A/N: Hey, this is of coarse my first fanfic and I hope you all like it. I really wanted to make something different, not the typical bad girl or villian daughter. Not that those are bad stories! I love them all, I've read almost every Sky High fic so far, but I wanted to write about this girl and I hope you like reading about her. :)

Plain Clothes

With the rumour of an new underground villian rising after Royal Pain, the government doesn't trust Sky High, so to keep an eye on the school in the sky they send in an undercover S.H.I.E.L.D agent.

(Sky High)

So there I was, brownie and soda mixed into my hair. Dried Jello chunks on my clothes and whatever was in the lunch meat smeared on my cheeks, I smelled pretty funky while sitting in that white detention room with two other people. To my left was Warren Peace, resident bad boy, son of Baron Battle and rumoured to be the next evil supervillian of Sky High, Will Stronghold the all American goody two-shoes, son of the all time heroes the Commander and Jetstream. Both equally covered in food and goo, their hair full of all the same stuff as mine.

"After serving your time in detention, your punishments will be to clean the mess you's started in the cafeteria." said shaking her head at us. Her heels clicked as she exited the detention room. I sighed and rested my head on my arm. I guess I'll be here for a while, so how about I introduce myself.

My name is Nicole Rose Bourdon, but you can call me Nova. I'm 17 years old and from Jackson, Tennessee. Oh, and I'm an undercover S.H.I.E.L.D agent. A teenage Southern gal an agent? Yeah, screwed up right. Well, I guess I'll explain. I have nothing better to do anyway.

(S.H.I.E.L.D Central, New York)

A man in a black suit and tie quickly walked his way down the hallway, a wire earpiece twining up from his collar into his ear and a pair of black shades over his eyes. The walls were glass revealing the busy people working on computers or the phone. Some workers going through files and some in meetings. He took a left down another hallway, the buidling almost built like a maze. He opened a door and entered the room, two other men dressed similar to him were in there.

The older man had greying hair and a black patch over one of his and a few scars on his face, he sat in a large chair behind a big oak desk, the man behind him seemed to be his security. He stood on guard with his arms behind his back as he watched the wall.

"Agent Bourdon," the older man greeted with a nod before he leaned on his elbows an folded his fingers. "There's a problem, remember the events earlier in the year concerning a certain Super school in Maxville, California?" He asked refuring to the Sky High incident.

"Yes Sir," he replied.

"Well, Royal Pain is now in jail but theres a rumour going around about something else, something bigger going on at Sky High." He explained. "Rumour or not, we must take precautions. The agents we had disguised as teachers were unsuccesfull in obtaining the proper information." He said before taking a drink of his coffee. "We need someone younger, a teenager to be able to penetrate the social circles and get what we need and hear what we need to know." He started as he picked up and bunch of white files. "There are plenty of teenage agents here, . Not one of them is what we need, we need a super, someone charming and smart, a person who is trustable." He said looking through the files. "We need this person to deceive them and dig deep without getting caught, do you know of an agent like that ?" The man smiled a he asked.

Agent Bourdon mentally sighed, Nova.


I held the tranquilizer gun as I peeked through the ventilation shaft. "U tebya yestʹ chip?" (You have the chip?) A deep Russian voice asked. "Da, vy poluchili denʹgi?" (You have the money?) Another man asked, I could see them talk below me. It wasn't the most comfortable position but it would pay off soon enough. I clicked the record button on my watch and made sure I would be getting clear evidence before I busted them.

"100 grand," The old man smiled, he was short, fat and bald and was missing a few teeth. I clicked the side of my glasses causing the camera to catch a few pictures of the men below.

*Brriinnggg, brinnggg, brinngg!*

The men below looked around confusidly, then up, directly at the vent I was currently perched in. Shit, it was my cell phone. Why the heck didn't I turn it off! Oh my god, this isn't good. The plan was I go down there when the deal was made and take them by surprise. I guess this was my surprise. I opened up the vent as they scrambled around and yelled in Russian. They started shooting at me as I jumped down onto the floor.

I burst a ball of energy at a few of them, accidentally knocking over the table. I opened up my phone and answered. "This betta' be good!" I growled.

"Hey Darlin'." My fathers voice said. I wasn't supposed to kill them, I was supposed to tranquilize them. How the hell was this supposed to be wasy like Fury said? I still felt good though, my energy was up perfectly.

