts of the DSP except the harmonizer function are designed to not only run only on a custom operating system, but Al Saiduq mentioned that the comp he showed me had been rebuilt. The DSP is actually a client program: most of what we need isn't actually in the software package we were given. That software isn't self-contained: all it really does is communicate with the server. It's the server that contains the real programs that run the actual processes, and a computer can't connect to the server without that custom hardware."

In other words, having the DSP was like having the phone number to a pizza place. It wasn't the same as having a pizza recipe, let alone ingredients and an oven. It was also completely useless without a working telephone in order to call up the pizza place to have them make the pie and deliver it to you.

It was a well-designed secure system designed to frustrate the hell out of hackers by making it clear that they were utterly denied access and the admin was LOLing at their hubris. How cute, that they thought they could do as they pleased with his baby.

"It was Dr. Atsuro Kihara that rewrote the harmonizer to let it run on standard hardware, according to his annotations," Ritsuko offered Gendo as proof she wasn't absolutely useless, even if the only real suggestion she could make was that he steal her some hardware and waylay Dr. Minegeshi's apprentice and a member of the Japanese cabinet, which was admitting that neither she nor the Magi were up to the challenge. "Our other alternative is to locate the server."

"Servers," Gendo recalled. "Dr. Saiduq mentioned that there were two servers, and two programs."

Ritsuko perked up at that. "And they're cross-compatible?" They were probably still built from the ground up for this purpose, but that still meant there was hope this could run on the Magi.

"Hmm," was what Gendo said. "They also seem to have some analysis capability." Captain Izuna had told Fushimi that this one was 'weak to physical' and that the rest probably weren't such pushovers. The ability to spot the vulnerabilities of the angels? "Use the magi to locate the servers." He'd have someone acquire the hardware.

"You want a comp?" the man asked Kaji, who nodded. "Yes, I can get you a comp," Honda said, face professionally blank. "NERV wouldn't be the first client I've acquired one for."

"Oh? Because both the UN and SEELE are running around like chickens with their heads cut off." So who outside of the Japanese government knew about this ahead of time.

"Well, I don't mind telling you under the circumstances: it was JPs, actually." Everyone already knew they had comps, so Honda wasn't violating serious confidentiality. Not enough to care when Kaji would owe him quite a few favors for this. "Naoya Minegeshi was the original inventor of the summon program, and Fumi Kanno developed a homebrew version for JPs."

"A homebrew version…" Rits would be glad to know those were possible. If Kaji verified that it was a good idea to tell her when that meant telling Gendo Ikari. "The summon program?"

Honda just smiled to himself, but at least it was an expression other than that helpful, upstanding citizen office drone mask. "Boot up an altered comp, and you'll find out for yourself," he said, getting up from the bench they were seated on. "Now, if you'll excuse me, I'll go fetch you a comp."

Kaji didn't bother trying to follow him. Honda was good at shaking tails: Kaji could swear he'd been looking right at him once and he'd still vanished.

He was back in a couple of minutes, and spread five out on the table. "This one's mine," he told Kaji, which meant hands off or they would have a problem, the kind that would result in anyone other than Kaji never being seen again. There was a reason Honda didn't answer to any particular Yakuza group, why such a dangerous agent even on the other side of the law from those Kaji served (theoretically) was an independent and still breathing. "One for each of your masters," NERV, the UN and SEELE, and Kaji realized that this was a warning: if Honda knew and was volunteering the information, then it was practically common knowledge. Was Kaji fooling anyone? Why wasn't he dead yet? What uses did all three groups have for him, because he was a dead man if any of them no longer did? "And one for you. Don't boot it up until you're certain you're unobserved, and somewhere no one will care about the odd gunshot."

"How much do I owe you?" Kaji asked, because this was going to be pricey.

"Let's discuss that after you've booted the program. I'm in no particular need of money, and if you don't focus on watching your back then you're not going to be in a position to do anyone any favors, hmm?"

Yeah, Kaji realized, he really had gotten himself in some deep shit, huh.

Honda patted him on the shoulder. "Just focus on surviving for now." He relaxed his perfect posture for a bit to lean back on the bench. "This takes me back… Making sure you survived was the reason I acquired a comp in the first place myself."


