A/N - this is for day 1 of the Meadow of Prompts! challenge at Fire is Catching. I incorporated the prompts meadow, sunshine, halo and typical in this fic, using the pairing Cato/Clove.

They met in a meadow.

It was the middle of winter, but, surprisingly, the sun was coming through the vast field of clouds. Kids were released from their homes, where they were bored senseless. Unhappy, miserable, and downright annoying, especially Cato. A boy of just six years, he had many friends, and they ran to the meadow.

Girls made halos out of flowers and Clove did the same, just trying. She ran into the older boy accidentally, a mistake that made her emit a, "Oopsie!" making the older laugh.

They became instant friends. It was happiness all around. Cato got another friend and Clove got her very first. It was a typical relationship of two great friends.

If only they knew about the monsters they would become.

{here your dreams are sweet and tomorrow brings them true}

deep in the meadow

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