Chapter 1


"Isabella! Get down here right now!" The disgusting voice of my father shouted from downstairs. Crap! He was home early. He had said 6 pm, why was he home now?

I sighed heavily and lifted myself from the bed I was lying on, ready to face the monster downstairs.

"Quick!" he yelled once I was near the top of the staircase. I had just gotten myself in more trouble than necessarily by being slow.

I walked down and looked at his cold hard face. His eyes shone bright red and his nostrils flared, his jaw was set tight and I could see his fits clench by his side. What had I done now? Why was he so mad at me this time?

I walked up to him, shielding my face behind my hair, looking at my feet. I learned a long time ago to never make eye-contact with him. He said seeing my eyes reminded him too much of my mother.

I heard the loud smack before I felt it, a warm stinging feeling spread across my cheek and I hissed at the pain. He just slapped me. Again.

I kept my composure,. He didn't like any weakness. He had told me so several times when I had cowered back in fear.

"You little bitch!" He hissed and grabbed my hair in his fits forcing my head back to look up at him. He liked seeing me like this, in pain, crying.

"Why don't you just die like your mother did? At least you deserve it!"

He spat his venom in my face while hissing the words out between his clenched teeth, his pale face was only inches from mine, making his red eyes seem even more frightening than ever. I didn't dare to move, afraid of what he was going to do next.

"You were going to clean the house! Why haven't you done it yet?" He was yelling now, pulling my hair harder with each word.

"I-I didn't-t think you would be home until 6, sir," I managed to get out, he was towering over me. Smack, another slap to my cheek. I cringed away from him and felt the silent tears roll down my cheeks. Why me?

"Get ready, we are going to Cullen Palace tonight" He hissed one last time and spat in my face before walking past me up the grand staircase.

I stood still until he was out of sight. I didn't dare move. When I heard his bedroom door close, I ran up to my bedroom and threw myself on the bed, sobbing my heart out.

Why me? Why did my mother have to die? My name is Isabella Marie Swan and this is my fucked up life.

My mother died while giving birth to me, leaving my father a cold heartless monster who wanted nothing to do me. She was his mate, his everything and in his eyes I took his life away by taking her.

I am a vampire just like my father. In our world, that means we are feared. Specifically, the males are feared. We females are almost human and not as dangerous as the males. The only thing that is not making us human is the immortality, eye color and diet. We can cry, feel the same pain as humans, sleep and we don't have venom like the males. All born vampires stop growing at the age of 25. Also, only the born vampires can get pregnant and mate with other born vampires. Each born vampire female can only birth three children each. We move out from our parents' home when we find our mate. Then he becomes our guardian.

The born vampires are higher valued in the community. My family has had born vampires for generations and is close friends with the royal family.

My father is the personal adviser for His Majesty, King Edward Anthony Masen Cullen II. How he managed to give good advice was beyond my imagination. His title was almost an inheritance seeing how my family has served the royal family for ages.

I have never met the royal family in person. Charlie always kept me away, saying he was embarrassed of me.

To the outside world, my father was a powerful wealthy man who was best friends with the royal family. I was the perfect daughter, every parents dream and the one little girls wanted to be. Nobody knew about what happened behind closed doors.

The thought of King Edward sent chills down my spine. He was the most feared man in the world. You never denied him. He was royalty. If you did deny him, you were the same as dead. I had heard horrible rumors of his character. He was said to be cold hearted, ruthless and would never hesitate to have you killed if you ever crossed him. Rumors also said he was looking for a mate. I shivered again. Poor woman who became his mate, she would suffer a great deal. Yes, she would be the queen, but she would also have to live with a cruel man for the rest of her life. It wasn't worth it.

The male vampires are taller and bigger than the females, they are much stronger and can't cry or sleep like we can.

They are more powerful than us for a reason. They dominate the world and their mates. Females are not allowed to talk back to a male or refuse her mate. What he says goes. When a vampire male finds his mate, he will become possessive, obsessive and extremely protective. He will love her more than anything and give her the world. That is at least what I have heard and observed watching other couples.

I sometimes wondered if I would ever find my mate. The thought of being loved by someone was so tempting and I wanted it more than anything. I had never felt love, what was it?

After talking to my best friend Angela who mated last year with a born Vampire named Ben, I figured out that it is not only the male who feels the connection. The female vampire feels the connection as well, and will follow her mate through everything and obey him and love him like no other. To me this sounds absolutely horrible, what if your mate is a dick and then you have to obey him?

