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"This girl is a making me sick, she already bring The Dancer, now she have bring the Gladiator and the Spell Knight to stop me from my rising to rule the world. Dark Fairy Queen, Kaze'aze, I revive you from your death now you must listen to my word, kill them and bring me their head! I don't want the same mistakes as Gaikoz do," The voice command

"Yes, master," Both of Fairy queen and Kaze'aze answered and disappear in the dark

Fiora POV

Here I'm in the hallway with Amy storing my book in my locker, wondering what will happen next. Seeing after what happened on the past month, battling Gaikoz, get a gift from Lady Gaia, founding Sieghart and Ronan, hah….. It won't get any easy to find the next member…. Even the Book of Past still haven't shown any clue yet,

"Fiora…Fiora…. Earth to Fiora, come in!" Amy wake me up to my senses

"Huh? What is it Amy?" I answered

"Why are you spacing out?" Amy ask suspiciously

"Wha- No… I just was thinking about another member, that's all. The Book of Past haven't showed any clue or riddle yet," I answered simply. I don't want make Amy worried,

"Oh~" She nod while Ronan and Sieghart walking to our direction

"Yo, what's up?" Sieghart greets at his usual way

"Good afternoon," Ronan greets calmly as usual

"Hi, Guys," I answered with a smile

"Hey! Wanna get some lunch? The canteen has a new menu! It calls Omelet special!" Amy announcing

"Omelet?! Come on! Come on! Come on! Let's go to the Canteen right now!" I got hyper up because of the new menu, I just love Omelet. So, I quickly drag Amy that grabs Sieghart hands that grab Ronan hands to the Canteen.


After School

Fiora just finish her duty as a weekly cleaning class, Amy is waiting for Fiora finishing her duty. After Fiora done, she walk out the class with Amy. Apparently, there still some student around in the hallway. Suddenly, they got 'ambushed' by Ronan and Sieghart Fan girls,

"Hey, prank, we came here to warn you," A girl step out and pointed her hand to Amy

"What is the problem?" Fiora ask calmly while pushing Amy to her back, protecting her,

"We came here to warn you to, stay away from our Ronan-sama and Sieghart-kun, they don't need to be burden by you!" Another girl step out and shout at Fiora, Amy get scared and grab Fiora cloth tighter. Fiora only smirks at that word

"Hmph, what a commoner like you do to make Ronan-sama and Sieghart-kun close to you girls," A girl with blonde hair step out, making the other girls step away from her

"I'm sorry, who are you?" Fiora ask curiously. She seems to be a girl from a rich family,

"I'm sorry, who am I? You don't know me?" The girl ask back

"Nop, haven't seen you in my whole life," Fiora answer naïvely even though she offended a little by her word, but she managed to hold back and answered her by act naively

"How dare she answer the famous Lilly Count like that," A girl whispered from the crowd

"She's finish, she will be ban from the school," A girl whisper back

"How dare you?! I'm the great Lilly Count from the Count family! Heir of the Count Enterprises!" Lily poses herself like a victory person

"Ow, nice to meet you," Fiora greets calmly

"Eh? Don't you hear what I said? I'm the great Lilly Count! You should tremble in fear hearing my name!" Lily this time pointed her finger to Fiora face

"Why should I?" Fiora ask back calmly, she quite enjoying this

"What?!" Lily get pissed off by Fiora

"There, there Lily-sama, she just a commoner, she wouldn't know the great Lily Count like we do," A girl calm Lily temper that actually work

"Hmph, you're right, she's a commoner that wouldn't know the world," Lily mock Fiora, but she didn't mad at all

"Remember, leave Ronan-sama and Sieghart-kun alone, or you will in trouble, understand commoner?" Lily begin to stare coldly at Fiora, she only smirks by that word

"Hmm, Amy Aruha, you know me, I don't need to explain twice so, understand wretch?" Lily stare at Amy in hellish way, make Amy crying

