and it was deathly sweet

A little more, a little more

{a little more poison}

ambrosia and it'll be over. Go on, put that delicious lump of beige stuff in your mouth, it tastes so good, doesn't it?

{'be careful when you judge what is good and what is bad, be very careful' - abraham lincoln}

Ah, yes, you can taste the sweetness in your mouth. It's so delightful. It brings you out of your misery

{and it kills you, slowly, s-l-o-w-l-y}

and it makes you recall all your happy memories. It tastes just like your father's best chocolate, doesn't it? It tastes like your father's best chocolate...

{and what would he say if her knew about this?}

Panic, blind panic. What are you doing? You're groping around in the darkness as you see lights blinking before you.

{told you it could kill you, told you, told you}

Didn't you want to let go? Didn't you want to die? Wasn't this what you wanted? Your arms and legs are growing numb, seconds tick by as you try to get a grip on the thin, fragile thread that is life.

{do you want to die? do you really?}

No, no you don't! But then if you died, it would be so much better for the whole camp, because the only thing they'd lose would be a spy

{an evil, evil person trapped in the body of a young girl}

and a traitor. Someone they thought they could trust but they really can't. You're the one bringing about so many deaths, oh yes, you are, you wicked little lady.

{'evil appears where you least expect it' - aristotle}

But what about Charlie and Dad? What about them?

{such difficult decisions, so little time}

Your vision is returning now; you aren't dead. You search desperately for more of that sweet, sweet killer, but it isn't there. No more left.

{'do not be a fool; why die before your time?' - ecclesiastes 7:17 b}

Tears fall. You've trapped yourself in a downwards spiral and you