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On a particularly rainy day, Ms Khushi Kumari Gupta was driving home. Having a sunny personality she much preferred the bright sunshine to the dull wetness that London seemed to offer. Oh how she hated the rain. But she put up for it for one person. The only person that has been keeping her alive all these years after what she had suffered. The very reason of her existence loved London, rain and all. While she herself craved Lucknow and the warmth is offered. But Ms Gupta was a tolerant person and that is exactly why she was still here and not running back to her home town. Khushi let her mind wonder off to her past and gives herself a mental shake.

"Come on Khushi!" she thought, "Don't let the past dampen your day, even if the rain does."

That was the last thought before Khushi's car crashed into another. She felt the car spin out of control before it finally came to a halt. In the back of Khushi's mind, she remembers driving past a red light but not thinking too much about it as she was so absorbed in her past.

The last thought she had before blacking out was, "Hey Devi Maiya, can this day get any worse?"