"Hiks….hiks…." Amy shed her tears

"Hahahaha~ I take that as a yes then~" Lily leave in a satisfied face follow by the crowd of the Fan girls, Fiora just got pissed by Lily because of making Amy cried. She quickly hugs Amy that already crying,

"Amy, it's ok, I'm here, everything is fine now," Fiora calm her. Ronan and Sieghart apparently, just saw a crowd of girls went down to the school lobby. They walk to them quickly when they saw Amy crying,

"What happened?" Sieghart ask worriedly

"Why miss Amy crying?" Ronan continued

"Thanks to your Fan girls that's why," Fiora face is starting to heat

"Wha-" Sieghart shocked

"Thanks a lot! They lecture us to stay away from you two! I'm fine if they just bother me. But this one, Amy get drag along! She been call a wretch by them, even I just been call a commoner by them, you know?!" Fiora blew off. She shouted Ronan and Sieghart to her fullest. Thanks to that, Amy stopped her crying. Luckily there's no one left on the hallway except them. There was a silent for a moment. After Amy sob her tears away,

"Thanks Fiora, I know you want to protect me back there, but is not their fault, is that Fan girls that obsessed to much about them, please don't be mad," Amy persuaded Fiora with a sparkling eyes and a cute cat shape mouth, Fiora is feel bad about scolded Ronan and Sieghart harshly, so she listen to Amy and apologies to them,

"I'm sorry that I scolded you guys, I just mad back there and I was blown off, I know that is not your fault, you can punish me, I deserve it. I just can't stand that people bullying or saying a harsh word to other, especially my friend.…." Fiora say her sorry for that then hung down her head down. Amy just look happy both sad after what Fiora say.

Ronan and Sieghart walk toward her, they lift their hand high, Fiora ready herself to feel a pain, but instead of punching her, they pat her head. Amy just smile happily,

"Huh?" Fiora show her face, confuses

"You silly girl," Sieghart pat her head with smile

"We know you're trying to protect Amy," Ronan smile gently to Fiora

"And we know Amy is not that weak, she's acting back then," Sieghart laughing while explaining

"Wha-" Fiora shocked

"Hm, my tears is real but, I already get used being called that by another girls so I'm fine," Amy smiling

"Wha…." Fiora definitely shocked and can't said a word

"Well, Amy did tell you that she's good at acting right? But, we'll take that we can punish you part," Sieghart started to smirks evilly

"Wha…" Fiora become more shocked

"That won't be necessary," Ronan convince

"Come on Ronan, she say it, right, Fiora?" Sieghart ask Fiora

"That's because I don't know that Amy is pretending!" Fiora protested

"Sorry~" Amy apologize innocently

"Hah, I thought you're a girl that holds her promises. Well, I think I'm wrong then," Sieghart was going to turn back and walk away but been stop by Fiora

"I'm the girl that keeps her promise, what do you want me to do?" Fiora look Sieghart seriously, Sieghart smirks after Fiora word,

"Well, come with me to my house tomorrow after school. I have a plan to do," Sieghart then walk calmly to the stairway,

"Why do I have a bad feeling when he says that?" Fiora ask to her self

"Oh, and Ronan, drive her home if you won't I do anything reckless to her. Consider it as your punishment to her," Sieghart still walking calmly to the stairs with her hand showing 'peace'

"Well, I can't explained," Amy shrug her shoulder

"Hah, fine! I do it," Ronan just hung down her head with bad aura surrounding him

"Good," Sieghart answer quietly with a smirk on his face while he disappears in the stairway

"Okay then~ I'm off, Bye~" Amy run quickly to the stairway where her limo wait her in the lobby

"Amy!" Fiora protested, living her and Ronan in the hallway alone,

"Hah…. So, can I drive you home?" Ronan ask calmly

"*sigh* Sure, my dad already go home by the way," Fiora accept his over

After exiting the school, they went walking to the street. After a while of silence,

"So, you can use magic right? Doesn't that make you kind of a wizard or something?" Fiora start the conversation

"Yes, I can use magic and no, there's a different between a Spell Knight and a Wizard," Ronan answered her with a smile