"Nevermind, son. What do you say I treat you to a beer?" That was why they'd met in Omotesando, after all: the bar Eiji was just a few blocks away.

"Then China dropped an N2 mine on Tokyo, since the city shouldn't have survived so they thought it was proof Japan had advance warning and hadn't shared it with the rest of the world," Shinji's teacher rambled on as a text appeared on Shinji's phone in the class chat room.

Hey, new kid: have you signed up for Nicaea yet?

Suzuhara! The class rep responded.

No, seriously, it's legit. I got a death clip of my sister getting crushed in one of the shelters: a whole bunch of other people got clips too, so there was barely anyone in that shelter when the angel showed up, and look what happened!

What's Nicaea? Shinji asked, because it was less boring than listening to the teacher.

It means City of Victory: neat, huh? Wouldn't that be a much better name for this place than Tokyo-3? Oh, I'm Kensuke Aida.

I know Nicaea works, Touji, but we're in class right now. I know I introduced myself earlier, but I'm the class rep, HIkari Horaki, and it's my responsibility to make sure that new students are up to handling the school and Tokyo-3. Shinji, I'll show you how to make a Nicaea account and Kensuke and I will explain what we know during break. Living here is a little dangerous, so don't hesitate to ask me, Kensuke or anyone else for help, alright?

"Here, I'll send you the link," Hikari said. "First you create an account, and choose your Tico."

"Get the bunnygirl, man, definitely the bunnygirl," Touji told him.

Hikari took Shinji's phone long enough to select the male Tico in a suit. Purple hair? "So you can see the site, right?"

"Yeah, it loaded fine."

"Yeah, that's just it," Kensuke said, leaning forward. "Not everyone can. My mom can't even see the clips: I had one pulled up and she thought the screen was blank. Everyone younger than fifteen can, but only like a handful of adults. My Tico said it's because everyone born after Second Impact got a bit of the fallout, and it takes 'potential' to see the site, although he wouldn't tell me much more than that."

"It will send you a clip if someone you know is about to die. For real, man. And if you hustle, you can generally keep it from happening. You saw how the buildings came back up after the angel fight, right?" Touji told him. "They had a lot of construction accidents, a hell of a lot. The gears and everything, and hanging upside-down inside the geofront: it was just really dangerous. Then someone found Nicaea online, and it's my dad that showed it to me. He saved like three of his friends just in two weeks, and now there's my sister."

"Boys, you're not letting the Tico explain how it works to him!" Hikari scolded, because this was important. "When he's done, do you mind if I get your number and add you to my contacts? I want to make sure everyone in the class is on my Fate Viewer, so I get your death clips and can let you know about them."

"Oh, right: it doesn't send you your own death clips," Kensuke added. "Isn't that weird? It just sends them to your friends, you know, people who would try to save your life. The people you have a connection with and the strength of the connection show up under the fate viewer part of the app."

"So what if you don't have any friends?" Shinji asked.

The three of them looked at each other, because they knew what would happen. The construction worker deaths still hadn't stopped, not completely. "Don't worry," Hikari told Shinji. "I know it can be hard to make friends in a new school, but we're all going to stick together, alright? We wouldn't just let you die." It was one thing not to reach out to others when there wasn't any particular reason to do so. It was another thing to refrain from reaching out when the fate viewer made it so clear that there were two lives that depended on contact with other human beings: the other person's and one's own.

Shinji didn't find out until the following day that, "This is what he summoned me here for." The giant purple robot. His father hadn't even come to greet him or give him orders: Misato was the one who put him up at her place, and the only ones here were a bunch of technicians.

Why purple? Was it another manifestation of how little Gendo cared about his son that he stuck him in the purple one? Should he put up with this? He didn't have any reason to get in there, after all, and maybe if he made enough trouble Gendo would have to take notice of him, that was what other kids did when their parents didn't pay any attention to them.

Shinji didn't know if he wanted to make the effort or not, but since the other kids were going to force him to talk to them and he didn't really have anything else to talk about, he should probably insist that, "I'm not getting in there unless you paint it black first."

