Vegeta uttered to himself, looking down at the one man he respected. The very same man he had once detested so much…

But that was all in the past now, he had come to see that very same man as his best friend and rival. He had come to admire and look up to him just as everyone else had over the years.

After a few moments of tossing and turning in pain, Goku lay motionless in his bed.

'Even if he seems to have calmed down now. His ki is still behaving strangely.' Vegeta thought to himself as silence filled the room.

Chi Chi watched her husband sleep with concern, wondering what could have possibly happened to Goku. She hadn't seen him in such a state since he had been afflicted with the lethal heart virus that the Trunks from the future had warned them about. But that was so many years ago...

Tears welled up in her eyes until she couldn't take it anymore.

"Oh… Goku…" she sobbed as she buried her face in his chest.

Then IT happened.

Vegeta's face became even more stern and serious than it usually was.

"Woman... I need you to leave now." he spoke in a lethally serious tone.

"Wha- ...? Why!? Just what the heck is going on Vegeta?" Chi Chi replied with alarm in her voice. "You haven't told me a thing and now you just want me to leave!? Why is my Goku even like this!?" Chi Chi's frustration was growing more and more. 'Why am I, the one who cares more about Goku than anyone else, being kept in the dark about this? It's was always like this… ALWAYS.'

Vegeta gave no reply. His face stayed as stern and serious as it had been, his eyes focused on Goku as if the two of them were alone in the room.

Chi Chi's frustration was at its limit. She dashed towards Vegeta with far greater speed than a woman of her age should be capable of, with the intention of smacking him across the face with all her might.

Suddenly Goku sat up, slowly opening his eyes.


To Vegeta's surprise, those weren't Kakarott's eyes. Not the Kakarott he knew. The whites of his eyes were black, his irises glowed red. The malice Vegeta had sensed emanating from Goku the entire time was now even more apparent. The killing intent he could sense sent chills down his spine.

Vegeta had no idea what Goku would do next, but he knew that he had to keep the wife of the man he respected most safe. Even if it meant that he would have to keep her safe from that very same man himself.

Just as Chi Chi was about to slap Vegeta across the face he shoved her aside and rushed Goku, grabbing him by the throat and slamming him through the wall to the outside.

"Rrrrraaaaaaaaaaagggghhhhhhhhh!" Vegeta roared as he powered up, transforming into a Super Saiyan 3 with ease, keeping a firm hold on Goku's throat as the golden aura of his ki exploded from within him, his incredible power causing the ground to quake beneath them.

'I have to make sure this fight takes place as far away from here as possible.' Vegeta thought to himself as he threw Goku far off into the distance. Vegeta wasted no time following in pursuit.

However, before he could reach him Vegeta heard the roar of a Super Saiyan ki so powerful that it blew him back forcing him to stop. The ground trembled and boulders rose as crimson lightning struck, shattering all it touched. The sky darkened around the shadowy figure that now stood before Vegeta.

Goku slowly raised his head and looked at the Saiyan Prince.

"You're... Vegeta." His voice was demonic as he spoke.


Vegeta was in disbelief. He couldn't believe his eyes. There, standing before him, was his best friend and rival; Goku. His hair long and wild, glowing an odd pale silver color. His eyes were as they had been when he first awakened, black with fiercely glowing red irises. His skin was pale as if it were lifeless. Strange markings under his eyes made his face seem fiercer and demonic. The aura of his ki wasn't a glowing gold color, it was a pitch black color. Crimson lightning fiercely flashed around his body.

"C-could this be the next level of Super Saiyan … !?" Vegeta uttered to himself, astounded.

"...No! Something like this can't possibly be the next level of Saiyan power!" He clenched his fist as he raised it.

"And you... you're NOT Kakarott! If I have to kill you to bring him back, then so be it!" Vegeta's Super Saiyan 3 ki roared as he spoke. "Don't you dare think I'll go easy on you!"

A sadistic smirk slowly formed on Goku's face as Vegeta spoke and he slowly burst into a demonic laughter.