"Can you show me some of it?" Fiora ask again

"Maybe, another time, you'll see it for sure," Ronan answered again

"Hmm, ok then," Fiora end the conversation. After another long silence,

"Where are we going actually?" Fiora ask

"Get to my car, is over there," Ronan show the dark blue sport car that 10 step away from them. But when he turns his head, Fiora is gone. He look around and he find Fiora is running to the park playground, then he followed,

"There's no one. Usually kids is love to play around here until this time, is been a while that I'm here," Fiora explaining while she climbing to ride the slide

"Aren't you kind of embarrassed still playing like a kid?" Ronan ask

"Why should I? Is fun! It's ok to be yourself you know," Fiora talk again while sliding down the slide

"Hmm, I wish she do the same as you," Ronan responded while he sits at the swing. Fiora stopped for a while when she heard Ronan respond,

"Who is 'she'?" Fiora ask while sliding down the slide

"Oh, just one of my old friend," Ronan answered while he looking down to his feet. Fiora look at Ronan face for a while, then she walks to him and sit at the other swing on his left side

"Who is she? I know she mean a lot to you more than a friend," Fiora tell him again, making Ronan quite surprise,

"Is it really obvious?" Ronan ask with a smile

"Um, will you mad if I say yes?" Fiora ask scarily

"Don't worry, I always bad at lying," Ronan smile than pat Fiora head

"So, who is she?" Fiora start to swing

"Well, I can say she's my first…. Love," Ronan start to swing when he remembers his childhood

"When I was a kid, I always spend my summer with her and Sieghart," Ronan start his story

"Wait, what is her relation with Sieghart?" Fiora stop to swing when she heard Ronan word

"Well, she's Sieghart cousin. They're a Sieghart after all," Ronan explain

"Right, I almost forgot Sieghart first name is Aerknard," Fiora start to swing again

"Yeah, he prefer to call Sieghart than Aerknard, he say is ruin his styles of 'coolness'," Ronan smirks

"No kidding. So, continued…." Fiora smirks as well

"Well, she's kind of rock headed, reckless, like to take charge of everything. But actually, deep inside of her, she's kind and sweet. She hated girls stuff, like to be a boy. The point is she is a stubborn tomboy. Yet, a beautiful one…" Ronan smile with a slight blush on his cheek

"You're in love alright," Fiora smirks at him when she saw his face

"Oh no, I slipped my mouth," Ronan didn't relies at his last word so, his face is red that he cover with his hand

"*giggle* don't worry, I won't tell anyone, this will be our secret. I pinky promise," Fiora winked then smile at him, then she shows her pinky,

"Hmm, you seem to be a person that can keep secret. Ok, tell no one ok," Ronan pat her head softly

"Show your pinky. Then I promise," Fiora insist Ronan

"Isn't it kind of childish?" Ronan ask with smirks

"Come on, you want me to promise or not?" Fiora ask him back then show her pinky

"You really are a strange one. Fine," Ronan show his pinky then they do the pinky promise

"Ok then, let's get you back," Ronan then walk out the park quickly, running actually,

"Hey! Wait for me!" Fiora start chasing him

"Huh… What the- Where am I?" John wake on the dark huge place, all the scary persona make him chilled, the only thing he remember is when he walk on the street, head back home, then he suddenly here,

About 2 hours ago….

"Hah, finally is finished. I suppose to give this to Fiora on her birthday but is doesn't finished yet, I will go to give this locket to her later," John just exit one of a jewelry store, he was picking up his order. It's a silver locket with a tiny aquamarine diamond arrange to a flower shape, when it open, there's a picture of him and Martha and a picture of him, Martha, and Fiora. He wraps the locket with a white handkerchief then put it on her pocket pants to be safe. When he walks down the street, he suddenly passes out and wakes up on the scary room.

