During the next couple of weeks, Edward and I spent all of our time getting to know each other better. We would stroll through the palace park, eat dinner together, cuddle in bed or he would play the piano for me.

The more time we spent together, the more I fell in love with him. We had attended public appearances together, something that we both frowned upon, getting out of our own personal bubble that we had build up around us was not something I wanted to do at this stage of our relationship, however it needed to be done.

I had to be presented to the people and they had to get to know me as their future queen. Knowing Edward the way I did now, I found it hard to compare my Edward to the king Edward. You see those two were two completely different people.

My Edward was sweet, loving, caring and compassionate. King Edward Anthony Masen Cullen II was ruthless, dangerous and short tempered. Luckily the King side of Edward rarely came out when he was around me. He had told me several times that being with me and his family was his free zone.

He preferred keeping his public life and private life separate. When we were in public, Edward would be in the King mode controlling and powerful. However, he would always hold my hand or have a hand around my waist and when I spoke he always listened to what I had to say.

He treated me with respect compared to the other people he was dealing with and that made me feel special.

Being with Edward at public appearances, I learned how much Edward cared for his people. He would listen to them, reassuring them and comfort them when they needed it. I learned that the dangerous side of Edward only came out when he needed to protect the people or the ones he loved.

He would never hurt innocent civilians. Ever.

When he told me that he had killed Charlie I was not upset. I had never had a loving relationship with my father and knowing that he was gone for good made me relieved more than sad.

Time was ticking and I soon found myself only days away from the wedding. I was dying to be done with it by now.

During the last couple of weeks Esme, Alice and Rosalie had dragged me away from Edward at every opportunity, helping me with the planning. The Wedding was apparently a big thing and people were preparing for a massive celebration.

Their King was getting married and it was going to be huge. Security was tighter than ever before. Edward's and my face were everywhere! Things were just crazy.

I was pleased that the people seemed to like me. I was getting used to seeing headlines like, "Our beloved soon-to-be-queen" and "Izzy the sweetie".

It made me relieved that they liked me. Still, I knew that there were people who pitied me. People looked at Edward as a dangerous person and no one wanted to be his mate.

However his PDA had made it clear that he loved me and that made people relax some. I was tired of being stared at with pity by all the un-mated females. I knew that if it wasn't for the fact that I was mated myself and knew what a power mating had, I would have looked at myself with pity as well.

Knowing what I know now, about the power it had over you, I would never question a mated couple ever again. The thing is, you couldn't control mating or who you mated with. It was destined.

"Bella, you look so beautiful!" Alice gushed, breaking me out of my day dreaming. I looked at myself in the mirror, and true to her words I actually felt beautiful. I was wearing a lace wedding dress that fitted my figure perfectly, I felt the tears prickle my eyes.

This was the dress I would marry my Edward in.

"Isn't it a little plain?" Rosalie remarked, cringing her nose in disgust. "I mean she is marrying the king right?!" She defended herself when we all turned to look at her. Yes, the dress was maybe a little plain for a royal wedding, but that was my style, plain, simple and elegant.

"It's Bella" Esme said with tears in her eyes. "Bella does not do over the top!" she laughed and came to hug me. "Thank god you are you!" We all laughed and I hugged her back, I had come to truly love Esme. She was the mother figure that I never had.

"Yes, it's very Bella, but Rosalie does have a point. We will just have to put some diamonds on you," Alice said with mischief in her eyes. I gulped, that didn't sound good at all.

"Oh god Bella! You look like you've seen a ghost! I promise, you will look beautiful," she hugged me and I sighed in relief.

Louisa came running with a veil around her head doing pirouettes in the air while playing she was a ballet dancer. We all giggled at her cuteness and she turned to us after realizing she had been caught. An adorable blush covered her cheeks.

I scooped her up in my arms, "That was an amazing performance Loulou," I said and snuggled her nose with mine, making her giggle.

"Thanks auntie Bella!" Now she truly looked at me and a gaze of adoration covered her little cute face, "Wow auntie Bella! You look like an angel!" I smiled at her as I placed her on the ground, "Thanks sweetie, but I think you are the angel in this room."

She giggled, "I am aren't I?" We all laughed except Rosalie that was scowling at her daughter, "Louisa! Behave!" I had to control myself to not glare at her. The little girl did nothing wrong. I would have to talk to Edward about why Rosalie behaved the way she did with Louisa at a later point. The poor girl was scolded for almost everything she did.

Louisa got a remorseful look in her eyes from her mother's scolding.

I smiled at her with sympathy and gave her a small hug before she ran out of the room to play some more. I fought the urge to give Rosalie a piece of my mind. One day I would, I just needed to know why she did as she did first.

The room got awful quite. "So Alice, how did you get all of these dresses here?" I asked to break the tension.

This morning Alice, Rosalie and Esme had come to get me after Edward left for work. They lead me to one of the spare bedrooms that were now made into a Wedding dress salon. Apparently Edward had requested that he brought the dress shop to us, not liking the idea of me and the girls spending our entire day at a public place. I had rolled my eyes at that one but decided to let it slide.

Even though I would never admit to it, I actually preferred doing the dress shopping at home where I was comfortable.

I took one last look at myself in the mirror, wearing the dress that I would wear when becoming the queen and Edward's wife. A tear slipped down my cheek and before I knew it a servant was there to hand me a handkerchief.

"Thanks," I managed to sob out as I whipped my tears. Alice and Esme came to hug me, telling me how beautiful I looked only making me cry worse. I actually felt beautiful.

Suddenly Alice stiffened a look of pure terror and panic covered her face, "He's coming!" Alice shrieked, quickly getting me out of my wedding dress and into my normal clothes. "Who's coming?" I asked in confusion.

She was frantically trying to cover up any evidence of my wedding dress, "Edward of course! He senses that you are sad!" She hadn't even finished speaking the words before Edward came barking through the door, shielding me with his embrace.

"Why is she upset?!" Edward growled in frustration as he held me tighter, wiping my tears away. His eyes were a mixture of anger and worry. I placed my palm at his cheek smiling reassuringly. "It was happy tears sweetheart, I love my wedding dress so much." I kissed him and he let out a lustful grow, kissing me back with so much passion.

At Edward's arrival everyone had left the room so that it was only me and Edward left.

"Alice will kill you, you know? For storming into the room like this when we were trying wedding dresses, you better not have seen the dress!" I said, pointing a finger at him playfully. He smirked and leaned in to kiss me, "I didn't see a thing."

He smiled and I laughed, "You better speak the truth Cullen, Alice was frantically trying to get rid of all evidences before you came. She better not have done all of that in vain." I giggled as I pictured Alice's frustrated face.

He smiled and nuzzled his head in my neck. "I can't wait for you to me mine," he growled as he nibbled on my neck.

I let out a low moan, "And I can't wait to be yours," I said while stroking his hair. "Forever," I whispered, liking the feeling of belonging that I felt with Edward. He was my home and I was more than ready to be his wife and queen.

He took my face in his hands and looked at me with so much love it made my knees go week. "Yes, forever" he kissed my lips, "My queen."

I smiled. Soon I was going to be Edward's wife and queen. Things were almost too good to be true...

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