Misato looked around, more than a little annoyed that Ritsuko wasn't here. After all, this was Shinji's first sync test! What if what happened to Rei happened again? His son was about to put his life in danger, and the Commander and their Eva expert weren't here?

Weren't here to argue with Misato's orders, either. "Right, you heard the pilot! Put a rush on it; I want it done by the time I've got our pilot in his plug suit and briefed."

Maya blinked at her. "But…?"

"But? But what? It's not going to hurt combat effectiveness and you need to practice rapid repairs on short notice, so snap to it!" Misato clapped her hands. "Come on, Shinji, I'll show you where to get changed."

The handheld device's upper screen contained several folders in the menu area: all of them blank except for e-mail access and a generic sort of 'settings' area that didn't let the user control anything useful to NERV. The magi had already reported that hacking into it wasn't happening, but there were a few programs that were checking to see whether or not certain activation criteria had been met. Clicking on a specific one of the blank folders called up a message saying: "Condition White: DS Program access denied."

Gendo wouldn't have thought that Naoya Minegeshi had a soft spot, but one of the activation criteria turned out to be 'human between the ages of seventeen and twelve in need of assistance.' The lower age limit made sense, for a military program. There was preserving lives and then there was giving machine guns to toddlers.

Since Rei was seriously injured, she qualified, in addition to being absolutely trustworthy.

"Condition Green," the screen said seconds after she turned on the comp, sitting in the center of one of NERV's large rooms with a cord hooked up to the comp to display what it showed on the monitors for Gendo, Fuyutsuki and Ritsuko. "Booting Demon Summoning Program."

Text flashed by, black and white that looked like computer program format at first, so fast he could barely read more than a handful of words, but after pouring over the Secret Dead Sea Scrolls he knew Biblical text when he saw it.

"No one is righteous. No, not one," was the final line, before two other messages appeared, spelled out slowly.

"Peace on Earth is dead."

"Let's survive."

"At field detected. Pattern Black?" Ritsuko reported, looking at her screen as Gendo and Fuyutsuki stared at the thing that appeared in the room with Rei.

It laughed and said something incomprehensible before flying at Rei, trying to slice her stomach open.


Thirty minutes later, an e-mail appeared in the comp that she did not need.

Well, who would have thought? It's not often that I'm surprised.

So this is why no one has seen you in fourteen years, Lilith. Though it seems it's Rei Ayanami for the moment.

You don't know what you are, do you? But let me reassure you on one account: you aren't an angel. You never were.

So, care to join in the angel hunt? I was looking forward to killing some myself, but if Ikari is your contractor, I suppose we'll have to let him have some of the fun.

Your amused nephew, Naoya.

Multi-strike is effing broken. 'Remember that time you bitch-slapped a sun?'

Remiel vs. Ramiel needs to happen, especially as Remiel is an observer angel with authority over God's Thunder, according to Naoya's 8th Day scenario. When/If I do another chapter, Rei will have gained Lilith's Temptation auto-skill from Devil Survivor 2. Since demons can be summoned by strong emotions, what patron would Asuka get?

I also find myself wondering about Alioth. In the absence of Shiva and his spear, would they have to use the lance to down it before it carpet-bombs all of Tokyo-3 with deadly neurotoxins?

Naoya put quite good security on his summoning program. The Nicaea summon app, on the other hand, runs on cell phones. Remember Naoya's FML expression in Atsuro's route when Atsuro wanted him to let the DSP run on other hardware and operating systems without compromising security and resulting in a hackable demon army? While Naoya's devil summoning program is powered by internet drama (Seriously. Naoya is a genius. And a troll.) and thus will work for anyone, the summoning app and Nicaea can only be used by those with some spiritual power of their own. Still, it's pretty close to certain Gendo would be able to use it given the strength of his emotions. I wonder what demon his obsession with Yui would call… Off the top of my head, Izanagi or Orpheus seem appropriate, given the whole '(failed) quest to recover dead wife/husband' thing. And those are protagonist demons.

Re. purple, given Shinji's general self-esteem issues and the fact he's canonically bi (there's a joke in the anime that made it into Rebuild probably to re-establish that Shinji thinks in terms of himself going on dates with guys), my guess is that he'd have a lot of internalized homophobia because if he's LGBT, then that must be a bad thing to be, right?