"Hmm, you awake, finally," A woman with dark purple hair walk in the room, wearing a black dress, she walk elegantly to him

"Excuse me, madam, what the-" John was going to shake hand with the woman but got hold back because of his hand and leg is cuffed

"Hmm, you're quite good looking," The woman walk closer to John then touch his chin softly

"Excuse me madam, I already with someone else, can you tell me where the hell am I?" John start to lose his patient

"Uh, feisty one are you, you're on my castle now, and no one can find you," The woman say with her grin

"Hmm, can he be the father of the one we looking for?" A woman with reddish hair show up sitting on the sofa

"What? You mean Fiora? What do you mean by the one you looking for?" John started to worry

"Oh, nothing serious, we just going to….." The dark purple hair woman looking for the last word

"Eliminate her?" The woman with reddish hair add

"I was going to say kill but, thank you," The woman with dark purple hair corrected

"No! Don't you dare touch my daughter! " John protested angrily, making the women laugh

"I'm not going to touch her, but you will," Then the woman in dark purple hair touch John's head, suddenly she disappeared

"Kaze'Aze?" The woman in red hairs call, suddenly John's handcuff opened by itself,

"I know where we must go now, Serdin University," Kaze'Aze responded, apparently, John has being possessed by her

"As plan I presume?" The red hair woman grin

"Yes, Black Fairy Queen, let's do some act, shall we?" Kaze'aze grin

"Of course," Black Fairy Queen responded. After that, they teleported to Serdin

"Um, what is your parents and Sieghart business?" Fiora ask curiously

"Well, is a secret," Ronan smile while he drive

"Oh, not fair! I want to know now," Fiora pouted and cross her arm in front her chest

"Ow, you're so cute when you pouted. Because you cute, I'll tell you. My father and Sieghart father is a head of Government security. They protected the president and the vice president from danger, neat right?" Ronan explained

"Wow. That is totally awesome!" Fiora amaze

"Yeah. Um, are we going to Elven Forest?" Ronan ask

"How do you know? Most people don't believe in that forest," Fiora explained

"I still remember the way, even it's a little different now," Ronan answered

"Um, Ronan, can I call you Nii-san?" Fiora ask

A/N: Nii-san is a calling for the big brother.

"What's wrong with my name?" Ronan ask

"Nothing wrong, I just feel uncomfortable calling you by your name," Fiora respond

"Well," Ronan thing for a while

"You are my cute little sister? Sure, how can I say no," Ronan smile and pat her head

"Thank you, Nii-san!" Fiora answered happily

"So, where's your house?" Ronan ask

"Oh, just pull over there," Fiora pointed

"Thanks for the ride!" Fiora grab her bag then opened the door when the car stops moving

"Where's your house exactly?" Ronan ask again

"Well, is a secret for now, bye Nii-san! Drive home safely!" Fiora close the door car then run into the forest, disappear in the night. Ronan finnaly, turn back his car then drive back to Serdin

The day already falls into a night, inside the forest is dark, but Fiora can see the way using plants. All the plants in the forest is connected, after a while of walking, she arrive home. When she opened the door,

"I'm ho-" Fiora ears being pull by her mom

"Where have you been young lady? And where's your father?" Martha ask, holding her temper

"Dad hasn't go home yet? Ow, mom let go first," Fiora beg, then her mother release her. After she did,

"Dad suppose to went home 2 hours ago, and tell you that I have weekly cleaning class duty, that's why I come home late," Fiora explained

"So, where's your father now?" Her mother ask

"I don't know, but I having a bad feeling about this..." Fiora then hold her chest, looking worry all sudden

"Me too…. So, want some omelet for dinner?" Her mom temp

"No, I lost my appetite…" Fiora look down, Martha didn't want her daughter sad. So, she go to the kitchen and grab some cans of beer and drink it in front of her,

"What the- Mom, you're not supposed to drink that!" Fiora concern about her mother, the last time her mother drink a beer is when she frustrated about her father that haven't come home for a week. So, she gets real drunk and makes Fiora worried,

"Here Fiora, drink one. It will wipe away you're problem," Martha give a can of beer to her, Fiora open the can and drink it together with her mother. Up until night, almost about 12 AM, Martha drunk out, Fiora still up. Fiora didn't drink too much like her mother. She worried much about her mother. So, she uses her wind ability to carry her mother to her bed. When she finish, she go to the kitchen to clean the beer cans and wipe the table clean.