His laughter sent chills down Vegeta's spine and for a moment, the Saiyan Prince's resolve faltered. Then, enraged at this mockery, he roared with rage. The aura of his Super Saiyan 3 ki exploded, surrounding him in a golden glow with azure lightning flashing around him as he dashed toward Goku.

Vegeta cocked back his arm with the intention of smashing his fist into Goku's face, but Goku dodged Vegeta's lightning fast punch with ease, sending his own counter-punch deep into Vegeta's stomach, punishing him for even daring to try to attack him.

"Ghhackkk!" Blood spewed from Vegeta's mouth upon impact. Vegeta pulled back, holding his stomach. The impact of Goku's blow had knocked the wind out of him. The Saiyan Prince gritted his teeth, trying to regain his bearings.

"Is that all you've got? Prince of Saiyans." Goku scoffed.

Vegeta looked back at Goku, still holding his stomach in pain. Then suddenly without warning, the Prince sent a devastating kick to the side of Goku's neck, causing him to stagger slightly. But the attack didn't cause nearly as much damage as the Saiyan Prince had hoped for. Goku had allowed the kick to come willingly and Vegeta knew it. He had caught the kick with his neck, willingly taking the full blunt of Vegeta's attack just for the sake of mocking him. Goku smirked as he turned his head to look at Vegeta.

Angered, Vegeta kicked off of Goku's shoulder, flipping in the air to better position himself to throw a ki blast at Goku from point blank range. He flew further away distancing himself from Goku as he continued firing a barrage of ki blasts. Each of the blasts exploding upon impact, covering Goku in clouds of smoke. Vegeta didn't need to see him to know his attacks hadn't been enough, he continued launching volley after volley of ki blasts.

"I'm not impressed, Vegeta. Not in the least."

Vegeta turned with a start and there he was, Goku was directly behind him. He had appeared behind him instantaneously and in his frustration, Vegeta had failed to notice. The moment Vegeta turned to face Goku he was struck by the back of his forearm sending him crashing to the ground causing a deep crevasse to form in the ground.

Vegeta recovered as quickly as he could, bursting out from the ground with the intention of countering, but the moment he came out Goku appeared behind him sending a devastating kick to his side that sent him flying once again. Goku followed up while Vegeta was still in mid-air, appearing in front of him and catching him by the face with the palm of his hand.

Holding onto Vegeta firmly by the face, he smashed him headfirst into the ground causing an enormous crater.

The impact caused Vegeta to lose consciousness and return to his base form, his long golden hair reverting to its usual black color and length once more.

"I'd be disappointed, but I've come to expect only this much from you, Vegeta." Goku spat on Vegeta's face as he let go of him.

"You're pathetic." he said with a grin as he stomped on Vegeta's gut, crushing his stomach under his boot.

"GUUGGHHACKKK!" Goku laughed demonically as blood spewed from Vegeta's mouth, stomping his foot down onto Vegeta's gut again.

"UURAHHHGGGGHHHH!" Vegeta cried out in pain causing Goku to laugh demonically once more.

"As much as it amuses me to hear your cries… I'm going to end your pathetic existence now, Vegeta." Goku said as he gathered ki in the palm of his hand and pointed it at the defeated Saiyan Prince.


"…Oh?" Goku smirked as he turned to face the large ki that was increasing far behind him.

"HA... ME…!"

It was Uub, Goku's very own pupil who had been waiting with Pan for the others to return.

He had made sure Pan wouldn't follow him as he had recognized that the incredibly powerful and malicious ki they could sense in battle with Vegeta belonged to her grandfather, Son Goku himself.

Now he would have to stand against his very own master, he would try to use everything he had been taught by him in order to overcome him.


Uub shouted as he fired the azure colored beam at the very same man that had taught the technique to him. Goku deflected the attack easily, swatting it away with the back of his forearm causing it to explode in the distance, destroying mountains.

"Think you stand any more of a chance than he did?" Goku said with a sadistic smirk.

"Well?" He gestured for Uub to come with a finger. "Let's see what you've got."

The Human reincarnation of Buu poised himself to power up.

"Kaio-Ken… times 20!" He shouted as his ki exploded into a burning crimson aura. He dashed towards Goku with great speed, throwing a barrage of punches and kicks, all of which Goku dodged with ease.