"Она шпион!" (She's a spy!) A man with shades on yelled.

"Hey Daddy," I smiled, sure it was bad timing but I've been on this mission for two weeks without any contact other then the big guns at work.

"получить ее!" (Get her) Another yelled, I shot him in the neck with a energy burst. The bright ball of light hit him in the back. A large, muscular man came at me with a gun. I did my best at dodging the bullets. The room was filled with men in suits coming at me madder then wet hens in a tote sack.

I craddled my cell phone between my head and shoulder. A short man went to grab my arm, I crouched down and kicked out his foot and sent him to the ground. I shot him with the tranquilizer along with some blond guy to my right.

"Listen Hun, the Director got another job for yah." He said with a sigh. I rolled under the table when two men on each side of me charged. I took the opportunity to charge up an energy ball and hit them both in the back from where I was laying.

"не позволяйте ей получить чип!" (Don't let her get the chip!) A skinny man with a thick black mustache yelled. I kicked up the chair, expertly hitting him in the head with it an knocking him out.

"I'm kinda' busy workin' the mafia case in Russia, daddy. I'm up to mah kneck in work lahke Cajuns in swamp water." I explained as I grabbed the gun off of the man infront of me and clocked him over the head with it. I felt a sharp pain into my back and turned to see a man grinning with a gun in his hand, good thing I was wearing a bulletproof vest. It still left a pretty big bruise from the impact of the bullet against the vest, I'll be feeling that later.

"I know SweetPea, but we need a teenager such as yo'self to work this case. We need a super and since you're the best young agent we got..." He explained as I hit out the last guy and removed the computer chip from his breif case, quickly I walked towards the computers in the back.

"Yeah Daddy, when I get back to the States I'll get the details. Right now, I gotta' get this info." I sighed as I tried getting into a certain file but it came up as locked.

"Alright, we'll send the jet out as soon as possible. Be careful, Love yah." He said.

"You too, Daddy." I hung up and put my phone back in my pocket. I looked down on the floor at the man I stole the computer chip from. I lifted him up by his collar and shook him. "Эй, проснись! Какой пароль?" (Hey, wake up! What is the password?) I asked. He didn't respond, he just looked at me stupidly. "Скажи мне! Как насчет меня отрезать эти пальцы твои?" (Tell me! How about I cut off those fingers of yours?) I threatened.

"No! No! No! It is, 29KfP827." He said in English.

"Thank you," I smiled before hitting him over the head with the back of my gun and logging into the file.

(S.H.I.E.L.D Central)

"Sky High? In California?" I laughed. "So you're sendin' me? One of the best and youngest Agents S.H.I.E.L.D has to offer, to babysit a bunch of High School Superhero wannabes?"

"This is bigger than that..." Fury said getting frusterated. "If there is another incident at this school there will be big problems. We need someone there to send us the details after getting in and out with the information" He explained.

"You're goin' by a rumor here! Theres no even proof this supposed Villian exists. Why can't you just get Mickey to do this case?" I asked. "Mah vacation is comin' up soon anyway, I don't wanna' postpone it." I folded my arms over my chest.

"Agent MacManus isn't trained like you are, he doesn't have the people skills for this mission and he can't even control his powers." Fury explained. I frusteratedly ran a hand through my wavy, dirty blonde hair and sighed.

"So I'm goin' to California?" I asked.

"You'll be livin with your sister." Dad said with a half smile.

"Sam? Why Sam? I thought she quit this profession?" I asked, my older sister Samantha didn't exactly like the whole, espionage/undercover agent thing. I couldn't blame her, I was actually jealous. Truth is, we were both kinda' forced into this. Both our parents were in S.H.I.E.L.D and even my uncles. So it's a bit of a family thing. I've been trained to shoot a fly off a horses ass from an acre away when I was 6. Since I could say "Mama" I had 8 different languages stuffed down my throat, they had me trained in every combat there is and I could sweet talk a Kingpin into giving me everybit of info I need, from Social insurence numbers right to his Grandma's middle name. I never really had a choice, but I've grown accustom to it and now I couldn't give it up. "

What's mah alias?" I asked.

"You'll be going in as a Plain Clothes agent." Fury said with a smile, my jaw dropped. A plain clothes officer or agent is an undercover job, but you don't go by any fake name or story. You don't wear a disguise or create a fake family, you go by your real name and face and try to be as normal as possible.

