On the day of my wedding, I woke up with a smile and butterflies in my body.

Today I would be Mrs. Edward Anthony Masen Cullen, Queen and wife. The sun was shining on my face from the window and I could hear the birds singing outside.

The last days before the wedding, Edward and I had given some interviews, posed for engagement photos and visited different organizations together as a couple. We hadn't done so many official duties together yet since we needed to get married before we could do that completely; but Edward felt it was important that I was introduced and presented to the people I would be working with before I was his wife and their queen. Something I agreed fully on.

I knew it was hard for Edward and his possessive instinct to share me with so many people. He wanted to get married soon, so that people would leave us alone, and as he said it: To get all of the formality out of the way and start living our lives together!

I tried to avoid the public media for as much as I could. Everybody wanted to know what my dress looked like, what jewelry I would be wearing and what style and designer I had chosen.

All eyes would be on me as I walked in on Carlisle arm. Since my own father was dead, and I didn't have any other males in my family, Carlisle had agreed upon walking me down the aisle, something I was very thankful for. He had become as a father figure for me.

I had no idea what the time was or how long I had just laid like that. Waking up on my wedding day in a king sized bed with a silly grin on my face.

I was getting married today. The thought made me squeal in excitement. I raised my arms to stretch and frowned in confusion as my hand touched a paper when landing back on the mattress. I picked up the little card laying on the pillow and red the inscription:

To my beautiful soon-to-be wife and Queen,

I love you,

Yours Edward

I felt the tears prickle my eyes and smiled squeezing the card to my chest and sighing happily.

Just as I was doing that Esme, Rosalie, Louisa and Alice came bursting into the room all grinning like I probably was.

"Wakey wakey sleeping beauty! You're getting married today!" Alice squealed and I laughed, "I guess I am." I said, rather in a daze at how amazing my life suddenly had turned out to be.

I was dying with anticipation. Alice hadn't allowed me to look at myself before I was completely done getting ready.

I had been sitting in a chair for almost three hours getting my hair, nails and make-up done. After that, was the time for the dress and jewelry.

I was wearing the jewelry Edward's mother wore on the day she married his father. It was a beautiful tiara and diamond earrings that I had fallen in love with the moment I laid eyes on the set.

"Isabella, wow, just wow." Esme cried when I stood before her in my wedding gown, hair and make-up done and all of the diamonds in place.

I had yet to see myself but by the people in the room's reaction I had to look good. At least I felt like a bride!

All the ladies were staring at me with tears in their eyes, "Alice, please let me see myself!" I said, I was dying to look.

"You look beautiful Bella. Thank you for marrying my brother. I know he can be a pain in the ass." She laughed while crying at the same time and came to hug me before guiding me to a mirror in the back of the room.

When my eyes landed on the reflection I couldn't believe my own eyes. I looked beautiful. It was the first time I had ever thought that thought about myself. Tears immediately came to my eyes and I had to fight hard to not let them fall. The girls came up behind me, wearing all their royal finery as well.

Even Rosalie had a smile on her face.

"Welcome to the family Bella," Esme said and hugged me from behind and kissed my cheek as we all just stared at the reflection in the mirror. I was a beautiful bride.

As Carlisle and I drove down the street to the cathedral I was shocked by all the people that had crowded the streets in hopes to get a glimpse of me and my dress.

Both of us smiled and waved as we drove, the grin just never seemed to want to leave my face.

Carlisle had complimented me several times on how I looked, and each time I would blush and stare down at my hands that were clutching my white peonies bouquet and my engagement ring that was reflecting and glittering in the sun.

As the car stopped outside the cathedral, the footmen helped me out of the car with the dress. I smiled and waved at the people, trying to ignore all the cameras that I knew were zooming into me and my every move. I was trying to tell myself to enjoy the day and not to let the attention ruin the moment.

Carlisle came up on my left and I placed my hand in the crock off his elbow. This is it. The flower girls took their position before us as I heard the music that we had chosen as my wedding march starting to play.

The song was "I Was Glad" by Sir Perry. The song made the mood so much more formal. It had been written for Edward's coronation and since this was in a way both a coronation and a wedding I found it fitting to use this song as my wedding march.

