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Chapter 2 - Out Cold

Kenshin was taking down the laundry as the sun went down behind the earth. He listened as the crickets chirpped their summer song. It was relaxing, he now knew what he was missing all those years he spent killing.

It made him wish he could go back and change his past, change the way he had hurt so many people. He sighed and shook away those dark thoughts and finished taking in all the clothes.

He carried them inside and headed back to where his friends were at. He smiled and waved at them. "Sorry for the wait, I am finished." he said.

Karou smiled. "It's about time, we thought you got lost on the way there." she laughed.

Sanosuke stretched and yawned. He laid back on the porch with his arms behind his head.

"It's different now...everything is so still." he said.

Karou nodded. "Well it isn't a bad thing...Kenshin, you can finally rest." she said.

Kenshin sighed and nodded and stopped walking for a moment and looked up at the sky. "I guess you are right." he laughed and then continued to walk over to them.

He smiled and laughed at Yahiko who was snoring loudly beside Megumi on the porch. Just as he was about to walk past the stone water well in the yard, his sandal snapped. He felt himself falling sideways. Everything seemed to slow down as he saw himself heading straight for the stone well.

He heard a loud thud and felt a burning hot pain in his neck and head. He tried to sit up, but everything went black.

Karou had jumped up. "Kenshin! Kenshin, are you alright!" she asked lifting his head up. She gasped as she pulled her hand back and saw it was covered in blood.

Megumi ran over to them. "Don't move him, he might've cracked his skull open." she said with the calm voice of a doctor.

"Sanosuke, we need to move him to a room. Get hot towels and my medical bag." she said.

Sanosuke ran off and laid out Kenshin's futon and got hot towels and Megumi's bag like she had asked. "It's ready." he called out and went over to Kenshin and lifted him up slowly.

He carefully carried Kenshin over to the futon and laid him down on his stomach.

Megumi set to work cleaning the wound. "It's just a deep gash, but he might have a concution."she said. "The bad thing is...since he passed up there is not telling if he will wake up. Usually when someone gets a concusion, you have to keep them awake for the next twenty-four hours." she said.

Karou sat beside Kenshin and cupped his cheek. "How did this happen, it was all to fast. I thought he would catch himself, but he didn't..." she whispered. "Oh please get well soon Kenshin." she whispered.

Megumi sighed. "All we can do now is wait.." she whispered.


Kenshin was having a deep sleep. He dreamed of the nights he killed his biggest enemies. He was aware of himself though. He could hear Karou and the others talking. He figured he was inside his room, but he couldn't quite comprehend that much. His head was pounding and his body was hot. He felt a slight discomfort in his hand, it felt like someone was holding it, he didn't like it for some reason.

He grit his teeth and continued to fight to regain his senses. His hands were itching for something, he felt like cutting something, just shredding it. He knew something was really wrong then.

He held his breath as he thought of the possiblities.

'This...doesn't feel right...I feel...aggitated...their voices...are irritating...I...want to silence them...who is holding my hand...Tomoe? Is it you? died...then who?' he thought.

He thought long and hard and remembered that he was at the Kamiya doujo. He remembered that he had fell and hit his head. He remained still as he still fought to regain his full senses.

'That's right...I'm at Miss. Karou'' he thought. At the thought of friends, he felt his insides go cold. The word felt disgusting to him.

He thought for a few more minutes and then the answer rammed into him.

' my old self again. That is why...the touch of Miss. Karou's innocent burning my hand...I can't stand it...take it off...take it off...take it off!' he thought.

He felt his left arm twitch some. It felt good to move it, now if only he could move away from the burning hand on top of his right hand.

Kenshin felt the hot hand leave his a moment later. He heard foot steps leave the room and then it was quiet in the room. He senses told him he was now alone. He took this time to open his eyes.

He slowly opened his eyes and sat up slowly. It felt good to sit up, he felt a little stiff though. He covered his eyes so he could try to adjust to the light a little better. He had to control himself. It was strange, he knew he was in his battousai state, but yet he had full control over his mind. He rubbed his eyes a little and yawned.

He then heard footsteps approach. He heard the door open and someone dropped what sounded like dishes.

"Karou, he's up!" a familiar child voice said.

Kenshin knew it was Yahiko. Talk about bad timing. He was hoping he would've been able to sneek away until he found out how to return to his normal state. He didn't want to put his friends in danger. Once again he wanted to shudder at the word 'friend'.

He heard two more sets of feet approaching quickly. He heard a relieved sigh and then he felt arms wrap around him.

