Ca-Yin angrily smashed his fist into Gohan's face. The impact of the blow causing the ground to crumble and rise around them as Gohan did his best to stand firm.

'D-damn it, I can't take much more of this!' Gohan thought to himself. He was forcing himself to fight on regardless of a struggle it was to even remain conscious after such a blow.

Thoughts of his family back on Earth feeding his will to fight, Gohan charged at Ca-Yin preparing to exchange blows once more.

'Dad... the Genki Dama has to work... it has to...!'

"You think I don't know what you're trying to do? YOU MAGGOT!" Ca-Yin's eyes fiercely glowed red as he struck Gohan square in the face with his knee. Gohan blanked out for a moment, blood spewing from his nose. His vision was blurred, but he could barely make out the sight of Ca-Yin vanishing in an instant.

"N-no! Dammit!" Gohan shouted.

There was no way he could make it in time to stop Ca-Yin from getting to his father.

Goku's eyes widened with surprise as Ca-Yin appeared before him instantaneously with his fist cocked back.

"DIE YOU WORM!" Ca-Yin shouted angrily, throwing a devastating punch that could easily take down Goku in his current state.

Rather than smashing into Goku's face, Ca-Yin's fist met with the palm of a gloved hand.

Vegeta's Super Saiyan 3 aura exploded around him. It was an immense struggle, but he stood his ground, taking the full impact of Ca-Yin's blow.

"Did you forget about me, fool?" The Saiyan prince said with a smirk.

Unity Part 3

"GET OUT OF MY WAY!" Ca-Yin roared as he threw a devastating punch with his one free hand. The Saiyan prince gritted his teeth and caught the mighty Shin-jin's other fist as well. It took all of Vegeta's strength, but he kept himself from being pushed back, regardless of how great the impact of Ca-Yin's blow was.

'So this monster really did tire and weaken after all that. Kakarott... You'd better hurry!' Vegeta thought to himself with a strained grin.

With a firm grip on Ca-Yin's fists, Vegeta propelled himself forward with as much force as he could, determined to push Ca-Yin as far away from Goku as he could manage. Ca-Yin was momentarily caught off guard by the sudden push, and was forced back for quite a distance before he angrily smashed his knee into the Saiyan Prince's gut, forcing him to lose his grip on him. With Vegeta bowled over in mid-air, Ca-Yin spun himself around to swiftly kick the Saiyan Prince in the ribs sending him flying.

With Vegeta out of the way, Ca-Yin angrily turned his attention back to Goku and charged at him once more.

"NOW YOU'RE MINE!" The mighty Shin-jin roared with a malicious grin.

Suddenly a ring of golden energy appeared around Ca-Yin just as he was going to reach Goku. With incredible speed, the ring contracted around his arms, squeezing him tightly and holding him in place.

"WHAT THE HELL IS THIS!?" Ca-Yin cried out in fury.

"Hehe..." A pair of voices could be heard snickering in sync behind the Shin-jin warrior.

Ca-Yin turned to see a young man dressed in a strange black and gold vest and white pants.

His hair and face resembled the other two so called "Super Saiyan 3" Ca-Yin had already faced, but who was this new foe? And where had he come from?

"And just… WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?!" The mighty Shin-jin shouted angrily.

The young man smirked arrogantly, as if he had been waiting for the perfect opportunity to introduce himself.

"Who am I you ask? I am the grim reaper of justice! I am Gotenks!" The fusion of Goten and Trunks proudly stated.

"And your time is up! You bastard!" Gotenks shouted dramatically, heroically pointing his index finger at Ca-Yin.

Ca-Yin's frustration was growing to no end. So many nuisances were getting in his way, and this cocky new warrior especially annoyed him. The mighty Shin-jin roared angrily as he tore his way out of the ring of energy, only for three other rings to take its place.

"Whoa now, I'm not done yet so you just wait there a second." Gotenks said with a nervous grin.

"I'LL SLAUGHTER YOU!" Ca-Yin furiously roared with an even further distorted voice as he shattered the three energy rings that had bound him.

Appearing instantaneously in front of Gotenks, Ca-Yin sent him plummeting to the ground below with a devastating punch.

"DIE MAGGOT! DIE!" Ca-Yin shouted angrily, firing a barrage of ki blasts.

Below, Gotenks was unable to move as he watched countless black spheres of energy rain down on him.

