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Knight Master and the Queens of Bemersiah have send out all of the Chase to the toughest battle of their lives. Malevolent Horde has regain it's full power and completely broken the seal from Rin body. The Darkness have start the eclipse, the Malevolent Horde has rising it black flame that start to consume everything,

"How in the world are we going to stop this thing!" Elesis keep slashing the enemy

"It's totally imposible!" Ryan with his Storm Pike slashing around the enemy from Elesis back

"It's all my fault..." Rin start to lost in thought while the enemy start to attack her

"Pull your self up together, Rin!" Sieghart dodge the attack & push away the enemy from her

"It's not your fault, Rin! now you need to figure out how to stop this chaos!" Ronan wake her up while hold an enemy the attack

"Guys! The eclipse has fully cover the sun! We need to do something!" Arme keep casting her spell to counter attack. Lass and Lupus covered Arme back while Ley, Zero, & Dio keep trying to put off the Black Flame without being consume by it.

"We need to combine all of our attack! It's the only way to finish this!" Lire suggesting while attacking from the tree branches

"This is your end Grand Chase... Soon the world will never see the light again..." The Horde stated

"Don't be so sure about that!" Elesis smirks and signaling all the Chase to circle the area, then they attack with all of their strength,

"CONVERGENCE!" All of the Grand Chase 4th job Final attack combine, making all of the area shine brightly.

When all the smoke past, all the enemy is defeated,

"Hah...We did it..." Elesis down her knees and catch her breath. Everyone is exhausted.


"Hahaha, You all can't defeated me! Now the world is mine!" Malevolent Horde haven't be defeated. Everything become dark, the only thing that shines is Mari flash light that she invented.

"It's over..." Amy start to cry because they lost, Jin hug her while all the Chase down their face

"No, it's not over." Sieghart stated, suddenly all the Chase look at Sieghart

"What do you mean?" Mari confused

"Rin, You said that you once seal the Malevolent Horde to your body with a forbidden spell right?" Sieghart ask. Rin nod

"Is there any spell that can vanquish it once and for all?" Sieghart ask again, Rin nod again but,

"But, It will need a really big power & strength! Even an immortal can't do this alone!" she said

"Then I will help," Mari start to speak

"No! It's to dangerous!" Sieghart stopped the woman he loves

"Stupid! You think I will let you do that alone?" Mari shouted at him

"But still..." Sieghart been cut of by Elesis

"I'll help too," Elesis step up

"Elesis? No, You can't come," Sieghart disagreed

"I'll go too," Ronan step up beside Elesis

"Ronan? What are you doing?" Elesis shocked

"If you go, I'll go as well," He said smilling

"But," Elesis being cut off by Ronan

"We do everything together. We don't abandon each other, we will always be together in every situation until the very end," Ronan smiled again at her, She smiled back and hold Ronan hand. Then Lass and Arme step in beside Elesis & Ronan does the same and smiled. Jin & Amy step in as well as Ryan & Lire. Then Ley, Dio, Zero, & Lupus follow from the back. They all smile warmly to the four of them,

"We'll help too," Lass said with a smile that makes Arme giggle

Sieghart, Mari, & Rin smile back to their friends.

"Then, I must say something first," Rin broke the silent

"When we do this spell, there's a high chance that we won't survive..." Rin hung her face down

"It's ok, We do this for the good of many," Elesis cheer her up

"Yes, we really have a good time together," Lire add

"It's a gift from the holy light that we all met," Arme start to shed a little tear while she smile

"Thank you guys, for everything," Mari smiled

After making a circle,

Ronan & Elesis POV

"Elesis?" Ronan call

"Yes-" Elesis answer but being cut because Ronan kiss her passionately for the last time, After letting go,

"Ronan, Thank you for everything," Elesis smiled at him

"You're welcome, Ellie," Ronan smiled back

Lass & Arme POV

"Arme," Lass call

"Yes?" Arme answered

"Thank you, For everything. I really having a great time," Lass smiled at her then hold her faces with both of his hand and kiss her softly for the last time,

"Lass.." Arme blush madly with a sad tears, but stop when Lass smiled at her. She smiled back

Ryan & Lire POV

"Lire, Thank you for making my life perfect, my queen," Ryan smilled warmly

"So do I," Lire smiled then hug him. Ryan then kiss her the sweetest kiss for the last time

Jin & Amy POV

"Jinny, thank's for everything," Amy smiled sweetly at Jin

"You're welcome, my princess. I'm your number one fan," Jin smiled at Amy. Then they kiss and hug each other for the last time

Sieghart & Mari

"Um.. Sieghart?" Mari called

"Thanks For everything?" Sieghart smirks at her

"Yes," Mari answer, smilling

"Will you thank me for this?" Sieghart grab Mari waist and hold her faces to kiss her with all his might which she response as a Yes as it is their last joke together

No one POV

Rin, Ley, Dio, Zero, & Lupus saw all the couple say good bye for the last time. They only smirks (except for Zero ofcourse) and shook their head,

"What a mortal thing to do..." They thought

After they are ready,

"Everybody, hold hand please," Rin asked, they do as she asked. Then Rin started to cast the spell, all of their aura floating out from their body, their body started to faded a little by little until the center of the circle fired up a powerfull white light to the dark sky,

"No! What is this!?" Malevolegnt Horde start to faded a little. The light gets bigger and bigger until the Malevolent Horde starting to dissapear, as well as all the Chase,

"No! My power! No!" The Malevolent Horde vanish into a smoke that blew away until the dark side of moon in the space. The sky is clear the sun start to shine brightly. All the nature has been regain it's beauty. Peace has shine at all the land, thank's to The Great Hero, the Grand Chase.