After that, she grabs her school bag and goes to her room. She changes her school uniform into her PJ, suddenly the book orbs glow, Fiora quickly go to her desk and open the book,

"There's a new riddle. Every new riddle never sounds good. The one you love has been taken, now it comes to take again, the two devils will be your darkest dream, and the four of the victims will be your way….. I'm starting to have a weird feeling again, god, please let it be only my imagination…." Fiora close the book after her prayers, and then she went to her slumber peacefully.

"Hallo?" Ronan answered his cell phone that's ringing all the time

"Yo," Sieghart answered

"Sieghart? What is it?" Ronan ask

"Nothing, what do you find out about her?" Sieghart ask

"Not much," Ronan answered

"Where are you now? I can't find the apartment address your mother give me," Sieghart ask

"Oh, I don't live there anymore. I move to another one," Ronan answered

"What? Your mother didn't know about this?" Sieghart ask again

"No, I don't want her to know. Don't tell her okay?" Ronan answered

"Fine," Sieghart answered simply

"Good night," Ronan then end his call, shook his head

"Mommy! Daddy! Over here!" Fiora found a snail

"Oh, what a cute snail honey," Martha pat her head

"Yeah dear, now put they back where you find it, we mustn't take him away from his family you know," John smiles

"Why we mustn't do that, daddy?" Fiora ask innocently

"Because, they will be sad, we don't want that happened right?" John smiles, Fiora then nod and put the snail back. She dreamed she was playing in the forest with her mom and dad when she's a little girl. They play happily, until the sky is suddenly is dark. Lightning is everywhere, sensitizing the ear. And then, two women appears with and evil grin, the woman with dark purple hair took her father with her hand, the woman in red hair froze her mother with her breath,

"Hahahaha! Say good bye to your parent, little girl, we'll take them away now, forever!" The dark purple hair woman said with her evil laugh

"Nooo!" She screamed. Suddenly, she wakes up. She saw the sky is almost bright, she look at the clock, it shows 6.50 AM,

"Is just a nightmare…." She relieved then wipes all her sweat. She jumps of her bed and go to the bathroom. After finished her shower, she wears her uniform and tied her hair with a full ponytail today and wears a black and white bow on it, then she grab her bag and went downstairs. She look at the kitchen refrigerator and grab a little milk box. Then she drinks it while walking to her mom's room.

When she opened the door, her mom still sleeping soundly, she smiles then close the door quietly. After writing a note, she leave to her school hoping her dad is there.

"So John, she's your friend huh. Experience in teaching really qualified, specialty in History. Well, welcome to Serdin University, you'll start today," The principle smile at the new teacher

"Thank you, sir! I'll do my best!" The new teacher bow

"My pleasure," The principle said. After the two teachers exit the office,

"Men's, so easy to trick," Kaze'aze grinned

"True. So, John, what will we do next?" Black fairy queen smirks

"Set your charm to everyone in the school, leave the rest to me," Kaze'aze said

"What will I do if I see the Chase?" Black fairy Queen ask

"Nothing, leave them by. We'll see what they can do if the whole schools against them," Kaze'aze grin while walking out the room with Black fairy queen in her human form

"Why your father didn't come home?" Amy ask curiously

"I don't know, the last time he didn't come home is when he has a training to be a teacher in Kanavan for month," Fiora answered her

"Maybe he's attending another teacher training somewhere," Ronan try to calming her

"Maybe you're right, nii-san. After all our home don't have any phones," Fiora considered

"Wait, you didn't have any phone on your home? Not even a cell phone?" Sieghart ask, Fiora nod innocently

"My, kid, you really are a weird one," Sieghart sigh. Suddenly, the bell is ringing, and then the four of them get to their classes. After it sit on their chair,