"Oh shit..." Gotenks uttered to himself. Shielding himself behind his forearms, he braced himself for the impact, but it never came. Gotenks looked up to see Gohan standing over him, swatting away as many of Ca-Yin's blasts as he could and shielding him with his own body.

"Don't just sit there! Get a move on!" Gohan shouted at the fused young man with a strained voice.

"R-right!" Gotenks replied as he hurried away.

Above them, Ca-Yin furiously fired volley after volley of ki blasts, unaware of the fact that the Saiyan Prince was creeping up behind him. With a devastating kick to Ca-Yin's jaw, Vegeta sent the mighty Shin-jin flying, stopping the barrage of ki blasts.

"You were a fool to take your eyes off me!" Vegeta shouted, charging after the mighty Shin-jin with his fist cocked back.

Still in mid-air, Ca-Yin flipped to right himself.

"I'LL KILL YOU ALL!" Ca-Yin shouted furiously, charging back at Vegeta.

As the two warriors fiercely exchanged blows, Gohan approached Gotenks.

"Listen, the three of us have to surround my dad. We've been lucky so far, but this guy can teleport anywhere he wants to in an instant. We can't afford to let him stop my dad from finishing the Genki Dama, it's our only chance against this guy. Got it?"

Gotenks merely nodded in response with a slightly perplexed look on his face.

"None of us can handle this guy on our own so don't even try it. We'll have to back each other up as we defend my dad."

"Right!" Gotenks exclaimed, his golden Super Saiyan 3 aura exploding around him.

"Alright let's go!" Gohan commanded, his voice filled with determination. And with those words the two of them rushed to where Vegeta and Ca-Yin were still going blow for blow.

It took everything Vegeta had to keep up with the mighty Shin-jin, but he stood his ground.

Ca-Yin grew more and more irritated, and as his anger grew, so did his strength. Catching one of Vegeta's fists in the palm of his hand, he twisted the Saiyan prince's arm and smashed his knee into his ribs. Blood and saliva spewed from Vegeta's mouth. Pulling in Vegeta by his arm, Ca-Yin elbowed him in the face causing him to blank out for a moment.

'D-dammit...!' Vegeta's vision was blurred but he was still fully aware that Ca-Yin was gathering energy into the palm of his hand. He intended to finish him off with the next attack.

"No you don't!" Gotenks shouted, sending a devastating kick to Ca-Yin's face, causing him to stagger slightly while Gohan came from above hammering the mighty Shin-jin to the ground.

Ca-Yin flipped to right himself while still in mid-air, but the moment he looked up he noticed he was surrounded by odd, ghost looking versions of Gotenks.

"Heya dumbass!" One of the ghosts teased in an oddly high pitched voice.

"WHAT THE HELL!?" Ca-Yin shouted angrily as he charged at the ghost, throwing a powerful punch square into its face without a second thought. But the moment he made contact, the ghost erupted into an enormous explosion that completely engulfed him.

Ca-Yin growled as the dust cleared around him, revealing that he had taken little to no damage.

"Hahaha! You really are a dumbass, dumbass!" The ghosts teased in unison.

Ca-Yin looked up to see Goku now surrounded by the trio of Gohan, Vegeta, and Gotenks.

"This was... a distraction...!?" Ca-Yin growled to himself. Relaxing his muscles, he did his best to calm himself.

"I need to keep my wits about me..." Ca-Yin uttered to himself. 'They seem to see the Genki Dama as their last resort. I want to avoid using IT if I can... but if I must...'

"We're gonna kick yer ass! We're gonna kick yer ass!" The ghosts playfully chanted.

Ca-Yin's eye twitched. The ghosts were irritating him but he willed himself to stay calm.

" be it!" Ca-Yin audibly uttered to himself. With his dark aura exploding around him, Ca-Yin charged toward Goku and the others with incredible speed.

"H-hey not so fast!..." The ghosts called out to him as they followed suit. Ca-Yin spun around to face the ghosts, firing several ki blasts with one swipe of his arm, causing each of the ghosts to explode on impact.

With a satisfied grin, Ca-Yin turned to face Goku and the others. The trio of Gohan, Gotenks, and Vegeta braced themselves to take the mighty Shin-jin on.

The Ca-Yin cocked his fist back, seemingly intending to attack Gohan. The half Saiyan braced himself, raising his forearm to block the attack, but the blow never came. Instead, Ca-Yin appeared beside Gotenks in an instant, grabbing the fusion of Goten and Trunks by the throat.

