Hello :D it's Ritsuka-chan with another Rurouni Kenshin story :D I just have several plots to work with lol XD so I am trying to get them down before I forget them :D Anyway I hope you enjoy it :D

Summary: Kenshin and Karou have just returned from their trip together ( takes place from episode 95 Final) and they are going back into their normal lives. But after a simple accident, Kenshin is injured badly on the back of his head. When he wakes up he realizes that he is his old battousai self again, he still has control over himself most of the time. As long as he doesn't get to upset, he is fine. How will the Kenshingumi adjust to having the battousai living with them?

P.S- In order to practice english honorifics, I am going to be using the english honorifics from the English Seiries. O.O I am not so good at those honorifics and I felt that I should practice it some more! So you won't see to many, -san's , -dono's, or -sama's!

Chapter 1 - Home again

Kenshin smiled as he waved to his friends that were standing on the bridge. He guided Karou over to the boarding dock to get off the boat. They had just returned from a small trip together. They had went to a small village just off the coast. It was quite relaxing, even if they did get rained out most of the time.

They still had a nice stroll along the beach. They had grown a little closer since the day on the beach when Karou had ran into his arms, afraid the Kenshin had left once again.

Kenshin comforted her, promising never to leave unless it was a life or death situation. He gave her a soft pink shell and had called her by her name without the honorifics. He knew that their friends at the Kamiya doujo would probably laugh at him for it, but he didn't really mind.

He sighed and helped Karou step down off the boarding dock. He smiled at her and then released her hand after a light squeeze.

Karou blushed slightly and smiled and then walked forward to meet up with the others.

Yahiko came running over and stopped in front of them. "About time you to got back, I want to sleep in my room again, no offense to Megumi." he said and put his arms behind his head.

Sanosuke walked up with Megumi and crossed his arms. "So missy, did you push him down?" he joked.

Karou blushed a deep red. "S-sanosuke! You moron, h-how dare you!" she stammered.

Kenshin stepped forward to stop the mini brawl between the two of them. "Now, now everyone, let's just take it easy." he said smiling.

Sanosuke wrapped an arm around Kenshin's neck and gave him and good knuckle rub to his head. "Ah come one Kenshin tell us the juicy details." he sneered.

Kenshin laughed nervously. "There is honestly nothing to tell, that there isn't." he said.

Sanosuke pulled back and raised a brow. "Darn, and I thought this would be it." he said. He sighed and then grinned. "You must be the traditional type." he said.

Kenshin rubbed his sore head and laughed nervously. "Sure, I guess that's what you could call it." he said.

Although Kenshin liked Karou, he was ready to start a romantic relationship yet...he still couldn't forget an old flame of his...the one he accidentaly killed. He felt as if he didn't deserve to be with someone as pure and innocent as Karou. The burden of their age difference was there to, he often thought about that.

Karou sighed and stepped forward. "Let's go home, I want a nice, long hot bath." she said.

Kenshin walked behind her, a little closer than he usually would have.

Megumi noticed and smiled. "I see." she said and soon fell into pace behind them. "I think I will start preparing dinner when we return, would you help me Sir Ken?" she asked.

Kenshin looked over at Megumi. "That's fine with me, that it is." he said and continued to walk and talk with the others.

Sanosuke was telling Kenshin about the robbery that occured at a nearby restaurant in town, while Yahiko and Karou were already at each others throats.

Megumi sighed and shook her head. "This is some group we have here." she mumbled to herself.

Finally the five of them made it back to the Kamiya doujo.

Karou took a deep breath and smiled. "Finally home!" she said and ran forward to the doujo and headed to her room.

"Well geez Missy, did you really have a bad time with Kenshin?" he asked laughing.

Kenshin laughed. "It's alright Sano, I missed being home as well." he said and walked inside the gate and followed Megumi to the kitchen.

Megumi glanced at Kenshin with a questioning look. "So...Sir Ken. Did you enjoy your trip with Karou?" she asked as she helped him wash off some of the fresh vegetables to be cut.

Kenshin smiled and tied his arm sleeves back and began to cut up the vetetables. "It was very relaxing." he said and continued with his work.

Megumi nodded and glanced at him again. "So...has anything...changed?" she pressed.

Kenshin smiled innocently. "I don't know what you're talking about." he said and grabbed another carrot and began cutting it up. "I think that we should have some white rice to go with these steamed vegetables, maybe we could even combine the rice and vegetables and put some meat in it. Sound good?" he asked Megumi.