Tonight, I was going to be introduced to the royal family for the first time. I was nervous. Very, very nervous. One wrong movement or insult would be my death.

I rose from the bed and went into my massive walk in closet to get ready. What did you wear when you were meeting the worlds most feared and powerful family?

I decided on a midnight blue knee length dress with some black pumps. My hair hung lose and my make-up was light. I covered the bruise on my cheek with some foundation. Charlie had left quite a mark this time.

When I was finally done with getting ready, I just stood there looking at myself in the long mirror.

I wasn't bad looking, just nothing special. Long brown hair, golden eyes and long black lashes. My body was slim but still curvy.

You may wonder why I have golden eyes while my father has red eyes. Well, I refuse to drink human blood. Taking innocent lives for my own enjoyment just doesn't go well with me.

"Isabella!" Charlie yells from right outside my door. I sigh. Just get it over with Bella I think and walk outside to meet him.

He is wearing a black suit with a gray tie. He glares at me and I cringe under his stare.

He smirks and grips my upper arm so tight that I am sure it will leave a bruise. The murderous look he gives me shows me all the hate that he has for me. When he speaks his voice is a hissing whisper. I am terrified.

"You listen to me Isabella Swan and you better listen well. You are going to this meeting, playing the perfect little daughter you are. You are going to be polite and if I ever find out you told anyone about what happens between the two of us, I will make sure you regret it for the rest of your life. Am I clear?" He tilts my head up so that I am looking into his hateful eyes. "Y-yes sir," I stammer and he smirks, "Good girl"

We walk down the grand staircase and are meat by Jimmy, our driver. "Mr. Swan, Ms. Swan" He tilts his hat when we walk past him. Jimmy is human and I feel the burning in my throat when I walk past him. I can see the pulse in his throat. So delicious I look away and gets in the car before I do something I will regret. He is a living creature like anybody else remember the diet Bella. The diet.

The drive to Cullen Palace was quiet. The only thing that could be heard was Jimmy's beating heart and the sweat dripping from his forehead for sitting in the same car as two vampires. On more than one occasion I watched my father lick his lips while looking at Jimmy, not that I could blame him for that. He smelled delicious, but Jimmy was a good guy, and I didn't want anything bad to happen to him.

When we pulled up in front of the Palace I couldn't help but gasp. The property shone power and money. I was in awe. Only the most powerful family would live in a place like this. Jimmy stopped in front of the huge entrance, and I watched as the guards came down and opened the door for my father and me.

As we walked out, Charlie squeezed my arm in a painful manner as a warning to keep quiet. I looked at my shining black heels and followed Charlie into the massive greeting hall. The floor was black and white marble with a red carpet leading up to a huge staircase. The ceiling held beautiful paintings. I felt like the place was made out of gold. That's because it probably is.

"The royal family is awaiting you in the lower parlor Mr. Swan" said a stiff looking butler as he took our coats. He was a vampire, a veggie vampire that is, as I called the vampires with the same diet and eye color as me.

Charlie started walking and I followed him, he rounded a corner and I was right in his heels following his every move. I did not want to be lost at the Cullen Palace.

He suddenly stopped in front of a huge double door and I stopped as well. I watched as two footmen opened the door and guided us inside. The room was beautiful, with huge windows and gold and white walls, the colors were light, but most of the furniture was either gold or a dark wood.

"Charlie! My friend!" Said a blonde man and shook my father's hand. Charlie greeted him warmly in return "Carlisle, it's good to see you!"

How come in public, my father became the nicest man on earth? He sure knew how to act.

"And who is this lovely young woman?" The man known as Carlisle asked. I blushed at his comment and stared at my feet. When Charlie nudged my side, I looked up at him and smiled faintly. He had golden eyes, just like me as well!

"Carlise, this is my daughter Isabella. Isabella meet his royal highness and former King Carlisle Cullen" I could literary hear the warning behind his words, Don't fuck this up bitch! Was what he really said.

I curtsied, "It's a pleasure to meet you your Highness" I said and looked at him, he chuckled, "You sure have raised a beauty, come meet the rest of the family Isabella. The King will join us in a moment" He turned and walked towards the group of people behind him.

Charlie and I walked behind him and we came in front of five other people. Carlisle walked up to a woman with caramel hair and big golden eyes. In fact the entire family had golden eyes.