"You... you're the weakest link here." Ca-Yin said with a smirk.

Vegeta turned to attack Ca-Yin, but the Shin-jin warrior threw Gotenks at the Saiyan prince with incredible force, stopping him in his tracks. Gohan charged at Ca-Yin next. With azure colored energy at the ready in his cupped hands, he fired a Kamehameha at the mighty Shin-jin at point blank range.

In an instant, Ca-Yin appeared behind the half-Saiyan with a devious grin, wrapping his arms around his neck, locking him into a tight choke hold.

"What of your little plans now, eh?" Ca-Yin grinned maliciously as he squeezed Gohan's neck tightly, not allowing a single breath of air to reach his lungs. Gohan's vision blurred and his consciousness began to fade.

"Bastard!" Vegeta shouted, his Super Saiyan 3 aura flaring around him in his rage.

"I'll snap his neck if you come any closer." Ca-Yin threatened. "And you..." He growled, glaring in Goku's direction. "Unless you want this man here to die, you'll release all of the energy you've gathered now."

"D-dammit... !" Goku uttered to himself.

"You fool... " Vegeta chuckled.

"What's that?" Ca-Yin replied with a perplexed look.

"What the hell makes you think... I give a damn about him!" The Saiyan prince shouted, charging at Ca-Yin without a second thought.

"WHAT!?" Ca-Yin's surprise caused him to lose focus for only a moment, but a moment was all Gohan needed to regain enough of his bearings to emit an explosive wave of energy around himself powerful enough to knock back Ca-Yin and free himself.

Now free, Gohan rushed out of the way as Vegeta's body began to glow in a brilliant golden light.

Ca-Yin's eyes widened as three golden rings appeared, binding him in place. With a roar he broke free of them in an instant, determined to shield himself from the Saiyan prince's most powerful attack.

The moment Ca-Yin was free, Gotenks appeared behind him, forcing his arms into a full nelson just as Vegeta struck him dead center of the hole that had been formed earlier by the combined efforts of Goku and the Saiyan prince himself.

"Weakest... link, huh!?" Gotenks smugly whispered in a strained voice as he struggled to hold Ca-Yin in place.

"DAMMMN YOUUU!" Ca-Yin furiously cried out as Vegeta's punch erupted into an enormous golden Oozaru that rammed into Ca-Yin with a furious explosion.

Goten and Trunks fell unconscious from the enormous cloud of smoke caused by the explosion in their separate bodies.

Having exhausted all of his strength in his last attack, Vegeta reverted back to his normal state and fell to the ground as well.

Above them, the enormous sphere being held up by Goku's hands suddenly multiplied many times over in volume as countless spheres of energy swirled into it with incredible speed.

Goku's eyes widened with amazement as he beheld the incredible power of the spirit of the people of Earth once again.

Gohan watched his father in awe.

"Dad... " Gohan was astounded at the sight of the enormous sphere of energy. It was his first time witnessing a Genki Dama of such an incredible amount of energy firsthand.

"It's ready!" Goku exclaimed with a smile.

Back on Earth, everyone; man, woman, and child, cheered for their champion.

Hercule Satan, the world champion with the devil's charisma himself, did his best to hide how exhausted he actually was. Holding his heroic pose, he sniffed up a drop of snot that had begun to drip its way out of his nose.

Surrounded by his adoring fans, the world champion looked up to the sky with a triumphant grin.

'Kick his ass, Mr. Goku!'

Putting two fingers to his forehead, Goku disappeared, reappearing instantaneously above the enormous Genki Dama sphere.

"HAAA!" Goku roared, taking his Super Saiyan 3 form. His golden aura fiercely exploding out of him as he pushed the enormous sphere of energy at Ca-Yin with incredible force.

As the clouds of smoke dissipated around him, Ca-Yin regained his bearings just in time to see the enormous ball of energy just in front of him.

"D-dammittt!" Ca-Yin's eyes widened as he came face to face with the great sphere of energy. Catching it with his bare hands, Ca-Yin gritted his teeth, his dark aura exploding around him as he struggled to hold the Genki Dama at bay.

"Kame... Hame... " Gohan began to gather ki into his cupped hands in the form of an azure colored light.