Catching one of Uub's punches, Goku pulled him in with one arm as he elbowed him in the face with the other, causing him to bleed from his nose profusely. The impact would have sent Uub flying had his Goku let go of his arm but he had kept a firm grip on it and the jerking motion dislocated Uub's arm from its shoulder. Uub groaned in pain as he fell to his knees before his master.

"Pathetic… even with the Kaio-Ken, you're nothing compared to the original." Goku said, as he let go of Uub's arm, allowing him to fall.

"Out of my sight." as Uub fell before him, Goku kicked him square in the face just before he reached the ground. The impact sent Uub flying upward, unconscious.

Suddenly, seemingly from nowhere, Gohan appeared. Catching the unconscious Uub.

Kibitokai had returned everyone from the Sacred World of the Kais.

Gohan, Goten, Trunks, and Piccolo had all returned.

Goku turned to look at everyone for a moment, then set his sights on Gohan who was still holding Uub. He grinned maliciously, he knew Gohan was the strongest among them, stronger than Vegeta. He couldn't wait to tear him apart next.

Gohan was shocked, his father looked… like a monster. His ki was abnormally evil and beyond anything he had ever felt before. Even more fearsome than the Buu that had absorbed him years ago, and since then Gohan had only weakened.

"Father!" Trunks cried out as he rushed to his father's side.

Gohan looked down at him, and Vegeta who was lying broken and battered in the middle of a giant crater.

"GOHANNN!" Piccolo shouted out to his former student. "What are you waiting for! You're the only one of us that could possibly stand a chance against him! That man there isn't your father! You know Goku would never do this to Uub and Vegeta! ...And you know this monster won't stop there, everyone is in danger, Pan, Videl, EVERYONE!"

Goku smirked sadistically as Piccolo spoke, not once taking his glare off Gohan.

"You're right Piccolo." Gohan said. Turning to return his father's stare, his eyes filled with determination as he descended to leave Uub with the others.

"Take care of him Kaioshin-sama."

"O-of course, Gohan" Kibitokai replied as Gohan turned to face his father once again.

"So then, are you ready yet? I'm anxious to see how you fare without me holding your hand for once." Goku said with a smirk.

Gohan shuddered at the sound of his father's demonic voice, but hearing him speak that way only further convinced him that it was in fact, not his father. This was different from the time he had fought against Ginyu in his father's body on Namek years ago, but Gohan assured himself that he'd treat it the same as he had back then. He flew up to Goku's altitude, facing him.

"Alright then, let's go." he said as he assumed a fighting stance.

Goku said nothing, he merely put out his hand and gestured for Gohan to come with two fingers. He was offering Gohan the first move, and Gohan was more than happy to oblige.

The half-Saiyan charged toward his father with his arm cocked back, seemingly with the intention of sending a devastating punch straight into Goku's face, but just before the blow was to strike, Gohan stopped himself. With incredible speed that no eyes could follow, he flew around behind Goku sending a devastating kick towards his neck, but it met with Goku's forearm instead. Gohan vanished from sight once again, reappearing on the opposite end, turning his body to smash the back of his forearm into Goku's face. Goku caught him by the wrist and turned to knee him in the gut knocking the wind out of Gohan.

"Pathetic. After all this time you're still nothing without me guiding your every action." Goku said with a smirk.

"I can't let this happen" Gohan uttered to himself through gritted teeth as he held his stomach. "I can't… I could never forgive myself if I let my own father destroy everything and everyone we care about! I HAVE to stop him! I HAVE TO!" Gohan's ki roared as his colorless aura surrounded him. He charged Goku once again with incredible force and the two exchanged blows seemingly even matched.

"That's it Gohan, that's more like it! Get pissed! show me what you're really made of!" Goku laughed with excitement as he effortlessly kept up with the enraged Gohan.

"T-Trunks.." Vegeta barely managed to say.

Trunks looked away from the fight and turned to his father, "I'm here Dad."

"You... you have to help… Gohan." Trunks looked up and saw Gohan fighting with all his might against his own father.

