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Isabella Smiled~Part 2 of 2 (14+)
by Fidomom

They smiled in their sleep as Brady reached for her, pulling her close.
"Mmmmmm, Chloe, you feel so good."
Chloe snuggled in trying to get closer. He shifted so she was laying half on top of him. Chloe rubbed her leg along his, loving the feeling of his body touching hers, loving the feeling of the seemingly endless skin on skin. She frowned in her sleep, rubbing her cheek against his bare chest, stubbornly fighting wakefulness. She could feel him rubbing her bare back and it felt so good. Still sleeping he slid his hands down past the curve of her lower back and onto her bare cheeks. He frowned even as he continued running his palms over her cheeks, stubbornly fighting wakefulness. Chloe smiled and sighed contentedly, expecting her alarm to go on any moment and spoil the sensual dream she was having. Brady started to wake up. He froze in shock.
She stretched against him, making him groan softly. She smiled still half asleep and snuggled close once more.
"Mmmmm, good morning, Brady." He felt her tense up and they opened their eyes at the same time to look at one another.
He could read the confusion in her eyes and knew she hadn't done this. He was certain he hadn't either.
"I promise you Chloe I didn't do this! I'm as confused as you are!"
"You really didn't?"
He slowly shook his head no.
"Then how ....? Where are ....? Did we ....?"
"NO! At least I don't think so. No, we would have woken up, I'm sure we didn't."
Brady became aware his hands were still on her cheeks and he pulled them away as though his fingers were burned. Chloe's face flamed red that she hadn't been the one to realise and request that he move them. She hastily rolled off of him keeping herself covered. Though neither would admit it they both immediately missed the contact. Brady moved further away from her. He saw her brows knit as she puzzled through an idea.
"Is it possible that we both shed our pajamas in our sleep to get more comfortable since we are both accustomed to sleeping alone? Didn't you hint once to me that you sleep without pajamas usually?"
Brady looked relieved,
"Yeah of course that must be what happened in my case, but what about you?"
She shrugged giving him a blank look,
"I honestly don't know. I suppose it's possible that I was simply too warm and removed the pajama shirt. Yeah the more I think about it the more I'm certain that must be what happened."
Brady could almost buy that but he had to point out one glaring detail.
"Umm, Chloe that could explain your shirt but what about your umm your panties?"
Chloe blushed profusely and looked at him in misery as she groaned,
"I have no idea Brady! I feel so embarassed!"
Brady was immediately sorry for even pointing it out.
"Chloe? Hey, don't be embarassed. We're both trying to figure out why we woke up the way we did and we may never know why. Tell you what I do know though, I know I'm not going to let this drive a wedge between us. I hope you won't either. You and I are normally very comfortable with eachother and I'd be sad if that changed. I say we just shrug it off as an unsolveable mystery. I will go downstairs to start that breakfast you requested while you go use my shower and such. When you're finished your shower you can relieve me in the kitchen. Then when I'm done showering we can have a fabulous breakfast together just like you planned okay?"
She'd been moments away from tears of shame and as usual Brady made everything okay again. She smiled at him gratefully and nodded.
"Okay. I'd really like that. Brady? Thank-you for ... for ..."
He winked at her smiling reassuringly,
"You're welcome. Let's get this day started!"
Brady swung his legs over the side of the bed searching for his shed bottoms. They weren't there. He frowned and felt around under the bedclothes but they weren't there either.
"Brady? Is everything okay?"
He looked over his shoulder at her in bewilderment,
"More mystery is all. I can't even locate my pajama bottoms. I had thought for sure they'd be on the floor beside the bed but they aren't. Hmmpf. Well I guess I'll have to get out of bed as is and find a robe. Chloe? Are your pajama shirt and underwear on the floor beside the bed over there?"
Chloe was alarmed to discover that they were not.
"Brady, where could they be? Clothing doesn't just disappear into thin air!"
His eyes widened as he shrugged just as baffled as she was.
"I've no idea, Diva."
Heaving a sigh he threw back the bedclothes and strode to his closet for a robe. Chloe gasped at the sight of his nude behind.
"Brady! Next time warn me when you're going to do that! I would have covered my eyes to give you privacy, you know!"
