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Is have been yesterday after Elesis arrival in Serdin, her relationship with Fiora is not that well, yet. Elesis, Ronan, Sieghart, Amy, and Fiora have planned their Saturday to meet up at the Elven forest for some adventure, Fiora feel the other way. The day before their plan, The Book has shown a new word below the riddle, 'the one you seek is once fighting the darkness, she's Serdin talented mage, by the sacrifices that been made will overcome a power, by the appearance of darkness the power will destroy the master that holding it…..' This new riddle making her worried, she cannot stop thinking about every word of riddle. But now, she needs to focus on her plan,

'Maybe is the time to remind Elesis of her past….,' Fiora let a heavy sigh come out from her, like it will let go some of her thought, her worried, her burden…

"The girl is weak now, she has been quite in class time," Dark Fairy Queen shown her evil grind to a mirror, the mirror is not reflecting her face, but show another person,

"Good, is time to make her vulnerable to fight, I will get some help from my old minions," Is Kaze'Aze in Fiora's dad body on the other side, he grinned evilly with a hand mirror on his hand. He is on a ship that almost reaches Bemersiah Harbor. He is standing on the side of the deck, Kaze'Aze start to focus her power and transmitting some kind a signal waves like, all of the orc's, Harpy's, troll, and monsters are awake upon Bemersiah. Then he sees an undead samurai start to jump on the deck and kill everyone, Kaze'Aze walks calmly like nothing is happened. None of the samurai attack him, the ship start to sink and no one survive…. Only Kaze'Aze that safely stand on the top of the Harbor roof that is being wreck by the undead Samurai, laughing like a maniac….

"People, this just in, Bemersiah Harbor is destroyed by a huge flame and the ship that just arrived from Silver Land is sink in radius 10 meter from the Harbor," The TV shop show a news right on Serdin. Fiora's mom just finish shopping and just going to the next shop, she stop when she heard the news from outside the shop while people start to watch at the Horrible accident,

'God please let it not be true…'

"When the Fireman try to put out the Flame is seen that is some kind of Samurai with skeleton outfit attack them making them go away, is seems there's an anarchy going on and the police is still investigated at this criminal action,"

'No…..' Martha grabs her mouth, preventing a gasp letting out, making all of her groceries fall to the ground, she start to leave for a taxi

"Bemersiah Harbor, step on it!" Fiora's mom is worried and she going to make sure that her husband is alive

Bemersiah Harbor

All the flame that eating the harbor is dead, only ashes and smoke can be seen through it. Fiora's mom start to walk in the smoke slowly,

"Madam! No! Is dangerous!" The taxi driver is shouting from the window, but Martha didn't care. The taxi driver start to leave when Martha go in the smoke

"John! John! Can you hear me?! John! Please answer me!" She calls between the ruins. Suddenly, she saw a person between smokes


"No, John is not here," Is Kaze'Aze in John's body

"Who are you!? Let go of him!"

"The problem is, we can't," Suddenly Black Fairy Queen appear from her back, grab both of her hands

"What?! You… it can be!" Martha seeing Black Fairy Queen in her true form

"Yes! I'm Black Fairy Queen! The traitor of my kind," Black Fairy Queen introduce

"We need to keep her, alive," Kaze'Aze warn

"Aw~ is not fun! Can we just kill her now?" Fairy Queen smirks

"What? What are you going to do with me?!" Martha resist

"No no no no, bad idea. Hmm, what makes you interesting for him? You're not that fine," Kaze'Aze grabs her chin forcefully, making her stop resisting. Then Black Fairy Queen freeze her,

"Don't worry, It won't kill you, but it will make you weak," Black Fairy Queen start smile evilly follow by Kaze'Aze

Elven Bus Station

"Fiora!" Amy waves her hand to her

"Hi! You guys late," Fiora respond, unhappy because she must wait for 13 minutes for them

