Charlie came bursting through the door. His eyes were pitch black, his entire body was shaking and he looked like a man who had lost everything and turned mad. It frightened me beyond terrified and I clung to Edward with everything I had.

My father growled and threw himself my way. "Come here you little bitch!"

That was what it took for Edward to lose his temper completely. He pushed me behind him and attacked my father holding him by the throat against the wall. He was flashing his teeth and roaring in his face, "Don't you dare to even look at her! Let alone speak to her that way you hear me?!"

When Charlie only growled and flashed his teeth in return Edward bit down on his neck, spitting out a peace of it against the wall as Charlie roared in pain, "I said, do you hear me?!"

Esme had come to my side and had a comforting arm around my shoulders as tears streamed down my face.

The other men stood behind Edward protectively to shield us from the view, but also to back him up if he should need it. Their instincts had taken over and they had all turned into animals growling and roaring at Charlie.

Alice and Rose stood next to me and Esme. We were all crying at the sight before us. Something that only made the men even madder. Louisa was hiding her face in Rosalie's dress, sobbing her little heart out while Rose stroke her hair murmuring that things were going to be okay while she brushed away her own tears. Alice had taken a screaming Gabriel and was cradling him to her chest while murmuring in his ear to calm him.

This was not something a child should have to see.

"Get him out of here Edward. He is making my family cry!" Emmett yelled in desperation as the guards came running into the room Grabbing Charlie by his arms, they were trying to drag him out as he fought against them.

"You stupid little whore! You don't belong here and you never will! I wish you were dead, you hear me!" Charlie was screaming and it took both Carlisle and Jasper to hold a deadly Edward back from attacking him.

The growling was so loud and the words were very hurting. I felt myself fall to the floor rocking back and forth clutching my stomach.

The pain was just so intense. How could my own father be so mean? I was both ashamed and extremely hurt.

Ashamed because my father had acted like this in front of the Cullen's and hurt because it was my fault so many people were crying. Hadn't Edward mated with me, Charlie would never have busted through the doors making Gabriel and Louisa cry like that. The hurt came as a shock. I was used to Charlie saying hurtful things, so why did this hurt so much?

"Edward, look at Isabella. She needs you son," Carlisle said in Edward's ear. His gaze was still black but turned softer at the sound of my name.

He turned around in such a move it nearly made Carlisle fall to the floor.

"Take him to the cells. We will be there in a moment" Carlisle said to the guards as Edward came to my side and cradled me to his chest while rocking us both back and forth, holding me as to shield me from everything.

"Shh baby. You are just fine sweetheart, you hear me? You are okay. I'm here my love. I won't let him near you. I'm here" he murmured over and over again as I sobbed into his chest.

I didn't really notice what was happening around me, but at some point Edward had moved us to a bedroom and had placed us on a bed, holding me and kissing my hair while I continued to cry into his neck.

"Baby, please don't cry anymore. I can't stand it." Edward's voice had a painful sound to it and I looked up into his face while sniffing, trying to make the tears stay away.

"I-I'm s-sorry.," I managed to get out while brushing away the last tears from my cheeks. Edwards face was a mask of worry and pain. When I felt calm enough, I cupped his cheek with my right hand and stroke his worried face, trying to smooth out the worried wrinkles in his forehead.

I needed to be strong. I was slightly ashamed for reacting the way I did. Charlie had hurt me for years. Why was I so sad really?

Maybe it was because this time he hadn't only made me cry but the entire royal family, my family.

"I'm fine now, really Edward," I kissed his jaw and just rested my head in the crook of his neck relaxing.

So much had happened in a very short amount of time. I didn't want Edward to be sad. I needed to be strong, for him.

Edward laid me down on the bed and tucked me in before kissing my forehead. "Sleep my love, I will be back soon." I grabbed his hand. Why was he leaving me? I didn't want him to leave!

"Are you leaving?" I was tired to really restrain him, not that I could anyway.

He smiled sadly down at me before stroking my hair lovingly. "I will be back to when you wake up love. I just need to do something first. Sleep baby," he whispered and stroke my hair one last time as my eyes turned heavier and he was out the door.


Charlie Swan was a dead man. I had already planned to kill him for what he did to my Bella but his little stunt this evening just made me hurry the process. I had wanted him to be tortured, to suffer, but now I just wanted him out of the way. Away from Isabella and my family.

I entered the cells. I heard the screams of pain coming from the man I hated the most on this earth.