He looked over his shoulder grinning,
"Next time? No, seriously, Chloe I am sorry. I'm just not used to being modest in my bedroom nor to you being in here with me."
Brady found a robe and quickly donned it. He turned to face Chloe.
"There I'm covered! Is that better?"
Chloe opened her mouth almost telling the truth, but instead managed to avoid answering him.
"Could you leave the room now please so I can go shower?"
He mock saluted her and went downstairs to start breakfast. Chloe cautiously got out of bed and went to shower. Brady immediately noticed two things when he got downstairs- her juice stained pajama bottoms, and BLT stained shirt were not hanging on the railing anymore and her overnight bag was on the floor near the sofa. He distinctly recalled it being upstairs last night before bed. He couldn't help wondering if she was playing a prank on him. He dismissed the idea immediately~Chloe might move a few things around on me to confuse me but she'd never get naked and snuggle with me as a joke.~. He heard the shower start and remembered with a groan that he hadn't replenished the towels in the bathroom. He made a quick trip to the laundry room to get them. When he got back from the laundry room, he grabbed her overnight bag and the towels and went upstairs to leave them out for her.
She was standing there at the top of the stairs dripping. Brady nearly dropped the things he was carrying and his mouth went dry as he took in her naked wet flesh. Her skin flushed as she stood rooted to the spot.
"There were no towels in the bathroom. I was going to yell for you to bring me some. Why do you have my overnight bag? Brady have you been pulling one over on me this whole time?"
Brady blushed and attempted to avert his eyes as he handed her a large bath sheet.
"No Chloe, I promise you! I found your bag on the floor by the sofa. I actually wondered if you had been pranking me except for how we woke up together this morning. FYI your red pajamas are not downstairs either."
Chloe had immediately wrapped the towel around herself. The Chloe in Brady's mind had not however and he was still having trouble thinking or breathing. She reached out for her overnight bag and their fingers grazed. They stilled and made eye contact. Brady handed the bag to her and they each looked away. Chloe set the bag on the bed and started pawing through it looking for her missing red pajamas. They weren't there. She sat heavily on the foot of Brady's bed and looked up at him at a complete loss for an explanation.
"I don't understand any of this Brady. What's going on here? If this is a joke I'm not laughing."
"Me either. I've no idea Chloe, this is all just very bizarre. I should go so you can finish up in here. Sorry but I haven't even started cooking our breakfast. I got sidetracked with grabbing towels from the laundry room. I'll see you downstairs."
Brady turned and went back downstairs. Chloe got dressed, did her hair and went down to take over with breakfast. Brady went up to take his shower. As Chloe absentmindedly fried the turkey bacon, she found herself wondering about the events of the morning with growing suspicion that Brady was somehow responsible for it all and would soon confess and laugh at how easily he'd duped her~But Brady would never take my clothes off of me without my consent he just wouldn't. I know that but still my God I woke up naked in his arms! How on earth did we end up like that together? I hate mysteries! I want answers darn it!~.
As Brady showered he began to wonder about the morning's events again. He was starting to suspect Chloe again of at the very least moving her bag and hiding her red pajamas~But if she'd done that then she would have been aware a lot sooner that we were oh Lord we were in my bed naked together! Holding each other. How? Chloe would never do that on her own she just wouldn't. I can't stand not knowing! I need answers dammit!~. He finished showering and got dressed. He went downstairs determined to get to the bottom of the events of the morning. Chloe heard the shower turn off and resolved to find out whether Brady actually had moved her bag and hid her jammies~Enough is enough Brady if you did that much you are going to tell me!~. Brady was suddenly behind her.
"Chloe, turn off the stove please. We need to talk. Right now."
She turned to look at him,
"I was about to suggest the same thing. Are you ready to admit moving my bag and hiding my red pajamas?"
He looked at her incredulously,
"Are you?"
"I didn't, Brady!"
"Well, neither did I! Please turn off the stove before the bacon burns."
She turned the stove off and faced him again.
"I know I'm telling the truth and I want to believe that you are telling me the truth too but Brady the fact is my bag was moved and my pajamas are missing."