'But… what could I possibly do...?' He thought to himself, regretting all the time he had taken it easy when he should have been getting stronger just in case something like this ever came to happen.

Suddenly, he heard the roar of Super Saiyan ki next to him. Goten had transformed. Without a word he rushed to his brother's aid, dashing toward his father at full speed only to be easily swatted aside.

Trunks gritted his teeth as he watched Goten, who he knew was his equal plummet to the ground.

"GOTENNN!" Gohan shouted as his brother reverted to his base form, his hair returning to its usual black color.

"Pay attention you fool!" Goku exclaimed as he kneed Gohan square in the face, quickly following up by turning his body in mid-air positioning himself to drop his heel on Gohan. The impact of the kick sent Gohan plummeting into the ground just a short distance away from where his brother had landed.

"FINALLL FLASHHH!" Goku turned just as Trunks fired one of his father's greatest attacks. The beam caused a great explosion upon impact, but once the smoke had cleared, Goku was revealed to be completely unharmed. He had cancelled out the attack by merely putting out the palm of his hand.

"D-dammit…" Trunks uttered to himself. In no time at all Goku appeared before him, punching him in the gut. The impact of the blow caused Trunks to bowl over and fall from the sky down to the floor, his golden hair returning to its normal lavender as he lost consciousness.

"Makankosappo!" Piccolo's attack was no more effective than Trunk's had been, Goku merely swatted it aside as if it were child's play, sending it off into the distance. Piccolo gritted his teeth in rage.

"Masenko…" his ki glowed as he gathered it in the palm of his hands.

"Stubborn aren't we?" Goku said with a smirk "I didn't expect you to fight so foolishly Piccolo."

'I just… have to buy enough time for Gohan to recover, he's our only hope, and this… it's all I can do for him right now!' Piccolo thought to himself as he launched his attack with all his might.


Goku's expression remained unchanged as the beam came at him.

Still with the same sadistic smirk on his face, he dashed right into Piccolo's beam going through it as if it were nothing at all.

Appearing on the opposite end of the beam, right in front of Piccolo, Goku grabbed the Namekian warrior by the wrists, crushing them and stopping the attack.

"GRRRGGGHHH!" Piccolo grunted in pain. Goku proceeded to spread Piccolo's arms, leaving his torso defenseless. Turning slightly to the side, Goku sent a devastating kick to Piccolo's chest with great force, keeping a firm grip on Piccolo's wrists.

The impact of the blow was so great that it caused Piccolo's arms to tear clean off.

"GHHARRRGHHH!" The Namekian cried out in pain as his purple blood spewed from where his arms had been.

Gohan watched in disbelief as his mentor was blown away by his own father's attack. His horribly disfigured body skidded across the floor.

"PICCOLOOOO!" Gohan cried out in shock.

He couldn't believe what had just happened.

Everyone else was on the ground, beaten, battered, and broken. And now, only he remained. It was all up to him to right all that had just been wronged, and to prevent this from getting any worse.

'Piccolo was right… this would only be the beginning… Goten, Trunks, Vegeta, Uub, Piccolo… they would only be the beginning.

Gohan turned to face Goku with tears of rage in his eyes, and lightning flashing around him fiercely.

"I won't let this go on any longer..." Gohan's every word was filled with righteous anger. His ki exploded as he charged Goku once more.

The Earth itself shook as the two exchanged blows, almost as if it were trembling in fear of the power of the two warriors.

Vegeta winced as he struggled to look up at the two of them. He knew he had to stand up, maybe together, he and Gohan would be able to stop him. The thought of Saiyan pride didn't even cross his mind. Vegeta still wanted to best Goku, but not in a fight to the death. Not anymore... not like this… Right now all that mattered is getting Kakarott back to normal and preventing him from hurting anyone else. Vegeta clenched a fistful of the ground in the palm of his hand as he pushed himself upward trying to stand, but he was unable to do so. Falling back to the floor, he could only look on at the father and son doing battle far above him.

"D-dammit…" he uttered to himself in frustration as he prepared to try and pick himself up again.

Every blow created a shockwave felt throughout the entire world as they collided, blocked or not. Neither father nor son faltered one bit.