Megumi sighed. "It does sound good." she said and continued to glance at Kenshin every so often.

"What all did you and Karou do?" she asked, wanting to get out the details.

Kenshin thought for a moment and then smiled. "Well we were on our way to the shoreline when it started to pour down rain. We stopped at a nearby house to ask for directions to the nearest inn, but it turns out that it was all the way up the mountain. So the kind family at the house said they had one spare guest room that Karou could use." he said.

Megumi nodded. "Did you guys stay?" she asked.

Kenshin nodded. "I offered to give the room to Karou and was going to sleep in the shed nearby, but she wouldn't allow it, so in the end we ended up sharing a room." he said.

Megumi looked at Kenshin wide-eyed. "So you two slept in the same room?" she asked.

Kenshin nodded. "Yes. It was kind of strange at first, but as the minutes passed we relaxed and was able to get some sleep." he said.

Megumi eyed Kenshin with narrow eyes. "Is that it?" she asked.

Kenshin inwardly flinched, but nodded. "Yes, that's pretty much it, that it is." he said.

Megumi shifted onto her other foot and smiled. "I see, I am glad you enjoyed your trip with Karou, you should take me next time." she laughed.

Kenshin laughed nervously as well. "I will think about that, that I will." he said. He continued to cook their dinner until it was late afternoon.

Karou had finished up with her bath and was sitting in the dining area, waiting on Kenshin to finish bringing out the dishes.

"This looks delicious, Kenshin." she said and looked over the variety of foods in front of them.

Sanosuke and Yahiko were already digging in.

Kenshin smiled and laughed. "Thank you, Miss. Karou." he said and sat down on his mat and began to serve himself as well.

Karou smiled a distant smile. Just at the beach he had called her by her name only, no honorifics. She had wondered what happened to that. She assumed it was because he didn't want to start a big joke in front of the others, because she was almost sure that they would be harrassed for it.

She shrugged and began to eat as well.

"Listen up everyone,there is a firework display in Kyoto in a week, Misao sent a letter to us. She wants us to come to the festival and to stay a few nights with them. What do you guys think, want to go?" Karou asked.

Kenshin thought for a moment. "I suppose I could hold off on chores for a while, if that's alright with you Miss. Karou." he said.

Karou nodded and smiled at him and then looked at the others. "So what do you say everyone?" she asked them.

Sanosuke nodded. "Count me in missy." he said smiling.

Megumi thought about it for a moment. "I won't be able to go, I have to work at the clinic that week." he said smiling.

Karou nodded. "Ah, that's to bad." she said, not really sounding all that dissapointed. Afterall, now she had Kenshin all to herself.

Kenshin ate his food with a smile on his face. "I think I'd like to vist Master Hiko while I am there." he said. "Although I don't think he'd want to see me." he said laughing slightly.

Karou shrugged and sighed. "You must have had a terrible childhood with him, how in the world did you live with such a complete werido?" she asked.

Kenshin laughed. "Well, he isn't that bad." he said, but then his face scrunched up in memory of his childhood with his master. "On second thought...I sometimes wonder how I managed to survive, that I do." he said, his voice with a slight tremor in it.

Sanosuke gulped down his piece of bread and reached for the last piece of fish, when Yahiko's chopsticks connected first. Yahiko picked the fish up and quickly devoured it before Sanosuke could get his hands on it.

Kenshin smiled and watched everyone. Finally the battles had ended and he was able to rest. He continued to eat and smiled in content.

Karou watched Kenshin and noticed how relaxed he was. She smiled, he would finally be able to rest, to be normal. She continued to eat as well.

They all ate up and sat down on the porch in the evening and just simply talked after they finished packing for their trip to Kyoto.

Kenshin smiled and watched as fireflies flew around them in the late summer air. "It is a beautiful night, that it is." he said.

Karou nodded. "I agree. It is so lovely." she said and releaxed against the wall of the porch.

Kenshin stretched and stood up, I am going to go bring in the laundry." he said and headed over to where the laundry was hanging up.

He hoped this peaceful time would last, but little did he know that something was going to come along and change his future. Will he be able to withstand it?

Well that is it for this chapter, I hope you guys like it. I know that this first chapter is a rough start, but I am hoping I can make it better! SO PLEASE BEAR WITH ME~! Thank you~! Next time, Kenshin is injured badly! It puts him out for a good bit, when he wakes up, it may come as a startle to his beloved friends!