As I watched the bridesmaids and flower girls making their way down the long aisle, I was giddy from the anticipation of seeing Edward waiting for me at the end of it. Too bad it was so long.

Carlisle and I started walking and I was so nervous about not tripping. There had been so many anticipations for this moment. I tried not to think of all the thousands of people sitting in their homes watching me. Suddenly all my nervousness kicked in and I squeezed Carlisle arm leading him to give me a reassuring smile back. Something I needed at the moment.

After what felt like forever Edwards face appeared in front of me and just like that, all nervousness was forgotten.

He was wearing his red uniform, looking as dashing as ever. His eyes looked like if he could he would have tears in them. He smiled at me and walked the final stairs down to great me and his father. Carlisle handed me over to Edward and it seemed like neither of us were able to look away from the others eyes.

He gave me a reassuring smile and kissing my hand that he had a possessive hold on, "You look absolutely beautiful," he said lovingly as I smiled, giving his hand a squeeze.

As the bishop started the service both Edward and I could not really focus on the man, giving each other small smiles and looks throughout the ceremony.

All of a sudden, the time came to say "I do" and the nervousness was back. I tried to focus on Edwards's warm eyes, so full of love, and it made me relax.

"King Edward Anthony Masen Cullen wilt thou have this woman to thy wedded wife, to live together according to God's law in the holy estate of matrimony? Wilt thou love her, comfort her, honor and keep her, in sickness and in health, and forsaking all other, keep the only onto her, so long as ye both shall live?" The bishop asked and Edward gave me a warm smile before answering, "I will". I had a grin so big on my face it hurt.

Then he was asked to repeat after the bishop, "I, King Edward Anthony Masen Cullen, Take thee, Isabella Marie Swan To my wedded wife, To have and to hold from this day forward, For better, for worse, For richer, for poorer, In sickness and in health, To love and to cherish, For as long as we both shall live, According to God's holy law, And thereto I give thee my troth" I had tears in my eyes by now and they were flowing freely down my cheek in happy tears.

Edward cupped my cheek and whipped them away with his thumb.

Turning to the bishop it was now my turn to say the words, "Isabella Marie Swan, will you have this man to thy wedded husband? To live together according to God's law in the holy estate of matrimony? Wilt thou love him, comfort him, honor and keep him, in sickness and in health, and forsaking all other, keep the only onto him, as long as ye both shall live? Do you promise to serve and protect his country as its Queen and be loyal to both your King and your people? " I gave Edward a small smile before answering, "I will."

The rings were shared and after a few more hymns the service was over and both Edward and I walked down the aisle out to the awaiting carriage that would take us through the city to great all the people.

During the ride through the town, both of us smiled and waved at the hordes of people that had showed up to give us their support it made me happy hearing people scream: "I love you Queen Isabella! God save the Queen!"It was also a huge reality check. I was now a Queen and Edward's wife.

My husband leaned in and whispered in my ear, "You have no idea how badly I want to kiss you right now but formality says we have to wait until we get to the balcony." I blushed and kissed his cheek, "I guess you will have to wait then." He growled but the grin on his lips made sure he wasn't truly serious about being mad. However I knew how much Edward hated to wait when he wanted something badly, he simply did not do waiting.

He cupped my cheek and stroked it with his thumb before cupping my chin, "You look so beautiful." I smiled and took his hand in my own, kissing his fingers, "You look quite dashing yourself husband." At the mention of his new title to me he let out a guttural groan, I knew he wanted to kiss me as bad as I wanted to kiss him. Instead, he only held me tighter as we turned our attention back to the people.

Before we knew it we found ourselves at the balcony of the palace, looking over the masses of people that were screaming out names and waving flags.

"Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!" The people screamed and Edward didn't need to be asked twice before he had me in a tight embrace kissing me senseless in front of his Kingdom. The people screamed and cheered while Edward grinned against my lips, "You are officially mine for all eternity Isabella, my Queen, I love you."

His eyes held so much emotion it made my eyes sting with my own wet tears, "I wouldn't have it any other way Edward, I love you too, my King, my husband."

With a guttural cry Edward kissed me again and the masses of people erupted in applause. I finally felt loved. I was home were I belonged.

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