As I walked in through the door, I saw my brothers standing over him, alternating on throwing blows on him and kicking. I smiled and walked over to my father who was watching his sons with a grin on his face. Some people would call us sick for enjoying while watching this, and we probably were, but no one, and I mean no one makes my family cry and gets away with it. Especially not if it involves my Bella.

We Cullen men were deadly to begin with. Messing with our women clearly did not make it any better. Doing that meant the worst side of us came out. The mates were sacred, placed on a pedestal to be untouched and spoiled together with the children in the family.

"Maybe we should join them and end this once and for all." I said to my father who was standing just like me with his arms folded over his chest, watching the man on the ground cringe in pain while my brothers laughed over him.

"Yes, we probably should" He grinned and we walked together towards my brothers who were having almost too much fun hitting the man.

"Please, just do it!" Charlie screamed from the ground. He was missing body parts due to my brothers torturing and I smiled down at him, anger lacing my already deep voice, "Oh we will, don't you worry Charlie." He knew I meant killing him. He had seen me kill for less before.

Images of my scared and frightened Isabella filled my mind and I saw red, feeling the animal take over my instincts.

I grabbed Charlie by his ear and lifted him off the floor, throwing him into a wall, "How does this makes you feel huh?! Just as painful and humiliated as you made my Isabella feel for so many years?!"

The man didn't even fight back, He knew his destiny, fucking coward.

I wanted to get this shit over with. I wanted to crawl back into bed with Isabella and watch over her as she slept, feeling her body close to mine.

"Hold his body father" I said with a deadly calm voice. Charlie had stopped struggling after the brutal beating from Emmett and Jasper.

He had realized he had lost.

Carlisle did as I said and in one swift movement his head was no longer attached to his body. I smiled, satisfied with my act. He had got what he deserved and would never hurt my Isabella again.

I flicked my fingers and the guards that had been responsible for Charlie while he was in the prison came running in, clearly afraid.

They did a quick bow in front of me and my father and brothers before straightening up.

I glared at them. I could feel the hatred in the eyes of those behind me as well.

"You Majesty, we ne-" He was cut short by my fists making contact with his jaw. "You speak only when spoken too!" I growled and I watched him cower behind the other guard frightened by my outburst.

"Do the two of you wish to explain to me how Charlie Swan got away. How he so easily could hurt the royal family? How was he able to hurt my Isabella?!" I was beyond furious. These idiots had let something like this happen. What was supposed to be a lovely family evening ended in tragic and tears. I needed to tighten up the security around here.

"And my children!" Emmett sneered coming towards them, clearly wanting to strike a punch at the guards.

I reached my hand out in front of him, stopping him from getting any closer.

The two guards were almost pissing themselves. "P-please my King, I have a mate and three children. I need to live!" One of them exclaimed and I started laughing.

"Does it look like I care?" I smirked and I could see the fear in his eyes. That was when Carlilse nudged me in the side. He was much more of a softie than I was and I could see that the words had softened him up.

I rolled my eyes and nodded to Emmett and Jasper who pinned the two men to the nearest wall.

I got up in their faces and sneered. "I will be watching the two of you. If you ever do a mistake again, believe me it will be the last thing you do, or maybe your wife, James?" I sneered in the face to the blonde guy who looked like he was in pain at the thought of his mate hurting.

Victoria was her name, a horrible woman with a horrible man. He growled low in his chest and I snickered. "Yeah, definitely the wife." I decided.

I turned towards the other man that I had punched, Laurent, "Do you understand?" I asked him and they both nodded before I signaled for my brothers to let them go.

Emmett and Jasper let them go and they fell to the floor. "Clean this mess up at then get out of my way!"

I sneered pointing at Charlie's body before hurrying out of the room together with my brothers and father, ready to see our women again.

I rushed all the stairs until I reached me and Isabella's room. I sighed a breath of relief as I watched her sleep peacefully in our bed, safe and sound.

I kicked off my shoes and clothes down to my boxers before nestling into the bed with her, holding her close, shielding her from all the dangerous things in this world with my body.

This was how we males spent the nights, watching over our mates, making sure no harm ever came to them or the children. I loved the feeling of her so close, skin to skin. I would always be here for her.

"I won't let anybody hurt you my love," I whispered and kissed the top of her head. She was my life, the reason for my existence and without her I would be nothing. I had to protect her. I just had to.

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