"We need to make a couple stop," Ronan start to look at Elesis

"What?! Amy is the one who need to go," Elesis rudely answered

"Hey! I couldn't help the nature call!" Amy objected Elesis statement

"Come on, let's get going, or we won't have any lunch in time," Sieghart leads the group in to the forest

Elven Forest

They walk for an hours until they saw a steep cliff,

"Hey! Look what we have!" Sieghart look happy when he sees it

'I bet he look happy because he still remembers well the way in the forest, but why I never see this cliff before?' Fiora thought

"We should go back now," Ronan just going to turn back until Elesis jump into a branch on the side of the cliff

"Wow, Elesis-san! Watch out!" Fiora jump in to the branch and grab Elesis hand when she slips her step from the branch, almost fall into the cliff

"Elesis, you all right?" Sieghart ask

"I'm fine, Thank you, Fiora," Elesis slower her voices when she says thank you, and start to walk carefully again. Fiora only smile happily, is the first time Elesis call her name.

Fiora POV

The day we met for the first time in Serdin University is not that well. Actually, we have something in common, we like wearing short tights on our school uniform only Elesis is tights is a little below the skirt while mine is a little higher making it almost unseen able from the skirt. We both like sport, but Elesis is good at Football while I'm good at Basketball, well only that far I knew her.

Elesis always hated me get along real well between Sieghart and Ronan, she never call me by my name, she will only say, 'Hey!' or 'You!' or anything that doesn't look like a name. But I didn't mind, not at all, I know deep down, she is a very kind and nice girl.


Elesis start to jump to a bigger branch followed by Fiora that still happy because Elesis call her name, Amy that excited to what she going to see, Ronan sigh heavily because no one listen to him, and Sieghart only being quite for a while, after they jump to the other side of the cliff, they found an open field,

'Why is this place so familiar…..' Elesis thought

Fiora saw Elesis face when she look around, she know Elesis must be wondering why is this place so familiar for her,

'Is because you defeated a troll here…..' Fiora answered to herself, slightly smile

Suddenly, the land is shaking violently, and we saw harpy's and orc's start to attack them,

"What the-" Elesis confuse when she saw an orc's approach her

"Elesis!" Ronan push back the orc with a big branch as his weapon

"They shouldn't be here!" Fiora dodge the attack but accidently uses her ability when a harpy start to attack her, she uses the wind to blow the Harpy back, when she look around no one saw it

'Fiuh, thank god no one sees me,'

"Don't worry, this won't be long. Find some hiding place! Now! Fiora!" Sieghart signaling her something

"Right! Let's go! This way!" Fiora understood his meaning. Fiora, Amy, Ronan, and Elesis start to run to a nearby tree and hide behind it while Sieghart unleash his skill

Sieghart POV

"Grinding Punisher!" I hit all the orc's and harpy's around me

"What the?" I can hear Elesis shocked voice, I can't help but smirks

I saw a stone orc throw his weapon, I avoid it easily and start to dash and kill it. Amy suddenly jump into my back and kick the stone orc away from my back,

"Thanks Amy," I smirked at the Dancer

"Your Welcome!" Amy giggle happily

I'm still confused where did Fiora have magic on her, as far as I know his father are not a wizard, But her mother might a possibility, she might be one of the wind Wielder, but first thing first we finish the last remaining orc's on the area while Fiora try to recover Elesis memory, I hope Elesis doesn't being a rock headed to her,


"I know you are shocked, but I need you to concentrate, look at this book Elesis-san," Fiora show her the Book of Past

"What?! Somebody start to explain to me here!" Elesis refuse to see that book

"Elesis, please, just look at the book, it will explain everything…." Ronan calm her then look Elesis in the eye, Elesis trust that look and start to look at the book

Elesis slowly to recover some of her past memories, she remember the first time she sign up as Grand Chase, her team mates, her lost, her adventure, her love….