"Plainclothes agent! Don't you think that's a little dangerous?" I said flabbergasted. "You done a Plainclothes job before, why is this so different.?" He asked. "I've done it once before and the drug lord hacked into Government files and found my name!" I growled.

You see, S.H.I.E.L.D, standing for (Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division.) is a lot different than the C.I.A, the F.B.I or the Police force, its about obtaining info from other governments and keeping our country safe. It's about protecting and fighting against threats, against anyone who The Directors say need to be taken out. Sometimes you don't even get any info, because it's Government buisness and not mine. usually it's against other supers or mutants, but they even have The Avengers to fight most of their battles.

"This is different, they are High School students Agent Bourdon, this case could go on until the end of the year. We're not even sure if there is anything there..."

"So you're takin' me outta' the field for a year and puttin' me on this joke of a mission! Last year I single handedly took down an Arabian black market weapon company that was illegally distributin' machine guns into this country preparing there own for an attack! Who do you think stopped that, yeah me!" I was getting mad and unlike everyone else, I wasn't scared of the Directors. Some call me out if line and too young for respect, but I was built into this company and I'm not giving up all this hardwork for a lousy Plainclothes job in some stupid city in Cali.

"Nova," My dad said entering the room. "Look, I know you've been workin' hard your whole life to get t' where you're at, and jeez Darlin', you're farther than where I was at your age." He explained.

I guess I can explain the whole Nova nickname now, well my power is manipulating, storing and sometimes creating energy. Energy that can be used to destroy or help in a way, I've always been a very active, hyper kid because of it. I'm full of energy at all times, I only have to sleep for three or four hours and I run a mile every morning to keep it in control. So being a very jumpy, hyper kid my Grandfather gave me the nickname Supernova.

And in the Dictionary: Supernovae are extremely luminous and cause a burst of radiation that often briefly outshines an entire galaxy, before fading from view over several weeks or months. During this short interval a supernova can radiate as much energy as the Sun is expected to emit over its entire life span.

So ever since I was three I've been Nova which is short for the nickname Supernova.

"We know this mission is small, we could get a level three agent to do it, but you're more experienced. You're someone who can talk their way to the top and dig deep under this like an earth worm during fishin' season." Dad smiled at me.

"Dad, I was supposed to be workin' the Mexico case in a week. The Directors of the board already assigned it to me." I said sitting in the chair infront of Fury's desk.

"We're getting Agent Mitchels in that." Fury said opening a drawer on his desk and taking out a few large files.

"What! No! That mission is supposed to get me my big promotion! I'm goin' up to a Level 8 Agent!" I felt cheated, how could they spring this on me? This stupid little job that they have little to no info on and thet want me in there for a while to get some.

"We need to make sure this school is safe and not harbouring any future villians." Hudson explained.

"Yeah, I heard Baron Battles son goes there. Let's just hope the apple fell far from the tree." Dad said in a laugh.

"Where's Mom on this? She knows how important mah promotion is to me, I've been workin' all year for it." I asked, last year me and my partner Mickey made a bet. First one to get promoted to level 8 agent of our division wins half of the other's summer vacation time. And since we only get two weeks each, that makes three.

"Your mother is in Korea," Dad replied looking at his shoes, I knew it hurt him. Mom is a great agent, hell they were partners back in the day. I guess they developed a Bones/Booth relationship and voila! Then came Sam and me. She's been on these long missions, some take months maybe even years.

I've been undercover with her once, it was amazing. She plays it so well, if she wasn't my mother I'd believe she was someone else. Then I swore I was gunna' be as good as her, I was gunna' make her proud. Cliche right? I know, but it's a family thing. They were mad enough when Sam dropped out of the force to go to medical school to become a nurse. Proud of her, hell yeah. Dissapointed she didn't help with the family buisness, a lot. "Alright, what do I need to know about this place? And why do I have to go in as a Plainclothes agent?" I asked.

"Sky High is a school for superheroes in training, last year there was an incident with a Villian by the name of Royal Pain who tried to de-age the students and heroes at Homecoming to raise them into villians." He explained reading the paper on it. "She was defeated by a group of students who managed to make it out and take her down, one of them being the Commander's son."

"Alright, so what am I doing there?" I asked.

"You're Nicole 'Nova' Bourdon from Jackson, Tennessee and you moved out to live with your sister in Maxville." He replied, well most was true, I am Nova, I am from Jackson and I did try to get away fron that life.