Brady shook his head in annoyance as he ran a hand through his hair.
"I know. This is insane. Chloe this is your last chance to tell me ... did you do this to play a prank on me? If you did tell me now I won't even be mad I just need to know."
She rolled her eyes, crossed her arms and sighed in exasperation.
"For the last time Brady NO I DID NOT!!!"
He slammed his palm against the counter.
"Well somebody sure as hell did!"
"Don't yell at me!"
"Fine let's have breakfast."
"I'm not hungry."
"Whatever. Fine. I am. Excuse me please while I finish cooking."
"You think I'm lying."
"Then we're even because you think I'm lying and I'm not."
"I can't take this. I'm going home."
"Good idea. Good-bye."
There was silence behind him. He looked over his shoulder and did a double take. She was looking at him with big tears welling up in her eyes. Her chin was quivering. He closed his eyes for composure and turned back to her.
"I'm sorry, Chloe. In my heart of hearts I do believe you. I feel so grouchy and I don't even know why."
"Brady, I believe you too but it still doesn't explain anything. I am sorry for doubting you. I guess I'm feeling more than a little grumpy myself."
Brady smiled wryly as he turned back to the bacon.
"Maybe we should go back to bed and start the day over again. At least we were in good moods when we woke up." When she didn't comment he looked back and saw she was now standing at the bottom of the stairs.
"Are you coming?"
"Back to bed with me."
He turned off the stove again and approached her.
"Ummm Chloe I wasn't actually serious."
She seemed taken aback.
"I knew that. I was just calling your bluff."
"The hell you were!"
He strode over to her and grasped her shoulders as he searched her eyes.
"Tell me the truth Chloe. Do you want us to go back to bed together?"
She nodded her head yes.
"You were right Brady. When I woke up this morning before I was aware of all these mysteries I was in a good mood. Can we please go back to bed and start over? I don't like all this tension between us." He was silent a moment as he contemplated her request. Then he smiled and nodded his head.
"Okay. I think I have one set of pajamas left in my drawer. I'll wear the bottoms and you can wear the shirt."
He skirted around her to climb the stairs. Chloe followed him gnawing on the corner of her bottom lip. Once in his room he headed straight for his dresser and pulled out a set of pajamas. He handed her the shirt.
"Here you can go put this on in the bathroom."
Chloe looked at the shirt then at Brady.
"I don't think so."
Brady was startled at first then he smiled,
"Oh, right you don't like changing in the bathroom. Okay I'll go change in there then."
"No, Brady it isn't that."
He watched as she walked over to his dresser and put the shirt back in the drawer. Then she gently took the bottoms out of his hand and put those back too. Brady looked at her expectantly.
"Why did you do that?"
She walked over to him and slid her arms around his waist uncertainly wondering if he would push her away. His arms wrapped around her back and she relaxed somewhat, though her heart was racing. She looked up at him.
"Brady, neither of us knows how or why we woke up naked together in your bed this morning and it's like you said we may never know. I want us to kill the mystery- this time we will know exactly how and why. Being naked in a bed together is one thing but Brady we woke up holding each other. Am I the only one of us who felt content like that?"
He shook his head slowly,
"No. No of course not. Waking up like that, holding you it felt I don't know ... natural?"
She smiled.
"Yes, that's it exactly. I want that feeling back."
He smiled.
"Truth be told, me too. Do you want privacy until you're under the covers?"
She shrugged and averted her gaze.
"Yes. Even though you already caught me coming out of the shower, I'm still a little uncomfortable about just stripping in front of you."
He redirected her gaze back to his eyes.
"Hey, it's okay. I do understand. I'll go wait in the bathroom. Tell me when you're under the covers and I'll come back to bed too."
She nodded and he went to wait in the bathroom. She took off all her clothes feeling very nervous and happy. She climbed under the covers.
"Okay Brady you can come back to bed now."