"Elesis-san!" Fiora quickly catch Elesis from falling to the ground when the book close suddenly and making Elesis fainted

"Elesis?" Ronan ask to her, Elesis slowly opened her eyes

"Ronan… I remember…." Elesis slowly wake from Fiora hands

"Are you okay? Elesis-san?" Fiora ask carefully

"Just call me Elesis, Even the pumpkin head over there calls me by my name only," Elesis smile still rub her forehead

"Hey! I just save you from that orc's you know!" Amy complaint then pouted, pop out of no where

"Welcome back, Red head," Sieghart grind teasingly at Elesis that have her memory back, appearing behind Amy

"Watch it, Old man," Elesis try to control her temper

"Hey, kid, listen, I'm your cousin in this life, not you great grandfather anymore. I'm not even an immortal now," Sieghart defend and explain, Fiora laugh nervously at the renunion

"You guys are now in your new life, not your past reincarnation, Fiora here help us bringing back our memory," Sieghart start to explain

"To help me fight the darkness you all last destroyed," Fiora added with a serious face

"You mean that thing Horde we destroyed?" Amy ask

"I don't know what it call, but, I need you guys to help me," Fiora still on the ground feeling desperate

"You are the Chosen," Sieghart speak

"How do you know?" Fiora ask

"Whoa, slow down you guys, mind telling what this is about?" Elesis start to confuse

"When I was an Immortal, I heard a prophecy from the old oracle on a town in Archimedia," Sieghart start to explain

Sieghart POV

While I was visiting on a bar, I ordered some drink and I saw an old lady beside me, I ignore her but suddenly she spoke to me,

"Young man, I see your future, you will have to fight darkness, with your friends to save this world. But it will not succeed if you didn't have the Chosen by you and your friends side," The old oracle collapsed to the floor after she said that word to me.

But when she wakes up, she didn't remember anything that she said to me


"But Rin is The Chosen right?" Ronan ask again

"I know, is doesn't make sense, is Rin is The Chosen, why are we still here?" Elesis concluded

"I think as well, but I think we need to ask for an explanation," Sieghart suggested

"I did read that Rin is the priest who Chosen to carry the burden of darkness," Fiora added

"Okay, now I'm getting dizzy," Amy didn't understand any word that they talking about

"The point is we need to gather up our entire member and need to ask for explanation to someone," Sieghart simplified it

"Okay," Amy answered lightly like is a very easy job, when everyone sweat drop, Elesis stomach is grumbling

"H-hungry….." Elesis start to collapsed to ground again

"We need lunch now," Sieghart start to starve either

"But the town is so far away," Amy added, Fiora sigh heavily, she need to have lunch too

"We can go to my house for food," Fiora standing up and start walking

"Where is your house exactly?" Ronan ask

"Is here, in the forest, quick, we are near," Fiora answered simply, she actually didn't want to tell them, she really considering what will happen if she told them

"You live here? That's mean you have seen Ryan," Elesis spoke

"No, the Elf has isolated their self from Human world since the day that you all safe the world and disappear from it," Fiora answered, still thinking

"So, you know your way around the forest all this time?" Sieghart ask

"Kind of, almost like you but not really," Fiora answered with a smile, in several minutes they arrive at Fiora's home

"Come in, I never have a guess before, we never have, make yourself at home," Fiora quickly go to the kitchen while the rest sitting on the couch

After 30 minutes, Fiora come out from the kitchen with plates of omelet. She put it on the dine table and then pull out some glasses on the cabinet,

"Here you go, sorry if just an omelet, is the quickest dish," Fiora pour some orange jus into the glass

"Wow! Is delicious!" Elesis already start to munch up the food

"You cook this?" Ronan ask, he got a nod from Fiora

"Is really good!" Sieghart that munching the food already full his mouth

"You guys, chew than swallow, or you will get choke," Fiora warning Elesis and Sieghart, it seems they didn't hear her, like they are having a competition 'Who will finish first is the best' thing

After they finished lunch, Amy ran to the living room and turn on the TV while Ronan and Fiora clean the dishes with Elesis helping

"Here, give me the remote," Sieghart turn on the TV and then start to switch channel until he stop at the news channel