"HAAA!" Gohan shouted, firing an enormous Kamehameha at the Genki Dama sphere, adding to the amount of force being pushed down onto Ca-Yin who was being forced back further and further. His tattered and worn boots dug into the dirt as an enormous crater formed around him. Boulders rose from the ground only to be instantly disintegrated by the sheer power of the Genki Dama sphere.

From a distance Vegeta watched the mighty Shin-jin struggle against the immense power of the Genki Dama.

"It's... working! Kakarott you bastard... you've done it again!" The Saiyan prince chuckled to himself.

"GOOO!" Goku cried out, pushing the immense ball of energy with even more strength.

The Genki Dama seemed to engulf Ca-Yin, sinking into the earth of the sacred world.

The battle against Ca-Yin was finally over...

Or so it seemed.

"HAHAHAHA!" A highly distorted laugh echoed throughout the area.

"YOU FOOLS... YOU THINK YOU'VE WON!?" Ca-Yin's demonic voice echoed in everyone's minds, completely wiping the hopeful expressions from their faces.


"I-impossible!" Vegeta uttered to himself in shock.


Goku's eyes widened in shock. "The Genki Dama is... his technique!?"

"Watch closely... THIS is the proper way to use the Genki Dama!" The Shin-jin warrior shouted with a malicious grin.

Holding the enormous sphere of energy at bay with his bare hands, Ca-Yin roared as he began to absorb the purified energy into himself. The evil Shin-jin laughed demonically as he tainted the spiritual energy Goku had purified inside his body. The once bright, azure colored energy around Ca-Yin began to gradually fade into a pitch black color, devoid of any light whatsoever.

"Stop, Gohan. That's enough." Goku spoke calmly, putting a hand on his son's shoulder.

Gohan stopped the stream of energy that he had been continually firing at Ca-Yin and turned to his father with a questioning look.

"Just leave this to me." With eyes filled with determination, Goku turned away from his son to set his sights on Ca-Yin, putting two fingers to his forehead.

"But dad... " Gohan started, only to see his father disappear instantaneously.

"HOW RICH!" Ca-Yin laughed demonically. "Your very own trump card will be your undoing!"

"You're wrong."

"WHAT!?" Ca-Yin turned to see Goku beside him inside the enormous sphere of energy.

"YOU... !"

"This ends NOW!" Goku shouted, his every word filled with righteous anger as he too began gathering energy from the enormous Genki Dama sphere into his own body. His Super Saiyan 3 form glowed with a bright azure light as the purified energy rushed into his body.

"Impossible! How can you be..." Ca-Yin shouted.

'No... It doesn't matter. There's no way that he's more proficient with this aspect of the Genki Dama than I am. And besides, I had a head start gathering energy from this enormous sphere of energy.' The mighty Shin-jin reassured himself, a malicious grin forming on his face.

From the outside, the once purified sphere of energy almost looked like a Yin Yang symbol. Half of it glowed with a bright azure light, the other a pitch black darkness devoid of light.

"Father... " Gohan watched in awe as his father once again tried the impossible. It was something that never ceased to amaze him no matter how many times he witnessed it.

Equally in awe and barely able to stand, Vegeta watched the struggle from afar. "Finish him, Kakarott!" The Saiyan prince uttered to himself with a hopeful smile on his usually stern and serious face.

"Do it, Dad!... " Goten was unable to contain his excitement despite the fact that it was a struggle to even remain conscious.

'Goten's dad is... really amazing!' Trunks thought to himself. The son of the Saiyan prince was in just as a bad a state as his childhood friend, but he couldn't help but recall how much Goku had amazed him back when he first witnessed him transform into a Super Saiyan 3 to stop Majin Buu from attacking West City. Back then he had thought of Goten's dad as a weakling compared to his own father, but he had been proven completely and utterly wrong about that the moment Goku had shown everyone the next level of Super Saiyan. And now here he was again, doing something just as, if not even more amazing.

'D-dammit... My body feels like it's going to give in at any second...' Goku thought to himself, the azure light of the Genki Dama's energy swirling around and flowing into him.

"No… I am... Beyond this pain... " Goku uttered to himself, his voice distorting slightly for a moment. His eyes, skin and hair radiated with the intensity of the immense energy within him.

Still uttering to himself in a strained voice, Goku glared angrily at Ca-Yin. "If I don't stop this guy here and now..."