He opened the bathroom door wearing only a towel low on his hips. He walked to his side of the bed, sat down, swung his legs under the covers, and pulled the towel out from under them. He dropped the towel on the floor beside the bed. He turned to her and held out his arms. She eased into them with a sigh of content. He smiled and rubbed her back. She snuggled into him closer. He pulled her half on top of him again like she'd been earlier that morning. She rubbed her face against his bare chest, and closed her eyes, smiling. His hands stilled at the small of her back. With her eyes still closed she encouraged his hands to move down past the small of her back. He obliged. He rested them on her bare cheeks and closed his eyes, smiling. They fell asleep that way and awakened a couple of hours later. They opened their eyes and looked at each other.
"Good morning sleepy head."
"Is it still morning?"
He nodded his head,
"Yep, but there's a little less than half an hour of morning left. Do you want to get up straight away and go see about breakfast or I should say brunch?"
She snuggled closer to him.
"No please not yet!"
He chuckled,
"Okay, Diva we can stay here like this a while longer."
She looked up at him and caressed his face.
"Brady? I want you to cash in your raincheck. Right now."
He smiled at her somewhat suspiciously.
"Why? Think you've come up with something that will stump me?"
She shrugged,
"Maybe so."
He nodded and rolled over so she could draw on his back. Chloe's hand trembled as she drew on him. Brady got it immediately.
"Again Chloe."
She repeated the drawing.
She repeated it again starting to feel frustrated that he hadn't guessed yet.
"One more time. Please?"
She drew it yet again. He suddenly turned to her and hugged her. She looked up into his eyes in disbelief when she felt him repeating the same drawing on her back over and over. I heart U then he added a new one- I heart U 2.
"Really, Brady?"
"Really, Chloe."
She leaned her face up for a kiss and he obliged. Their initially sweet kiss changed and they clung to each other as they discovered a new level to their connection. Their lips fused together in wonder as emotions that had always been banked and waiting just under the surface were stoked and began to flame with an intense heat and fury. Their tongues greeted each other with joyful, soul-deep fierce passion. Their breathing became labored as their hands stroked and caressed heated flesh. Their mouths left each other to kiss and taste uncharted territories. Brady's gentle loving fingers created a quaking throughout Chloe's body as he stroked the epicenter of her desire and pleasure. She called out to him the sweetest words he'd ever heard her utter,
"I love you Brady!! Oh BRADDDDDDDDDDDDDDYYYYYY! I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you so much Brady!"
Brady rained kisses on her face, ears, neck, shoulders, and breasts repeating over and over again requited emotion.
"I love you, Chloe! Oh my sweet Diva I love you so much!"
He pulled away briefly to get a condom from his bedside table. Chloe watched impatiently as he rolled it onto himself. She pulled him to her and kissed him with an aggression and ferocity that further impassioned him. Her legs encircled his hips encouraging him toward becoming one with her body the way he already was with her heart and with her soul. Eternally connected on every level. Intense brief pain was soothed away with tender words of love and reassurance. She absorbed his love, his soul, his body, his very essence and made it an essential part of herself. Every fibre of his being became enmeshed in her. One at last and forever. They slept in a tangle of arms, legs, and souls. Isabella placed Brady's hand over Chloe's and in sleep the soulmates entwined their fingers together. Isabella smiled~Finally.~.
Chloe woke up to see Brady's side of the bed empty. She smiled knowing he wasn't far away. The sparkle on the fourth finger of her left hand made her smile even wider~I'm going to be Mrs. Brady Black in a few short weeks!~. She heard the shower turn on and got a gleam in her eye. She reached into the nightstand drawer and palmed a square foil wrapped package. She hastily got out of bed and entered their bathroom.
"Hey got room in there for me?"
Brady smiled and reached for her.
"Of course! You're my favorite shower toy!"
She playfully hit his arm,
"You dork people don't have shower toys they have bath toys and who you calling a toy? Better watch it Mister or I won't give you the first part of your anniversary present!"
He nuzzled her neck,
"Oh, bath toys right sorry my mistake it's just I could have sworn you were my shower toy see because you have all these nifty features like if I touch you here you make a different sound than if I touch you here. See? Are you sure you aren't my shower toy?"
Chloe leaned against him filled with desire,
"Uh-huh, okay I'll be your shower toy Brady that was a very persuasive argument."
He grinned and kissed her deeply. He pulled away and asked with great concern,
"So do I still get the first part of my anniversary present?"
She showed him what was in her palm.