"Is dad subject, please dad will come," Fiora hoping in her mind. But, when the door open, is not her father but a beautiful woman come in,

"Good morning, I'm the new teacher history. Today I'll replace Mr. John due to my training, and Mr. John is now out to Silver Land School on a program teacher exchange, I hope we'll get along," The teacher in red hairs bow cheerfully, making all the student applause,

"Oh, dad is on another training program, thank god," Fiora relieve from her concerns

"Why is she so familiar?" Amy said in her thought

School breaks,

"Why I must wear this stupid skirt? Good thing I can still wears another pants even if is short," A girl with red full ponytails walking down the corridor

"Where's Aerknard anyway?" The girl looking and finally, she saw Sieghart and Ronan walking on the corridor talking with two girls, heading to her way, then she quickly run to Sieghart,

"So, what will we be eating today?" SIeghart ask

"I want Omelet! I haven't eaten yesterday…." Fiora answered. Suddenly she saw a girl in a full ponytails running to Sieghart way,

"Umm, Sieg, do you know that girl?" Fiora ask while pointing at the girl running to Sieghart way

"Wher-" Sieghart neck being struggle and his head being rub by her fist

"Elesis? What are you doing here?" Ronan startled

"Wait? This is Elesis the Knight?" Fiora whisperer to Amy curiously, Amy nod with smile

"Yo, I ask my mom to transfer me here. I'm so mad when you guys suddenly transfer to another school, speaking about it," Elesis punch Ronan shoulder hardly

"Ow!" Ronan rub his shoulder, while Sieghart rub his head

"Is it really necessary to rub my head that hard?" Sieghart ask

"Yes, Aerknard! For leaving without telling! " Elesis shouted

"Sssh! People can hear you! And how many times I must tell you? Call me Sieghart," Sieghart told her

"This is the girl you like nii-san? I know when I read her data that she's kind of a spirited one but…" Fiora whisperer to Ronan while sneaking quietly to his back

"Yeah, I know… Wait, you knew that," Ronan shock while turning to Fiora

"Yup, I'll explain it another times," Fiora smiles

"What are you guys talking about? And who is this girl?" Elesis ask curiously

"Oh, Elesis she's-," Ronan want to explain but being cut by Fiora

"Hi Elesis-san! My name is Fiora Pace, nii-san tells me a lot about you!" Fiora put her sweetest face and hold both of Elesis hand

"Wha? You told 'a lot' about me?" Elesis narrow her eye to Ronan

"Ya well, um," Ronan lost his word

"Nii-san told me you're her best friend. You're like his little sister, right nii-san?" Fiora grab Ronan hand

Elesis POV

"Who is this chic?! How dare you grab his hand?! " Elesis mad in her thought

"Really, Ronan is your boyfriend?" I ask teasingly to this Fiora even I didn't meant it

"What? No, I just his friend," She answered with smile. *relieve* Just a friend, be calm Elesis, be calm

"Want to have some lunch with us? Elesis," A girl in pink hair ask cheerfully to me

"And who are you? Don't tell me that you are Sieg girlfriend," I smirk at Sieghart. When I look at her once again, I see her quite familiar. Is like I have seen her before,


Fiora POV

"Really, Ronan is your boyfriend?" Elesis ask teasingly to me. In a moment, I can see her eyes tell another, hihi, gotcha,

"What? No, I just his friend," I answered with a smile.


"hihi, gotcha," Fiora smile in her mind

"Want to have some lunch with us? Elesis," Amy ask cheerfully

"And who are you? Don't tell me that you are Sieg girlfriend," Elesis smirks at Sieghart

"What? No, of course not, just a friend," Amy answered as hyper as usual

"Well well, don't I miss much an event? You guys have a lot to be tell, come on, let's get some eat," Elesis walk first

"Don't tell her anything yet, you know what I mean," Fiora warn her friend, they nod as respond then walk to the canteen, telling all the stories but not all of them. You know what I mean,

Meranii : Sorry again for the gramar error! .