"What's the matter...?" Ca-Yin smugly asked in a strained voice. "Is this aspect of the Genki Dama too much for you?" A strained grin slowly formed on the Shin-jin warrior's face.

"If I don't stop him... " Goku's voice deepened and distorted the more energy he absorbed.

"IF I DON'T..." Goku shouted through gritted teeth. "...WHO WILL!?" Goku's distorted voice echoed in everyone's minds. The immense ki inside him exploded around him in a brilliant azure light as he charged toward Ca-Yin.

"NO ONE CAN STOP ME! I AM THE ONE RIGHTFUL GOD!" Ca-Yin roared, his pitch black void of dark energy exploding around him as he charged toward Goku as well.

The ground beneath them completely disintegrated from the sheer power they used to propel themselves at one another.

The two warriors collided with immeasurable force. Cracks began to form that stretched throughout the entirety of the Sacred world as the two of them ferociously exchanged blows.

Bone and sinew clashed with immeasurable speed and power. There was little to no technique involved in their ferocious exchange of blows. Behind every blow there was little more than pure instinctive ferocity and brutality.

Dark clouds began to form, swirling about and darkening the sky. Lightning struck all around, scarring the surface of the sacred world.

Goku and Ca-Yin ascended further away from the surface of the sacred world as they continued to brutally exchange blows. Once they were far above the clouds, they found themselves surrounded by the vast amount of stars in the afterlife's outer space.

This would be the setting for the end of their fierce battle.

At the edge of the sacred world's atmosphere, both warriors stopped their fierce exchange of blows for a moment. Glaring at each other, the aura of the immense ki they had absorbed swirling around them. It was a moment that would have seemed instantaneous to a normal human being's eyes, but to Goku and Ca-Yin, time had seemed to slow down to the point that this moment seemed to last ages.

With a roar the two warriors charged at each other once again, one surrounded in a brilliant azure light, the other shrouded in a pitch black darkness, darker than even the cold vacuum of outer space.

Ca-Yin threw a devastating punch that could have destroyed a planet many times over. Catching the Shin-jin warrior's fist in the palm of his hand, Goku countered with a powerful punch of his own, which Ca-Yin caught as well with his remaining free hand.

Fueled by the immense power of the Genki Dama they had absorbed, the two warriors challenged one another's strength in a game of mercy.

To the others down on the surface, their struggle lit up half the sky like a sun, the other darkened the sky to a pitch black. With the sheer power they put into their struggle, they shook the sacred planet to its very core.

The others could only watch from the surface of the sacred world with mixed expressions of both awe and fear.

Growing increasingly frustrated with just how well his opponent was putting up a fight, Ca-Yin attempted to smash his knee into Goku's mid-section with all of his might, but the blow met with the Saiyan's knee instead. Further irritated, Ca-Yin pulled back his body, and with his hands still locked with Goku's, Ca-Yin pulled him in and with incredible force, brutally smashed his forehead into Goku's.

Goku's grip loosened for a moment, but he quickly regained his bearings and countered with a devastating head butt of his own, smashing his forehead into Ca-Yin's.

Blood streamed down their faces as they both glared into each others eyes. Neither warrior was ready to call it quits just yet. Both pulled back their heads once again, and simultaneously slammed their heads into each other with even greater force.

What seemed like cracks began to form on their faces and as they continued to repeatedly slam their heads into one another, these cracks in what appeared to be an extremely dense sort of "ki skin" shattered only to reveal another layer underneath.

Ca-Yin's vision began to blur. He had taken and withstood an incredible amount of damage even prior to this exchange. Breathing heavily, he began to realize that the straining effects of both his Kaio-ken technique and absorbing the Genki Dama had taken quite a toll on him.

Goku however, had been restored with a Senzu. Despite the incredible strain he too was experiencing by containing the energy of the Genki Dama within himself as a Super Saiyan 3, Goku didn't let up. Pulling himself back once again, he slammed his head into Ca-Yin's forehead with incredible force.

With blood streaming down his cracking face, Ca-Yin staggered in a daze. Goku pulled back and slammed his head into Ca-Yin again, this time smashing his forehead into the mighty Shin-jin's temple.

Ca-Yin's body went a bit limp in Goku's grip and his eyes rolled back.

'I… I can't lose... !'

Goku pulled back again, keeping a firm grip on Ca-Yin as he prepared another devastating head butt.

