JJ looked across at Emily as they relaxed on the jet. As usual this had been a very hard case on all of them. They all were doing what they knew most to try and forget everything. JJ knew what the others did. They were readable to her on that part all but Emily. She knew Emily was good at compartmentalising. She never really showed emotion afterwards and looking into her eyes you could only see walls that shielded anyone from seeing the real emotional Emily. Rarely did she see Emily unguarded. Only just a flicker and the walls are up again. She seemed to be a pro in surfing her emotions. Showing what she only wanted them to see. It was never the whole package.

JJ wished she knew what Emily did after a case. Come to think of it what did she do? Tuck herself into bed after drowning a whole bottle of wine? Watch some nerdy film? Go to the bar and hook up? She decided to ask.

"Hey Emily." She started. Emily flicked her eyes from out of space they were looking till they met hers. "Yes?' she said smiling. The smile didn't reach her eyes. JJ's heart went out to her. From their few girls night outs she knew Em was virtually alone. No boyfriend. Her only family was her mother and the BAU. '" was just wondering what you did after a case." She just decided to go for it. "oh." Emily laughed nervously. "I watch a movie with Sergio and Jack Daniels" she said. Her eyes mirrored sadness. "I know it's stupid but it's all I have." She said dryly and then turned back to looking out of space leaving JJ to let the information sink. Firstly she didn't expect Emily to be that direct.

There was silence. She realised that they were almost the same. The only difference was JJ had Henry. Will had left her. He had just decided he didn't need them. In fact he never needed them in the first place. She had been a bundle of emotions when she had turned to Emily. Normally she would go to Garcia but she just went to Emily. She had done all she could to make her better. Emily had helped her pull through. She had been there for her. She decided to be there for her as well. She realised they had never spend time together just the 2 of them. Usually it was with the team or with Garcia. Well this was her chance.

"Emily." She said again softly. Again she met up with the brown eyes. "Want to join me at the park with Henry tomorrow?" She was just taking a chance. She knew Emily adored Henry so much. All the presents and toys she had got him… as for Henry she couldn't count the times Henry asked for Emily. "It's ok if you can't." She added seeing as Emily remained quiet. "No! It's ok. I'll come." she said quickly. "Good. Meet at nine? My place?" "No ill meet you at the park." "Ok then."

They were silent once again but JJ was so happy. She had achieved what she wanted. She swore she saw a smile creep over her face. What she needed to do was to come up with a way of keeping both Henry and Emily entertained and mission number 1 is to see the real Emily. She hoped if she couldn't do that then Henry would.