"What do you think?"
Brady looked disappointed.
"Oh. I already have a lot of those in the nightstand drawer."
She laughed out loud.
"Oh. Okay I guess you don't want this one then I'll just go return it."
She turned to get out of the shower. He chuckled pulling her back in.
She raised her eyebrows at him.
"Takes one to know one!"
He wrapped his arms around her smiling wickedly,
"I suppose I could find an immediate use for that little packet afterall!"
Grinning at him she opened it and rolled it onto him never breaking eye contact.
"I thought you just might!"
He pulled her in for a passionate kiss and lifted her up. Her legs snaked around his waist. He leaned her back against the tiled wall and looked into her eyes.
"I love you Diva. Happy 1st Anniversary."
Chloe tightened her legs around him joining their bodies with the motion.
"Happy 1st Anniversary, Brady. I love you too."
After they finished showering and got dressed they went downstairs to share breakfast.
"So is your Dad bringing them over today?"
"What? You mean my mother's boxes? Yeah. Why?"
She smiled softly,
"Because I want to learn as much as I can about the woman who would have been my mother-in-law. Also, you know that tradition of something old, new, borrowed, blue? Well, I'm hoping to find something fitting one of those descriptions among your mom's things. I mean if you don't mind that is. Do you?"
He looked at her his heart filling with a fierce tenderness.
"No Chloe I don't mind at all. Thank-you for wanting to do that. It means a lot to me."
She smiled. There was a loud rapping on the door. Brady sprinted over to it and slid it open.
"Hey Dad! Come on in!"
John wheeled the boxes in on a pushcart and embraced his son.
"How's things?"
Brady grinned,
"Damn near perfect! Scary huh?"
John chuckled and walked over to Chloe dropping a kiss on the top of her head,
"Hey how's my favorite almost daughter-in-law? This brute over here treating you right?"
Chloe looked up laughing,
"I'm great John! That brute over there spoils me rotten, so no worries! How are you?"
John shrugged smiling,
"I've got no complaints!"
Chloe smiled and cleared her throat,
"Umm Brady? I don't do patient real well. Can we? Now? Please?"
Brady rolled his eyes in mock exasperation,
"Yes of course, hon! Let's break open the boxes."
The three of them each took a box and set to opening it. Brady had to wipe 3 years worth of dust off the top of his box.
"Whoa, Dad! Slightly dusty storage room at the Penthouse?"
John chuckled.
Brady struggled with breaking into the box.
"This thing is sealed up tighter than Fort Knox!" He grabbed an exacto knife and cut through the tape, finally able to lift the box flaps open. He gasped upon seeing the contents and stumbled backwards.
Concerned, John went to Brady's side and peered into the box. He looked at Brady strangely. Chloe saw how pale Brady looked and also went to his side. She looked into the box and gasped as well. She looked at Brady incredulously,
"Brady? How?"
He looked at her and shook his head still in shock,
"I have no idea Chloe."
John was baffled.
"Okay would one of you please tell me what the big deal is?"
Chloe lifted out a scarlet satin shirt with a stain on the front and scarlet pants stiff with a stain all down one leg. She held them up.
"John? These are my pajamas. They went missing a year ago today. See that stain on the front? It's from a BLT sandwich. The pant leg is stiff with spilled fruit juice. The black satin men's pajamas still in the box also went missing a year ago today."
Brady looked at his Dad.
"How can that be though Dad?"
John smiled and looked around the loft.
"Your mom always did love a good prank! She liked learning sleight of hand magic tricks too."
The hair on Brady's arms stood up as he understood suddenly why he and Chloe were together. He walked over to Chloe and hugged her, kissing the side of her head. Chloe slipped something soft into his hand. He looked down and grinned through threatened tears of joy. He quickly pocketed her missing panties. The past year had been tumultuous. He'd seen Chloe beat death. She'd gone into sudden, unexplained remission from leukemia just over four months ago. He held Chloe close to his heart, turning his face away from his Dad's view. His eyes spilled tears of gratitude as he mouthed words to seemingly empty space,
"Thanks for the push, Mom. I'll treasure her always." Isabella smiled~I know you will, my son. I know you will.~.