'This can't be... I am... The one true ...God... '

With devastating force, Goku slammed his forehead into Ca-Yin's face. Blood spewing from his nose, Ca-Yin's consciousness began to slip.

Releasing his grip on Ca-Yin, Goku threw a barrage of devastating body blows, finishing with a ferocious punch to the Shin-jin warrior's face, blowing Ca-Yin back with incredible force.

Overflowing with energy, Goku clenched his fist tightly, focusing all of the energy within himself into it. Azure lightning gathered around his fist and his body began to glow an even more intense azure light.

Goku's pupils returned to his eyes as he focused his energy. His eyes weren't the usual turquoise green color of a Super Saiyan 3's eyes. Instead, his irises intensely glowed azure blue.

With his overflowing energy swirling around him, Goku glared at Ca-Yin with gritted teeth.

Time seemed to stand still for him for a moment as memories that were not his own flashed before his eyes.

"I'm sorry Ah-bel... But this seems to be the only way to free you from what you've become... "

"You would kill your own 'brother' Ca-Yin!?" A demonically distorted voice responded with a smug laugh.

"... "

"Good... You're finally taking this seriously. That's what I wanna see!"

This feeling of overflowing energy suddenly felt nostalgic to Goku. As if something eerily familiar had once taken place in the distant past.

But now wasn't the time to be worrying about such things. With eyes filled with determination and righteous anger, Goku set his sights on Ca-Yin who had recovered from his last attack.

The mighty Shin-jin warrior breathed heavily. No longer able to contain the energy he had gathered, the tainted Genki Dama energy flowed out of him making the space around him appear discolored.

Gathering his remaining energy into the palm of his hand, Ca-Yin was barely able to utter the name of his legendary attack.

"Shin… Geki... retsu... "

With incredible speed Goku charged at Ca-Yin before he could finish gathering energy for his attack.

Goku's body glowed intensely, making him appear to be a silhouette of pure light as he threw a fierce punch that erupted into an enormous azure colored dragon made up of all the purified Genki Dama energy he had left within himself.

The azure colored dragon was large enough that even the others still on the surface of the sacred planet could see it from below.

With wide eyes they watched as Son Goku did the impossible once again.

Azure lightning flickered all around the wrathful dragon as it prepared to strike at Ca-Yin.

"N-NO!" Ca-Yin cried out in despair at the sight of the enormous dragon.

"I CAN'T DIE HERE!" The once legendary Shin-jin hero desperately fired his enormous beam of energy with all of his remaining strength.

The wrathful dragon plowed through the dark colored beam of energy as if it were nothing at all.

"NNNOOOO!" Ca-Yin out in despair as the Dragon's enormous fangs devoured him. The sight of Goku in the form of a silhouette of pure light slamming his fist into the hole in his chest being the last thing he saw before erupting into an enormous explosion that lit up the sacred world even more than the Taio-ken technique ever had.

Gohan, Vegeta and the others shielded their eyes from the intense light as Ca-Yin's body shattered and crumbled to pieces until it was reduced to nothingness.

Having exhausted all of his strength, Goku's body ceased to glow and his hair reverted back to it's normal black color and length. His dense ki skin, broke off of him in fragments, shimmered in the sunlight making what appeared to be a majestic trail of sparkles as an exhausted Goku fell to the surface of the sacred world.

The image of a man that looked oddly familiar suddenly appeared in Goku's mind as he consciousness began to fade.

A man with wildly spikey brown hair and pointed ears. He wore a blue tunic with potarra-like earrings and an orange sash around his waist, just like Kaioshin's. His pale blue eyes were filled with sorrow.

"I'm... Sorry..." The man's voice echoed in Goku's mind as his consciousness slipped away.

Dreams of memories that were not his own flooded into his subconscious as the Saiyan hero from Earth closed his weary eyes...

Dragon Ball A-Z

Hope you all enjoyed the battle against Ca-Yin. It was especially hard to write the last parts of the fight because of how little dialogue was involved. I tried to portray it as I see it in my head as best I could, but I think I may be losing my touch at writing fights(and writing in general).

Some of you may have wanted the fight against Ca-Yin to be longer, but I viewed him more as the villain that sort of sets up an even bigger villain. In a way, he's sorta like the Raditz of my story. Although... I've gotta say, he's really grown on me…

As you may have guessed from how this chapter ended, the next chapter will shed some light on the long awaited back story of Ca-Yin. So there's still more of Ca-Yin to come!

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