"Aw~ can we watch something else?" Amy persuade but Sieghart ignore it

"This is live from the scene, a monster is on the looses right at the Bemersiah Harbor! Is seems that the monster is taking hostage, is a woman around end of 30! The moment a go the monster manage to destroyed the coming ship from Silver land and destroyed the harbor, everything that try to stop it is vanish and-" The news channel camera suddenly shake like it fall to the ground before it buzz

"What…." Fiora that standing behind him watched everything, she see the woman, is her mother

"Fiora?" Ronan ask worriedly

"We need to go there, now!" Fiora quickly grab her bag

"Whoa, wait a minute Fiora, we can just go there and march in," Elesis stops her

"I must! With or without you all, my mom is that women, I can't lose any of my parents. My dad is suppose on that ship from Silver Land..." Fiora start to tremble, her hand is sweating, everyone know that she's holding her tears

"I will come with you, Fiora," Amy holds her hands and smile to her

"Me too," Ronan pat her head and smile

"Let's go then, we still have a long way to go," Sieghart walk to the door

"Um, Halo? We don't know how to get there," Elesis said making Sieghart froze at his step

"Is shouldn't be long, Nii-san, you can summon a dragon right?" Fiora ask, Ronan reply with a nod

"But it will only attack things, I can't risk that," Ronan refuse

"Hmm, is there just someone who can control the wind," Sieghart look at Fiora with a smirks

"Y-you saw me?" Fiora ask nervously

"How could I not?"

"Please don't tell anyone!"

"Sure, but I don't know how is with them," Sieghart point his thumb at the others

"But, a Wind Wielder? Doesn't they suppose to be a myth?," Ronan confused

"I know, do any of your parents have magic?" Elesis ask

"No, Lady Gaia gave me this power when I was a baby, what is a Wind Wielder?" Fiora ask

"The Wind Wielder is a myth, people said that the Wind Wielder is a traveler from the Land of Gods, they have the power to control wind and that ability can make them fly into the air, they even can make someone fly if they will it," Sieghart explain

"But I'm kind of not just a Wind Wielder-" Fiora try to explain

"Can someone talk human please," Amy start to get lose on the conversation again

"Now is not the perfect time to discuss that, Fiora can control wind so we can get to Bemersiah Harbor now," Elesis concluded

"Oh~ You really can control wind Fiora?" Amy asks with dazzled eye, Fiora only nod hestitately with smile

They go outside of the house to get ready,

"Ready?" Fiora ask, everyone nod

"Here we go," Fiora start to use the wind and carry them right to the Harbor

"Wow," Amy try to keep up balance

"Everyone hold each other hand," Fiora give her hand to Amy then Amy keep passing on

After several minutes, they land right in front of the ruins,

"My hair is a mess!" Amy complaint her looks when she look at her mirror and fixes it

"Girls," Sieghart and Ronan said in the same time

"Welcome, Grand Chase, I've been expecting you," Kaze'Aze in her human form greeted them

"Kaze'Aze? You should be dead!" Elesis look angry

"And appearently I'm not,"

"Where are my Mom!?" Fiora quickly shouted

"Ah, you must be Fiora, is so nice to see you," Kaze'Aze smiled

"I won't ask again, where is my Mother?" Fiora ask slowly

"Don't be like that, or is the last time you will ever see you parents,"

Black Fairy Queen is right on the other side of the ruins with Martha and John tied together

"Mom! Dad!" Fiora quickly ran but being stop by Elesis

"Calm down Fiora, control your temper, is what Kaze'Aze want," Elesis persuade, Fiora take a deep breath and releasing it

"Kill them!" Black Fairy Queen command a lots of skeleton samurai is heading toward them

"Fiora, Elesis! Watch out!" Ronan warn from behind

A skeleton samurai run to them ready to attack them with it sword but Fiora quickly pull out her necklace, rub the little orb on the pendulum sword like and it transform in to a real sword, Fiora quickly dodge the samurai and stab the samurai in the chest,