"This is my wife and former Queen Esme Cullen, and this is my daughter Princess Alice and her mate Prince Jasper, and my son Prince Emmett and his mate Princess Rosalie".

I watched the people in front of me. Princess Alice was a small Vampire even for a female. She had short brown hair and was smiling at me as her father introduced me.

Her Mate Jasper stood with a protective arm around her shoulder. He had blonde hair as well and looked to be in pain. He looked at me with so much sorrow that it made me flinch. What was his problem?

Prince Emmett had short curly brown hair. He was a big male with huge muscles. I immediately cowered back a little bit while looking at him, he looked so intimidating! He was standing next to a stunning female it was Princess Rosalie, she was gorgeous! With long blonde hair and a bone structure to die for, her legs seemed to never end and she had curves in all the right places. She was glaring at me, and I wondered why.

"It's a pleasure to meet you all your highness's" I said and gave a weak smile. The small girl, princess Alice jumped up to me and took my hands in hers "The pleasure is all ours! Charlie has kept you hidden long enough. Finally a new shopping partner!" I smiled back at her but cringed at the inside at the thought of shopping.

"Sounds wonderful," I said in a small voice and looked down at our joined hands. She had a massive engagement ring and wedding band on her left ring finger, a symbol that a vampire have mated in the vampire world.

Jasper was right behind her and for some strange reason glaring at Charlie. Charlie looked at him with confusion mirroring mine.

Alice dragged me by the hand over to the couch and made me sit down next to her "You are so beautiful! I had a vision of you an-" Carlisle cut her off with a sharp voice "That's enough Alice!" Alice immediately shut up but the look she was giving me told me that she was hiding something big.

All the family members were sending me odd looks and I was starting to feel uncomfortable. Charlie was looking just as confused as me, but the glare he gave me spoke his mind - What have you done now you little whore!

I cringed, and as I did so the most beautiful man I had ever seen walked through the door.

I gasped and stood up immediately. He had copper hair and golden eyes. He was tall, taller than the average for a male but not as big as Prince Emmett.

He was dressed in an expensive looking suit that made my knees go weak. He was just so beautiful!

He had a pointed jaw and his lips were begging to be kissed. He was looking at me with an expression I could not read. He was frozen in place as I was. The world seemed to disappear. It was only me and him in the room.

When he moved, he was walking towards me with determination. I only stared back. Who was this god of a man?

When he reached me, he crushed me to his chest and I melted in his arms. I wanted to be there forever and never let him go. It seemed like I would die if he did.

"Mine" he growled and my body went rigid at his words. What did he mean? I would die to be his, but did he feel the same strong feeling as I did?

I was burying my face in his chest. He smelled so masculine and strong. I melted right there.

He was crushing me to his chest, like he was afraid of letting me go. He growled the word 'mine' over and over again, burying his face in my neck and hair and I wanted so badly the words to be true.

"Edward, son," Said Carlisle, was this Edward? Was it the King himself holding me? I could not imagine him being as horrible as the rumors said.

Edward sneered and growled at Carlisle. In fact he was glaring at every male in the room, I pulled away to look in his face. When I did so, he whimpered. Actually whimpered at the loss of contact, like an animal.

His eyes were now pitch black with love and desire. I could only imagine that my eyes looked the same. His matched my emotions perfectly.

I did not dare look at Charlie. His face must be murderous and I could only imagine the beating I will get when we get home for behaving like this with the King.

I whimpered. I would have to leave him today. The thought was absolutely horrible. I did not want to go.

He looked pained at my new expression of sorrow and hugged me tighter to him "Are you alright my love? What is troubling you?" His voice was so calming and beautiful like a lullaby.

Where was my voice? I was only staring at him, taking everything in. What was happening?

He squeezed his arms even tighter around me and I let out a little yelp in pain. He had accidentally squeezed the bruises that Charlie had made before we left.

I noticed that the entire family was watching our exchange with interest, and I felt embarrassed for causing a scene. Never once did I look at my father, afraid of what I might see.

Edward was seething now, his eyes were pitch black, but not out of love and desire. He was furious!

I cringed back into his arms and felt him start soothing the bruises on my upper arm, it felt so good. He matched his own hands with the bruise and realized that a person had done this. His growl was terrifying.

"Who harmed my mate?" He was spitting the words out between clenched teeth, that was when everything went black and I felt strong arms lift me up. I was the King's Mate.

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