This is just a sweet moment between the twins. Enjoy, Read and Review!

Deep Thinking

Alan and his twin sister Aly lounged in the shade of the big Sycamore on the ridge overlooking the beach. A companionable silence took the place of the usual nonstop chatter as each child's mind drifted.

"I've been thinking..." Alan's head and eyes rolled to the side to view his sister's face.

Aly's eyes were closed, face towards the sky. She snorted loudly before saying, well half-singing, "That'd be knew."

"Don't tease. I was thinking that, well I'd like to try for my knighthood." Aly was silent. Alan nudged her ankle with his foot. "Aly?"

His sister started shaking with laughter. "You, you want to be a stuffy, chilverous, noble, boring Knight! Of all people, you a Knight?! That's pretty rich."

"Stop, I'm being serious!" Alan protested sitting up sharply.

"Wait, wait, wait. You're really being serious?" Aly asked, following suit and brushing the leaves and dried grass out of her hair.

"Yes. I want to be a Knight." Alan's voice was almost defiant.

"Kudos to you, then. I could never be a Knight. I'd get bored to easily. When you come back in four years you can introduce me to all your handsome squire friends!"

"I knew it was to much to ask when I asked you to be serious. Come on, let's go inside and find Da."

Alright, yes, I admit it. I dissapeared for a month and returned with a cliche and overdone theme. I know you're disappointed in me, dear reader, for I am disappointed in myself. A pesky little thing known as Real Life keeps getting in the way of my writing. I'll be working very hard to advance my stories all through the month of October, but come November there will be another month-long blackout for NaNoWriMo. After that I should be updating regularly, if at half my summertime speed.