He felt the arms burn his skin, it was so uncomfotable, so without thinking he shoved the person whom he knew was Karou, off of him. She thudded to the floor in surprise. She sat up and looked at Kenshin.

Sanosuke looked at Kenshin in surprise. "What was that for Kenshin, finally wake up in your first bad mood?" he asked.

Kenshin said nothing at first, afraid of how his voice would sound. He shifted though to acknowlege what Sanosuke said.

Karou sat up and sat on her knee's. "I'm sorry I upset you, are you alright, should I call Megumi?" she asked.

Kenshin shook his head. He then worked up enough courage to talk. He cleared his throat. "She can't fix my problem." he said, his voice cold and like needles, piercing his three friends.

Karou sat there in surprise, the other two as well. "W-what do you mean...what is wrong?" she asked carefully.

Kenshin moved his hand away from his eyes and opened them and turned to face his three friends. "Because I am not the Kenshin you know." he said.

Karou gasped and felt herself slide back. Sanosuke's eyes went wide and Yahiko dropped his wooden sword.

"Ken...shin?" Karou asked in a shaky breath.

Kenshin looked at Karou with golden narrowed eyes. They were narrowed into cold glares. "What." he mumbled.

Karou shook her head. "It can't be." she said.

Kenshin rubbed his eyes. "Well it is." he said. He looked around. "Where are my clothes?" he asked.

Karou pointed a shaky finger to the corner of the room where his clothes were neatly folded.

Kenshin got up, causing the others to jump. "Leave. I'm changing." he said.

Karou's eyes welt up with hot tears. She nodded and got up quickly and pulled the other two out of the room with her. She ran with them to the front of the doujo.

Sanosuke looked down at Karou. "What do we do...if we let him out of our sights, he could go on a killing rampage." he said.

Karou shook her head and wiped her eyes. "No...he...wouldn't do that, he is still our Kenshin...he couldn't possibly do something like that." she whispered.

Sanosuke patted her back. "Missy...he sorta isn't Kenshin right now." he said.

Karou shook her head and tears fell down her cheeks. "Why did this happen, there must be a way to change him back." she whispered.

"What's with all the commotion?" Dr. Gensai and his two grandaughters had just entered the doujo gate.

Karou and the others exchanged looks before walking over to and explained everything.

Dr. Gensai sighed. "This is terrible." he whispered. He shook his head. "I doubt there is much of anything we can do. All we can do is try to keep him in control. Seeing as he didn't kill any of you, he must have some sense." he said.

Karou nodded and sighed. "I just want our Kenshin back." she whispered.

Ayane looked around her grandfather and saw Kenshin walking towards them. She giggled and smiled, not knowing the situation and ran over to him.

"Uncle Ken!" she said and wrapped her arms around his waist.

Kenshin stared hard down at Ayane and then nudged her away, causing her to look up at him in hurt. "Uncle Ken?" she asked. She then looked into his golden eyes that glared down into hers. She whimpered and ran away to her grandfather.

She ran behind him and hid and sniffled. "What is wrong with Uncle Ken?" she whimpered.

The others stepped back a little and kept their defences up, knowing it was pointless against the legendary battousai, but still worth a try.

"K-kenshin, do you know who we are?" Karou asked nervously.

Sanosuke was in front of her halfway cautiously.

Kenshin looked over at them. "I do." he said. "Karou, Sanosuke, Yahiko, and his grandkids." he said.

Karou sighed in that little relief. "A-are you alright, I won't harm us?" she asked.

Kenshin felt a slight pang in his chest from that question. "I won't harm you." he said truthfully. He didn't hate them, he just didn't want them to touch him.

Karou nodded. "A-are you going somewhere?" she asked.

Kenshin looked off to the side. "Not anywhere special." he mumbled. He looked at her through hard golden eyes. "Why are you asking these things?" he asked, causing her to jump slightly.

"No reason." she whispered.

Sanosuke took a step forward. "So this is what the battousai was like." he said.

Kenshin's eyes narrowed. "You have a problem?" he asked and moved his thumb on his sword sheath, pushing his sword up and revealed a little bit of silver.

Sanosuke shook his head. "No. By the way, I want to ask you a few things, since you are in your current state." he said.

Kenshin let his sword fall back into his sheath. "What?" he asked.

Sanosuke shifted. "Who was the name you were calling out to in your sleep?" he asked.

Kenshin shifted to, causing Sanosuke to take a step back. "Who?" he asked.

Sanosuke looked back at Karou. "What was the name Missy?" he asked.

Karou thought for a moment. "Tomoe." she said. "I think it was Tomoe." she whispered.

Kenshin's heart thudded at the mention of his previous wife's name.

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