"Why can't I use an alias?" I asked.

"Because, you're going to be on this case for long and we're just making sure you don't slip when questioning comes from your peers." He replied.

"Slip! Really! Oh and how many times have I slipped before? None, what am I a rookie. One of those stupid, clumsy little field agents you got runnin' around?" I was getting mad, Plainclothes is a rookie slap in the face and to me an insult. It's practically saying I don't have the experience to dig undercover with another identity. He's saying I'll forget my info and backstory.

"I'm just trying to work on your best interest." He explained.

"Heh, my best? Yeah, well when there's nothing to debrief about this rumour I'll let you know." I growled before turning and walking towards the door.

I exited and started walking towards the exercise floor of the building. The floor was all a semi soft matt for wrestling, there were weights, machines, fighting rings and punching bags. There was everything a muscle builder and/or fighter would need. I noticed someone beating the crap out of a punching bag. It was Mickey, my partner. "Hey Mick," I said walking up to him and holding the punching bag in place as he expertly slammed it with his fist.

"Hey'dereNova,skowin'Ahn?" He quicky said through his breath. You see, Mickey talks the way he does because he's from Canada. I know, saying Eh' and aboot is commun, but his is thicker. He's from the East Coast, specifically Newfoundland. It's a stereotype to say that all Newfoundlanders talk like Mickey, our first year of being partners he invited me over his place for Thanksgiving, which for some odd reason they have in October. His family is amazing and so nice, sometimes you have to listen real close or just get used to the accent.

It's kind of a quick Irish/French/Canadian and something just mixed in there. Where Mickey's from on the Island his accent tends to be extremely thick.

"English please, bud." I said as he liver kicked the bag.

"Sarry, I wanted t' know what was goin' ahn wit' cha'." He smiled, most girls would swoon. Mikey was really good looking, he was tall maybe 6 ft. He had shaggy brown hair and a bit of a five oclock shadow. He was muscled, but more skinny and toned than thick and a brute. He had tattoos, most religious related. His whole family being very Catholic, he had a cross tattoed to the left side of his chest, the Canadian maple leaf on his over peck. The Newfoundland flag on his right arm bicep and "Newfie" written under it. A few other Hockey tattoos and a few other boxings ones.

You'd look at Mickey and see a scruffy, tattooed, good looking island boy, he was outgoing and playfull, which made being his partner so much easier.

"Nothin' much, just got a new assignment." I replied as I started jumping around with him and dodging hits. Mickey was probably the best boxer I've ever met, the thing about me is I've been trained to fight since I was a kid. Mickey learned off the streets, hell Mick lived off the streets for a while. He wasn't always an agent, he was a bad kid addicted to drugs.

One night he had was too much and overdosed. He almost died and was in a coma for three weeks, afterward Nick Fury heard about his fighting skills and power and took him in, cleaned him up and put him on the force. Here he is now. "New! Didn't yah jus' get off d' Mafia case n' Russia?" He asked while wiping sweat off of his forehead.

"Yeah, but Fury set me on a High School rumour case." I explained as I punched him in the gut and flipped his foot back, he kicked off of my foot sending me down too.

"Eww MacManus you're all sweaty." I tried to get back up but he rolled us over and pinned me down.

"I win!" He smiled, I rolled my eyes.

"Hey, if we were in a real fight yah know I wouldn't pin this quick." I laughed as I got up.

"Don' dey' usually get me t' do dese' 'tings?" He asked.

"Yeah, you're the High School spy, a real Tom Hanson." I said pulling on a pair of boxing gloves.

"Eyy'! I'm better lookin' dan Johhny Depp, don' cha tink?" He smiled and flipped his just above shoulder length brown hair and pretending to be a diva.

"Almost buddy," I said kicking the punching bag a few times.

"So wha', m' I goin' wit'cha?" He asked.

"I don't think so," I replied.

"So who yah gunna' be?" He asked leaning against the wall with his arm up.

"I'm going under as a plain clothes agent." I said hitting the bag extra hard. Mickey started laughing uncontrollably, he looked absolutely insane.

"Yer AHAHAHA gunna' AHAHAHA... Huh Hahaha haaa... So lemme' guess, big n' bad Agent Bourdon can't keep her own identity so she be goin' and bein' herself, eh bii?" He asked amusedly.