"Take the sword Elesis, still remember your skill?" Fiora ask

"How could I forget?" Elesis reply with a smirk

They start to kill every of the samurai with Amy helping using her dancer skills, after Ronan and Sieghart pick the sword they start to march in,

"You're not bad, you train a lot?" Elesis try to have some chat while fighting the skeleton

"Not really, I only learn the basic, compare to you I'm still far away," Fiora try to answered while fighting

"Nice sword!" Sieghart comment while stab a samurai skeleton behind her

"Thanks!" Fiora smiled

After they finished the entire skeleton, they head for Fiora parents

"Not that easy darling," Black Fairy Queen starts to attack them with the thorn of ice

Everyone dodges it, and start to attack at her back, but she disappears and appears behind them and attacks them again with the thorn ice,

"Argh!" Elesis got hit from the ice

"Elesis!" Fiora shouted

"I'm fine! Watch your back!" Elesis answered

They fight until Black Fairy Queen is weaken, finally, Fiora uses her skill,

"Raging Death!" Fiora start to kick up Black Fairy to the air, then she jumped and slash her several time, kick her back to the ground and stab downward into her chest

"I c-can't believe t-this…" Black Fairy Queen is dead

"Rest in peace," Ronan added

"And never come back!" Amy added childishly

"It's too late Grand Chase!" Kaze'Aze appear behind Fiora's Parents with her true form, Kaze'Aze ate Fiora's parents alive in front of her

"No!" Fiora shouted

"Damn!" Sieghart curses, Kaze'Aze laugh maniacly , Amy only hold her mouth, while Ronan and Elesis feel sorry for Fiora,

Fiora starting to get mad, her aura around her is increasing more and more every second, the water by the sea start to surround her, she also start to make a whirlwind around her, her eyes turns white and her eyes tails start to coloring into aquamarine, all her wound heal by it self but her bruises still visible and not completely heal, also she start to float in the air.

"What the-" Sieghart startled at Fiora, he saw her almost like on his rage mode

"Don't take something that will going to hurt someone..." Fiora voice is lifeless, full of heartache, full of hatred, full of, Revenge...

Fiora start to summon a giant sharp twigs below Kaze'Aze, stabing it violently

"Roar!" Kaze'Aze scream, Fiora then using the water and wind that surrounded her attack Kaze'Aze, making it flesh reap a little by little,

"She is..." Elesis watched, couldn't believe her eyes

"Scary..." Amy hide behind Sieghart that still observing quietly at Fiora, Ronan stand behind Elesis being quite

"HUAH!" Kaze'Aze use her paw to hit Fiora in the head and throw her down, Kaze'Aze paw get rib when trying to hit her until her power is reducing when she crash to the ground, Kaze'Aze start to focus and transfer her last life to Fiora's body and die.

"Fiora!" Amy ran throught Fiora that black out, she turns Fiora's body to Amy's lap, her fore head is bleeding and all of her body has a little scratch

"We need to take her to the Hospital!" Sieghart warn

"I'm on it, I'll look for help," Elesis start to dash away

"Ronan! Use your healing power, Fiora is now on her critical stats," Sieghart command after checking her pulse

"Holy Inferno!" Ronan chant his skills

"How is she?" Amy ask worriedly

"Thank god, her pulse is still weak, but she will life, if we don't get her to the hospital right now!" Sieghart panicked follow by everyone

"Don't Joke like that! Is not funny!" Amy shouted

"Everyone! I found a Taxi!" Elesis shouted from the road, Ronan quickly pick her up from Amy's lap and run to Elesis follow by Amy and Sieghart

"We need to go to the hospital!" Ronan said to the driver

"Step on it, quick!" Elesis added

"Hurry!" Amy add last

"Don't make the driver panic too! Just drive to the Hospital, sir!" Sieghart command

"O-okay!" The driver quickly drive to the hospital when he saw Fiora laying on Amy's lap

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