Some where in Xenia,

"The Chase has sacrifice their life for the good of Humanity," Yamini, The Goddess of Judgement spoke

"Is the darkness has finally dissapear?" Gaia, The Goddess of Life asked

"No, darkness will return, then once again rise it power to cover the world with darkness," Perseo, The God of Destruction spoke the prophecy

"True, but all the Chase will reincarnated to stop it once again. But, I see there's a girl that will be helping the Chase by then," Samsara, The God of Circulation continue the prophecy

"Who is this child?" Yamini asked curiously

"A couple will come to ask for a blessing for their child that just born to Gaia," Samsara answer

"Is that so," Gaia thought

"You must give this child The Book of Past, it will show the child everything that need to be known," Samsara stated, Gaia nod. All of The God nods and staring at each other with serious face

After a centuries of peace,

Time has change as we life our live now, a modern life. Grand Chase now is only a history, the Legend of all time. No more Wars and anything Related to Black Magic, but still there's a punks, and gangs. The human race life peacefully. Every supernatural creature lives side by side on their own region after the war, hiding. They never shown their self to human anymore. Demon race choose to exile back to the demon world. Magic now is slowly faded, only a few Mage that still can be seen using magic. Now Serdin is a popular city on every continent, Everyone in every continent come to Serdin for study or find a job for a better life.

By that time, a little girl with black hair and deep sparkle brown eyes are born. Her mother, Martha, is a nature lover. She smiled to her baby with joy. Her father, John, is a Biologists and a Historian that works at the Serdin University, they live inside the Elven Forest for research, where the house that he build along with his wife.

"Martha, What should we name her?" John asked

"It's must be pretty like our child and must have a meaning," Martha smiled to her husband

"Hmm, how about... Fiora?" John suggest

"Fiora?" Martha narrow her eyes

"What? Fiora means flower and our child is beautiful like a flower..." John play around with the baby making it laugh

"Fiora Pace... How about that?" Martha asked

"Hey, Not bad, our little Flower of Peace!" John lift the baby up with joy making it laugh even more

"Let's take her to the temple tomorrow, we need to thank Gaia for giving us a beautiful child," Martha suggested

"Yes, we'll need to ask Gaia for blessing our child, Right Fiora?" John ask to the baby with smile. The baby only laugh as an answer.

The next day,

When they at the temple, they start to pray for the blessing,

"Lady Gaia, please bless our daughter so she may have good fortune and always safe from danger..." When they praying, they heard a voice calling them,

"John, Martha, I bless your daughter so she may use magic," Gaia voice told them, then around Fiora body is been shine by a green light

"My lady, we are deeply in your gratitude," John and Martha bow

"You don't need to thank me. Give your daughter this book, it will tell her everything and you must not speak how she get her power, not before her 14 birthday," Gaia explain

"Yes, of course," John answer while Martha grab the book. The book is brown and have a Aquamarine orb attach on the middle of it

"One more thing, your daughter can use her magic but she must secrets her ability from others," Gaia warn them until her voice can't be heard anymore. John and Martha just look at each other.

14 year later...

Fiora grow up into a pretty & clever young lady. She always play with her father and mother when she's a kid in the forest, she sometimes visit Serdin city with her parent to buy some supply or taking her to play at the park.

She learns some trick to use her magic by her self, sometimes she use it to help her parent. She never use her magic infront of anyone or never speaks that she have it, except for her parent of course.

She never goes to school, but her father & mother always educated her with their knowledge, she sometimes read their book that they have. She never like to study Math because she always say it's hard, but manage to understand and completed the subject.

She can cook, make cloth and jewelry by her self, and good at her chores. She sometimes sneak out to Serdin by riding the wind to sell her jewelry that she make. By that, she have her own saving. She use clouds so no one can see her while she in the sky. She once buy a book from a hawkers on her way back from selling her jewelry. She feel pity for the man.

It's contain a basic of self defense plus a basic sword technique. She train her self in the forest every morning, at noon she will go sell her jewelry, by night she studies with her parents.

One day, after she finished her daily activity and went back home at the night,

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" John & Martha throw a surprise party to her

"Mom, Dad! Thank you!" She hug her mother and her father happily

"Fiora, make a wish and blew up the candle dear," Martha hold the chocolate cake while John hold a cold bottle of white grape

"I wish, every happiness to all that lives," Fiora blew the candle and smile to her parents, her parents smile back for return

After the feast, John and Martha knew that is time she know the truth, while they sit down on the couch and Martha already hold the book and put it on table, they called her and explain everything that they know about her power,

"... And what is this?" Fiora took a deep silent for a while and and look at the book

"We didn't know, dear." Martha answer

"But, lady Gaia said it will explain everything to you," John give the book to her

"Have you read the book?" Fiora ask

"We haven't even open it," Martha answer

"We can't open it, we try but we can't," John explain

Fiora being curious about the book. After the party, she help her parents cleans the mess. After that, she goes to her room with the book. In her room, She have a single bed, a closet, a cupboard of book, a small bathroom, and a desk that beside the windows. The desk have a small laptop attach to the charger and study lamp. There some note book and a pencil case too, the desk drawer fill with nicely neat fabric and jewelry part, there also a tools to make her dress and jewelry thats put on her smaller desk drawer. After closing the door, she put the book on her desk and go take a shower. When she on her bathroom, the book orb shine weakly,

What could it be contain on the book?

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