It may sound confusing, but Bii is a word used to say man or friend, comes out sounding quick and more like Buh-Ey, but pronounced fast. I'm assuming it Buddy without the D's.

"Shut up MacManus! I got rank over you!" I smacked him in the arm playfully.

"Rank! Hah! Yah don' gotta' ting against Mickey MacManus, I work f' meself." He said proudly. "Oh yeah, tell that to Fury."


"Sammy!" I smiled as I hugged my big sister. "You dyed your hair." I said pulling away and pulling on her curly brown locks. My sister was my bestfriend, other than Mickey. She was always a sweetheart, pretty too, with shoulder length curly light brown hair, blue eyes much like mine and a sweet smile.

"Look how beautiful you are, Darlin'. I bet they're beatin' the boys off with a stick." She laughed helping me with my bags and carrying them up to her apartment.

"Nah, but I bet in this city they're trailin' after you like lost puppies." I said grabbing my box of baking supplies and placing them on the counter.

"Cute, I wish. So they're sending you in with such little information and you're doing it?" She asked.

"I don't have much of a choice, I mean I'm high rank but I don't have it over the Directors, besides I get to spend time with you don't I? So, what's Maxville like?" I asked looking around the apartment. It was quaint and cute, not overly done and not too girly. The kitchen and living room was a wide open area, no wall seperating the two only an island counter to eat at.

The walls of the kitchen were a burnt orange and the counters, cupboards and drawers all matched nicely. The living room had a medium sized t.v that was placed infront of a large brown suade couch and it's counterpart which was a lazy-boy recliner. The windows had soft white curtains not fully covering the view of the city below. I noticed the hallway starting from the side of the kitchen, it lead down back and had three doors. I sighed, the kitchen wasn't too big for baking but it would have to do.

"Well it's excitin', not as excitin' as goin' around the world as an undercover agent and capturin' bad guys, but it keeps yah on your toes." She explained as she lead me down the hallway. She opened the first door on the left, revealing a bathroom with a white porcelain toilet and a matching sink next to it along with a walk in shower on the back wall. It was nice, well organized and clean. That's another reason I loved my sister, she was neat. Which is something I respect and appreciate.

"The bathroom," she closed the door and opened the one on the left at the very back. "Mah room," she said. I looked around it, the bed on the back wall was queen sized and had a matching comforter set which was lavender. The walls were deep purple and there we two windows in the room, a large dresser to the right. "And this is your room, I know it ain't a big as mine but you are the guest." She smiled opened the door directly infront of her room. The bed to at the back wall, two windows about 5 ft apart on the right, white curtains over each. The walls were a grey/blue and the dresser was about 4 ft high and was a deep mahogony color. "Make yourself at home, Darlin'. I know it ain't much but I'm just scrapin' by." She explained helping me carry my boxes and suitcases into my new room.

"Mom and Dad already told yah that they have money for you and you shouldn't worry so much." I said placing my clothes in the dresser.

"I know, the family has money but I'm out here makin' mah own. I like to do this, I like livin' for myself and makin' my own money." She explained proudly.

"I know and I'm proud of yah, Sam." I smiled at her, she smiled back and gave my a one armed hug.

"I'm proud of you too, sis. You and I both know S.H.I.E.L.D is not were you want your life to end at. Why don't you go to culunary school, open a bakery or somethin'?" She asked putting up a Brad Paisley poster, ever since I was a kid I loved to bake. My Grandma taught me how and I loved it, it's my favorite past time. My dream was always to grow up and own a shop, my very own Bakery.

"You know I can't leave Shield it's mah life now. I may have powers, but I'm not a superhero out in the open on T.V. I like being behind the scenes, I just need to focus on this assignment for now. I need to get to Sky High and see what's goin' down."

A/N: That was pretty long, wow. I hope you like my idea for this story, and if you find any mistakes just tell me. I don't mind. Oh and Mickey is quite a character right? Well I've actually visited NewFoundland last year with my aunt and wow! The place is beautiful and the people are SOO nice! The accents are really hard to get at first because they talk so quick, you actually have to slow them down and break apart their words to get it. Anyway, if you would like to hear the accent (Newfinese) better, I'll leave a Youtube link here: watch?v=tLBibi0g2wI&feature=relmfu ... Donnie is a newfie Rapper or something, his was the only video I could and it is a little wierd but hey he's funny. :)