"Is this all you've got Gohan? Maybe I should kill Pan and Videl? Maybe then you'll be angered enough to pose some sort of challenge to me!" upon hearing this, Gohan lost it. Enraged, the Half-Saiyan threw a barrage of lightning fast attacks, leaving himself completely defenseless in his anger. Goku smirked sadistically as he took advantage of this, dodging the imprecise attacks with ease as he positioned himself to attack. Then finally, he smashed his fist into Gohan's stomach, the impact caused a shockwave far greater than the other blows he had thrown, showing that he had clearly been holding back.

The ground rumbled and boulders rose from the ground as the blow was struck. Blood spewed from Gohan's mouth as Goku focused his ki into the palm of his hand, allowing it to explode, piercing Gohan's torso and blowing him away.

Everyone still conscious watched in disbelief as Gohan's lifeless body fell to the floor, blood gushing from a great hole in the middle of his torso.

It was the first time Gohan had ever been killed in battle, and it was by his father's own hand.

"No…! Gohan…" a distraught Kibitokai uttered to himself, he had put all of his faith in Gohan to stop Goku, now it really was completely hopeless. There was no one left in the universe that could stop him now.

"I'm disappointed Gohan, you should have easily been able to match me. Even that great rage of yours that made you seem unstoppable against Cell years ago, was nothing but a let down. Even with all the power the old man gave you."

Vegeta watched in shock as Goku turned to look at the others. He had crushed them all mercilessly, his friends, his family, the people he had saved so many times before. They were all nothing more than insects to him now. He shifted his gaze, setting it on Goten and Trunks who were near each other.

"You two… you're both just pathetic, I can't even begin to tell you how disappointed I am with the two of you. You're nothing at all if apart, the way you two have to rely on each other is disgusting. And even if you combined, you'd still be nothing compared to me."

The two of them stirred a bit slowly regaining consciousness as if on cue. They had heard Goku's demonic voice and although they weren't fully able to comprehend his words at the time, they subconsciously wanted to prove him wrong.

Goku set his sights on Piccolo next. At least, what was left of him.

"Piccolo, King Piccolo, Kami... I respected every form of you at one point as the greatest opponent I had ever faced. And now look at you… you were nothing more than a stepping stone on my path to greatness. It was foolish of me to expect any more from you than that."

"…and YOU!" Goku shouted as he turned to Uub, who was broken and unconscious next to Kibitokai.

"I no longer have any interest in fighting a pathetic half-assed version of Buu!"

"In fact..." he continued "I no longer have any interest in any of you whatsoever!" Goku flew up higher into the sky as he spoke.

Vegeta staggered to his feet, looking up at Goku as he rose higher and higher.

"I'm still standing you bastard! FIGHT ME!" Vegeta shouted angrily.

"You?" Goku scoffed "You still think you stand a chance against me?"

Vegeta stood firm, but inside he knew it very well may be hopeless, but he had to try. There was no one else who could possibly stop Goku. If he didn't stop him now then who would?

"Ridiculous. If you had any sort of pride you'd just off yourself and save me the trouble… Either way you're all going to die along with this entire planet!" Goku laughed demonically as he assumed the stance for the Kamehameha, positioning himself to fire it directly at the Earth.

"KA… ME…"

"SHIIITTT!" Vegeta roared as he transformed into a Super Saiyan 3 assuming the stance for the Final Flash.

"Father!" Trunks cried out as he joined his father as a Super Saiyan.

"Trunks!" Goten exclaimed as he joined them, transforming into a Super Saiyan as well.

"Let's do it, hurry!" The two young Super Saiyans set aside their differences for the sake of combining once again, fusing to form Super Saiyan 3 Gotenks, who joined Vegeta positioning himself in preparation to try and stop Goku's Kamehameha as well.

"HA… ME…!"

Goku's legendary attack that had saved them all so many times in the past was now ready to be fired for the sake of destroying the Earth itself!

"This can't be happening… how… how could it have come to this… ?" Kibitokai uttered to himself in shock at the horrible events that had just unfolded before his very eyes.

"How... ?"

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