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This fic continues the film, with Marie finding Alexia again some years down the line. Is Marie's "Split" personality gone for good, is Alex willing to forgive her friend? Or more importantly, is there a chance that there is underlying sexual tension between the two women?

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For What May Never Come

Chapter One: Years of Commitment

Alexia's POV

"I won't let anyone come between us anymore," my former friend's words seemed to echo to me from behind the closed door of her asylum room.

"She can't see me, right?" I ask nobody in particular as I intently stare back at her. Marie peeks with a creepy, sinister though some would say it was innocent, stare towards the window in the door towards me. She reaches out to me suddenly, which makes me reflexively jump back and run for my life.

That was the last time I saw Marie, almost ten years ago. Part of me wonders how she is, part of me doesn't care but, another part of me wrestles tirelessly with the last time I saw her, before commiting her to the psych ward. When she was approaching me on the street she asked of me, "Do you love me?", which I'll admit I answered positively, though at the time it was out of fear for my life. Now I wonder what could've been between us, if my answer rang true in her eyes.

I'm back at my parents' house. I made them a promise that I would never leave, should anything happen to them, I would take care of the place. But with everyone dead, there is an eerie silence that foreshadows the simple country home. I feel so alone. To comfort myself, I plug into my Ipod. Instead of Sara Perche Ti Amo, which invokes too many painful questions, I listen to the introspective sounds of Creed's My Own Prison.

A court is in session, a verdict is in
No appeal on the docket today, just my own sin

I chuckle softly as I think of the words as if Marie were saying them, somehow couragiously confessing her sins. Growing increasingly tired, I switch off the music and proceed to bed, the moon casting a clear glow across the house and yard. After a day of silence, a sound catches my ear, a woman's soft singing; singing that seems to be coming from the swing outside, repeating the lyrics of My Own Prison.

Reflexively I cringe but ultamitely I must be growing delusional since there is no one out here besides myself. I tuck myself beneath my covers and try to relax but the singing is insistant. In a near dead slumber, I make my way to the front door to investigate.

Being the ever paranoid person I've become since this all unfolded, I grabbed a knife from the kitchen. I swung open the door as fast and swift as possible. Nobody there but the noise still echoed. I carefully step out onto the porch and glance in a full circle motion. Nothing. Okay Alexia, I scold myself, you're going crazy. Stop worrying, there is no way that Marie could ever.

Deep breathing from behind me confirms my suspicion. I have little time to react as I feel strong arms surround me. They seem to squeeze the life out of me.

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